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Friday, February 6

6:00 ET/3:00 PT – Ohio State @ Bowling Green (Scores)
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – NC State @ Pittsburgh (Scores) (ESPN3)
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Northern Illinois @ Central Michigan (Scores) (ESPN3
7:30 ET/4:30 PT – Oklahoma @ Iowa State (Scores)
7:30 ET/4:30 PT – Kentucky @ Missouri (Scores) (ESPN3)
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Florida @ Arkansas (ESPN3)
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Arizona State @ Utah (Pac-12 Network)
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – SEMO @ Illinois State
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Georgia @ LSU (Scores) (ESPN3)
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Auburn @ Alabama (Scores) (ESPN3)
9:00 ET/6:00 PT – San Jose State @ Southern Utah (Scores)
9:00 ET/6:00 PT – Seattle Pacific @ Utah State
10:00 ET/7:00 PT – George Washington @ Sacramento State (Scores) (Stream)

We have a whirlwind ahead of us. In addition to the SEC meets I mentioned in the preview yesterday, Utah’s 40th anniversary meet will be happening at the exact same time, which should be enthusiastic.

The scoring this season has been remarkable in a few ways. Oklahoma’s average of 197.465 is the highest ever average at this point in the season, at least as far back as those records are kept and easily accessible, and the nine 10.0s so far easily eclipses last season’s pace, when we had four by the same point in the year. Still, we haven’t had a 198 yet. Does that change tonight?

Stay tuned.

Just checking in with some of the meets right now. Offutt for Pittsburgh just vaulted a front handspring cannonball. It was awesome.

NC State’s first two bars workers were pretty nice – calm and fluid through their routines, late on some pirouettes and all, but those routines were solid. Knight of NC State fell on bars, but then no coach was there to help her back up to the high bar, and she was like, “Um…lil help?” Solid bars rotation from NC State all told. Woodford had some sloppy elements and Knight had the fall, but some nice lines and toe point happening in there.

Central Michigan broke 49 on vault in the opening rotation.

Oklahoma’s lineups are out, and it’s the same group from Metroplex. Not having Kanewa in lineups right now has not seemed to hurt them in the scores because they have depth, but she is certainly one of their best six on vault and floor when healthy. They’re just that much less 9.950 without her.

It’s so sad looking at Kentucky’s sideline competitors. It’s like a sea of crutches. Probably shouldn’t have more crutches than lineup members. Kentucky once again bringing it with those bars releases. Another strong stuck yfull from Miller of Missouri. That vault is legit.

We’re getting close to the 8:00/5:00 meets now. I’m going to try to do Georgia/LSU and Alabama/Auburn. Sorry Utah, Florida, Arkansas, and Arizona State. It’s a jungle out there.

The SEC Network is showing Sarah and Suzanne before tonight’s meet, which is much better than that stupid radio show they’ve had before. This production. More importantly, THESE PANTSUITS. And that time that guy compared Suzanne to Yoko Ono.

Oklahoma is already destroying everyone in the face on bars, as expected. A fall from Dowell and they still got a 49.525.

This broadcast actually started with a shot of an ACTUAL TIGER. I’m already in heaven. It’s time for our old friends, Bart and Kathy. ACK! Jessie Jordan has a “tweaked” trap muscle and is out for the meet.

Interesting that Georgia’s lineup says they’re anchoring vault with Beth Roberts. Is this a “if we get five vaults, we’ll stop” situation? Rachel Schick is out with a broken thumb, so Persinger will be doing bars today, and not vault. Schick is never not injured. She says she’s blessed that she gets to be on the sideline cheering on the girls. Oh, gotta love NCAA. 

And now Kennedy Baker is out today as well? Cancel gymnastics.
Is Auburn and Alabama going to get started?

 Rotation 1:
Hall – LSU – VT – a little bit of crazy legs early on her vault, medium sized hop back. 9.825

Vaculik – UGA – UB – nice early in the legs – strong jaeger with great toe point – precise bail – short on a couple hs – small step to the side on tuck full – not bad.

Oklahoma over 198 pace through two events.

