Sunday Live Blog – February 18, 2018

8:00 ET/5:00 PT – [3] Utah @ [2] UCLA SCORES P12N

Game on, people.

Can’t stop 10ing; won’t stop 10ing.

Vault – Reinstadtler, Lee, Lewis, Tessen, Merrell-Giles, Skinner
Bars – Lewis, Merrell-Giles, Reinstadtler, Lee, Tessen, Skinner
Beam – Stover, Merrell-Giles, Burch, Lee, Reinstadtler, Skinner
Floor – Lewis, Lee, Reinstadtler, Soloski, Merrell-Giles, Skinner

Vault – Dennis, Tratz, Ross, Hall, Hano, Kramer
Bars – Dennis, Ohashi, Honest, Lee, Ross, Meraz
Beam – Nguyen, Kocian, G Glenn, Ohashi, Ross, Lee
Floor – Kramer, Dennis, Ross, Tratz, Hano, Ohashi

I am living for Meraz in the anchor spot on bars for UCLA. We’ll see if it comes through, but it’s a strategic play to potential crazy scores today.

Jim: Teams, we love you all the same, except not as much as UCLA and Utah. They’re our favorites.


Dennis – VT – full – gigantic height on her full, solid vault, a small hop and then a little bounce saute, some chest on landing. 9.950?!??! DA FUQ???


Lewis – UB – giant full to tkatchev, hit, not much counter on her tkatchev, solid bail – I saw two short hs in there – nice DLO. 9.850.

Tratz – VT – Fabbbbbbbb full. Well now what do you do with that? Because it was better than Nia’s definitely not stuck vault. 9.925. So, but, I mean, was that worse than Nia’s?

MMG – UB – strong deltchev – solid bail – a little muscle on final hs and some bent elbows on stalder but good stick on double tuck. Solid casts. 9.900.

Ross – VT – hops back on her full but otherwise her typical vault, good form and direction, quite clean. So obvious 10 I guess? 9.850. Oh, like a real score.

Reinstadtler – UB – 1/2 turn to jaeger, good jaeger, a little late on 1/2 turn – leg break in bail and a shortish final cast hs – hop back on FTDT. Solid, not quite as crisp as MMG’s to me. 9.825.

Hall – VT – 1.5 – sits it – hmmmmmmm – just when we thought she had figured this vault out. 9.300.

Lee – UB – 1/2 turn to piked jaeger to overshoot, nice height on Jaeger, that has improved a lot in her college career – almost had a really good one going until a large bounce back on double tuck and then another step.

Hano – VT – 1.5 – some of her best control on the landing with a smaller hop forward, though she did land it a little deep. 9.925.

Tessen – UB – hits Jaeger, solid casts and vertical on her bail – a swim stooping up to high – FTDT, good stick.

Ooooooh, Anna Glenn coming into the lineup because they don’t trust Kramer to hit when they need one after Hall’s fall.

Glenn – VT – short on the full, with a hop forward. The big thing will be landing short with the low chest position. Still 9.800.

Skinner – UB – arches her first handstand! Saves it – Shap to bail, close to vertical but a little more angled than usual – better on her loose back handstands – sticks FTDT legs apart. We’ll see what they do with that handstand since it should be a significant deduction. 9.775.

After 1: UCLA 49.450, Utah 49.300

Well, are you not entertained? I’ve basically still not recovered from Dennis getting a 9.950 in the first spot for a full that she didn’t even stick and I thought was going 9.850 at MOST. The vault scores kind of settled as the rotation went, in that they were just normal-cracky instead of literal insanity, but UCLA squandered the chance at a bigger total with the fall from Hall and then playing it safe with the lower-quality full from Glenn.

A fine bars rotation from Utah, but they too will feel like they could have done better with a few not getting their landings and then the arch mistake from Skinner. MMG and Tessen solid. Important for Tessen because she can be the question in that lineup sometimes.


Reinstadtler – VT – smooth Yfull, hop back, not the mosssst dynamic vault we’ve seen or will see – but good straight shape. Soo….10! 10! 10! 10! 9.800 is not consistent with the UCLA scores.

