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Routines We Won’t See in 2015


With just two days to go until the season begins for realsies, I probably should be all previewy and forward looking. Nope. After the last month, I’m previewed out. Let’s just get this thing started already.

Instead, before we get caught up in all our new obsessions with our various Elizabeth Prices and Peng Peng Lees and Alex McMurtrys and forget about all the routines from before they existed, I’m taking one last opportunity to watch and compile a few memorable routines from last year’s seniors while I still remember that they happened.

After that, it’s a clean slate and the new season is allowed to begin.

Katherine Grable – Floor

Lindsey Cheek – Beam

Alicia Asturias – Floor

Emily Wong – Floor

Shona Morgan – Beam

Sarie Morrison – Bars

Kim Jacob – Beam

Sarah DeMeo – Beam

Taylor Spears – Beam

Mackenzie Caquatto – Bars

Alaina Johnson – Bars

Joanna Sampson – Floor

Syd Sawa – Floor

Moriah Martin – Vault

Marie Case – Floor

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