Ewing – LSU – VT – strong form on the 1.5 in the air – just a small step forward – not a lot of distance as well – but very good.

Jay – UGA – UB – excellent releases as usual – solid bail – also a short hs or two – almost stuck the DLO but couldn’t hang onto it – hop forward.

Alabama/Auburn lost it’s chance – I’m switching to Florida/Arkansas instead.

Savona – LSU – VT – Good power on her full – higher landing in the chest than we’ve seen from her in the past on vault for LSU as well – hop back.

Brown – UGA – UB – Get it. strong fitrst hs, amazing tkatchev as always – clean pak – solid enough to vertical on the half turn – these hs look nice – pretty large hop forward on the DLO – would have been amazing with a stick.

Speaking of sticks, that what BDG just did on bars for Florida.

Hambrick – LSU – VT – Excellent body position and direction on her yfull – very nice – small step or two back on the landings, but great in the air.

Rogers – UGA – UB – Amazaing stalders and ricna as always – clean on bail – strong shoot to high bar – another with a couple iffy hs – just a very small hop on the DLO, but better than last week.

Florida is sticking these bars dismounts better than they have been.

Gnat – LSU – VT – DTY TIME – finishes so early and easily – hop back again this week – and has the leg break on the table, but it’s also a DTY.

Davis – UGA – UB – Amazing tkatchev to start – solid handstands – clean on the bail – very small step back on tuck full – one of her good one. Both Brown and Rogers gave away tenths, so they needed that one.

Kytra just had an insane landing on her bars dismount. Oopsie.

Courville – LSU – UB – the usual – Just buckles a little in the knees to hang onto the stick, but everything else is great as always – blah, blah blah the distance, you know the story.

McMurtry for UF just went clean on bars with a near-stuck landing on her tuck full and just a questionable handstand or two in there. Persinger is hitting coming into the bars lineup. Good substitute performance.

LSU with an early lead, which is exactly what Georgia didn’t need.  

After 1: LSU 49.450, Georgia 49.225
Good vaults for LSU. Courville had one of her better ones so far in the season, Hambrick was very clean, and Ewing had a strong 1.5. They’ll need to squeeze a few more of the landings out of that rotation as we go forward, but not bad at all. For Georgia, they did fine. Rogers gave away a handstand or two and Brown gave away too much on the dismount landing, but I thought Davis’s routine was very strong. Interesting that it got the same score as Rogers. 49.225 is not problematic in and of itself, but Georgia needed a huge bars score this week to make up for some other deficiencies compared to LSU.

In other news, Arkansas is beating Florida. 49.425 Arkansas, 49.200 Florida. I saw some of those Arkansas vaults, and those were solid, acceptable vaults, but those were some home vault scores in that rotation. To say it’s equivalent to LSU’s vault rotation is silly. Saw some good landings for Florida on bars, except for Kytra’s, but didn’t see a lot of routine interiors. Another meet of 9.850s on bars without anyone to save it with a 9.950. Fassbender stepped in well for Baker, though.

Kathy Johnson is giving us a Natalia Yurchenko history lesson.Yessss.

More 10 alerts. TWO for Utah on vault. TWO. Happy 40th birthday!

Rotation 2:
Vaculik – VT – her best landing of the season by far – stuck – very nice – stick has a leg break on the table and not the biggest dynamics, but strong start.

Savona – UB – god first hs – solid shaposh to bail combo as well with just the usual leg sep on the shaposh – efficient work – not a lot of amplitude on that tkatchev – small hop back on DLO. OK start.

Marino – VT – Better knees on the 1.5. Much better than the last couple weeks – Still a bend, though and crossed legs on the block – good landing as well,.

Hambrick – UB – Strong enough on the ray – a little bit short on her giant full, but not bad overall – small hop in place on tuck full dismount.

Broussard – VT – Great amplitude and good form in the air – did not have control on the landing, though, with a pretty big hop back.

Zamardi  – UB – Strong shaposh to pak combo – good leg form – finishes the 1/2 turn on low bar pretty well – comfortable on the khorkina – hit hs – just hangs onto the double arabian dismount with a twitch in her left leg – good work.

