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Women’s Day 1 – In Review (Memoriam?)


Well, that wasn’t too helpful. Or maybe it was. I suppose that all depends on what you were thinking about the worlds team to begin with.

The general consensus seems to be that it’s not an amazing crop of seniors this year. There are exceptions to that at the very top, of course, but for the most part the juniors managed to outshine the seniors with more gymnasts showing an internationally competitive level of form, precision, and confidence. We also saw a surprising number of fulls on vault for US senior elites. This ain’t no 2007, people.

The GAGE juniors were at their first nationals, which is typically the “figuring out how things go” kind of nationals, and yet they were brilliant, stealing the show in terms of form, comfort with their routines, and use of “I just hit a routine and it makes me FURIOUS” face. The mid-range seniors, while typically showing more difficulty, were not as polished as the juniors. This difference is normal for a post-Olympic year, when there’s not a Simone or a Nastia who has turned senior.


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