Sunday Live Blog – January 21, 2018


Sunday, January 21 Scores Stream
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4:00 ET/1:00 PT – [17] Iowa State, TWU @ [1] Oklahoma LINK

For those who don’t get Random Fox Sports, I’ll keep you apprised of what’s going on with the Oklahoma tri-meet.

Elsewhere, George Washington edged West Virginia 195.575 to 195.400 in West Virginia, Towson coming in with 194.000. Drouin-Allaire took the AA with 39.225.

Bart and that whispering shrinking violet Kelly Garrison are back to bring us the meet.

Bart on Maggie: “Maggie was one of the original whistleblowers who results in legal action being taken against the doctor. Her selflessness is leading to long overdue changes in the world of elite gymnastics. We all want to commend Maggie on her courage and bravery to come forward…she is rightfully being acknowledged as a hero in the gymnastics community.”

Warmups now. No one is comfortable with the whole “beauty and the beast” thing, as usual.

Lehrmann – VT – clean full, a bit too much of a bounce back but crazy super large, nice shape.

Versemann – TWU – FX – second pass front lay to front full, pretty nice

DeGouveia – VT – 1.5 – improvement on the landing from last week, a little slide to the side, some crossed legs coming off the table

Near-stuck DLO from Iowa State’s second up on bars, Paz –  small slide back.

Dowell – VT – Nailed her 1.5 again, basically identical to the stick from last week. Quite strong. 9.925 this time.

Colee from TWU bounces forward and it appears OOB on her middle pass.

Webb – VT – Omelianchik – small slide back, coming in a little short this time

Jackson – VT – 1.5 – small hop forward on hers, pretty good control, nice direction and shape in the air.

Nichols – VT – medium-sized pace forward on her 1.5, her first vault of the season, otherwise strong as usual

Catour is doing exhibition for OU  – clean full, just a bounce in place, will challenge Lehrmann for that spot, though she doesn’t have the dynamics of some others.

49.450 for Oklahoma. Scores not overly enthusiastic on that one either.

Hop forward for Young from ISU on her DLO, had to pike it down at the end and then ends up hopping.

Green – ISU – UB – 1/2 turn to Jaeger, good height – leg break on bail, a little loose in back – a couple handstands – nice DLO, maintains her shape and sticks.

Scores originally said 9.450, which made no sense. Have been corrected to 9.900, which also kind of makes no sense, but it makes more sense.

Alderman of TWO with a controlled double pike on floor, solid height on her straddles, not quite 180 but close – front full to layout, low with some legs – rudi with a bounce, good set.

Jones – FX – TWU – good control on double tuck, chest up – step back on double tuck, slightly stuck in her mat there, wolf and tuck jumps, unclear amount of rotation – 1.5 to layout, very strong final pass, controlled landing

Peterson – FX – TWU – rudi, chest down with a some slide – switch 1/2 to wolf jump 1/1 ish, short on the switch – front layout to front 1/2, pikes down the front half but controlled – back 1/2 to front layout with arch

After 1: Oklahoma 49.450, ISU 48.975, TWU 48.550

Oklahoma throws out five 10.0 starts and is a step above all the other teams on vault so far this month.


Steinmeyer – ISU – UB – kickover front, solid – bhs loso series, some leg form but secure –

Jackson – UB – piked Jaeger, solid – hits bail, some feet, some angle – good final handstand – FTDT, stuck. Good efficient set.

Webb – UB – Pak, very pretty – Toe shap half, only minor feet – pause on half turn on high but pushes through and keeps it going, double front dismount with a hop forward –

Orrego BB – ISU – somewhat tight on these split elements – finishes 1.5 with hop forward.

Catour – UB – Strong tkatchev, good counter – clean bail with toes pointed – hitting those handstands – DLO, very clean shape and basically stuck – did muscle an early handstand, but not too much else to take.

Nice stuck Yfull from TWU on vault. Brandi Lazarus.

Dowell – UB – Ray, very strong – tightish handstands – solid bail – DLO, fab and stuck. Really just a couple cast handstands in there.

Johnson from ISU finishes beam with nice split jump 3/4 and stuck 1.5 dismount. Fall earlier in the set.

Lehrmann – UB – 1/2 turn to Jaeger, maybe catches with some bent elbows but fine – clean bail, strong vertical – great held final handstand and sticks the FTDT with a swim to hold the stick.

Paz on beam with a solid standing loso

Nichols – UB – Giant Church, hits Pak easily – catches Shap 1/2, only minimal leg break – basically stuck her DLO as well, small slide with one foot – very strong – small amount of leg break in Pak, a borderline handstand. A couple maybe-deductions.

49.500 for Oklahoma on bars.

