Vault Finals

The full minutes from this summer’s committee report are available here, but I wanted to solicit some thoughts on the most interesting recommendation.

b. Vault Finals.
(1) Recommendation. That student-athletes qualifying for the event finals on vault be required to perform one vault with the score determined by averaging all six scores rather than performing two different vaults and the average of the averages of each vault calculated as the final score.

(2) Effective Date. September 1, 2012.

(3) Rationale. Requiring student-athletes to perform a different second vault that they do not train for nor compete the entire year creates an environment that is unsafe for the competitors, lengthens the competition and confuses the general gymnastics fan.

(4) Impact on Budget. None.

(5) Student-Athlete Impact. Positive since the vast majority of student-athletes train one vault all season. This change may potentially lessen the possibility of injuries

What are your thoughts?

To me, this is a better solution than what we have now, but it still is not ideal. The gymnasts who are competent with two different vaults should be able to show that. We need a way to separate those gymnasts from the others so that people with only one vault are not qualifying to finals.

Also included is the new language about floor vocals:
“Vocals will be permitted without deduction when voice is used as an instrument without words. Music with whistles/animal sounds also is permitted. Absence of music or music with speech will receive a 1.00 deduction taken by the chief judge.”
Phew. Good thing whistles and animal sounds are allowed.

4 thoughts on “Vault Finals”

  1. Anon at 1235 – it'll have to be a Georgia Gymdog since they “woof” already. 🙂

    I like the vault finals rules. Judges will just have to take the deductions that are there and separation will occur. I don't care who trains two vaults, I want good vaulters doing excellent AND safe for them vaults.

  2. NCAA should in this case, and ONLY this case, follow elite wag – those gymnasts wanting to be considered for vault finals should perform both vaults during NCAA prelims. If teams would be wary of the insertion of two vaults disturbing the typical lineup score inflation, those girls wanting to qualify to vault final can perform their second vaults at the end of the the team vault rotation.

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