Friday Live Blog – March 9, 2018

Friday, March 9 Scores Stream
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – [13] Nebraska @ [5] Florida LINK SEC+
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – [2] LSU @ [24] NC State LINK ACC+
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Bowling Green @ Kent State LINK ESPN3
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8:00 ET/5:00 PT – [6] Alabama v. [16] Auburn (@ Huntsville, AL)  LINK FLO
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8:30 ET/5:30 PT – North Carolina, San Jose State, Air Force @ Arizona LINK
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10:00 ET/7:00 PT – [20] Cal, [22] Minnesota, Alaska @ Sacramento State LINK

Much to do, Much to do.

Intros beginning at Florida now.

Kennedy Baker senior intro crutches time.

Well we’ve already had the word “players” used twice. SO MANY GOOD GYMNASTICS PLAYERS. I LOVE TO PLAY GYMNASTICS.


Gowey – VT – full – hop back, OK, starts pretty well open, pikes down toward the end

Orel – UB – tkatchev, hit – nice hs – toe on to bail, large arch in bail but saves it – cast hs not bad – DLO, large lunge back. Not a great one but got through.

Skaggs – VT – full, pretty large hop back, too large for this point in the season.

Durante hits bars for LSU, small step back, and a small arch on first cast hs.

Roby – UB – 1/2 turn to jaeger, solid – very good legs together on Pak – has to recast on low bar to get her 1/2 turn, came in too short the first time, gets it on the second try – DLO with a stagger back.

Foberg vaults a full, good, small shuffle. 9.900 is too high. Obvi.

Hambrick – UB – LSU – Ray, solid – full turn to bail, clean, maybe a little short – some loose back here and there, small hop back on FTDT.

Schweihofer – UB – Nebraska – lovely piked jaeger, great arm flare, a short hs in there – whips out her DLO, chest forward with a hop.

Boren – VT – 1.5 – large bound frward again, doesn’t quite have that landing yet –

Harrold hits bars,lunge back on double front. Some late verticals particularly on her hop grip change before the dismount.

Epperson – UB – Nebraska – nice toe point – 1/2 turn to jaeger, OK – small arch on a handstand – otherwise the vertical positions have been nice – holds the stick on DLO with a significant lean forward.

Edney – UB – LSU – hindorff, bent elbows on catch but OK, it makes her have to muscle the cast handstand a little – clean bail – DLO, small step. Solid.

Slocum trying too hard for stick on vault – comes in short with a lunge forward, should be a lower score.

Houchin pretty on bars, nice handstands and toe point – just too flat on that tkatchev – giant full to double tuck, stuck. Exceptionally clean.

Priessman – UB – LSU – tkatchev to Pak, solid – small arch on final cast hs – DLO, holds the stick. Solid.

McMurtry – VT – Florida – DTY with a small slide back. Very nice. Not one of her sticks, but not too much else that will be taken, so she can still get away with 9.950 I’d expect.

Priessman 9.975. How? With the handstand? Am I taking crazy pills?

Finnegan – UB – LSU – Ray, very nice – toe on to bail, clean – nice final hs – good stick on DLO. That was better than Priessman, so we’ll see what happens.

9.975 for Finnegan as well. The same judge gave 10 to both.

49.575 for LSU after those last two.

After 1: Florida 49.325, Nebraska 49.300

Florida will not be pleased with that vaulting except for McMurtry, who saved the rotation score. Foberg also had a solid one, but the rest of them really struggled on landings. That was not a postseason performance on vault. Nebraska fine on bars. Not enough sticks there, some handstands, but Houchin was quite nice.

It’s cute that the Florida commentator thinks Maggie Nichols might not be the best gymnast in NCAA.

Macko rocking out in the crowd.


Pretty strong 1.5 from Ruby Harrold this week, comes in short but with just a little shuffle back. Improvement. I mean, this stick-crown usage is preposterous, but a better one. 9.950 is also preposterous for that vault.

Williams struggles on her full landing on vault for Nebraska.