Dennis – UB – Shap, strong to bail, good legs, solid vertical position – nice final hs – sticks DLO. One of her strongest routines. 9.925.

Lee – VT – good full. Very strong stick. Nice open and form. The only difference between her and Tratz will be that Tratz had the big distance, and Lee’s distance was just kind of normal. 9.900 for that is more consistent with the other scores. Except Dennis because that was just nothing.

Ohashi – UB – toe on to bail, small leg break on that – close final handstand – hits WOGAtchev – flings out DLO but saves the landing with a fairly small hop forward after coming in a bit short. 9.900. Cool. Fun.

Lewis – VT – good open on her full, better height than the first two in the lineup, small slide with one foot and a little college-salutey on landing. 9.875.

Honest – UB – big tkatchev, also can use more counter – elbows collapse a little on straddle back this time but did well to save without an adjustment – hop back on FTDT. 9.800. The judges saw the flexed feet then. So at least they’re not indiscriminately cracky.

Tessen – VT – 1.5 – she sits it down too! It’s the day of short 1.5s for falls. Hers is the most inconsistent of the Utah vaults, but she had been hitting it lately.

Peng – UB – Hits Ray well – strong hs – gorgeous Bharwaj as always – toe on to Shap 1/2, very well done – hitting all hs – DLO, comes in SUPPPPPER deep with a large lunge forward. That’s the only thing, but it will be a significant deduction. 9.800.

MMG – VT – 1.5 – oooooh, saved it. She came in a little short on her 1.5 too but pulled it out to avoid disaster, rather squatty with a hop to the side

Ross – UB – Good Shap to bail as always – very clean – nice counter on toe shoot – DLO can’t hold the stick, a swim and then a lunge back. 9.875.

Skinner – VT – DTY – stuck! That’s the best DTY she’s done this season, probably in college. Best landing. We’ll see if they take for feet or a little pike, like one of the judges did for Price last night (or maybe direction). 9.950. If you ask the judges where they came up with the score, they can find deductions to show you in the feet and the body position (but very slight), but if you ask them to reconcile the consistency of that 9.950 with the Dennis 9.950…that would be an interesting little conversation. Because there’s no answer. It’s just not consistent. If that’s a 9.950, then no one else in the vault competition should have been more than 9.875.

Meraz – UB – toe on to Ray – fall. UCLA started well but was kind of poor in the second half of the rotation.

After 2: UCLA 98.750, Utah 98.600

Not really very good rotations from either there. Utah as expected with the fulls, but then both Tessen and MMG struggled on their 1.5s, taking away the chance for a strong score. And then there’s the Skinner score, which we’ll obviously hear a lot about. And there’s justification there.

UCLA started very cleanly on bars and it looked like another 9.9 parade was in the making, though Lee and Ross both screwed up their dismounts, which UCLA could not afford from scores it really needed.


Nguyen – BB – full turn – aerial to standing loso, a little slow in combo but not a fake combo like last week – switch to split, good positions – split jump 1/2 from side position – front layout full with a small hop. Good. Methodical routine but very pretty individual elements. 9.825 is reasonable for that.

Lewis – FX – double pike, good control, chest up – front lay to front full, fine – switch side to split jump 1/1 – double tuck, a little over, which resulted in the small slide. 9.825. Also reasonable. Did the judges get a note at the halfway point?

Kocian – BB – switch to sheep with a small lean – bhs loso, better, saved it from a wobble – full turn, overturned a little – aerial, another very small correction, a little tentative, also just so fragile looking that sometimes the wind causes her to take a balance check – 2/1, stuck. 9.900.

Lee – FX – 2.5, controls the step out, good twisting form – switch leap to switch ring 1/2, fine for a turning ring – 2/1 to loso, good extension – front lay to front full, a little flat on that layout, but solid. 9.900.

G Glenn – BB – smooth and pretty loso series – aerial to split jump, leg-up wobble – switch to switch series, also lovely – full turn – sticks gainer full. Good routine. That leg-up wobble is the thing you can take, but little else there. 9.875.

