Classic Podium Training

Very little can be gleaned from podium training, and it’s silly to analyze the routines or read too much into them . . . is what a sane person would say. With that out of the way, let’s begin.

As per Blythe, Bridget Sloan pulled out due to Marvin Sharp issues. She’ll be competing at Nationals. Hopefully the problem is not serious. Bridget, Alicia, and Shawn? holding off until Nationals makes it like we’re not opening all our presents at one competition. We’ll still have new things to look forward to in two weeks.
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Nastia is looking very fit, and this routine is mostly fine. The composition is exactly what was expected. However, she’s throwing and wishing on the switch half and the switch ring right now, and those will need to improve in the coming weeks, as will her speed of connection. All those connections were a bit shaky today, so we could see this routine going anywhere from 5.8-6.3. She needs to be getting in that 6.2-6.3 range every time.

This part of the routine is very close and is an encouraging sign that she might get something near the old routine back eventually (but how far away is eventually?). We won’t really know that much about her overall bars relevancy, though, until we see what state the dismount is in.

We live in hope, but the judges are going to destroy that hop 1.5. Still, I’m excited to see what her overall routine looks like and how well she scores compared those those who have lower difficulties.

Chellsie looks pretty close to how she looked when we saw her begin competing last year, so that’s a solid start. Bars will be telling, but if she can pull a few good events out tomorrow, she may not easily disappear from the conversation. Reports were that beam was a little shaky, but she’s Chellsie Memmel. Expect that shakiness to go away through the weeks as she gets more numbers.