Best Routine of Week 10 Poll

Congratulations to our week 9 champion, Alex McMurtry’s 10.0 vault, which triumphed in the war of social media over Erika Aufiero’s bars in second and Nicola Deans’ floor in third.

ROUTINE of the WEEK 1st 2nd 3rd
Week 1 Skinner, FX Edney, VT Nichols, UB
Week 2 Ward, VT PP Lee, BB Hambrick, FX
Week 3 Artz, FX Childers, BB Skinner, VT
Week 4 Ross, UB McMurtry, VT PP Lee, UB
Week 5 Gardiner, BB Ward, VT Winston, FX
Week 6 PP Lee, UB Slocum, VT Jackson, FX
Week 7 Ross, BB Price, UB Guerrero, BB
Week 8 McMurtry, FX Mossett, FX Lehrmann, UB
Week 9 McMurtry, VT Aufiero, UB Deans, FX
Week 10

Who will be the winner in the final week of non-championship action, a week that saw the 28th score of 10.000 on the year, the most in a single season since the 2003-2004 dark ages?

  1. Morgan Lane, North Carolina – Vault (9.875)

2. Kirah Koshinki, West Virginia – Vault (9.875)

3. Mary Jane Horth, Illinois – Bars (9.950)

4. Kaytianna McMillan, Oregon State – Bars (10.000)

5. Peng Peng Lee, UCLA – Bars (10.000)

6. Courtney McGregor, Boise State – Bars (9.950)

7. Stacie Webb, Southern Utah – Beam (10.000)

8. Katelyn Ohashi, UCLA – Beam (10.000)

9. Kiana Winston, Alabama – Beam (9.950)

10. Ashley Lambert, Nebraska – Floor (9.900)