Rogers – VT – 1.5 again this week – hop forward on the landing and a little loose knees in the air, but fine.

A couple big hops back from Florida on vault, but they’re getting solid scores.

Wyrick – UB – good opening giant full – hits tkatchev but toes – solid bail with better toes – pretty DLO with another small steppy/shuffle thing on landing.

Jay – VT – Sticks the 1.5 very good – she still has the leg break on the block and the feet apart on landing.

Gnat – UB – good full turn – big gienger with a little bit of Sophina legs – but went over on her handstand and has to take extra swings – shame.

Roberts – VT – Does her full, which was actually pretty good. Clean enough body form – toes, off line, and a hop back.

Fortunately, MCMurtry got it back for Florida on vault. 

Courville – UB – Well done on her jaeger – clean on the bail – hits the shoot back to high bar – smallest shuffle on the tuck full – very clean work – one iffy hs – much improved.

Good vault score for Georgia with 49.425. I didn’t expect them to stay right with LSU there, but they got the great stick from Jay, and by far the season-best vaults from Vaculik and Marino. Much better from both of them. LSU got a big score from Courville to keep the edge.

After 2: LSU 98.825, Georgia 98.625

Oklahoma is still on 198 pace with just beam left. 
Arkansas didn’t have a strong bars rotation, so Florida has taken back the lead 98.650 to 98.300. Florida got a 49.450 on vault in spir of the Kytra mess because McMurtry did a McMurtry and because the scoring has been happy happy joy joy on vault.

Utah is also on 198 pace after two events with a 99.100. It’s one of those Utah home meets. You know the story. Apparently, Dabritz arched a hs and got a 9.950. Because sure.

Rotation 3:
Hall – BB – opens with a somewhat crooked switch side and a large wobble – secure on the loso series – fine switch – small check on straddle 1/4 – good double back dismount, small step.

Brown – FX – slide back on the double pike to start – short on her layout out of the 1.5 – very low with a break in form – magically didn’t fall on it – and then very short on double tuck with a lunge forward. Problems. 9..750 is very charitable for that.

Ewing – BB – just a small fight to hang onto her layout 2 ft – but good – secure landing on the switch side – loso to straddle 1/4 – the legs aren’t always ideal in this routine, but she’s hitting her elements with security – including the stuck 1.5.

Marino – FX – solid double tuck – small bounce – clean 1.5 to layout – and then a hit double pike – solid, regular.

Hambrick – BB – lovely L turn – solid on the side aerial – I could watch her on beam all day – slightly iffy after the switch before the straddle 1/4 but close enough to get hte connection? – clean bhs to loso series, confident – good landing on double full dismount off to the side –

Oklahoma still has one more beam routine to go but is already officially our first 198 of the season.

Box – FX – the usual high double pike with a very strong landing, 1.5 to layout is floaty and easy – switch side and straddle jump full looked fine – big and high on the double tuck as well – stuck – great routine. If Marino was 9.850 that should be easily  9.9. 9.875. Interesting.

Macadaeg – BB – tentative on first full turn with a check – exceptional switch split and switch 1/2 – really pretty – aerial and straddle jump are great – she’s lovely here – clean bhs loso series – gainer pike – stuck. Great routine. 9.950 – so just the check on the full turn there.

198.150 is the final score for Oklahoma.

Broussard – FX – clean double pike – control on landing – college switch ring – “what we call the E passes” – that’s what everyone calls them – layout to 1.5 with a little piking – and then hands down on the double tuck. Beh.

Gnat – BB – clean aerial – solid switch side and holds on without giving away a check – secure loso series – good 2/1 dismount with just a twitch in the foot – once Jordan is back, this is the quality this beam rotation can show.

Switching to see Kytra on floor now after her problems so far this meet – a little bit of a slide on the DLO more than she usually has but good – middle pass is comfortable – straddles are hit – secure landing on double back. She recovered.

