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In Honor of National Gymnastics Day…


…here in the US, I present a few of the things for which I am most thankful to the sport of gymnastics.

Nana’s gotta sit down…


I got it. I got it. I got it. AND BY IT I MEAN THE WORM.

The world may never know.

-“Who’d they drop…?”
-“You, Kim.”
-“Yeah, real funny, who really?”

Still miffed that Hong Un Jong didn’t get credit for her Paseka at the Olympics.

The Messchenko skank-and-a-fifth is a legitimate vault.

“I found some jelly beans in the trash. Put them in your hair, Kerri! Mirror, I’m pretty. Mirror, I’m pretty! Oh no, they’re all falling out! Shower with them! Madam, dinner is served.”

Walking around on those…
What’s that word again…?

I Gotz Podium: the Brittany Rogers Story


My Turducken 3/4 brings all the boys to the yard…

“We should start taking travel donations for when I make the Olympic team…Oh.”

Pie in the face, pie in the face, pie in the face, pie in the face

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