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Worlds 2018 – Event Finals Day 1


Aren’t you proud of how I used a dude header image even though both men and women are competing today? Me too.

We have the first five of our finals today, beginning with man floor.

MAN FLOOR: Moldauer, Shirai, Dolgopyat, Onder, Mikulak, Kaya, Nagornyy, Yulo, Dalaloyan

WOMAN VAULT: Pyon, Black, Biles, Moreno, Yeo, Liu, Olsen, Chusovitina

MAN HORSE: Kurbanov, Tommasone, Belyavskiy, Xiao, Mikulak, Lee, Nagornyy, Whitlock

WOMAN BAR: Downie, Hurd, Luo, Seitz, Derwael, Adlerteg, Biles, Mustafina

MAN RING: Petrounias, Radivilov, Tovmasyan, Davtyan, Simonov, Nagornyy, Lodadio, Zanetti

Opening fluff about how Simone has never won bars gold. Like a loser.

Mistake on the NBC graphic, Morgan Hurd is not in the vault final you guys.

Men’s floor

Moldauer – FX – front 2.5, small hop – double arabian 1/2 out, stuck, awesome – front 2/1 to front 1/1, stuck – flares – 2.5 to 1/2, stuck again – 2/1, nailed – 3/1, stuck. Well, that was pretty much exactly as well as he can do. Stickity stickity stick.

14.566. He’ll just have to wait and hope the D boys don’t pass him.

Kenzo – FX – triple double, casuall hop back – front tuck full to front 3/1 – continuing to nailed it, small hops – quad, step back – 3.5 to full, lean to hold it – 3/1, small hop. Good one. Got his difficulty and only small hops.

14.866 for Kenzo into first. But not uncatchable by any means. The Russians can get that score if they go clean.

Dolgopyat – FX – double tuck 1.5, small hop forward, front 1/1 to front 2.5, hop – double double tuck, nice control – 2.5 to front 2/1, pretty close to around – a little short on side pass with a hop, little hops on a lot – 3/1, lunge back. No major issues, but not too many sticks, so we’ll see where the E goes.

14.566 for him, but behind Moldauer on E.

Onder – FX – front double pike 1/2 out, short with a lunge – front full to double front 1/2 out, awesome pass but short and another step forward to save it (Tim says he went OOb but did he?) – showing a little more control as we go but those short landings and the OOB will get him – finishes with full in, short, lunge forward. That will not be up will the other scores.


Mikulak – FX – good first pass 2.5 to double front, hop – sticks the front full out of his second pass – air flares – back 1.5 to front full layout, stuck – 2/1, stuck – 3/1, suppppper short with a bound forward, which will take away the score.


Kaya – FX – double front 1/2 out, short with a bound – double fornt pike, hop – front 2/1 to front full, small hop – russians – 2/1, stuck, lovely – 2.5 to 1/2, stuck – 3/1, little hop. Got better int he second 1/2, but too many early landing errors.


Nagornyy – FX – triple back, excellent, small hop – front 2/1 to double front, stuck – double double, stuck – 2.5 to front full to 1/2, small adjustment – full in side pass, a little short with a hop – 3/1, suppppper short as well, two large lunges forward.

Wow. 14.500. No medal. That was amazing until the dismount.

Yulo – FX – double front pike 1/2 out, slide back – potentially under-rotated on his second pass, landed in between the twists but more than 3/4 around I would say, with a step – 3.5 to half, great – front full to front 2/1, stuck, great – 3/1, stuck….until not, step. This was excellent, but that under-rotated pass will be interesting

14.600. Into second place. That will be a medal for him! They gave him the second pass. It was close.

Dalaloyan – FX – front full to front 2.5, solid – front layout to front double pike, stuck – doubel double, small hop – 2.5 to front 2/1 – back 1.5 to front 1.5 – winning hearts with his stag – 3/1, a little short, small hop forward. Nice.

14.900. Into first!

Oh Tim, stop trying to predict…

1. Dalaloyan – 14.900
2. Kenzo – 14.866
3. Yulo – 14.600
4. Moldauer – 14.566
5. Dolgopyat – 14.566
6. Nagornyy – 14.500
7. Mikulak – 14.233
8. Kaya – 14.100
9. Onder – 13.833

Honestly, the best routine of the day was “Nagornyy minus the dismount”

A medal for Yulo!

To women’s vault!

Simone’s not doing the Biles, which she wasn’t planning to do, even before the AA final situation.

Very interested to see Pyon and what she throws out there.

Pyon – VT 1 – Splatmanar – very short, I don’t think I’ve seen her hit this vault, but she does go for it. 13.066

Pyon – VT 2 – rudi – gets it around, pretty short this time, forward chest with step forward – we’ve seen her do this one better – “not so pretty in the air” – 14.166

13.616 average

Black – VT 1 – front handspring 1/1 – oh deeep landing this time, too short to pull out her stick with a hop back. 14.000

Black – VT 2 – Tsuk 1.5, pretty good, small hop forward, just a little bit of knees. 14.233

14.166 average

Extended Laurent cam

Biles – VT 1 – Cheng, a little short this time, a lunge forward, even has to pike it down a little bit, very uncharacteristic for her. Still a casual 15.266. That’s high for me. A little expectation scoring versus reality scoring.