Courville – BB – slow but controlled on L turn – arabian – perfection – one of her best ones – solid loso series – hits the sheep jump – good switch to split 1/4 – perfect position – long pause before aerial but hits it to sissone – sticks gainer full dismount with a bend. Let’s see what the judges do. Another 9.950. I’m fine with that score. 

Jay – FX – pretty low on her full out this time – large lunge forward – that does happen from time to time with her – middle pass is solid – she dances out of that wolf full really early. sticks the double pike dismount to recover.

Courville is going to get a crazy score in the AA today as long as her double arabian isn’t too bizarre this time.

In other news, Alabama finally started and has a couple tenth lead on Auburn at the halfway point, but Auburn is in this thing.

49.625 for LSU on beam. Damn. LSU 148.450, Georgia 147.725
Florida has a comfortable lead on Arkansas now after a beam disaster for the Hogs. Florida to beam now – Fassbender leading off and just a check or two so far – hop on dismount.

Kim Zmeskal is at the meet. “Sorry, I already gave all my piked double arabians to my BFF Rhonda. Deal with it bitches.” She’s at this meet on her birthday? God, Kim, go celebrate!

Rotation 4:
Vaculik – BB – solid switch and split 1/4 – beautiful height on loso series and checks after landing – she’s just still too tight to show her full level of loveliness in this routine – side aerial to full with a hop back. Fine but not the 9.9s of LSU.

Savona – FX – Kathy wants to see inside her bag of tricks. Save it for after the meet, Kathy. This judge is LOSING it with joy during this routine – 1.5 to double back is very secure  as always – sticks the tuck full again – she’s the stickiest gymnast in NCAA – agree? – nailed it.

Reynolds – BB – one foot was completely off the beam on her front toss but she kept it on with a major wobble – another break on loso series – nice switch side – hits side somi – short of rotation on double full dismount with a step.

Hambrick – FX – goes for the pike full in – huge stumble and OOB – she was doing so well – 2,5 to front tuck is quite good, though. Short on double pike with hands down. She was not ready to come into this lineup. Kathy doesn”t care about the fall. She’s in love. 

Grace McLaughlin is doing beam for Florida today. SHE’S ON THIS TEAM?

Rogers – BB – switch to straddle jump – not the ease and extension she had before injury but still better than most – hits loso series – nice full turn – bhs 3/4 to stag is great obviously – bhs full to full dismount with a small step. Solid.

Ewing – FX – she’s all over these lineups now – front double full is hit – clean and stuck on the 1.5 to layout – does the straddles, and they’re fine enough – not really a problem – pulls around the double pike with a step back and slide – I was concerned about her stamina, but no issues there.

Broussard – BB – solid bhs loso series – strong switch to straddle 1/4 – (McMurtry just had a pretty large wobble for Florida on beam) – very nice side aerial to split jump – hop back on gainer full, but good routine. She has improved so much here.

Gnat – FX – Sticks the opening DLO – solid in the air as well – very nice – good control on the 2.5 to front tuck as well – very solid and secure start – the switch ring wasn’t too college – secure on double pike as well – given the way today is going, that will be a huge score. And deserved.

Florida is in line for a fine lowish 197. Kytra will finish things off for them on beam, while Babalis goes for Georgia on beam – Babalis series on loso series – holds onto the switch half well – very secure front toss – Kytra is hitting her usual beam routine with the floaty series – small hop back on double back – Babablis takes a wobble on her aerial, which was the only real error. And then the camera ran into Cassidy McComb, just because.

Courville – FX – hits the double arabian, and it looked fine from this angle – small but controlled step – floats down into double pike with a small bounce – switch ring and split full are fine in terms of split position – front tuck to double back – secure. Huge AA day for Courville.

Box – BB – tuck jump full is strong – secure on bhs loso series – pretty tight on both her switch side and her straddle 3/4 – did not hit close to 180 on either – small check on aerial – small hop on 1.5 dismount. OK but not her best.

