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Uneven Bars and Vault Champions Showdowns


Courtney Kupets has overcome her second place finish in the floor champions showdown to put on a near-McCullough display of dominance in the beam showdown. Can she keep it up on bars?

I didn’t plan these polls out particularly well, so I’m including both bars and vault in the same post because after today will come time to start thinking about preseason rankings and the coaches poll and team previews and all of those delicious morsels.

2013 NCAA Bars Champion – Alaina Johnson (I just wrote Alabama Johnson on the first try. Ugh, me.)

2012 NCAA Bars Champion – Kat Ding (routine begins at 17:30)

2011 NCAA Bars Champion – Kat Ding

2010 NCAA Bars Champion – Carly Janiga

2009 NCAA Bars Champion – Courtney Kupets

Vault may be a bit difficult to compare since the 2013 winners didn’t have to do two, but we’ll see what happens. I’m including just four years on this one because I can’t find video of Clare-Kearney from 2009.

2013 NCAA Vault Co-Champion – Rheagan Courville

2013 NCAA Vault Co-Champion – Diandra Milliner

2012 NCAA Vault Champion – Kytra Hunter (first vault begins at 42:40)

2011 NCAA Vault Champion – Marissa King

2010 NCAA Vault Champion – Vanessa Zamarripa

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