Reinstadtler – FX – double tuck, good chest up (almost a little too up) but kept from foot down – very nice switch ring and split leap 1/1, hitting 180s and crisp finish position – 1.5 to layout, fine – solid double pike too. Very composed floor routines so far. 9.925. Uh oh. Here we go.

Ohashi – BB – almost a check on her full turn to start – aerial to bhs loso series, perfect throughout – switch ring with a check – switch to split – bhs loso layout full dismount, stuck. Really strong moments in there, a couple checks. 9.925. I would have gone 9.900, so kind of high but not unreasonable.

Soloski – FX – attitude turn, nice – DLO, came in a little squattier than usual with a lunge back – split leap 1/1, back leg slightly short – 2/1, comfortable – aerial – 1.5 to layout, overflipped the layout so got no punch into her layout and couldn’t get it around – fall. Breaks the score building a little. 9.175.

Ross – BB – very smooth loso series, quite precise – switch ring to beat jump, hits it and gets the necessary combination – full turn, a little off balance but saved a check – aerial, no trouble – side aerial to full, weirdly under on dismount with a crossover step. UCLA making weird dismount errors today. 9.875. Would have thought dismount was a tenth and a half.

MMG – FX – pike full in – good, small slide back – switch ring to split leap 1/1, has to finish the split leap 1/1 after landing, scooting the feet a little – 1.5 to layout to pike, better shape on the layout this time around – rudi to straddle with a little more of a travel back this time. 9.925. I had 9.850, for reference.

Peng – BB – 3 flares, very comfortable as always – bhs to lay-pike, may have held that long enough to not get docked for the step back – double spin, huge break with a lean at the hips – repeats into beat jump split jump, good – side aerial to stuck full. We’ll see what they do with the double turn because that can be an up-to-three-tenths deduction, but sometimes we see as low as a tenth taken for that. 9.800. So a compromise.

Skinner – FX – L hop 1/1 – double double, small slide back – split leap 1.5, not quite all the way around that time – 1.5 through to 2/1, she’s sliding a little on these landings, small but not quite the crispness she usually has – front tuck – full in, same as the other landings, with the smallest little shuffle back. 9.975. LOL OK. Floor is getting…interesting. You want to see that front foot stay down when she steps back on the landing to show that it’s a controlled step and the momentum has been stopped rather than continuing to carry you backward.

After 3: UCLA 148.150, Utah 148.150

Well at least it’s tied! Exciting.

Do you think UCLA makes Jim talk about how many twitter followers they have every meet?


Stover – BB – check working out of the aerial and no combination, will redo – aerial to bhs, slow but got it the second time around – full turn, good – beat jump to split ring jump, secure – kickover front with a check – a little tight today – switch to straddle, good – gainer full, stuck. A nervous routine but endured. 9.775.

Kramer – FX – front 2/1 to front tuck and takes it OOB this time, she’s always close but OOB this time – 1.5 to layout, strong, good form – switch side to popa, nice extension and height – rudi to straddle, off balance coming down to land with a small correction. 9.675.

MMG – BB – switch to split jump, no trouble – bhs bhs loso, secure – aerial, balance check – full turn – 2/1, holds the stick. Better, still looked tight and had that check. 9.925. Well now.

Dennis – FX – double Arabian, that same problem as always, huge lunge forward and OOB, pretty much every time – front 1/2 to layout second pass, perfect – good positions on leaps, nice height – double tuck, large lunge back. 9.625.

Burch – BB – full turn – bhs loso series, secure, some feet – cat leap to aerial to beat jump, no trouble – switch to straddle 1/4, arm wave swim to save a wobble – a little deep on 1.5 with a step back.

Ross – FX – whip to double tuck, controls landing but chest well down – switch leap to Ferrari – 1.5 to layout, bouncy out of landing – double pike, shortish with a hop forward. 9.875. Hmmm.

Lee – BB – full turn – loso series, hit – beat jump to side aerial, hit – switch to straddle 1/4, good – 2/1 with a little hop back. Clean routine.

