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Saturday, March 10 Scores Stream
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It’s a small day but concentrated, beginning with our top-10 Utah/Michigan dual.

I’m gravely concerned that lacrosse exists.

Also that it’s running long into this meet. OH JUST FLING IT YOU STUPID JERK.


TIME OUTS?! FIGURE IT OUT YOURSELF. Isn’t that why your parents paid for you to go to Rockefeller R. Carnegie Preparatory Academy for Business Bros?


Oh cool. You can watch the meet on FSGO. SEE YOU NEVER LACROSSE.

Lewis sticks DLO on bars in Utah’s first set. 9.875.

Polina – VT – good control on landing, one pace back, some pike throughout. 9.800.

Lauren Wong – UB – in for Utah. Interesting. Didn’t think we’d see her until next year, but DEPTH TIME. giant full, quite late to tkatchev – almost there on cast handstands – solid bail position – needs a little more work on cast verticals – almost holds the stick on her FTDT. Probably won’t make it into the six this year but will be an option next season, I’d imagine. Still gets 9.825.

Brown – VT – bounce back on full – knee bend – pretty big pike at the end, shouldn’t score as high as Polina because of less control on landing.

MMG – UB – that first cast – good deltchev, high with some feet – solid bail – stalder to double tuck, small lean to hold the stick.

Townsend – VT – good one, small hop forward, nice direction, some knees

Reinstadtler – UB – 1/2 turn a little late to jaeger, hit – they’ve worked on their bail verticals – short on final cast hs – FTDT with hop to the side.

Zaziski – VT – full – not her best – hop back and a little more pike than usual, typically she can really open up a little bit more on it

Lee – UB – 1/2 turn to piked jaeger to overshoot – clean – 1/2 turn to front giant 1/2 to double tuck, slide back. Solid. Some handstands it seemed from this angle, also perhaps amplitude on the double tuck.

McLean – VT – just the full but a strong full – good dynamics and form, open, small slide back.

Skinner – UB – shap to bail, held, solid – some legs, some loose back in those casts – toe on to FTDT, stuck. 9.900

After 1: Utah 49.325, Michigan 49.100

Michigan behind as expected but will mostly take that vault. They got their 9.800s, would have liked more from Townsend and Zaziski, but Townsend’s vault was pretty solid. Utah a little too 9.8y on bars but fine, nothing major, got Wong in as a useful backup option. Some tight cast handstands, some hops.

Reinstadtler – VT – pretty big bounce back on her full this time – good shape –

Townsend – UB – toe Shap to bail, solid vertical, just a shortish final hs – giant full pretty close to vertical to double tuck, nice chest up.

Lee – VT – better control on her full – hop back but not as large as Reinstadtler’s. 9.750. Would have been 9.850 at home.

Funk – UB – giant full to super high but sligthly crazy tkatchev as usual – overshoot, if it was supposed to be to handstand then it was extremely short – DLO, stuck.

First couple Utah vault scores are not consistent with Michigan’s scores. Very tight, very strict.

Lewis – VT – Also slides back on her full, they’re not getting the landings today, but good dynamics from her as well.

Farley – UB – 1/2 turn to piked jaeger – clean – nearly there on bail but good toe point – borderline final cast – 1/2 turn to double front with lunge forward.

Tessen – VT – 1.5, comes in locked a little with a couple paces back – stood it up but will get hit for coming in short and multiple steps on landing. Could have been dangerous with that locked-leg landing, but she’s fine.

Polina – UB – toe shap to pak, quite nice, and this angle is form forgiving – hesitation on a giant full with a leg break, she worked through it but should be a significant deduction – holds stick on double tuck with chest down.

MMG – VT – strong 1.5, small hop forward and then some knees to take.

Zaziski – UB – nice tkatchev, good distance away from the bar – clean on the bail, nice vertical – DLO, stick. Very strong routine. Should be a big score.

Skinner – VT – DTY – not her strongest either – a bit of a larger lunge back and a little off line, but some of that was the camera angle – replay looks on line, but the lunge back and then another step, so one of her less controlled landings.

Brown – UB – Ray, good – pretty Pak form – nice 1/2 turn on low – DLO with a swim to hold the stick. Strong final two routines there.

