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Worlds 2018 – Event Finals Day 2


It’s the last day!

It would be wistful, if I weren’t so tired.

Today’s action starts with the leg-explosion that is the man vault.

MAN VAULT: Cunningham, Shek, Nagornyy, Ri, Davtyan, Souza, Shirai, Dalaloyan

WOMAN BEAM: Biles, Black, Zhang, Derwael, Padurariu, Eaker, Wevers, Liu

MAN BAR (PARALLEL TYPE): Mikulak, Lin, Calvo, Belyavskiy, Verniaiev, Zou, Dauser, Dalaloyan

WOMAN FLOOR: De Jesus Dos Santos, Saraiva, Moors, Murakami, Melnikova, Biles, Hurd, Akhaimova

MAN BAR (HIGH TYPE): Tang, Zonderland, Mikulak, Xiao, Srbic, Deng, Uchimura, Dalaloyan

Man vault

Cunningham – VT 1 – ro 1/2 on front 2/1 – very strong, medium hop forward – legs on the block, good direction. 14.533

Cunningham – VT 2 – TTY, gets it around, good direction, step back, solid form in the air. 14.800

14.666 average

Shek – VT 1 – Dragulescu successfully completed, goooood form in tuck shape, lands a little knee-explosiony but not too bad, hop to the side in popping out of the ball shape. 14.733

Shek – VT 2 – Kas 2/1 – not much control in the landing this time, large lunge back and then another medium step after that – good height and form, though. 14.000

14.366 average, takes him below Cunningham because of the landing of the second one

Nagornyy – VT 1 -Fab Dragulescu again, just a small hop back – super secure and powerful – 14.800

Nagornyy – VT 2 – Kas 2/1 – that was a bit of an ouchie landing as he didn’t complete the twist and was still twisting into the ground – step forward

14.650 average

Ri – VT 1 – gets around his piked Dragulescu – well “piked”, fully straddled, pretty much tucked – doesn’t die, so that’s good – large stagger to the side – fairly deep – 14.933

Ri – VT 2 – Tsuk full in – better because it’s supposed to be tucked, insane – step back – actually three steps back as he turns drunk on his landing

14.933 average

How did those two vaults get the same E score?

Davtyan – VT 1 – extremely deep landing on his Dragulescu, knees well down, landing in a ball shape, but pops back up with a hop forward – 14.433

Davtyan – VT 2 – Kas 2/1 attempt, massive lunge back and has to put his hand down as he spin backward into the next country. 8 million steps.

13.933 average

Souza – VT 1 – Kas 2/1, pretty strong in the air, comfortably around, a little bit of direction – larger lunge back and to the side

Souza – VT 2 – Dragulescu, nope. Comes in too short (not face-first, but kind of close) and lands it to his knees

Kenzo – VT 1 – TTY actually comes in a little short this time with a step forward – still super form, but chest very low and the little step. 14.750

Kenzo – VT 2 – Stuck a Kas 1.5, surprised himself a little with that stick, off to the side a little – not going for his big difficulty – great form

14.675 average, puts him just ahead of Cunningham by the smallest margin, who is just ahead of Nagornyy by the smallest margin

Some controversy that Kenzo did not get deducted for OOB even though he went out.

Dalaloyan – VT 1 – TTY, also comes in a little short but not as chest deep as Kenzo, larger hop forward and some more form, though. 14.866

Dalaloyan – VT 2 – double front pike, super open, large lunge forward. He’ll get a medal and knock Dom out.

14.883 average, actually got close to Ri.

Ri – 14.933
Dalaloyan – 14.883
Shirai – 14.675
Cunningham – 14.666
Nagornyy – 14.650
Shek – 14.366
Davtyan – 13.933
Souza – 14.833

Nobody died!


Simone introduced. Now the rest. The trio is like, “alright, enough of that racket let’s talk about Simone more.”

Biles – BB – wolf triple, super controlled all week – barani, large leg-up break but stays on this time – THAT DAMN BARANI – bhs loso loso, sublime – switch, wobble – switch 1/2, wobble – back pike, no CV there – front pike, another wobble – aerial to split – full-in, pretty large bounce back.

Not a great beam for Simone but will still be a nice score. But she won’t get near her intended difficulty and had wobbles on most acro elements

Just 13.600. There are several in this final who can beat that. Like most of them.