Tratz – FX – strong landing on her full in, just a touch short but one of her better ones – back 1.5 to front full, also secure – switch ring to split leap 1/1, close-ish? – double tuck, steps back and OOB. Oh, UCLA. You have no one to blame but yourself for this floor rotation.

Reinstadtler – BB – aerial with a little check moving into split jump, and then another small lean afterward – another check on loso series – they’re competing nervous but hanging on – switch to straddle 1/4, better – gainer full with a hop. 9.825.

Hano – FX – sticks DLO, very nice – 1.5 to 1/2 to running man jump, she’s selling that more now so that it doesn’t look quite like the mistake it used to when she first did this routine – split leap 1/1 to wolf jump 1/1, a little bouncy – a little knees in her double pike but controls the landing. Well, someone showed up for floor today. 9.975.

Skinner – BB – hits loso, usual loose leg form – side aerial to sissone, tight sissone – full turn, dropped the L turn from her routine this time, which she doesn’t need anyway and I kind of feel like is superfluous to her set – switch to straddle to back tuck, fine – double tuck, a hair short but saved it with a small slide forward.

Ohashi – FX – DLO, looked like a little slide on her landing but chest up well – travels a little more than she wanted on that middle pass but controls the landings – switch ring to switch 1/2, good – front full to 1/2 to switch split jump sit split, love that final pass.

The fact that the scores stopped updating is definitely my jam.

We don’t have a final score, but we know that Utah won. UCLA had the result for themselves, and the attention will be on throwing it away with those OOBs on floor, though I think the Bruins were trying too hard quite a bit through the meet, like with some of those bars landings and odd beam checks on otherwise exceptional routines. They didn’t need to make those mistakes. I don’t feel like they really competed with calm confidence today, you guys.

FINAL: Utah 197.550, UCLA 197.425


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  1. Putting Kramer last on vault and Meraz last on bars is an interesting strategy. I’m guessing they’re trying for some score-building, but I have a feeling that could backfire on them.

  2. I’m not watching at the moment, but the live scores say Dennis went 9.95 on vault. Is that correct? Did she actually go 9.95 with a bounce on the landing?

    1. Ute Proud. They wore them for the Ute appreciation meet and received approval from the tribe prior to the meet.

      1. Designed with the help of the Ute Tribe – sort of had to wear them. Not their usual classy leo.

  3. The last time they wore those leos the broadcasters made this HUGE deal about how the Ute tribe had to be there and give permission, yet they aren’t here tonight… so what’s the story…

    1. They have to give permission to use the name on the leo — they don’t have to physically be in the room when they are worn.

  4. Has UCLA even had one fairly scored meet this year? OU was at Georgia and Florida was at Kentucky. I’ve yet to watch a UCLA meet where WTF scores aren’t flying.

    1. elavate the stage and metroplex and id say ohio state meet were pretty fairly scored

      1. Yeah, Ohio State wasn’t too bad, but Elevate and Metroplex were a little generous.

  5. I agree with you about Skinner’s vault. Was it objectively a 10? Eh, not really. But was it a 10 if they go along with how they were scoring UCLA? Yeah, pretty much.

    1. I mean, with Skinner’s severely bent arms and lack of amplitude, I don’t think there’s a way that could get a 10. I just watched Nia’s vault, and I don’t see her feet coming up off of the mat on her ‘hop’. It wasn’t even a McMurtry type hop. Plus, she had great height, a flare, and decent form, so the perfect score for her seems more fair. Can’t speak for other comparisons though.

      1. If you can’t see the obvious deductions in Nia’s vault, I really can’t help you..

    2. Agreed. The standard has been a stuck (or almost stuck McMurtry) DTY gets a 10, at least from one judge. So, by this nationwide standard, and compared to Nia’s perfect score, Skinner’s vault should absolutely get a 10.

  6. Tiffani Lewis reminds me of Lindsey Cheek. Excellent form, consistent, and under appreciated.

    1. agree – Her floor was worth more than 9.825 – better than Ross by far and she got the 9.875 Oh Well

  7. This scoring is aweful. Skinner was awesome. MMG starting from a 10 should have been a bit higher based on the other scores. Reinstadtler vault shoul have been 9.85 based on other scores. I guess the writing is on the wall. Before everyone comes out to burn me at the stake no I don’t think Utah is perfect. They are screwing up a bit. But UCLA is not worth their scores tonight

    1. In order to redshirt, don’t you have to be physically unable to compete? I thought it couldn’t just be “I’m recovered, but want to sit out a year.”

