Monday Rankings

Rankings for February 6th
1. Utah – 197.031
2. Alabama – 196.675
3. Arkansas – 196.667
4. Florida – 196.630
5. Oklahoma – 196.613
6. Georgia – 196.605
7. UCLA – 196.435
8. Nebraska – 196.113
9. Oregon State – 196.031
10. Penn State – 195.855
11. Ohio State – 195.530
12. Stanford – 195.450
13. Auburn – 195.245
14. LSU – 195.145
15. Boise State – 194.963
16. Arizona – 194.938
17. Denver – 194.920
18. Missouri – 194.915
19. Illinois – 194.800
20. Washington – 194.480
21. NC State – 194.445
22. Michigan – 194.381
23. Iowa – 194.375
24. West Virginia – 194.365
25. Arizona State – 194.144

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Utah has created quite a little lead there for what it’s worth before RQS comes into play on February 27th.  As I’ve mentioned before, Utah’s only road score so far is a 196.075 at UCLA.  Usually that would be fine, but in the current climate, anything under 196.500 is considered low.  With only three road meets remaining, they are under pressure to deliver the next two weeks at Arizona State and Michigan (where it is notoriously difficult to record a high score).  Counting a fall at even one of these meets will be the opening the rest of the teams need to catch up.

It’s a really exciting time in the rankings because, after Utah, the #2-#6 teams are so closely packed that they could really be in any order.  Beyond that, UCLA and Nebraska have been pushed slightly lower because of a single horrendous meet, but once they are able to drop those scores, they should be right back with the rest of the group.  These eight teams could really end up in any order going into the postseason, which makes this year way more exciting than the three team race we expected it to be.  The other team averaging into the 196s is Oregon State, but I’m not yet convinced that they can keep pace.  I see both OSU and Stanford as likely bets to make nationals, but only as potential spoilers once they get there, not favorites.

Now that we’re farther into the season, the rankings have become a little less elastic.  Stanford recorded a necessary 196.450 at UCLA, but they were not able to move up from 12th in spite of outscoring Ohio State by nearly a point.  Likewise, LSU broke the 196 barrier again and remained in 14th.

On the individual side, Ashley Priess has taken over the AA lead, which seems unfair since she’s competed AA a grand total of once.  For me, Grable is still the top AAer in the country to this point.  Sam Peszek has been an exceptionally consistent 9.875 gymnast in every meet this year, so expect her to be right toward the top as we go into the postseason along with Zamarripa once she gets into the AA.

2 thoughts on “Monday Rankings”

  1. Excellent analysis! And I agree with what you said about Utah, they only have 3 more away meets this season so the pressure is on to deliver 197s on the road. I'm not sure why they only have 4 away meets this season, it definitely will hurt their RQS but they're the #1 team by average (by a long shot!) so I'm not too worried about the RQS. Yes, it will suck to get a lower seeding into regionals but that shouldn't be a problem as regionals are being hosted by Utah as well. This is an exciting season top to bottom and there are a lot of outsider teams (Ohio State, Boise State, West Virginia, etc.) that could play the role of spoiler at regionals. This is already a great season!

  2. So Utah only has 4 away meets, and Pac-12s AND Regionals will be in Salt Lake City! Good gracious, how did that schedule happen?

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