Black – BB – switch mount to switch, check – to switch 1/2 – double turn with a check – bhs layout, 2 feet, nice – side somi, arm wave to avoid a wobble – double pike, little hop

13.033. Just a 4.8 D score. I’m guessing she did not get a leap series with the check in the early series.

Zhang – BB – switch ring to korbut, lovely skills, a little low on connection – bhs bhs layout to 2 feet, falls but did it super acrobatically so that’s a win? – aerial to split to split ring jump, excellent – switch to sheep, falls again, that was a weird fall because it looked like she could save that one with a check – side jump, fine – 3/1, deep landing and a little short, has to hop,

Ellie Black inquiring her D score

Derwael – BB – loso mount, excellent – bhs loso, check – aerial, small adjustments – side somi, large leg-up wobble and another check as she rebalances – switch to split ring, no credit on split ring leap? – hit wolf triple – wolf double – gainer full dismount, hop forward

13.466, behind Simone. More wobbly than her qualification routine for 13.7

Padurariu – BB – back dive mount – wolf triple, no problem – switch ring, nice – side aerial loso loso with a lean correction, not too much – switch 1/2, a bit short – aerialt o split to bhs, great series – switch, pause – wolf to sissone – double pike, hop back

Nice hit!

14.100 and into 1st.

Eaker – BB – switch mount with a huge break and falls. Oh Kara. ARMINE’S DUNGEON FOR YOU – split ring leap – Y spin, rushing now – aerial to split ring jump, a check – side aerial loso loso, check – split leap to side somi – switch ring to bhs – switch 1/2 to korbut, gorgeous all – switch to switch side, good – 2.5, small hop, overtime

So, 12.833 for Eaker.

Medal for Padurariu.

Wevers – BB – bhs mount, good – double L with a huge leg-up break, saves it – side aerial to bhs and falls, never close to getting that on the beam. MY GOD – aerial to split, nice – Kochetkova, hit – L turn to full turn to double turn to split leap, gorgeous – gainer full, stuck. OH SANNE.


Liu TT – BB – back dive mount – fhs front tuck, check – switch to split ring leap, hit – switch ring to bhs – aerial to split ring to Korbut, awesome – split leap to side aerial to split – 2/1 dismount, hop back


14.533. Beam champion.

Liu 14.533
Padurariu – 14.100
Biles – 13.600
Derwael – 13.466
Black – 13.033
Eaker – 12.833
Wevers – 12.666
Zhang – 11.500

You know, the podium you predicted.

Medal ceremonies now, starting with man vault. Alright let’s move it along.


Alright, let’s get a move on here people

Mikulak – PB – good piro down – peach 1/2 with some walking – tuck 1/2 – goof – front straddle to swing – bhavsar, hit – tippelt – stutz, perfect – double front 1/2 out, nailed – an issue on the peach 1/2 but not much else.


Lin – PB – double back, a little low but fine – peach 1/2 to peach – good diam – front straddle to swing – bhavsar, smooth – tippelt – double pike, smallest slide back. Also excellent.


We expect Zou and Oleg to medal, but the other spot should be up for grabs.

Calvo – PB – peach to one and healy down – well done – diam with a little arch – awesome bhavsar – long swing diam to tippelt, nice – double front 1/2 out, stuck. Really good. Some arches.


Belyavskiy – PB – a little late on diam – if he struggles it’s usually at the beginning there with some archiness – a couple moments of walking on handstands – but nice stutz to one and regular stutz at the end – double front 1/2 out, hop back. Just too many adjustments.


Oleg – PB – peach 1/2, great – peach to one, healy, awesome – Makuts pause but fine – nice high Tippelt – super amplitude on bhavsar – stutz to one – double front 1/2 out, small step. Excellent.

15.591 and into 1st

Zou – PB – Makuts work, super clean, great handstand – diam right up to vertical – peach 1/2, small adjustment – front straddle to swing, perfect – bhavsar – tippelt, super nice hs – double front 1/2 out – stuck, and he can out out of it. Awesome.

16.433 with a 7.0 D.

Dauser – PB – peach 1/2 – peach – good diam – stutz a little elbow bend – really struggles in Makuts has to pause/rest with bent elbows – double front 1/2, hop back. Still good, but won’t be a huge number


Dalaloyan – PB – no trouble on mount now or ever again – diam – stutz, small issue – tippelt – bhavsar, hit – front straddle to arms – healy – stutz – double front 1/2, a little short with a hop. I thought Mikulak was cleaner with better amplitude, but we’ll see…

Ooooh, 15.366 and into 3rd, pushing Mikulak to 4th.


Simone yawns as the camera pans past her backstage. I think it’s an H element.

MDJDS – FX – DLO 1/1, takes it too far and lands OOB, we’ll see if it was one or both – full in, nice, chest up, small slide – switch 1/1 – wolf double – front loso to double tuck, little hop – double pike, comes in kind of short and does well to hold the landing, if a tad deep

It was three tenths.