Sievers – BB – ISU – confident loso series – full turn, somewhat tentative – fall on side aerial – switch and switch, good first one, little back leg on second one – front full with hop forward

Young – BB – ISU – very pretty style on full turn – huge break on loso series, large bend and swim but stays on the beam – cat leap to switch 1/2 to beat jump – side aerial to side position with a check – 2/1, short with a hop forward

After 2: Oklahoma 98.950, TWU 97.450, ISU 96.925

TWU is beating Iowa State after Iowa State counted mistakes on beam. Oklahoma very strong in the dismounts on bars. I think they were just a little tentative in places on a couple handstands, turns, releases (bent-elbow catches), but otherwise looking pretty April there.

The walk-on Carly Woodard is getting into the beam lineup. Just because they can.

Natalie Brown knee surgery, back in a few weeks

Orrego – FX – ISU – double tuck, solid, chestish –

Catour – BB – full turn – bhs loso, pretty extended, very secure – switch to straddle 1/4, a little slow in combination but solid individual execution – cat leap to aerial, lean to the side with a bend at the hips but saved it – gainer pike, holds a staggered stick

Showers – BB – full turn – secure loso series, nice feet – switch to straight 1/1 to Korbut, awesome again – beat jump to split jump 1/1, back leg – gainer full – strong set

Steinmeyer – FX – bounce back on double tuck

Woodard – BB – smooth full turn – kickover front to bhs series, keeps it moving pretty well – nice amplitude on her switch – side aerial to full, small hop back. Good. OU has another one.

Colee – UB – TWU – Shap to bail, legs throughout but good combo – lay to double pike dismount, hop.

Lehrmann – BB – nice extension on her front aerial – cat leap to switch side, secure – solid on loso series as well – switch to Korbut, no trouble – sticks gainer full. Good.

Paz – FX – slide back on double tuck – front full to layout, controlled –

Webb – BB – full turn, well done – bhs loso, very strong legs – cat leap to aerial with a lean correction, bend at the hips, will have to count this routine though – great height on switch and split, would be perfect with a little more pointed toes – side aerial to stuck full, legs apart. Still good.

Young – FX – double tuck, slide back – front full to front lay, very nice, stuck, good shape –

Nichols – BB – aerial to beat, so well executed, smooth, slowish but keeps moving throughout so it doesn’t feel super slow – strong and secure loso – switch to split, nailed – full turn – front tuck, does well to correct and avoid a real check, though a little low with a hesitation that will take away the 10 – stuck 1.5. Very good. 9.925.

Schoepfer in exhibition – check on her three series – switch to straddle, small check in between but good extension – aerial – stuck 1.5.

Two of the Oklahomies had bends at the hips to take away the score, but not much else on the other routines.

After 3: Oklahoma 148.350, Iowa State 145.900, TWU 144.900

Oklahoma needs 49.225 on floor for the highest score in the country this year.


Martin – ISU – VT – some legs on full, bounce back

Kelly’s accent has not stopped calling the Sooners “the Sinners”

Showers – FX – “a type of Oriental flair”…oh Kelly, we don’t really say that anymore…
double pike, very short with a large lunge forward – switch ring to Ferrari, good switch ring – layout half to front full is good. Now Bart is talking about Oriental music too. Kelly, look what you’ve done!

Small bounce back for Paz on her Yfull

Dowell – FX – double front with hop forward, stays in bounds, not connecting to the stag this time, which she does when she sticks but not otherwise – back 1.5 to front layout, at least she keeps her toes pointed on her “I stepped on a bee” choreography – split leap full to popa, nice extension – front lay to front full, a little short with a shuffle back

Sievers – VT – handspring pike 1/2, good height and open shape, hop back

Young – VT – nearly stuck and good open on her full

Webb – FX – front 2/1 – back 1.5 to front full, good straight shape, controls the step out, great extension on her leaps but a stumble landing the second one – rudi, solid

Iowa State is done with 194.950.

Degouveia – FX – large bounce back out of her double tuck, they’re uncharacteristically struggling with those landings today – double pike, very secure – switch 1/2 to popa, extended well – back 1.5 to front layout, a little arch and lunge there

Nichols – FX – double tuck, comfortable – front full to front layout stepout, also comfortable, these are super easy passes for her and she makes them look easy – switch ring and split leap full, shows her 180 positions well – double pike sticks it, a little bit of that Nichols stagger-stick but very good. Strongest set of the rotation by a thousand percent. Interesting that she gets the same score as Webb.

Jackson – FX – open full in, fantastically huge but comes in a little short with a small hop – Kelly is making laser sound effects – 1/2 to front full, dances out but well-performed twisting – “I’d want her on my team in a dark alley” – no trouble on double pike.

9.925 for Jackson, so it’s just a 49.175 on floor for Oklahoma with three people having a trouble pass.

Total is 197.525, a quarter-tenth shy of Monday’s total.

FINAL: Oklahoma 197.525, Iowa State 194.975, TWU 191.425


34 thoughts on “Sunday Live Blog – January 21, 2018”

  1. Anyone have any idea why Muhammad didn’t compete for West Virginia? They held her back on all events, which seems strange unless she has an injury or they’re resting her.