Boren – UB – Florida – tkatchev, hit – clear hip to bail, keeps legs together – DLO, does a good job to hold the stick despite releasing a little early.

Cannamela goes with the full this week on vault, Clean, a little slide back, chest up, solid.

Skaggs – UB – Florida – toe on to tkatchev, fingertips it but pretty into pak – 1/2 turn to step up to high – better final cast hs, struggled early on hs positions – DLO with hop back. That DLO has gotten much better.

Macadaeg vaulting a full for LSU, so doing some resting in the vault lineup today, clean in the air but comes in quite short with a hop forward.

Nebraska struggling to control these vault landings again today after looking SOOO good last weekend.

Hundley – UB – Florida – Toe Shap to Pak, good legs together, not the highest – Shap 1/2 – FTDT, small step back. Good.

Edwards on vault for LSU with a lunge forward on her 1.5. Solved the problem from last week but will get hit for lack of control.

Schweihofer – VT – Nebraska – stuck a pretty full. Very clean, nice one.

Gowey – UB – Florida – Ray, pretty – toe on to Pak, very smooth – good vertical on low – one shortish cast hs at the end – DLO, a little flat, couldn’t get it fully around with slide back –

Edney – VT – ooooh she wanted that one – triiiiied for the stick but didn’t quite have it and a lunge back to save the landing.

Crouse VT – Nebraska – sticks her 1.5! Very good. A little bit of knees, but nice and secure on that landing. 9.950.

Foberg – UB – Florida – nice form on her Pak as well – a little tight on cast – Shap to gienger, secure – FTDT, not the highest but holds the stick. She can get things done, even if she doesn’t have the height you should need, like on the gienger or the dismount. Very secure, so I anticipate something fairly ridic.

Houchin – VT – Nebraska – wanted that stick again this week but similar issue to Edney, short with a lunge back to save it. 9.900 is too high for that. Spillover Florida scoring. Note that Edney got 9.825 for a similar vault (just a little more knees but also better direction). Edney’s score more accurate.

McMurtry – UB – Florida – Big Ray, and pretty good elbows on catch this time – clean bail – short final cast handstand – those giants – FTDT and a kinda stick. 9.975. Oh. Mm. OK. Sure. Even less convinced on the stick on replay, so that’s REALLY not a 10.

“Nebraska will exercise and prepare for their floor routine.” Guys.

“I kinda wish that they just did it quicker.” -The guy, on the judges. PREACH. You’re forgiven.

After 2: LSU 99.000, NC State 98.125

After 2: Florida 98.900, Nebraska 98.600

It’s March, so every routine is perfect. Didn’t you get the memo?


Hundley – BB – Florida – long pause early – aerial to sissone, solid – loso series, also secure, small lean, but covered because sturdy-German Hundley – switch side – 1.5, stuck. 9.900. That kind of day, you guys. Just wait.

Kirby a little bouncy on her rudi to start floor – hop forward on double tuck – front full, solid. A little more uncomfortable on first couple landings.

Did the guy at Florida just give the US Men a gold medal in Rio?

Skaggs – BB – Florida – wolf double, a little ragged but secure – switch to split, beautiful positions and toes, just a dream – solid enough loso series, and lean but covered – side aerial to full with hop back

Ruby Harrold also pretty bouncy on her floor landings, a short switch 1/2 in there as well – arches around final pass with a hop. A few backups in the lineup today and unfortunately I don’t think Harrold is getting herself into the final six with that one.

NC State has a couple large breaks in the third beam routine, already with a fall in the second spot.

Boren – BB – Florida – gainer kickover front, very secure – bhs loso, not as extended as you want to see but solid – cat leap to gainer loso – gainer full.

Cannamela was going well on floor until the final pass, short on a double tuck with a pretty large lunge forward

Hassel for Nebraska – saves her middle pass on floor – has to arch around that layout like crazy and her foot slips but keeps standing – falls on final pass – rudi to back tuck attempt, nothing on back tuck, to her hands and knees

Gowey – BB – Florida – switch to split, pretty – bhs loso loso, very secure, nice extended legs – aerial with a check, breaks connection into sissone – gainer full, stuck.

