Intrasquad Week Schedule

Over the next week or so, NCAA teams will be conducting their various public scrimmages and preseason showcases, and we will all use every morsel of them to make wildly sweeping conclusions about the upcoming season. Yay, December!

While a few stellar programs are going to stream their previews, seeing the action from most of these intrasquads will require being there in person (and who would ever want to go anywhere?) Still, we can anticipate post-showcase videos regardless, and that’s really what we’re looking for. Here’s the rundown.

Friday, December 6th
7:00pm PT – Oregon State Orange and Black Exhibition

Saturday, December 7th
4:00pm CT – Oklahoma Preseason Intrasquad

Sunday, December 8th
2:00pm ET – Michigan Exhibition v. Central Michigan (Live video)
2:00pm CT – Illinois Orange and Blue Exhibition
2:00pm PT – UCLA Meet the Bruins Pawliday Party (this name . . .)

Tuesday, December 10th
6:00pm ET – Kentucky Blue/White Intrasquad

Thursday, December 12th
7:00pm ET – Penn State Blue/White Showcase
7:00pm ET – Maryland Red vs. Black Preview

Friday, December 13th
7:00 MT – Utah Red Rocks Preview (Live video will be available)

Saturday, December 14th 
10:00am ET – Georgia Sneak Peek
6:00pm MT – Denver Intrasquad

Sunday, December 15th
2:00pm PT – Stanford Scrimmage v. Sacramento State

You’ll note some teams aren’t here, but we do have videos.

Alabama has been releasing a steady stream of videos from practice. Here’s one of Kaitlyn Clark yelling (seriously . . . indoor voices):

And Florida already conducted its annual Orange and Blue Intrasquad. With IDs in the videos! Well done, Gators. Although, a note: it’s an intrasquad, not an intersquad. Intra means “within” (as in, within one squad), while inter means “between” (as in, between multiple squads).

Vault and bars

The usual suspects look stellar on vault. There’s a big gap in distance and amplitude between them and the contenders, but there shouldn’t be much shortage of depth there. On bars, there are some tremendous routines that will barely see the light of day. The quality of DLOs looks like it will be the primary deciding factor in those early bars places.

Beam and floor 1

Bridget Sloan’s floor has been making the rounds this week. For the record, I’m a fan. And a nice ASac inner thigh caress before the second pass.

Beam and floor 2

6 thoughts on “Intrasquad Week Schedule”

  1. Man Florida is not what I expected them to be. They look like a different team from last year, the difficulty as a whole is lower and they look a little tired. There is no progression, if anything there is digression:( I predict Alabama will get back the title or Oklahoma will finally win.

  2. well when you factor in that they were doing this on a thursday at 6:00 pm when I'm sure the girls had exams they were studying for and school to focus on they were a little tired. I still think they look amazing and most of the girls still have the tumbling and such from last year so i don't know where you get that the difficulty is down. maybe because marissa and ashanee aren't there anymore which i understand but they still have great difficulty like bridgets beam routine and hunters vault and floor routine.

  3. I think Florida looks pretty good. Given the gymnasts who graduated versus the freshmen, I think what Florida has shown in the intrasquads is what was to be expected from them….weaker in terms of power on vault and floor, great on bars, and at least comparable to last year's beam team when they hit. There were a lot of wobbles on beam, but the potential is there for big scores. Bama and OU have also looked good from what we have seen of them, as have some other teams, so it should be an exciting season.

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