Regional Scoresheets

If you’re a dork like me, you may enjoy following each Regional with a scoresheet. Google Docs files containing a scoresheet for each of tomorrow’s meets are linked below for your printing or referencing enjoyment. I’ve included the most recent RQSs next to each competitor/team because I always like to have those as an easy reference for comparison to see if someone is over/under-performing.

Note: The lineups listed are just expectations and are subject to change (they certainly will change). In most cases, I just used the lineup from the most recent competition except for cases like Arkansas where were expect there to be some differences.

Raleigh Regional
Florida, Ohio State, Penn State, NC State, Kent State, North Carolina

Champaign Regional
Oklahoma, Stanford, Denver, Illinois, Kentucky, UIC

Fayetteville Regional
UCLA, Arkansas, Boise State, Missouri, New Hampshire, Maryland

Seattle Regional
Alabama, LSU, Arizona, Washington, Iowa, Central Michigan

Auburn Regional
Georgia, Oregon State, Auburn, Michigan, West Virginia, Michigan State

Salt Lake City Regional
Nebraska, Utah, Minnesota, Iowa State, Arizona State, San Jose State