Biles – VT 2 – Fab-manar – huge, medium step forward, that’s a Rio Amanar for her. 15.466

15.366 average. That will be gold.

Moreno – VT 1 – rudi – pretty nice, chest up better than Pyon – hop back and to the side – only pikes down toward the end – 14.600

Moreno – VT 2 – Tsuk 2/1 – also pretty good, off to the side and steps out of the area, will get some deduction for lack of distance as well, but should score well and be in 2nd. 14.416

14.508 average. Nice! That will take some quality to beat.

Yeo – VT 1 – rudi – pretty excellent, best rudi of the bunch so far – she did take a lunge to the side and out of the area though – great layout position. 14.533

“She’s got it in her genes, and I don’t mean blue jeans.” NO. TIM. NO.

Yeo – VT 2 – ooooh, comes in really short on her DTY with a large lunge forward. 13.933

14.233 average. I really thought she would medal here. Opening for Chuso now.

Liu – VT 1 – Tsuk 2/1 “and that was funky!” sure was – the landing was pretty well controlled, if a little awkward stagger, usual leg form and outside the area. Lots to take in body position E. 14.100.

Liu – VT 2 – goes for a rudi as well – kind of a big stumble back with multiple lunges back – quite a bit of legs again. 14.200

14.150. Into 4th.

Olsen – VT 1- raggedy ann Cheng but she did get it around – lower, major legs, a short landing with a hop forward. Impressed she got it around because she did not get much block. I said Simone didn’t get much block (for Simone standards), but Olsen got less. 14.600

Olsen – VT 2 – DTY, strong, good height and direction, small hop back, one of the better vaults of the day. 14.433

14.516 and into 2nd.

*whispers* I thought Moreno was better

So will it be Moreno or Chuso for the final medal?

Chuso – VT 1 – oooo, she went for the rudi but that was well short with a lunge forward. Pretty good layout position, usual feet. 14.400

Chuso – VT 2 – she’s now going to have to pull something out for her second vault – Tsuk 1.5 – a little short, not bad, but short with a lunge back.

Sadly, that should not get in for a medal.

And it doesn’t. 14.300 average and 4th place.

Medal for Moreno!

Biles – 15.366
Olsen – 14.516
Moreno – 14.508
Chuso – 14.300
Yeo – 14.233
Liu – 14.150
Black – 14.116
Pyon – 13.616

Medal ceremony for men’s floor and another gold medal for Valentina. I mean Artur.

We’re going to need to talk about the shoulder women presenting these medals

This medal stand is HUGE and makes them look like little bugs who have to run a marathon to get into position.

Simone has now passed Caslavska for 3rd place on the all-time world/Olympic medal list


Kurbanov – PH – cupping addiction – try to make me go to rehab I said cup cup cup – really nice line in a near-Berki kind of way – super one pommel work, and then falls just before dismount. 13.400

Tommasone – PH – scissor up to precise handstands – really nice russians behind the pommels, great speed – had some good flares going and then bangs his leg on the pommel and has to come off. It was going so well. Gets back up and then immediately comes off again. 11.500

Belyavsky – PH – really struggles on a scissor up to handstand, hand down onto the horse, keeps it going but major error – super difficulty – but not his cleanest work even after the mistake, gets really dumpy in his swing at the end and then doesn’t do his full dismount

They’re going to take 7800 years to figure out this score.

11.833 for Belyavskiy. Just a 4.8 D. They’re like, “You did nothing bye.”

Xiao – PH – great flare work in travel – super speed – no hesitations at all – he’s like, this spiky pommel horse boths me not

15.166. That’s gigantic.

Mikulak – PH – no trouble on scissors or the handstand that got to him in TF – building strong speed – good legs together throughout – big hit.

14.333. Into 2nd. He’ll have to hold on through Nagornyy and Lee, as we assume Whitlock will go ahead. 5.8 D for Mikulak. He got 6.0 in qualification.

Lee – PH – everyone’s favorite because he spreads his legs like a proper pommel boy – grat toe point maintained throughout – spectacular

14.966 for Lee! But he’s behind Xiao.

Nagornyy – PH – I was too busy scolding Tim for saying that Whitlock was battling cleanup, which does not mean going last, but Nagornyy has fallen – he also struggled to het his dismount pirouettes around.


Whitlock time.

Whitlock – PH – did have a leg break on one pommel here, but little else significant to take, other than the little hip piking he always has throughout – “Mac Whitlock” – getting better as he goes in his rhythm – super strong dismount – one of his good ones –


A tie!

It goes to Xiao on execution, a more sensible tiebreak, but also…Max.

“I would have given it to Sam.” We know Tim. “I mean Max.” Oh. But did you actually?

OK it’s bars time.

Nastia is doing a Laurent commercial.

Downie – UB – arch on first hand – stalder full to piked tkatchev, good – toe tkatchev 1/2 to yezhova, awesome – stalder shap to attempt at hindorff and completely loses her legs, couldn’t do the clear hip for the hindorff in time and hops off. Reumes with toe shap to gienger – FTDT, stuck.