Saraiva – FX – whip to full in and a lunge back OOB – switch full, nice and high – DLO, nailed that landing – switch ring – split 1.5 – 1.5 to front full, short witha  lunge back – single Y – lovely split ring – double pike, short and dances out of it


Moors – FX – front layout to double front – super deep and had to lurch back to save it, almost sat down, noooo- Pod is much better, good open, small hop back – nearly a triple attitude, just dips at the end – switch ring – Ferrari – split jump full to double stag, lovely – 2.5 to front full, kind of under on the front full with a lunge to the side

13.066. Actually much closer to the others than I expected. Moors things.

Murakami – FX – falls out of that quad turn attempt again, will get three – double double tuck, a little forward but good control – DLO, strong, small slide – 2.5 to front full, small hop – switch ring – split 1.5, around – just does get through her double L – double pike, small hop. Should still get her into first.


Melnikova – FX – double L to single turn – DLO 1/1, nailed today, excellent – switch ring 1/2, as per all of them – DLO, small hop – pulls around triple wolf with some interpretive arms – front tuck through to double tuck, nailed it – drops early on the double Y this time, wouldn’t give it – double pike, short but hit with a hop

13.833, behind Murakami. Interesting. Thought she would be ahead based on those early landings, but she didn’t get all the turn value she needed to get her D score up

Biles – FX – Moors, step back but keeps it in bounds this time – Biles to stag, strong – switch to split leap 1.5 – front full to full in, took that one too far and steps OOB – switch full – double double, small hop forward.


Hurd – FX – double double tucked, good, bounce back and then another small step – DLO, small bounce, a little pike – switch ring and split 1.5, good positions – front lay to front full with an NCAA dance out – Ferrari – split jump 1/1 – double pike, small hop. Good.

13.933 and into 2nd place.

Akhaimova – FX – super short on the DLO 1/1 with a lunge forward – also short on DLO, a step – heel struggles on the double L – double arabian, solid, step forward – great full in to finish, best part of the routine.

A casual six medals for Simone at this worlds.

Biles – 14.933
Hurd – 13.933
Murakami – 13.866
Melnikova – 13.833
Saraiva – 13.766
DJDS – 13.433
Akhaimova – 13.366
Moors – 13.066

So many Melnikova tears. It was that double Y that got her.

One left.


Tang – HB – ZLM – nice high Yam – Kolman catches  alittle close – layout tkatchev to tkatchev to tkatchev 1/2 all well done – tak 1/1, late – tak 1/2 was better – DLO 1/1, stuck…..until it wasn’t. Step back.


Epke – HB – Cassina to Kovacs, excellent – Kolamn to Gaylor, all excellent – super late full twist obviously – double double layout, holds the stick with a lean – great one (actually didn’t hold the stick, little step)

15.100. Whew.

Mikulak – HB – Cassina, hit – Kolman, good – layout tkatchev – tkatchev to tatchev 1/2, no trouble – tak 1/2 – double double layout – small hop forward. Still one of his good ones.


Xiao – HB – hits Liukin well – layout tkatchev, a touch close – tkatchev – tkatchev 1/2 – take 1/1 suppppppeeer late – Yam – tak 1/2, also fairly short – double double layout, good stick.


Srbic – HB – stalder tkatchev to tkatchev to layout tkatchev to tkatchev 1/2, excellent – tak 1/2 – layout tkatchev 1/2 – some final positions in these full twists – DLO 1/1, step back

14.500. Oooooh, just behind Mikulak.

Deng – HB – layout tkatchev to layout tkatchev 1/2, good – tak 1/2, excellent – tkatchev to tkatchev 1/2, sall hesitation full pirouettes are looking a little late – Yam – double double layout dismount, leans and can’t hold the stick with a hop forward. Too many late verticals in there.


Uchimura – HB – piked kovacs amazing – Cassina, hit – Kolman, excellent, just a touch close – Rybalko is finished at rybalko height – but some Uchi assumption so that you just assume it’s finished perfectly – double double layout, stuck. Exceptional routine.


Dalaloyan – HB – exceleltn layout Kovacs and regular Kovacs – layout tkatchev – repeats layout tkatchev and falls – resumes with a nice 1/2 turn finishing positions – Yam – stalder – DLO 1/1, hop forward

Zonderland – 15.100
Uchimura – 14.800
Mikulak – 14.533
Srbic – 14.500
Tang – 14.266
Deng – 14.066
Xiao – 13.900
Dalaloyan – 12.666

So we can stop talking about Sam not having individual medals

It;s over!

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