Skinner still got 9.925 for her worst vault landing of the season. I think they were trying to make up for the low scores for the first couple Yfulls to try to even things out. Because she had at least .150 on landing deductions alone there.

After 2: Michigan 49.500, Utah 49.425

Michigan takes the lead after a pretty couple bars routines at the end of the lineup, the cleanest bars routines we saw today from either team, which brought up the score. Michigan will be very happy having the lead after the first two because they will like their chances on beam. Scores for the first Yfulls were quite tight for Utah, but seemed accurate on the 1.5s, and then high for Skinner’s, so maybe it evened out? They will not be happy with the landings there, regardless of the score-scape because there were no sticks, which is not what this lineup is looking for in March.

Announcers, to Megan: “Great start so far!”
Megan: [pursed lips about the vault landings]


Funk – BB – bhs loso, very aggressive, secure – switch side 1/4 with a check, good extension – popa, very nice as well, side aerial to full with hop back. Strong opener, a couple issues in checks and hops, but little built-in to take for her.

Lewis – FX – double pike, a little chest forward this time which is uncharacteristic but still held the landing – front lay to front full, doing well to hold these landings when being slightly off – switch side to split jump 1/1 – double tuck, slide back

Zaziski – BB – cat leap to switch side, crooked but secure – bhs loso, smallest lean correction – switch to straddle 1/4, solid – full turn, good – kickover front, held – gainer full, keeps her stick with a little lean

Lee – FX – 2.5, nearly controlled the step out, a little adjustment – switch to switch ring 1/2, quite good – 2/1 to loso, nice – front lay to front full, a little short/flat but worked it out. 9.800.

Brown – BB – cat leap to aerial, smooth – bhs loso, small check – switch to split, lovely extension, small lean – side somi, huge break with a leg-up – 2/1, holds stick. Won’t want to use this score because of the side somi

Reinstadtler – FX – double tuck, very good, chest up, toes pointed – switch ring to split leap 1/1, extended well, a little hoppy landing it – 1.5 to layout to dance out but still pretty well controlled – double pike, a small bounce. Good.

Polina – BB – mounnnnnnnttttt – full turn – bhs loso with a check to break connection into the split jump – still goes for split jump with a bigger check to the side – aerial, better – beat jump to sheep, quite good – side aerial to full, came in pretty short and tried to sell that stick. She comes up to Bev, and says, “Sorry.” Bev’s face said “Sorry don’t feed the bulldogs.”

Soloski – FX – DLO, chest forward but held with good control – short 180s on her split attempt – 2/1, hit, not sure about its existence because you get no bonus for it, but hit – aerial – 1.5 to layout, some arch in that last layout, kept her step forward in bounds

Farley – BB – switch to split, short back legs – bhs loso loso, very secure, some knees – 1.5 turn, love it – side aerial to split jump, efficient, doesn’t get a ton of height above the beam on these skills – stuck gainer full. Very secure set. Her strength. Alina wants to give it a 10. It’s a 9.900.

MMG – FX – piked full in, takes it too far this time so that her step back went OOB – switch ring to split leap 1/1 – 1,5 to layout to front tuck, pulled it out somehow, good correction, because she didn’t have much in that layout, had to lose her shape but did a tuck to get her connection – rudi to straddle, really strong final pass this time

Marinez – BB – aerial with leg-up wobble, Michigan not beaming the way they need to today – bhs loso to split jump, very precise – cat leap to side aerial, fine – beat jump to split jump 1/2, OK – 2/1, ragged form with hop back. OK, but not what Michigan wanted.

Skinner – FX – L hop 1/1, good – double double, nailed it – split leap 1.5, gets it around – 1.5 through to 2/1, secure, a little body shape potential deduction there – good on the front tuck this time – full-in, good landing – not a good day for Utah so far but one of Skinner’s best floors of the year. 9.950. One judge went 10. I think they got there in the end with 9.950.

After 3: Utah 147.675, Michigan 147.525

Utah still won’t be super pleased with that floor score—it was fine, but they had the MMG out of bounds and actually it was the combo passes that got most of them, which are supposed to be the simpler elements. Utah still takes the lead because Michigan was somewhat weak on beam, with too many major breaks, leg-up wobbles from three of them to take down some necessary scores.

