Live Women’s Qualification – Subdivision 2

After skipping our first subdivision due to early start time and lack of competitive teams (what can I say? I’m a scoundrel), it’s time to start this thing for real with Subdivision 2, which includes Italy and Australia.

Neither team off to a great start, with Australia opening floor with a 12.666 from Emily Little.

Rotation 1:

Italy is led on bats by a 14.233 from Vanessa Ferrari, but they are also counting Ferlito’s 13.075. Everyone chasing the 161.295 put up by Brazil in the first group.

Australia earns the top score on floor so far in the competition, a 14.200 for Ashleigh Brennan for a solid routine, finishing with a double pike + leap. 8.500 on execution.

We’ll finish floor with Lauren Mitchell, who is injured as always these days. Double Arabian a little low but complete and landed solidly. Minor stumble out of the double pike. 2.5 to front layout looks regular. Leaps out of everything, including the final double pike. No problems in that routine at all. 14.833.

In the first subdivision, Brazil did not break 13.000 on bars as expected, and the top AA score was Bruna Leal’s 52.765, so expect both Italy and Australia to eclipse those team and individual numbers. It looks unlikely that Dos Santos will make floor finals. Our overall AA leader after one is Gomez Porras with a major 56.132. Anyone who watched Pan Ams last fall is not surprised. Australia leads Italy by 1.500 after the first rotation, Italy to beam, Australia to vault.

Homolova from Slovakia hits a serviceable routine with just a back 1.5 dismount, which makes me revert into NCAA mode (oh, how I miss it. I hunger for a nice SEC dual meet where we really need to start seeing some 196.700s). Steingruber follows her in the mixed group. 

Rotation 2:

Australia on vault, Bonora opens with a pikey but fine YFull. 13.800. Just a minor slide back.

We’re seeing Kononenko on bars, so someone did the necessary homework. It was a nice tkatchev half, but she had no momentum and no amplitude on her connected jaeger and falls. She found the bar but couldn’t hold on. Hits double front. Alas.

Ferrari on beam – bhs layout (lowish), misses aerial bhs layout stepout combo, solid on the acro but missing her connections. I’m not wild about her front leg on that switch ring. Double pike dismount was OK with a hop back.

Little on vault – Really nice on the DTY, just a hop in place. That could score 15 potentially but no, just a 14.766. Australia finished with 42.499 on vault.

Preziosa on beam – nice scorpion turn (you’re right Shannon, I like calling it a ring turn better). Nice sheep. Hands down on the double tuck. Disaster. She was short and rotated very slowly given how little amplitude she got. Buhh, why must you all fall? 13.266. They’ll have to count it.

Ferlito on beam – switch to back tuck, misses connection to sheep, layout 2ft is nice, major wobble on Y spin, but everything else looks on, 2.5 with a leap forward and then an NCAA salute. 14.425 behind Ferrari. She’s praying for beam finals. Pray harder.

Pihan on floor – 1.5 to 2.5 – Shannon is charitable by using the phrase “nice leap” after the pass – This is one her more composed routines. Front double full with lunge out to finish. Good routine, but this isn’t a World Cup event in Slovenia, so it will be the end of that routine for this year. 14.333 is second so far.  

Italy manages a 42.124 on beam, they lose a little more ground to Australia, near a two-point deficit now. Italy to floor, Australia to bars. Both will easily pass Brazil.

Rotation 3:

Steingruber to vault for us – HS Rudi, it used to be a bit better. Lowish with a major hop to the side. Should get credit for the layout but definite deductions for piking. There are so few people doing two vaults that we’ll probably need to make up the EF numbers with a Twix Bar, so she’s under no pressure there. Uh oh, hands down on DTT. Now that’s an issue.

We’re getting a lot of mixed group action. Maksyuta on beam, comes off on series. We have another camera person who is interested in foot close-ups during skills. Do they all go to the same bizarre school? More major wobbles. More falls. Three in all. 

Miller on bars – piked gienger, nice jeager, some late handstands, tuck full dismount is very nice. Good body position. She has fine difficulty, but she’s been a little passed by on the event. Shot of unimpressed Australians drinking beer. 14.025, 7.825 execution. I live for Shannon talking about Peggy.

40.724 for Australia on bars. Very few good scores from any team on this event so far. We’ve seen nothing of Italy on floor in this world feed, but Ferrari got a 14.900 to lead the way. Why was she going second? The concept of score building in modern elite makes me squint.

Fasana to finish floor for Italy – DLO good just a little short with a hop forward. Sturdy tuck full and creditably double Y. Bounces back out of double pike dismount. They will gain a lot of ground on Australia here and should move ahead.

With Italy going to vault and Australia to beam, you like Italy’s chances to stay ahead. It’s bad news for whichever team is in second after this subdivision because it will be totally reliant on poor performances from Canada and the like to make it back.

Ferrari on floor – double doublt is strong – full in to back tuck (at least good rhythm in connection that time even if the concept makes my skin crawl – looks like the judges are into giving credit for it), finishes with double pike with shuffle back.

Rotation 4:

Preziosa on vault – Y full with legs, feet, piking. Very 9.775. We’ll see what that translates to in elite. 13.733.

Ferrari on vault – DTY is slightly underrotated with total tucking and a step. Not great. 14.366.

Bonora on beam – switch to back tuck is strong, pause on walkover layout steput series, nice onodi, side somi with swimming, totally off on side aerial – no chance to save, a very no credit kind of switch ring follows (I havem’t been happy with any switch rings I’ve seen so far, really), double pike with step back. 

Fasana on vault – Y1.5 – OK, a little lacking in distance and another knee bend- not competitve with other teams on this event. Even Canada and GBR are passing them up here. Italy finishes with a 168.397 to go well ahead of Brazil. Ferrari leads the AA with a 57.932.

Brennan on beam – good aerial  + switch + gainer loso series, she’s on so far – pike side somi – nice to see the variation, and then wobbles on the full turn – isn’t that always the way? Hands down on double pike. So many mistakes on dismounts today. This could be the end of things for Australia. They haven’t missed a TF in a long time, but I think we all felt this coming. Not over yet, though. Lauren Mitchell needs to get a 50.

Mitchell on beam – good flight on layout series with step back – major wobble on aerial but stays on – If people would stop calling the tuck turn beautfiul, maybe others would stop doing it. Hits a low double pike dismount. She stays on, but there were serious wobbles. 14.300

After 2 Subdivisions:
1. Italy – 168.397
2. Australia – 166.721
3. Brazil – 161. 295

1. Ferrari – 57.932
2. Gomez Porras – 56.132
3. Ferlito – 55.500
4. Steingruber – 54.715
5. Little – 54.498

Our event leaders are Pena Abreu on vault, who performed her Prod with a 7.833 execution, followed by Steingruber who had that fall. Ferrari leads bars followed by Palesova and Pihan-Kulesza (on bars, seriously? Where is everybody?). Ferrari and Ferlito lead beam with Millousi following. Ferrari leads floor with Mitchell and Pihan-Kulesza following. So, it’s just the Vanessa Ferrari show so far. How 2006 of us.

Back in a few hours for Subdivision 3, featuring the entry of the major teams.