I am ended.

The Becky Ellie cry hug.


Hurd – UB – inbar Shap to stalder full to tkatchev, nice – Ricna to Pak, lovely – good hs on 1/2 turn on low – stalder shoot – inbar 1/2 – inbar full to FTDT, oh it was so excellent until the dismount was short with a lunge. Before the dismount, it was the best bars routine she had done here


Luo – UB – toe shap to pak, fab – toe Shap 1/2, only a small leg break – nice verticals on E pirouettes to a super far piked jaeger – DLO, short with a hop forward – good vertical positions, some more leg breaks than usual, and didn’t stick like she did when she got a 14.4 int he AA.

But it’s a 14.500 this time to go ahead of Hurd.

Seitz – UB – toe Shap to Ricna, great – piked jaeger, excellent – piked stalder Shap to Pak, just a touch close but works out – Shap 1/2 – full to FTDT, hop to the side. Nice. A couple handstands.

14.600 for Seitz. They’re all building by a little bit.

Derwael – UB – Nabs, great – Derawl to Yezhova to stalder Shap to Bhardwaj – toe Shap 1/2, great – toe full to FTDT, stuck. Perfect. Your winner.


“Shot through a blender for a second”


Adlerteg – UB – piked hindorff to Pak, some legs – Shap to bhardwaj, hit, some feet – Shap to clear hip 1/1 to tkatchev, and can’t cast out of it, has to rest against the bar – DLO, stuck.


If you’re keeping track, Simone needs to score 14.600 to guarantee a medal here.

Biles – UB – Weiler 1/2 to Shap to tkatchev, good speed – toe full late to piked tkatchev to pak, solid – Shap 1/2, hit – some cast handstands – double double, small hop forward. Not her strongest (some handstands, a late piro, didn’t stick) but should get up there.

14.700. So it will be a bars medal for Simone.

Mustafina – UB – stalder full to Shap to Pak to toe Shap 1/2, grat – stalder 1/2 to piked jaeger, strong – toe full to FTDT, stuck. Perfection. She doesn’t have the D to medal right now, but it was excellent.

14.433. Second best E to Nina. Probably should have been the best E. Had a good argument for bronze there.

Derwael – 15.200
Biles – 14.700
Seitz – 14.600
Luo – 14.500
Mustafina – 14.433
Hurd – 14.433
Downie – 13.333
Adlerteg – 13.166

A medal for Seitz!

And now…the event everyone wants to end with…..rings?

Petrounias – SR – has a dead shoulder and is still doing this somehow – you know how you do a planche lower to maltese with a dead shoulder? this is pretty much identical to when he’s healthy – super holds – double double, stuck. OK FINAL OVER.


Radivilov – SR – crushes deer skull between his pecs for 0.2 CV – iron cross directly connected to being diagnosed with only-bicep-ism, where he’ll have to live the rest of his life as a bicep – falls into a swamp on a handstand and then lands short on dismount with major lunge forward. Too many errors.


Tovmasyan – SR – rises up to plance – down to transformation into steel girder – drinks pint of blood of newt – a pretty large arch on a handstand, DLO 1/1, hop forward


Davtyan – SR – immediate uprise to planche, and then continues rising into sky – chest hair sprouts its own chest hair on maltese to make sure the judges credit DV – DLO 1/1, stuck – very good.


Simonov – SR – creative use of neck beard – head pops off like grape between his shoulders while just hanging there (Shayla-ing?), huge deduction – accidentally drives a hole into the center of the earth in a The Core situation – DLO 1/1 with large lunge


Nagornyy – SR – opens with a difficult triple-vein, three extra veins appear in his forehead that he never had before, well-executed, clean, no ruptures – oooooo left tricep eats the ring whole in the middle of the routine because it was so hungry – doubel double dismount, stuck. Excellent.

14.733. In third on the tiebreak now with Zanetti still to go. I think he should have been ahead of Tovmasyan.

Lodadio – SR – smooth rise up to planche – great cross – makes diamond under armpit – left arm jumps off his body to get its own tattoo in the middle of the routine, but gallops back up before the end – double double with hop –

14.900. Huge. Medal.

Zanetti – SR – pops out of fabrege egg to mount the rings – unfair because he has to hold his arms naturally in a cross position because he can’t put them down – a shark comes out of his trapexius during maltese, SUPER difficult – eats a femur, washes it down with a jar of nails – DLO 1/1 dismount is gorgeous and stuck. Definite silver at least.


Petrounias – 15.366
Zanetti – 15.100
Lodadio – 14.900
Tovmasyan – 14.766
Nagornyy – 14.733
Davtyan – 14.733
Simonov – 14.266
Radivilov – 14.133

Day 1 medalists
MAN FLOOR: Dalaloyan, Shirai, Yulo
WOMAN VAULT: Biles, Olsen, Moreno
MAN HORSE: Xiao, Whitlock, Lee
WOMAN BAR: Derwael, Biles, Seitz
MAN RINGS: Petrounias, Zanetti, Lodadio

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