2017 Freshman Preview: Nebraska

Returning Routines – Nebraska
Laeng – 9.855
Breen – 9.836
Schweihofer – 9.805
Crouse – 9.760
Williams – 9.760
Lambert – 9.713
Orel – 9.660 (out for 2017)
Williams – 9.875
Laeng – 9.865
Breen – 9.835
Lambert – 9.825
Orel – 9.790
Crouse – 9.788
Williams – 9.895
Breen – 9.875
Schweihofer – 9.840
Lambert – 9.742
Laeng – 9.565
Orel – 9.541
Breen – 9.855
Crouse – 9.840
Lambert – 9.838
Williams – 9.830
Laeng – 9.810
Schweihofer – 9.790
Orel – 9.725

For the first time in recorded history, Nebraska doesn’t really lack routines among its returning corps, which is why the Huskers rank reasonably well based on retained routines from last year. They could quasi-legitimately fill out lineups using only sophomores-seniors. It wouldn’t be great, but it would be a team. The real question for 2017 will be—two years after losing DeZiel, a year after losing Blanske—does Nebraska have enough 9.9s to stay competitive for a spot at nationals?

In that regard, the Huskers will be looking to star freshman and Senior E national champion Taylor Houchin to crush the all-around into a tiny cube.

Let’s begin with vault. As a group, this freshman class is not so much with the vault. Couple that with a dearth of 10.0 SVs among the returning vaulters, and Houchin’s Yurchenko 1.5 becomes all the more important in the quest to keep pace with last year’s scores.

That will be the best vault on the roster and will need to slide right  into the Blanske role as soon as possible. On bars and beam, Houchin is served well by her extension and precision. It’s not hard to envision both of those sets turning into college routines with very few built-in deductions. Check out the finishing position on the second giant full in this one. Mwah! Continue reading 2017 Freshman Preview: Nebraska