Edwards a little bouncy on her first and third passes for LSU on floor, double tuck middle pass was quite good

Orel – FX – Nebraska – large bounce back out of double pike – double tuck – struggles on leaps – 1/5 to 1/2 to stag, pretty piked on the 1/2.

NC State is counting a fall on beam now –

Desiderio a little short on the DLO this time with a step forward – a couple landing issues, much like the others – nothing major but not solid in any of the passes.

Baumann – BB – Florida – onodi, pretty – bhs loso, smooth and comfortable – switch to split jump, very nice toe point and 180s – aerial – 1.5, kind of sticks, tries to sell with a college salute.

Edney – FX – LSU – double arabian, over rotates it and hand down, very surprising error there and kind of representative of what we’ve seen during this rotation, LSU not looking super comfortable with their landings on this floor. Not as familiar with them.

McMurtry – BB – Florida – kickover front – bhs loso, secure, similar to Boren in that not the most extended – swithc to shush to hip circle – full turn, a little hesitation – 2/1, near stick. Fine. Will probably get a 10 or something. But it was a fine one.

9.975. Nothing matters. Don’t worry.

Secure full-in from Schweihofer on floor to start – some raggediness in the legs but secure.

Florida with a good beam. I mean, not 49.575 good, but good.

After 3: Florida 148.475, Nebraska 147.775

After 3: LSU 148.150, NC State 146.650

Other meets update – we’re still on intros at the Alabama v. Auburn meet, and softball is running 85 hours long (pull it together) in advance of Oklahoma’s meet.


Macadaeg – BB – LSU – full turn, smooth – switch to switch 1/2, small lean in a choreography hop back, excellent in form obviously – aerial – bhs loso, excellent – gainer full and two steps back. Girl, what was that landing?

Itcush – NC State – FX – double pike with small slide – struggles to get her position on the switch, others are solid  – 1.5 to layout, nice straight position – double tuck, OK.

Hambrick – BB – LSU – side aerial, nice – switch to straddle 1/4 – bhs loso, good height – 2/1, step back. Good one.

Obsessed with this save from going OOB on floor from NC State. Basically was just like, “MY ROUTINE IS THE HOKEY POKEY NOW.”

Hundley – FX – Florida – double tuck, low but secure – better landing positions on those leaps – double pike, staggered landing but controlled – better than the double tuck – 1.5 to layout, some knees, some arch in lay.

Edney – BB – LSU – aerial to split jump, fine, some feet – bhs loso, check – switch to straddle 1/4, both short of 180 – full turn – kicover front, very good, chest up – 1.5, stuck. Finished well.

Skaggs – FX – Florida – 1.5 through to double tuck, very short with a lunge forward – 1.5 to layout is better – double pike, chest well forward

Katie Becker for Auburn just vaulted a full to her knees to start. Yikes.

Guerra – UB – Alabama – hits jaeger – bail – DLO with a hop

Childers – UB – Alabama – Toe on to toe shap to bail, small leg break in bail – 1/2 turn to double back dismount, legs with a bounce forward

Krippner – VT – Auburn – just a touch short on her full with a hop. OK.

Nebraska counting a fall on beam now. It was going well until then. This will be a missed RQS opportunity, presenting some danger in ranking.

McMurtry – FX – Florida – 3/1 with a bounce back – front lay to front full, very pretty, good height – split leap full, a little short of 180 – double tuck, quite good. Solid on the second two passes. 9.925. Because you had to average reality (9.850) with SENIOR NIGHT ALEX MCMURTRY (10.000), so that’s how they arrived at 9.925.

49.525 for Okl;ahoma on vault in first rotation.

Graber – UB – Alabama – full turn to gienger, nice legs – small leg break in bail – FTDT, stuck. Nice set.

Finnegan – BB – LSU – wolf turn single – nice – bhs loso, very confident – switch to switch 1/2 – side somi, larrrrgge wobble with arm wave – side aerial to full. Still got 9.900.

