Monday Rankings

National Rankings for March 12, 2012
1. Florida – 197.330
2. Oklahoma – 197.310
3. UCLA – 197.140
4. Alabama – 197.065
5. Georgia – 196.995
6. Nebraska – 196.960
7. Utah – 196.615
8. Oregon State – 196.550
9. Arkansas – 196.545
10. LSU – 196.440
11. Stanford – 196.315
12. Penn State – 196.120
13. Ohio State – 196.000
14. Auburn – 195.965
15. Boise State – 195.830
16. Missouri – 195.790
17. Denver – 195.755
18. Arizona – 195.750
19. Minnesota – 195.665
20. NC State – 195.665
21. Michigan – 195.475
22. Illinois – 195.425
23. Kentucky – 195.255
24. Washington – 195.175
25. Arizona State – 195.145


Oklahoma was not able to take the top spot over the weekend because of a poor performance at UCLA where we saw exactly what happens when Oklahoma fails to stick landings – a lot of 49.200 rotations. For a team that has been so excellent on the road, I was surprised at how much trouble they appeared to have adjusting to the UCLA floor. They’ll have another opportunity to become #1 this weekend, but Florida is also in action at home against Utah and scores are expected to be very high.

The other notable change at the top is the fall of Arkansas. They competed without Salsberg (out for the season) and Grable (should be back), and it was a disaster. They don’t have the depth to withstand losing either, but the return of Grable should help stabilize the heart rate.

Some number crunching after the jump:

  • Florida and Oklahoma are secure in the top two spots for now. Since Florida is at home, the team will need a 197.550 to increase their RQS. If Florida remains constant and does not achieve that 197.550, Oklahoma can tie them with a 197.300 at Ohio State. Florida would have to score 197.700 to guarantee retention of the top spot this week. 
  • UCLA and Georgia are idle this week, so Alabama and Nebraska will be itching to move up. Alabama would need to go 197.550 (it’s a theme this week) at home against North Carolina to tie UCLA at #3. Nebraska would need a 196.925 at home against Iowa State to tie Georgia.
  • Utah cannot catch Nebraska this week, and given that they are hosting Pac-12s, it will be very difficult for them to move up out of #7 at all. If they are to do it, though, they need to make up as much ground as possible this weekend with another mid-197 score.
  • Beyond that, we will see some shakeups but nothing that should drastically alter the Regional landscape.
If Regionals were decided today, here’s how things would shape up:
Regional 1: Florida, Penn State, Ohio State 
Regional 2: Oklahoma, Stanford, Auburn (host)
Regional 3: UCLA, LSU, Boise State 
Regional 4: Alabama, Arkansas (host), Missouri
Regional 5: Georgia, Oregon State, Denver 
Regional 6: Nebraska, Utah (host), Arizona 
Honestly, Penn State/Ohio State and Auburn/Stanford are the only qualification questions I would have in this arrangement. It seems pretty dry. That being said, crazy things always happen on Regional day. Outside of our top 18, I think the only major concerns would be NC State (as host) and Michigan.