Won’t be a super memorable day for Utah, will need a 49.400 on beam just to make this score count for RQS.


Stover – BB – aerial, check with a bend at the hips – will have to redo for connection, good the second time – full turn, small lean check as well – beat jump to split ring, strong – kickover front with step forward to cover a check – switch to straddle – a tentative one for Stover today – hop back gainer full.

Townsend – FX – front tuck through to double tuck, slide back, good position on her tuck elements – switch 1/1 to popa (good splits but very indistinct landing positions, it was like a switch 1 and 1/3 to straddle 2/3) double pike, good – whip to 2/1, stuck

MMG – BB – switch to split, loses her back leg form in the split – bhs bhs loso, very solid – aerial to beat jump – full turn – 2/1, legs but stuck.

Funk – FX – double pike, solid – switch side to popa (indistinct landing positions is a trend), good 180s – front full to layout, nice height on that combo pass layout, rare – double tuck, solid

Soloski – BB – in on beam this week, not Burch – aerial to bhs, solid, keeps it moving – cat leap to switch 1/2, a little short, not Finnegan level – full turn to switch to split, good – side aerial to full, small hop. That one is a yes from me. I’d put that in.

Marinez – FX – front lay to rudi, slide back, some legs – 2.5 with a little crossover adjustment – double pike, secure, loses her legs with a little straddle at the end, so she’ll get some form deductions definitely but mostly acceptable on her landing control

Lee – BB – full turn – bhs loso series, check with leg up – side aerial, arm wave to cover a check – switch to straddle 1/4 with a check, their stalwarts are just a little too tentative today – 2/1 with small slide.

Brown – FX – 2.5, kept that back foot down so pretty good control – double pike, secure, chest a little forward in a staggered landing – split leap 1/1 to split jump full – 1.5 to layout, arches around.

Reinstadtler – BB – aerial with a large break, bend at the hips, more struggles for Utah – bhs loso, solid, good extension, which sets her apart – side somi with a little lean check – switch to straddle 1/4, pretty – basically a balance check while walking, very nervous – stuck gainer full

Senior day tears and such. Because of feelings, I’m told.

Zaziski – FX – double tuck with a couple-step bounce back – switch leap 1/1 to straddle full, big amplitude on those leaps – front lay to front full, stuck – double tuck, keeps front foot down, a little low in landing. After the first pass, I was worried it would be a senior day Paige-ism on floor, but she did it. 9.900 is quite high for that first pass though.

Skinner – BB – bhs loso, secure, very bent legs in bhs – side aerial to sissone, right on – full turn – switch to straddle to back tuck, hit, very good, a little tight on straddle – double tuck, nearly stuck. Good one.

McLean – FX – double tuck, a little bounce back – split leap 1/1 to popa, good crisp finishing position on those leaps, and hits 180s – front lay to front full, good height – double pike, hit

No one has given the commentators the note that Michigan has already won.

FINAL: Michigan 196.950, Utah 196.800

Michigan will love the win, though this result won’t do much to RQS for either team. Michigan will scoot up .015 in RQS with this result, while Utah will drop this score, already with six scores in the 197s.

On to Boise State and Georgia!



Oakley – VT – pretty good full for her – a little pike – hop forward

Means – UB – uhhhh? What just happened? Falls immediately on tkatchev – resumes – bail – giant full to double tuck, stuck.

Vega – VT – also better control – hop mostly in place – some knees, a little off to the side, shouldn’t score as well as Oakley’s.

Collantes – UB – hits jaeger – short on bail handstand position – solid last cast – DLO with a lunge back

Arnold – VT – Remember when she got kicked off the team? – nearly sticks a full. Where has that been. Hop in place. Definite pike throughout, some knees, not much distance so won’t be a big score.

Muhlenhaupt – UB – 1/2 turn to jaeger, very high jaeger, nice with good toes – overshoot a little flat – giant full, late – to double tuck, very squatty in double tuck landing with a lunge back.

Dickson – VT – hop back on full, better shape than the others, opens out of it

Stockwell – UB – toe on to solid gienger – Pak, fine with a little leg break – FTDT, great in the air, small hop back. A little step up from the first three.