Slocum – FX – Florida – good DLO – a little bouncy on leaps – front full to front pike, with a lunge-dance – rudi

Pretty bars from Winston, stuck DLO. 9.925.

Houchin – BB – Nebraska – nice extension on loso series – aerial, smooth – switch to split a little tentative on those skills – cat leap to side aerial – 2/1 with step back. Nice one.

39.825 for McMurtry.

Boren – FX – DLO, controlled – 1.5 to layout, clean, good straight position – good amplitude on leaps – double tuck with a slide back, but overall a solid one.

Denver had to count a 9.7 on beam but got through it.

FINAL: LSU 197.575, NC State 196.100

Williams – BB – Nebraska – check on loso series –

Webb – UB – OU – pak, lovely – toe shap 1/2, good legs together a little tight on one cast hs, good stuck double front

Baumann – FX – somehow holds the landing on that DLO even though she came in quite short – didn’t have to lunge but will still get deducted for it – 1.5 to front full, lunges out a bit – switch half to straddle jump, quite nice extension – double pike with a bounce back. Not her best, probably won’t get Florida to 198, but good.

Dowell – UB – OU – Ray, hit – bail – some of these vertical positions are too tight, but good DLO, smallest slide

Wilson – VT – ASU – same pike in the full, step.

Opening fall on vault for Alabama

Lehrmann – UB – OU – beautiful jaeger – perfect bail – FTDT, small lean adjustment. Usual good.

Florida 197.925, Nebraska 196.700

Wellick – BB – side somi, solid – fall on bhs loso.

Nichols – UB – OU – Church, awesome – pak, to toe on to toe Shap 1/2 – very strong – it’s just that final cast they need to work through – great DLO. Excellent routine.

Karr – FX – Denver – finishes rudi, a little legs but secure –

Guerra – VT – Alabama – 1/2 on tuck 1/2 – lunge back, some chest, acceptable member of the lineup though.

Carter for Arkansas falls on her opening series. Arkansas imploding on beam here in the second rotation.

Winston – VT – Alabama – full – nearly sticks, smallest step forward – great height and lovely body position, not the most distance

Day – Auburn – UB – toe on to toe 1/2 to jaeger to overshoot, lovely leg extension in jaeger – some hs tightness – stikcs double arabian with some cowboy. Good one.

Addison – FX – Denver – DLO, bounce back and seemed to go OOB on the second step but the flag didn’t go up – double pike, shortish with a lunge forward

Graber – VT – Alabama, just held onto her 1.5 but with a large lunge forward, nearly slide her knee along the ground on that lunge –

Guerrero – VT – Alabama – 1.5 with a bound forward this time – and the usual knees –

Milliet – UB – Auburn – toe on to Ray, gorgeous – high Pak, legs togehter – works through the 1/2 turn on low with a pause but small and kept toes pointed throughout – sticks double tuck. Phew. One of her good ones.

Oklahoma at 99.150 after two events. You know, just that.

After 2: Oklahoma 99.150, Denver 98.150, ASU 97.975, Arkansas 97.625

Denver getting through the first two events, which has been enough so far. Arkansas started well but had a 2.5-fall disaster on beam for a 48.450, so this won’t be a helpful score.

After 2: Alabama 98.725, Auburn 98.300

Alabama got through that vault with a 49.275 somehow. Unclear.


Riddle – BB – Auburn – bhs loso, secure, some form – full turn – switch to straddle 1/2, hit – cat leap to side aerial to tuck full, stuck. One of her better beams this year.

Catour – BB – OU – bhs loso, check with a bend to the side – cat leap to switch side, a little tight – cat leap to aerial, smooth – gainer tuck full, stagger, stuck – not her strongest

Some deep landings in first two vaults for Denver –

Guerra FX – Alabama – finishes double pike, comfortable

Callis finishes with stuck DLO on bars with a lean. Pretty bail.

Cerio – BB – Auburn – switch side, OK – bhs loso, solid – switch 1/2 with some feet – front full, holds the stick

K Szafranski came in really close on her tkatchev for ASU but worked through it – sticks double tuck

Armbrecht with a bounce back pretty far on opening pass on floor –

Nice open from Addison on her full from Denver, sticks it and opens in the air, just comes in squatty.