Hall – FX – 198 is realistic for LSU if she does her usual – great DLO – complete control – switch side to straddle jump full – hit – 1.5 to layout is strong – there’s some football references in this routine that seem to be a big deal, and I’m just like “………” – finishes with double back – perhaps a little more control needed there – but one of her strong ones – given the day, I wouldn’t be surprised by a 10 there even though it shouldn’t be – oooh 9.950, they were reasonably restrained for that compared to my expectations.

Final: LSU 198.075, Georgia 196.850

Alabama/Auburn still going on.Oklahoma just edges LSU today, but the 198 barrier is certainly just a memory now. Try as they might, Utah finished with a 197.825.

Alabama has a lead of .4+ going into the final rotation after building up a lead on beam while Auburn was stuck in the 9.8s on floor.

Rotation 4 – Alabama on floor, Auburn on beam
John R. This is a tonal adjustment.

Kadous – BB -full turn is nice – a little short on the back leg on the switch side – check on gainer loso – switch to pike jump – small check with the leg on loso series – stuck gainer full – legs apart.

Frost – FX – moving to the first spot, interesting – solid DLO, just a twitch up with her front foot – front full to layout is OK, could be a little higher – I love when people switch from anchor to leadoff because it’s great tangible evidence of the power of score building – solid double pike – 9.850. Would have been 9.925 in the anchor spot for the identical routine. 9.850 is more realistic.

Milliet – BB – great sheep jump – a real one – to start -secure loso series to follow – slight lack of control on full turn – a little under on her aerial but pulls it around without a check – big and easy 1.5 dismount with a stick – she’s coming into form on this event. Nice.

Dennis – FX – double pike with a bounce back to start – split full was strong, straddle jump full was iffy – front layout to front full with some bend – low double tuck with a lunge forward

Demers – BB – I like this one. Solid loso series – good switch to OK sheep – side aerial to layout full – a little piking on the layout but good stick on it – hit.

A Sims – FX – strong double pike – better control on the landing than Dennis – big straddles over 180 – “oh, working it” is Alicia’s contribution – 1.5 to layout with some crazy legs and pulls around her layout – not fully laid out the whole way – side back on double tuck –

Scores getting fancy for both teams in this last rotation, but that’s nothing new.

Guy – BB – confident full turn – swings that leg out like whoa – strong loso series – borderline check but not even – switch – wobbles on straddle jump – another small check on aerial – steps on gainer pike dismount.

This is the second time John has said “Alab-auburn” –

C Sims – FX – Pulls around that DLO – lands a little low but got it – she gets so high in the air that it seems like she shouldn’t be landing with as low a position as she does – finishes with a good double pike – no chest height problems there – Is Carley really 10 feet taller than all her teammates?

Walker – BB – front toss to beat jump is fine – hits loso series as well – confident and pretty strong form throughout – hits full turn – split jump to sheep – sticks gainer full – well done

Clark – FX – big double pike and very secure landing – split leap full to split jump full are OK – not great not barfy – 1.5 to layout goes right up to the line but she stays in – sticks double tuck – chest a little low – strong routine –

Atkinson – BB – excellent loso series – Auburn won’t win this but they have a good score going – clean on the aerial – switch to wolf jump – stikcs double pike dismount – there you go. Another great routine. 49.400 for Auburn on beam, 196.825. Big. That’s the most consistent beam I’ve seen from them.

Beers – FX –  She has added back the DLO – and it looks good – front layout to front full with a crossover step – switch ring to split full – ring is iffy but average – sticks the double tuck – solid work. As with most of the Alabama floor routines, they’re all performing somewhere between 9.850 and 9.900 work (based on the kind of scoring we expect, of course), and this is the same 9.900. The question will be once they have to compete with the teams getting 9.950s. There are still some wonky dance elements and uncontrolled landings in this lineup, that is noticeably missing Jacob and Milliner this year, in spite of being solid.

Alabama finishes 197.325 to Auburn’s 196.825.  
Florida and Alabama have some issues to go low 197s, but LSU and Oklahoma win the day with low 198s. Utah in between.

Fun with scores: Last year, Oklahoma finished with an RQS of 197.775. With a 198.075 next weekend, Oklahoma would already be ahead of that. 

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