      1. No physical requirement you just can’t compete in 30% (give or take) of the season’s matches/games/meets, etc. Athletes in other sports (see football) redshirt all of the time. You have to petition when it’s close or for a 6th year.

      2. For a medical redshirt, you do have to be physically incapacited for the rest of the season and not compete for more than 30% of the season. So, if the original commentator is saying Kocian should have taken a medical redshirt, she would have to be unable to perform this season.

        You can also redshirt (basically sit out) or gray shirt (delay entry), but there are rules for those as well.

      3. Well football redshirts aren’t a really good comparison because many freshmen redshirt a year, not because of injury but due to bulking up from their high school weight so they don’t get killed playing against college men. It’s why the term “true freshman” was coined because in football it’s rarer than in other sports to compete in their first year.

        I’d argue a true freshman in football is comparable to a redshirt senior in women’s gymnastics – one hasn’t grown into his body yet, while the other is trying to get the most out of her body that is aging and maybe not as agile as earlier in her career.

    2. She must have not wanted an extra year of college, because she could have redshirted easily.

    3. I feel the same way whenever someone hobbles through a season. As a spectator, it’s frustrating because you want to see her getting 9.9s for solid bars and beam and it feels like a waste. But ultimately up to the athlete of course!

    4. Is it possible that she is working towards coming back on other events later in the season?

      1. She has warmed up floor before the last two meets so I expect her to be back there soon. Today was the first time she competed the beam routine she did last season, so I think that’s a good sign. I’m not sure why she should have redshirted? Because she may not be able to do UB? She’s useful on other events.

    5. They *really* need her bars for the postseason. Especially if Meraz continues to struggle.

      1. Given she had shoulder surgery I’d say bars may be the one event she won’t compete this season… She could maybe return to the vault and floor lineups with strategic routines that don’t put too much pressure on her shoulders.

        But who knows…

        Given that three of UCLA’s bars workers graduate this year who will replace them in 2018-19? Kocian and the other Dennis (who is injured and announced she’ll be back as a R-Senior) are two. Though from what I can recall RS Dennis is kind of a 9.7ish bars worker.

        Do the incoming freshmen have strong bars skills?

      2. I’d like to see the Glenn’s on bars. I’m presuming due to labrum injuries, it’s out of the question, but I’m hoping for next year with either/both of them.

      3. As far as next year they’re getting Margzetta so they’ll really help their bars, plus a healthy Kocian and Savvidou.

    6. 2 ideas –
      Madison has said she intends to go to med school, so she may be on a tight academic schedule (unlikely, but possible) OR She is planning on making a run for Tokyo and is saving her redshirt/sit out year for the 2019-2020 season like Brenna Dowell did.

  8. Agreed with the other commenter. UCLA is getting way overscored tonight. Too high on a couple vaults and several beam scores too high. Ohashi and Lee on beam were each at least a tenth too high. And Lewis on floor was underscored. Utah should be leading after 3.

  9. I’m not upset with the scoring, it just seems to be inconsistent and bizarre. The Dennis evaluation on vault was as if the judges both blinked during the landing. And while Skinner’s vault has clear deductions to take it was also significantly better than Dennis. Not sure what to make of it really.

    1. It was not significantly better. She had severely bent arms and no amplitude. Just because you’re going a double, doesn’t mean it looks better. Nia flared her full and had great height. It was definitely the best of MyKayla’s career though.

  10. OK I need that blonde Utah gymnast who’s screaming at beam during every routine to shut up

  11. The UCLA athletes dancing/hugging near the end of the beam while Utah competes are distracting. I think it’s one of the Glenns and a walk-on (gray tshirt). I don’t think I’ve ever seen athletes from the other team standing near the floor right in line on beam like that before (and dancing around).