Lehrmann – BB – OU – full turn, slightest hesitation – aerial with a check – solid leaps – good loso series – switch to swingdown – gainer full step back.

Ashley Szafranski just did one of her best bars routines until the lunge back on DLO. Some legs breaks but the toe point in quite nice.

Karr – VT – Denver – one of her good ones – sticks the 1.5, just knees

Graber – FX – Alabama – front lay to front full was crazy-pants, kept it to her feet but low and legs all over the place.

Schou – VT – Denver – full, hop back, some legs and knees

Brown – BB – OU – slither, love it – aerial with a check – bhs loso, solid – beat jump to straddle 3/4 – full turn – sissone to gainer full. Still a little tentative. Like what we’re seeing from Kocian coming into the lineup midseason

CLB sticks FTDT.

Shaffer – FX – Arkansas – double pike, too open with a lunge back – double tuck, quite good, chest up – 1.5 to layout, fine.

Klopfer struggling on a couple landings on floor as well.

Milliet – BB – Auburn – fab front tuck mount – full turn with an arm wave cover – bhs loso, holds it – split to sheep, actually nice sheep – cat leap to gainer full, fake stick. but still a good one.

Webb – BB – OU – full turn – bhs loso series, wayyyyy off line and falls. You could see that from the bhs.

Winston – FX – Alabama – DLO, welllll short and nearly to her knees – I don’t actually think she fell on that somehow, but that’s a miracle – still a major error – front lay front full is good, as are the leaps obviously – double tuck.

Krippner – BB – Auburn – cat leap to aerial to beat jump, very comfortable – switch to split jump – bhs to loso, mostly solid, covers with a step back – 1.5 with small slide

Nichols – BB – OU – aerial, good, some knee – bhs loso, solid – switch to split, excellent – 1.5 dismount was perfect, chest way up and stuck, not a finessed landing at all.

9.975 for Nichols. It was better than last week’s 10, but I would have been 9.950 with it.

Dowell in exhibition on beam again. Aerial to bhs, strong – switch to switch dance element combo, almost there – full turn with a wobble – Kochetkova, hit – sticks front full. GET IN THE LINEUP NEXT YEAR SLASH TOMORROW.

After 3: Oklahoma 148.600, Denver 147.125, Arizona State 146.875, Arkansas 146.675

I feel like Oklahoma might win you guys.

After 3: Alabama 148.000, Auburn 147.600

Auburn would need Alabama to fall on beam, but this one is still relatively live.


Childers – BB – Alabama – split jump with feet – loso series, small check, some knees, but hit – 1.5 turn, possibly intentional, probably not – sheep jump – kickover front to scale with a lean/swim to hold it – side aerial, TOTALLY misses her foot and dismounts to her face. She’s fine, but it is a fall.

Smith – FX – Auburn – double pike, secure – switch side to popa, a little indistinct – 1.5 to layout, arches the layout around – double tuck, landed way short and hands down. Back to back falls to start this rotation –

Showers – FX – OU – double pike, nice chest up – front 1/2 to back tuck? Not her intended second pass – switch to Ferrari – whip 1/2 to front full.

Armbrecht – BB – Alabama – aerial to beat jump, solid – bhs loso, holds it, some knees, just a little uncertain – split to beat to sheep with a wobble – 2/1 with hop back.

Wellick – VT – Arkansas – a little short on full this time with a hop forward

Udowitch just almost tripped trying to salute on her beam dismount

Chesnok – UB – Denver – short first hs but very good giant full finishing position into tkatchev – legs together on bail – strong final vertical position – FTDT with slide back, not a ton of amplitude on dismount.

Speed – VT- Arkansas – beautiful full, small hop back.

Judges taking forever on Showers’ score because they’ve never had to actually calculate a score before.

