It’s almost here. One day away. Gymnastics Christmas. Eight straight hours of gymnastics? Don’t mind if I do.

It usually goes a little something like this:
HOUR 1: Excited
HOUR 2: Over it
HOUR 3: Suzanne Yoculan impressions
HOUR 4: Sleepy
HOUR 5: Vodka
HOUR 6: Sleepy
HOUR 7: Georgia’s beam rotation
HOUR 8: Loss of language, will to live

But perhaps a more helpful guide to tomorrow might also be in order. I put together a combined time schedule of all the meets, including rough estimates of when each team will be going on each event in case you have specific rotations you need to remember to watch. I’ve assumed 30 minutes per rotation, which should be too long, but usually isn’t with all the marching and the warmups and the individual competitors. And don’t forget the standing around. Regionals day takes a long-ass time.

And now the meets. Links are there for those who have posted them. Some haven’t. I know…

2015 Regional Championships Schedule

4:00 ET/1:00 PT – Morgantown, WV Regional
[2] Florida, [11] Stanford, [14] Illinois, [19] Arkansas, [25] New Hampshire, [36] West Virginia
Live scores
Live video

5:00 ET/2:00 PT – Norman, OK Regional
[1] Oklahoma, [12] Oregon State, [13] Penn State, [22] Southern Utah, [27] Missouri, [34] NC State
Live scores
Live video

5:00 ET/2:00 PT – Ames, IA Regional 
[4] LSU, [9] Nebraska, [16] Denver, [23] Washington, [28] Michigan State, [33] Iowa State
Live scores
Live video

6:00 ET/3:00 PT – Columbus, OH Regional
[6] Michigan, [7] UCLA,, [18] Arizona, [21] Central Michigan, [26] Kentucky, [32] Ohio State
Live scores
Live video (vault)
Live video (bars)
Live video (beam)
Live video (floor)

7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Auburn, AL Regional
[5] Alabama, [8] Auburn, [17] Minnesota, [23] Iowa, [30] Maryland, [31] George Washington
Live scores
Live video (option A – CSL)
Live video (option B – SECN+)

9:00 ET/6:00 PT – Berkeley, CA Regional
[3] Utah, [10] Georgia, [15] Boise State, [20] Cal, [29] Utah State, [35] BYU
Live scores
Live video

And of course, the live blog. Can’t forget about that.

9 thoughts on “ALL THE REGIONALS”

  1. Looking at that chart makes me giddy, which is weird, but I'm accepting it as a positive.

  2. Option A for Auburn will be split in four — one section for each event!

  3. Anyone know if these will be archived and available to watch on Sunday or Monday? Thanks in advance. BTW, LOVE the chart!

  4. I'm hopeful for most, but I think it depends of the meet/school. Berkeley, for instance, has theirs through the Pac-12 Net website streaming, and those meets are never archived, so I wouldn't count on that one.

  5. do you happen to know which streams are live vs. which you have to pay for? Thank you so much for that AMAZING chart!

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