Johnson – VT – sticks a good full. Strong. Feet, some pike, but good dynamics and landing. 9.925. Oh, home. Oh, senior day.

McGregor – UB – toe on to Shap, small leg break but small, nice solid and precise bail, good vertical – one short cast hs – FTDT, stuck. Good routine.

Snead – VT – 1.5, hit this week, bounce forward, nice height

Remme – UB – 1/2 turn to piked jaeger, very clean, good dynamics – bail, hit – solid casts – DLO, nearly stuck, swims with a step back. Last couple barsers will have saved the score a little regardless.

After 1: Georgia 49.350, Boise State 49.125

I mean, the score is totally preposterous, but also Georgia’s best vault rotation of the season, featuring a complete lineup, so that’s a big step. Better control on those landings than we’ve seen so far this season, though you can make a good argument that every score was .05 too high.

49.125 is not a disaster of a rotation score for BSU, but it’s bars, and they typically need a better total than that from bars since it’s a strength. Nice sets from McGregor and Remme saved the score after those early 9.750s that had to count.

Remember that time when the live gymnastics stream in Rio used a background picture of Sarah Persinger and we were all like…wait, what?


Bruden – VT – sits her Y1/2. Two first-routine falls from BSU so far today. Came in well short, couldn’t save it.

Pedersen – UB – 1/2 turn to piked jager, high, some legs – same on the Pak, but solid so far – better cast hs – 1/2 turn to double front, big cowboy and a bound forward

Remme – VT – very clean full and basically holds the stick with a lean, late salute hop – nice distance – 9.800 is hilariously different from what Georgia would have received for that vault

Johnson – UB – gienger with the usual legs – leg break on bail, good vertical – short final hs – DLO with a pace forward

McGregor – VT – hop back on her 1.5 – some knees and a little off line, but a necessary 10.0 hit.

Vaculik – UB – giant full to Gienger, fab gienger as always – bail with a leg jolt – short final cast hs – FTDT with the legs, step forward

Bir – VT – handspring pike 1/2, a one-tenth lunge back this time, but good height – really open position in the air, just some knees at the end.

Snead – UB – clear hip to tkatchev, hit, pretty, a little flat – bail, quite clean – DLO, holds stick. Pretty set.

Stockwell – VT – solid 1.5, hop forward, some knees and feet, but a small hop

Oakley – UB – toe shap to pak, clean, love that pak, a little loose back in that half turn on low – FTDT with hop back

Means – VT – trieessss to hold the stick on her 1.5, doesn’t with a one-leg lift and a side-swim – good distance and height. 9.800. OK.

Dickson – UB – Huge Ray, quite strong – bail, borderline – short final cast hs – good toes and form – DLO, stuck.

After 2: Georgia 98.775, Boise State 98.225

Pretty good bars rotation from Georgia. Nice dismounts at the end with Dickson and Snead, the back half of that lineup is very nationally competitive. Schild not in the lineup today but doing exhibition. Was going nicely until teh DLO, short with big lunge forward. Perhaps that’s what’s keeping her out of the lineup, but they’ll still need her in the postseason since her scoring potential will be higher than the postseason-9.750s from Pedersen and Johnson.  They should consider Schild and Oakley over those first two because even if it’s riskier, they must take risks to make nationals this year. Georgia won’t be able to head into regionals with a “let’s just go clean and make nationals” attitude.

Boise State getting there with vault, has the difficulty, just needs the landings, scored with a different lens than Georgia’s vaults here.


Snead – BB – bhs loso bhs, very solid as it typically is – cat to that switch leap to back tuck, solid – front tuck, high and secure, good one going – 2/1 with a bounce back

McGregor – FX – double pike, good shape, small bounce back – 1.5 to layout – rudi, a little short with a hop.

Dickson – BB – aerial to split jump, crisp, nice – full turn, smooth – bhs loso with a check – switch to straddle 1/4, great extension – 1.5 dismount with a hop

Bir – FX – front full to layout to front tuck, good pop on that, just a bit of knees in the front full – switch side to popa, a little bouncy – double tuck, slide – rudi, another little slide. 9.850 seems high comparatively for that one, foreboding

Sanders – BB – bhs loso, some knees, small lean – cat leap to switch side, arm up to cover another check – front tuck, basically kind of connected to a beat jump, it’s better now that it’s not a standing skill – front full dismount with hop

Webb – FX – double pike, big bounce back, possible OOB – switch side to popa, pretty bouncy on landing and probably a deduction for not hitting the 180s – front lay to rudi with another bounce – double tuck, nice stick on the last one

If these BSU floor routines are 9.850s, we’re going to see 10s for Georgia.