Dowell – FX – double front with hop forward this time – 1.5 to front lay, lovely extended position –

Ernst – BB – Alabama – full turn – bhs loso with step back to keep it on the beam – switch to sheep, solid – aerial to split jump, connected with arm wave – 2/1, stuck

Brown – UB – Denver – Shap to Pak, nice and high, small legs breaks – Toe Shap 1/2 is quite good – one short cast hs – flings DLO a little, can’t hold the stick.

The thing that will really hurt Arkansas in the postseason is having to use both Carter and Garner (Y layout) on vault.

karr – UB – Denver – giant full to gienger to overshoot, great legs together throughout – just some muscling up of handstands – DLO, near-stick

Graber – BB – Alabama – bhs to lay-pike, secure – switch to straddle 3/4 with a lean, a little tight – kickover front to scale, quite nice – 2/1 with a step forward.

Webb – FX – OU – 1.5 to front full, fine, maybe too much on the step out – split leap full to split jump 1/1 – rudi, strong.

Szafranski one of her good beams.

Callis very nice on her three series to loso –

Winston – BB – Alabama – split jump to straddle 1/2, great – aerial with a leg-up wobble – hits series, just a couple corrections, small – double tuck with hop back –

Jackson – FX – OU – double pike, opens up out of it with a bounce back – finishes whip 1/2 to front full, fantastic final pass. 9.950 is some senior nighting.

Nichols – FX – OU – piked full in, step back, kept that front foot down – front full to front loso, solid switch ring to split leap full, fab – double pike, a little short with a step forward

Guerrero hits beam with a couple deductions, so Alabama will not have to count a fall on beam.

Milliet – FX – Auburn – front lay to rudi – double pike, chest forward – back 1.5 to layout.

“It’s not OK to be a 9.7 floor routine.” – Kelly Garrison bringing the realness. I love this transition she has made this season into a legitimately honest commentator. It’s been fascinating to watch. If you haven’t watched her this season, she’s like a different person.

FINAL: Oklahoma 198.100, Denver 196.525, Arkansas 195.725, Arizona State 195.700

So Denver won the race for second and the race for a usable road score. Oklahoma good enough. I love that the range is basically like 198.1=fine, 198.3=good, and that’s all. We still haven’t seen Oklahoma look really amazing yet this season, TBH.

We’ve still got a couple more 7:00PT meets to start, but only the Washington one appears to have a stream. Sac State can’t manage.

It’s a 196.900 for Auburn, which they will definitely take.

UNC had a disaster on bars AGAIN. It’s a real problem now. Arizona is on track to get the 196 it needs to keep moving out of the danger area.

Alabama’s final was 197.300, another useful road score. Although watching that meet without scores, I would not have thought it would be a 197.

57 thoughts on “Friday Live Blog – March 9, 2018”

    1. Huntsville after 1st rotation:
      Alabama (bars) 49.450
      Auburn (vault) 48.950

      Per the Bama Twitter account.

      1. Kiana Winston with a season-best 9.85 on vault
        Lexi Graber goes 9.825 on the vault

      2. On the floor exercise, for #Alabama –
        Ari Guerra 9.875
        Abby Armbrecht 9.900
        Lexi Graber 9.775
        Alonza Klopfer 9.800
        Kiana Winston
        Nickie Guerrero

        Auburn Beam scores:
        Total: 49.300

      3. 9.925 for Nikki in the anchor spot for Bama on floor.

        After 3:
        Bama 148.000 (49.275 floor)
        Burn 147.600

      4. #Alabama closes the meet on the balance beam –
        Wynter Childers
        Abby Armbrecht 9.825
        Peyton Ernst 9.825
        Lexi Graber 9.900 (Career high per Bama Tweeter)
        Kiana Winston 9.900
        Nickie Guerrero 9.875
        FINAL: 197.325

        Auburn Floor:
        FINAL: 196.900

  1. Why are we experiencing 2007 production quality at Florida tonight?

  2. I like the dynamics of Hundley’s vault over most of the other fulls in that lineup for Florida

  3. “If you’re gonna have a shaky beam routine it’s gonna be on beam.”

    And I’m not even gonna try to transcribe wtf the guy just said to intro floor. WHERE.IS.KATHY.