      1. Ha, that’s true. It’s like they have three teams rolled into one. It makes me wonder if they just about take anyone who wants to walk-on. Their travel budget must be insane. I’m surprised the athletic department hasn’t cracked down on team size. Although, Miss Val’s husband likely has a say on that issue.

  12. If you land OOB, is it a .1 or .3 deduction? I thought landing OOB with both feet is .3. Does that mean the judges gave Kramer a 9.975 before the .3 deduction?

  13. I fully expected Utah to lose today, competing in UCLA and all. The fact that they won by .350, with UCLA getting ridiculous home scoring, is a testament to Utah’s toughness. Utah was phenomenal tonight.

    1. Actually UCLA going OOB on floor handed the meet to Utah. Those OOBs don’t happen and UCLA likely adds more than .350 to their final score.

      1. Yes, UCLA made mistakes, but Utah competed well and deserved the win. I hate reading comments like “without those OOBs UCLA would win.” I mean if I were a bit taller and a little skinnier, I’d be a supermodel.

      2. Who cares about your height and weight. If you want to be a supermodel be one.
        No one said UCLA or Utah deserved to win. The OG comment was that Utah won and they were surprised it was by .350. If UCLA gymnasts hadn’t gone out of bounds it’s very likely the “home floor” scores would’ve handed them the win.

      3. Yes, and if Utah wouldn’t have made mistakes on vault and floor, they would have won by a larger margin. It’s just a weird comment to make. If they would have scored more points, they would have won. Like, no s*%#.

        The model comment was funny by the way.

    2. No they weren’t. Average is what I would call them tonight and a bit lucky. They haven’t reached peak yet but tonight was or should be an eye opener for them the need to stick their dismounts. And vault to the best of their capabilities. Burch was impressive. A freshman in a totally hostile environment she was really steady. Reminds me of Bailey Rowe

      I think the scores were all over the place with no consistency even within the same event. Kind of an annoying meet. As to the comment about the blonde Ute. She’s not as irritating as the plethora of dancing bears oops I mean Bruins. The bottom line is the athletes on both sides need to quit buying into the media hype about the rivalry and just do their jobs. They are really level teams and the win could have gone either way. (Judging aside). Looking forward to Tucson in March

  14. Overall, I do think that this was a normal meet for Utah and a very weak performance for UCLA. I think UCLA is still the better team when both are performing at their best. Some overscoring for both teams of course but there were definitely some top UCLA athletes not performing their best. It will be interesting to see what happens come end of season.

    PS — Ebee for Pac-12 gymnast of the week.

    1. Ebee will get it because her score was 39.675 and Skinner was 39.625. It almost always just goes to the highest scoring AAer.

      1. True although sometimes I feel like Skinner gets it even when she doesn’t have the highest score. Oh well! I am so excited for Ebee this season though. She is looking great and I am so impressed that she’s doing a double pike beam dismount. Love it.

  15. Ohashi, Hambrick, and Vega have my favorite floor routines this year. I could watch those three routines over and over.

    1. I agree with you about those three having nice floor routines. Vega, Bablis and Dickson are awesome floor workers and Arnold is a lot of fun to watch. Snead is actually the weakest floor worker for UGA, IMO – I just find her routine very boring – ironic that she got the 10.

      If Snead was going to get a 10 in her career it should’ve been on vault or bars, her strong events.

      1. I love Snead on Floor. She has beautiful form and sells the routine. I agree though that she is great on vault and bars. And if she were anchoring beam, she’d have 9.9s consistently on beam too.

  16. Ebee has the higher score BUT skinner had only .05 lower and won 4/5 events (over MMG and Kyla Ross), and led her team to a win over the #2 team in the country on the road. I get it if it’s Ebee but I think skinner has a case for an exception.

    1. I agree with you, but it almost always goes to the gymnast with the higher score. The SIDs who vote, look at scores and move on. It’s the same thing with the SEC, which annoys me so much. They should look at overall performance and circumstances (where is the meet, what was scoring like, did they follow a fall, etc).