Oakley – BB – wolf turn – aerial, small check – bhs loso, perfect, TOES magic – split jump to split ring jump, another small lean correction – gainer full, step back. 9.850. There were three distinct .05s in that, so they were ready to go 10.

Stockwell – FX – front 2/1 with a lunge forward – switch 1/2 to wolf belly flop (intentional) – lay 1/2 to front full – rudi, with a pretty big step back. They’re hitting all these routines, just not the landing control they want come regionals.

Babalis – BB – aerial to loso, secure – switch to split, holds well to avoid a check, hits 180 – full turn, flare out was a little uncertain – kickover front pike to wolf, one of her good ones – front full, nearly stuck

Remme – FX – front 2/1, nice twisting shape, not the highers, but better composed than that pass is typically – double pike, controlled, chest up – switch 1/2 to wolf full, good positions – whip 1/2 to front full, with a lunge out. That was the strongest of the rotation, so we’ll see where the score goes. 9.925.

Vega – BB – switch (ring attempt, not so ringy) – bhs loso, right on – full turn – cat leap to aerial with a check – switch to straddle 1/4 – side aerial to full with small hop

Collantes – FX – good control on full in “a big landing” keeps front foot down, just a touch forward – switch ring to switch 1/2, not bad – 1.5 to layout – hit.

After 3: Georgia 148.050, Boise State 147.625

That keeps BSU on track for a good 196.

Arnold in exhibition on beam now. I like this six for Georgia, with Arnold as the 7th because of the leaps, which are always going to keep the score down.

But, we are seeing Schild in exhibition on beam, the one who would have been seen as the rotation leader going into the season. Nice sheep jump, tentative on her series, we’ll see if they feel hit-comfortable enough to get her into the final lineup because her execution is there…except for the dismount. End of the year just coming up too quickly for her?

I hadn’t really realized how many routines Georgia is losing again after this season. But, of course, they’re getting a good class. And I’d assume a fifth year for Marino?


Collantes – BB – bhs loso series, secure, some knees – wolf hop to switch side, quite low of split on the switch side – cat leap to side aerial, small check, nice feet on the cat leap – 1.5, holds the stick

Arnold – FX – double pike, secure, a little crunched down as it usually is – double tuck, slide back, also pretty deep – has improved those leap positions, switch ring was nice – 1.5 to layout, a hit

McGregor – BB – front tuck sissone, solid – bhs back pike, check and a lean to the side – switch to switch 1/2, a little tentative in combination – great high 1.5, stuck. Really solid finish after a few checks.

Babalis – FX – whip to double tuck with a bounce back this time – 1/2 to front full, fine – split leap full to split jump full, great 180s, unclear landing positions – double pike, good control on that one

Bouza – BB – bhs loso, good toes on the bhs, very secure – switch with a check, split jump to straddle 1/4, another check but LOVELY execution of leaps – cat leap to aerial – gainer full, small hop. If they play their cards right, she’s going to be a 10.0 beamer in time.

Dickson – FX – double pike, high, slide back – 1.5 to layout, solid – switch side to popa – double tuck, better control on that one, nice after the slide on the first pass, I’m assuming a 9.9999999999 for this one.

Score conference about Bouza’s SV? 9.650 and 9.450 is the split. Had some checks and looks like a 9.9 SV to me, but still seems a little low for my taste.

Yeah, it was a 9.9 SV.

Means – BB – bhs loso, solid – switch to straddle 3/4, some back leggishness – full turn – kickover front with check – bhs gainer full, stuck with legs pretty far apart

Snead – FX – whip to double tuck, good control – wolf jump 1/1 to popa, solid – rudi to shushnova, quite clean – switch to cat leap – double pike with a step back and OOB. Judges like, “BUT HOW DO WE GIVE IT A 10 NOW?!?!?”