  4. Is this guy on crack (Nebraska/Fl meet). He said Nebraska as emerged as “far & away” the best team in the Big 10 this season. Ummm….

  5. “Sarah Edwards isn’t typically in the floor lineup” other than almost every meet this year…?

  6. Does Alex McMurtry really have near perfect routines every time? I feel like I never see a score below 9.95 for her.

    1. The answer is NO they are not perfect but with her the judges are on auto pilot! Total crack. her scores would be high anyway because she is an outstanding gymnast but they need to be realistic in the scoring.

      1. The thing with her (and Maggie) is that she doesn’t really have built in deductions so when she is perfect she actually deserves a 10. But then when she has little errors it seems unfair to give her the same score as other girls are getting with those same errors AND the built ins. So the judges just give them the 9.95 anyway lol

      2. Actually McMurtry has plenty of built-in deductions on BB. Her flexibility is really lacking on her switch split and her bhs has soft knees. In addition her rhythm is slow and her knee height lacking on her hitch kick to kickover front.

  7. Not sure who for but Jenny submitted an inquiry on one of those beam scores.

  8. Spencer, Houcun scored a 9.85, so not as egregious as 9.9. In the meantime, softball is oreempting the OK meet and I’m slightly murderous. Softball in March—get out of the way,please!

  9. the announcer on Flo has no idea what he is doing–knows almost nothing

  10. According to the NCSU commentator, Amanda Borden owns Texas Dreams, and Maggie Nichols was an Olympian…

    Incidentally, the wolf howls that begin each NCSU fx is the exact same sound that Great Wolf Lodge uses before the big bucket goes over in their water park…

  11. I am sorry, but there are TOO many qualified gymnasts in these areas that could easily be commentators to have the same goofs on there week in and out. The NC State guy was stuck on the damn stick crown the whole time and had no idea what he was talking about. I am grateful to have these meets televised, now lets get anyone who knows what they are talking about…please

  12. Omg NCState commentator just said “a lot of these gymnasts were once Olympic viable” viable??? Interesting word choice

  13. Someone needs to explain the word “exhibitionist” to the male Florida commentator.

    1. 😂😂😂 every time he’s said it, I want to throw something at my tv

    2. Wait, was he calling the people doing exhibition routines exhibitionists? I wasn’t able to watch that meet, so I didn’t see the coverage.

  14. The Flo commentator is killing me with his pronounciation of the girls’ last names.

  15. Meetscoresonline seems to be a misnomer. They don’t seem to actually provide any scores at all.

  16. No complaints about LSU’s score this week? Is Florida’s 197.9 true? OU’s minor adjustments not getting docked? Quiet this week.

    1. I only watched Florida. The scores were high, but only a couple crazy crack scores because the girls had obvious bounces and non-stuck landings. Makes it hard to give a “OMG you stuck the landing and I forgot the whole rest of the routine” crack score.

  17. *Auburn warming up vault, doing some timers*
    Flo guy: Uh…yurchenko double…uh…oh, this is still the warm up.

      1. no, Alex Marks went on vault and scored a 9.875, it’s just not showing up on the stats page for some reason…

    1. If you’re looking at the online scores, I think they’ve misidentified one of Oklahoma’s vaulters. There are two separate scores listed for Maddie Karr from Denver. I’m thinking one of those scores actually belongs to an Oklahoma gymnast.

    2. If you clicked under the ‘vault’ label after the first rotation it had Maggie Nichols twice, once for a 9.875 and once for a 9.90, oh and one of them listed her at OU and the other one at ASU. 🙂

  18. Guys, on the oklahoma stat page a couple of minutes ago it had Natalie Brown as a 9.850, and now it’s been changed to a 9.775, but on the OU twitter page when she went they said she got a 9.825. What is going on?

  19. I like this Washington announcer. “I think the score should have been higher but judges tend to judge you by what leotard you are wearing.”

  20. Alex Marks’ vault score is “officially” gone? It’s not in Oklahoma’s team score on the roadtonationals website. Therefore their team total is lower than what showed last night.

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