  17. I get it if it’s Ebee but Skinner was only .05 behind Ebee, she won 4/5 events (over the best pac 12 gymnasts MMG and Kyla Ross), and led her team to a win over the #2 team in the country on the road. Skinner could get an exception and sneak a win.

  18. Mack Brannon tore her Achilles. Nooooo! It’s so sad to see a senior end her career like this.

  19. 1. Annoyed that DirecTV is not an option for watching P12 meets online.
    2. Have they been purposely giving the last routine of rotation 3 the exact score needed to tie the meet going into the final rotation lately?

  20. Really frustrating to watch UCLA have all of those OOB and little mistakes on beam. They handed the meet away. But hey, at least the Utah fans that were there in Pauley saw how a crowd should act toward their rivals when things aren’t going your way. 🙂

    1. How many meets have you attended at Utah. Fans actually cheer for the visitors and don’t sit like lumps as did the seated Bruin fans. The only time there are complaints about the nearly 16,000 fans at the Huntsman is when UCLA looses. Shocker. Again UCLA lost so the snarky fan comments come out. Grow up

      1. What a ridiculous comment. Fans at UCLA love the sport and cheer opposing gymnasts. What they don’t do is yell expletives at them as some Utah fans have been known to do.
        It’s a competitive and fun environment, and if you don’t like the dancing, don’t watch. I root for Utah (in any other meet) because they are a terrific, stylish team.
        But UCLA clearly gave this away. They were sloppy and unfocused most of the night. Utah took advantage and deserved the win. We’ll face each other probably three more times this year, so plenty of drama to come.

      2. Nope they’re are a ton of complaints about Utah fans and they are well deserved – see the Oregon State meet this year. And before you get all defensive – I’m not only a Utah fan, I’m a student at the university. The reason no one likes us is because we’re terrible sports. Since we don’t seem to be interested in changing that, we should at least own up to it.

      3. Anon, what happened at the OSU @ Utah meet? I watched on tv but don’t remember it.

        I remember last year’s meeting, when OSU beat Utah with their last routine and never saw more whining in my life.

    2. Always enjoy LA. Great restaurants. Mostly great people. Lived there for 17 years. Am a UCLA alum. Both under grad and masters. I still find the dancing annoying almost as annoying as snarky comments. It was a basically crap meet for both sides. Many mistakes. Crappy judging on both sides. A definite throw away. Leave it at that. The hype is dangerous to both teams. We all need to play nice.

  21. I was front row right in front of vault and Nia’s vault looked perfect. It was one of the best fulls I’ve seen in person. Pauline missed her block a little and moved her foot on landing. From what I could see Nia didn’t move at all.

    1. Also, Skinner’s arms looked super bent on the table. From our view Nia’s definitely had a better body position, block, and looked more in control.

      1. Go watch it on video. You may have been caught up in the moment. I would have given it a 9.85 tops.

  22. Apparently Anna Glenn did bars and beam exhibition, and did a really good job? I’d love to see more of the twins <3

  23. It cracks me up that fans look at a routine on a screen or in person from a single viewpoint, and then “know” for sure that it was overscored/underscored. Yes, it happens, but the judging is usually not nearly as bad as the whiners would have you believe. And the small discrepancies almost always even out to not change the result.
    As for the UCLA/UT rivalry, I don’t think there is a single UCLA fan who doesn’t know we deserved to lose this meet and gave UT credit. But if we had hit a couple more routines and won, the whining from certain UT fans would be ridiculous. UT has a great program, but a loud portion of your fans embarrass your school. We don’t see that with OK or the SEC. Maybe it’s a Utah thing, because I’ve had Jazz fans act the same way in SLC.

    1. As an SEC fan myself, I think Utah is a team people love to hate (much like Georgia once was and Florida is becoming). The crap Skinner gets is crazy. She sticks a DTY cold and there are comments tearing her apart. To me, that just fuels the fire. People need to give credit where credit is due and Utah outperformed UCLA. Skinner is a consistent beast of an athlete and if she were at UCLA people would be praising her instead of critiquing every move.

      1. The highlight of yesterday’s meet for this Bruin was Skinner’s double-double. She’s pretty darn awesome.

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