Remme – BB – bhs loso, secure, just a touch of feet – full turn – switch, small lean – switch 1/2, really nice extension, and a powerful leap – aerial, solid – 1.5, lean/bend to hold the stick. Best beam of the lineup but a real margin.

Vega – FX – double pike with slide back, kept in in bounds but will mean no one can get a 10 here, unless Pedersen, but you know what I mean – 1.5 to layout – switch ring and split, good position on her split leaps –  double tuck, good routine.

Esmerian – BB – love her mount – bhs bhs loso, good toe point throughout, and secure – full turn – wolf jump to split jump 3/4, not quite there – 1.5, a little short with step back.

Pedersen – FX – because she does floor now apparently – whip to double plie, solid, chest forward – switch 1/2 to popa, not bad on the popa 180, just a little under-rotated – front lay to front full. Perfectly fine routine. Some legs and body position deductions, but where have these routines been all your life, Georgia?

FINAL: Georgia 197.525, Boise State 196.625

Season high for Georgia, getting everyone in all the events. Definitely their most complete meet of the year. Though it’s actually a more important score for Boise State in RQS, despite the loss because BSU had more room to gain with those road scores.

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      1. from bbs: Funk – UB – giant full to super high but sligthly crazy tkatchev as usual – overshoot, if it was supposed to be to handstand then it was extremely short

      2. It always looks like it’s in between a handstand and not a handstand. I don’t think she’s trying for or needs the handstand though. Her routine starts from a 10 without it.

  1. Alright, “Reality Check Central,” you can rightfully complain about Utah getting underscored today 😉 I’m there with you.

      1. I knowwww, stupid judges ruining my attempts to be charitable to Utah fans online.

    1. Or…
      Welcome to the reality of the B1G scoring which is usually (there are occasions of insanity) very different from Pac 12 and SEC scoring.

      1. I think the complaint until Skinner’s vault was the scoring of Utah relative to Michigan, not the actual scores themselves.

  2. how did mckayla get a 9.95 from one judge on that vault? she had a hop and a step back.

    1. In most of these live meet threads, a poster named Reality Check Central complains about how Utah never gets crack scoring that the other teams get.

    2. I’m a Utah fan and I’ll complain about scoring 😉

      But seriously, I don’t have TV so I can only rely on what I read here and on Twitter

      1. Thank you! That’s why she sounds familiar. She is one of the best commentators!

  3. Thanks for live blogging… I’m sitting at the Riot waiting for the RSL game to start and I’m dyyyiiiing at not being able to watch. Liz (the Utah SID) tries to provide commentary but the details aren’t her strong point.

      1. Except that was one of her cleanest routines ever.

        As a Michigan fan, this is the tightest scoring we’ve had all season. I figured Utah-Mich would bring out the crackiest scoring we’ve had, but these judges are on lock down mode.

  4. This scoring at Michigan is crazy. A couple of bad overscores (Myk on vault, Lauren on bars), and a ton of underscores. Judges must be met at the airport with crack before they head over to judge the meet.

  5. All of you watching…would you keep Syd in over Alexia??? I love SS style, but Alexia has been so solid this year

    1. I would go with Alexia, because she’s shown that she’s solid, whereas Syd is more of a wildcard.

      (but I’m also a bit biased toward Alexia because my fantasy team needs her beam, so take my opinion as you will haha)

  6. 9.9 too high for Paige. Multiple steps on landings. Reinstadtler killed floor and got 9.85 going totally clean and Lewis was only 9.825. Emma not as good as Skinner. Again weird scores

  7. And then Paige goes 9.9 on floor with several steps back out of her double pike and Emma ties Myk on floor?? Piss poor judging.

    And judge 1 gave the low score on every Utah floor routine and the high score on every Michigan floor routine.

    You can’t tell me that isn’t some bullshit.

    1. Is this the first time you’ve ever watched a senior meet? This is not some new phenomenon to NCAA gymnastics that the home team gets some scoring benefits on floor. Chill.

    1. Even you can’t think the judging was real. You talk about Utah snarking but you live for it. Most of th comments today agree that it was weird on both sides. But your evident pleasure comes from Utah loosing without one complimentary comment about any Utah athlete. There were some really good routines on both teams

      1. Of course the judging was wacky. They are at 90% of meets in favor of the home team on the last rotation floor in dual meets. We’re going to see it happen at Georgia now. It happens in every conference. On top of it all, it was senior night. This is just what NCAA gymnastics is and of course Utah benefits from home scoring too.