  2. They mentioned Zaakira has an arm injury on the broadcast. Sounds like they are saving her for next week.

  3. I am so glad that Bart was the one to discuss the Nassar situation and not Kelly. I fear what she would have said about it.

    1. I really want to know who is into both wrestling and women’s gym except parents who have kids in both.

      If they gotta do a combined meet, maybe like diving or a MAG and WAG doubleheader with another school?

      1. I think it’s to try and get higher student attendance. You likely have different students going to wrestling and gym meets, so combining them could expose students to different sports and maybe gain some new supporters. Plus, OU gym has a shockingly low turn out rate for students. Gym is not as popular in Oklahoma as you would think for a school with such dominant men’s and women’s programs.

        Also, how would a diving and gym meet work? Diving would be in an entirely different facility. Plus, OU doesn’t have a swim and dive team. A MAG/WAG meet with Stanford, Cal, Ohio State, Nebraska, or Michigan would be pretty cool.

    2. Women’s gymnastics (The Beauty) and Wrestling (The Beast) held simultaniously

  4. I am I the only one wondering why Brenna Dowell is so early in the lineup? She always does so good!

    1. I don’t think line-up order matters too much for OU at this point. Their reputation is that everyone has great form and it’s pretty normal to see the athletes early in the OU line up get a 9.9 for a solid routine. Dowell also has the name/recognition not to be held back by going early in a line up.

  5. Kelly about Oklahoma’s vault “so many sticks”…uh, I counted 1, Brenna’s. So apparently in Kelly’s world, 1 has become “so many. It was a good rotation, but as usual, she lives on her own planet.

    1. I’d pay for Sling Blue just for OU meets if they had an acceptable commentator. She ruined a lot of great gym with her incessant stupid comments. It is not possible that they don’t have any other candidates.

  6. OU girls get 9.9s that should be 9.85s or lower. They have bent arms tight handstands some missed handstands and feet then stick dismount and get 9.9. Maggie earns her bars scores but put those other girls and any other school and they would not go above 9.85.

      1. Right. I thought the OU scores were pretty tight on bars if anything, compared to what some other schools are getting. Lehrman in particular is under appreciated on bars.

    1. I beg to differ, the scores do go too high sometimes, and because they go to OU, they often get the befit of the doubt on some routines, but they do look strong, are clean, and I actually thought their scoring so far has been very reasonable when compared to other teams.

  7. Catour had been so solid last year than I thought she would be the perfect pick as the new leadoff and was happy to see her in that role. But this is two weeks in a role she has been a little shaky. I hope she sorts it out.

    1. I was nervous for Catour as leadoff because she did have random more wobbly sets thrown in with all the solid ones during her first couple of seasons. I was thinking Lehrmann might be a better bet.

    1. And then she went on to comment on Showers’ body, which, no. I don’t know how she hasn’t been fired yet.

    2. I cringed so hard when she said that (and hoped that’s not the description that KJ had given her). She’s not a rug.

    1. Jones and Capps’ scores (and now Brown’s) were always going to be hard to replace on floor. A hit Dowell routine is a 9.9, easy, so today’s score should have been higher. It’ll be interesting to see if Degouveia stays in the lineup.

  8. Can somebody help me out here, Maggie’s routine was better than Anastasia’s, and yet they scored the same… Maggie’s score seems too low

    1. I’m just guessing but maybe the judges feel Maggie’s current routines are too easy for a gymnast of her calibre and don’t want to reward her for the ease of the routines.

      1. If so, the NCAA judging is more broke than I thought because that shouldn’t be a consideration.

        My cynical side wonders if there is some backlash for criticizing USAG…do NCAA judges also judge within USAG’s system? Even if they don’t, I would assume some of them are friends with the powers that be. I hope that it’s not the case and it’s just plain old bad judging. But I’m a little suspicious.

  9. FYI you’ll prob be able to watch ALL of Oklahoma’s home meets on the fox sports go app or’ve always had to type “gymnastics” into their search bar just to find it but it’s always been there), same was true last season which was my first season following NCAA (and sites like this one for that matter) so I was surprised to see so many comments all over the gymternet from people who thought it wasn’t possible for them to watch Oklahoma’s meets and I’m still seeing comments like that so if my fellow gym nerds with social media accounts (particularly if you follow ou women’s gyms instagram, yikes) could spread this info like wildfire, that’d be great! I choose not to have social media accounts myself so I haven’t been able to do that.

    1. I think people looking for streams are usually not from the US, and that’s where it gets more difficult to have access, since you don’t have Cable Details and cannot get a Sling etc. subscription.
      From Germany e.g., I can only watch some free meets and the ones put up on YT because everything else is geo-blocked and suscription only. There are tons of (illegal) Pac-12 streams online, so that’s usually not a problem, but otherwise I’m only able to follow with the help of VPNs and because I have the Log-In/Cable Details of a number of friends in the US for Sling/FoxGo etc. where I watch the meets on demand (different time zones make it happen).

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