  8. Alexia has an injury according to the Utes commentary. I love my Red Rocks but they have some work to do.

  9. Has anyone heard whether Marino will come back for a fifth year?

    I hope so — the current floor line up with Marino and Lukacs would be awesome.

  10. Not complaining about Utah’s performance which was very meh today. I’m complaining about the consistency of judging today which was all over the place. For both teams across 48 routines, the judging was inconsistent.

    1. Utah’s my least favorite team but I think that judging was inconsistent. And I’m starting to agree that Utah hasn’t gotten to enjoy as much of the truly nutty scoring that the rest of the top teams have had (with the exception of Skinner, who I believe is overscored nearly every routine every meet).

      1. ^^^ Agreed. The perception of Utah getting ridiculous scoring just doesn’t hold up to any kind of analysis. Examples from the 2018 season:

        27 total perfect 10s awarded (1 to Utah)
        11 total 198s awarded (a 9.9 average) (0 to Utah)
        72 total rotations of 49.5+ (a 9.9 average for 5 scores) (4 to Utah)

        Additionally, looking at the home/away scoring difference:

        Utah scores just 0.041 higher at home. Compared with:
        Georgia scores 1.127 higher at home
        Florida scores 1.1 higher at home
        Michigan scores 0.56 higher at home
        Oklahoma scores 0.497 higher at home

        Teams that I argue are actually overscored:

        8 total perfect 10s
        12 rotations of 49.5+

        3 scores of 198+
        13 rotations of 49.5+

        3 perfect 10s
        9 rotations of 49.5+
        Scores 1.1 higher at home than on the road

        Yes these teams are good, but they aren’t THAT good IMO. It’s frustrating to see piked double layouts, steps on dismounts, non-stuck vaults, and undeducted wobbles get big scores for these other teams.

  11. Scores for Boise a State were very high on floor. I feel like the judges are setting up to go into the crackosphere with UGA. I thought UGA’s beam scores were accurate, more or less.

  12. Just got back from Athens. From what I’ve seen and heard that was the best of the season for UGA. Scoring was interesting but there were some really great moments. I think this identical meet would go about a point lower in the post season though.

  13. Oh hey. Can you imagine how psychologically offputting it is to have inconsistent judging and then keep your head in the game? Vault for Utah started off underscored and then even though there was overscoring towards the end of the vault line up think about how judging could psychologically throw off the later athletes. Utah was not at their best that was a given. The judging was also not the best. Announcing was awesome.

    1. What a bitchy reply – just because you don’t like a team – and it sounds personal – the bulk of the comments are correct. Not Utah’s best but the judging was totally preferential to Michigan. Especially the floor rotation – that was total crock. I am new at this stuff but it seems that people hate Utah not for their gymnastics but for other reasons. As I have watched this season they seem quite understated and not as obnoxious as other highly ranked teams. The UCLA San Jose meet seemed like a reincarnation of the Dr. Seuss Book “the Sneeches” and San Jose was not considered good enough to play on the Beach with the Bruins. They were rude and loud during the routines – yes I know it was senior night – however that is not an excuse for their snotty behavior. They were screaming and cheering – loudly – during the other routines and came across very off putting and elitist. I have never seen that behavior from Utah – so please, some one explain the hatred and really crappy comments just because they are Utah. Even with the scoring debacle they seemed poised and polite. What’s your beef? Explain or you can “suck” on that.

      1. I’m not sure how UCLA was brought into this but the atmosphere in Pauley is always positive. There is loud cheering, particularly for senior night, and that’s a good thing. Having attended the meet you are referencing, San Jose also received giant cheers for an awesome stuck vault in the 6th position and a great floor routine. When their athlete fell, there was also a big cheer when she got back on the apparatus. The San Jose team joined the senior celebration after the meet and received a standing ovation. I’m not going to argue scoring with you, but you are WAY off on the atmosphere in a UCLA meet. Even Utah received a warm reception for an incredible performance in Pauley, and that’s their biggest rivalry.

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