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Saturday Live Blog – January 12, 2019

Saturday, January 12 Scores Stream
12:00 ET/9:00 PT – Ursinus, Springfield, Brockport @ Rhode Island FREE
2:00 ET/11:00 PT – [22] West Virginia, Utah State, Eastern Michigan @ Pitt LINK ACC+
5:00 ET/2:00 PT – [10] Arkansas @ [18] Arizona LINK FREE
5:00 ET/2:00 PT – Winona State, Hamline, Gustavus Adolphus @ [22] Minnesota LINK BTN+
5:00 ET/2:00 PT – Rutgers, Yale, So Connecticut @ Bridgeport
6:00 ET/3:00 PT – [15] Ohio State @ [25] NC State LINK ACC+
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – [13] Arizona State @ TWU LINK FREE
7:30 ET/4:30 PT – [20] Penn State, Towson, Temple (@ Boston, MA)
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Washington @ [8] Nebraska LINK FREE
9:00 ET/6:00 PT – [2] UCLA, [9] Cal, [14] UC Davis, Michigan State (@ Anaheim, CA)

A little of this, a little of that. That’s the live blog approach for today.


The Pitt quad meet broadcast is showing only the Pitt routines, but we’ve seen a solid vault rotation so far, complete with six 9.950 starts. That’s important because we’ve seen plenty of teams in Pitt’s ranking territory so far this year having to put up a layout or two as part of their lineups so far. Some solid fulls in this group. Scores pretty loose (by about a half tenth to me) so far.

Now we’re getting to see some WVU on beam.

Koshinski – BB – hits loso series, knees – full turn, small check – beat jump to split to straddle 3/4, tighter in these leaps – side aerial to a stuck full, nice dismount. If they’re taking for pauses, there were some to take there.

Fontaine – BB – bhs loso series, also secure, also quite a bit of knees – side aerial to sissone, hit finishes with a gainer 1.5, which is fun to see, though she did hop to the side and almost hopped into the beam. What would be the deduction there? Say you did a dismount to the side and hopped into the beam? Does that technically count as a “touching the apparatus to avoid a fall”?

Beam scoring a little tight there. These judges keen on the pause deductions would be my guess, though there were several knees and splits to take in those two routines as well.

Rondeau with a lunge back on her rudi on floor but otherwise composed tumbling.

Dobronics – FX – EMU – double pike, slide back – good amplitude on her leaps to get those straddles up to 180 – does land short on a double tuck with a lunge, though appreciate the tuck shape

Kosanovich is doing exhibition for EMU, her music is a mouse murder.

Pitt has a .400 lead after the first rotation.

Chamberlain debuts for Pitt, performing the typical Jaeger-bail-blind full-double tuck routine. Some legs in most things which will keep the score down, but composed start. Miller follows, adding a piked jaeger to hers and a FTDT dismount. Better legs together in addition to the difficulty, so we will see a stronger score, though there was one significantly missed hs.

Someone on floor for WVU has some techno star wars music that makes me want to punch someone in the lightsaber, so that’s what I have to say about Bochenek’s bars routine.

Collins up 4th for Pitt had a completely horizontal cast handstand at the beginning right before her clear hip, which will take away the score.

Dugan 5th up had to pull back an arched handstand, good fight, but had to add an extra cast after that, so introduced a lot more opportunities for deduction.

Oof. Those two routines both went 9.275, so it’s like counting a fall now. [Dugan’s score later raised to 9.350.]

Lucy Brett has the most awesome Gienger on bars – so high and legs together – DLO, stuck with a little bit of legs.

Tun for WVU has a pretty whip to 2/1 on floor. And she goes 9.900.
Not a clear narrative for the scoring in this one. Some events tight, others pretty loose.

Koshinski – FX – WVU – good DLO, just a small slide back – solid 1.5 to layout – nails her double pike. That was stronger than Tun’s to me. She also goes 9.900.

WVU takes the lead over Pitt and EMU by .225 after two events. Looks like WVU also got a score raise.

Miller for Pitt on beam has a couple short splits, a check or two – good cat leap to aerial, and side aerial to stuck full.

Brechwald with a smooth routine, no significant checks, good execution on aerial and kickover front – short on gainer pike dismount with hop – though will be interested to see how the connections and pauses are evaluated because there were a few opportunities to take there. 9.675 tells me they took a tenth for pausing at some point.

Love the save on the kickover front to scale for Robatin, it was like a kickover front to dog pee at first, but then she turned it into a scale at the end. It got elegant. Nice front lay full dismount.

Super secure side aerial to bhs for Brett – and she has an illusion turn in her routine, bend at the hips wobble –

Nice amplitude on the loso series from Ceccarini, check – much higher on her leaps than the previous athletes – balance checks will probably put the score in the same territory though

West does a switch 1/2 to straddle jump on beam as her leap combination and will get credit for the combination, good stretch in her straddle. Split 3/4, good. 1.5 dismount with hop. 9.800 is the meet high on beam so far.

Ward finishes up for Utah State on floor – awesome open full-in on floor, small adjustment but definitely capable of it – 1.5 to layout – now THAT’s pop on a middle pass – switch side to pike jump shushunova – high double pike, super secure. 9.900 for her.

Golison doing exhibition floor. She’s often borderline lineup and has huge tumbling capability –

WVU leads by nearly a point after three events, though still has to go to bars, which has been less charitably evaluated today,

Lucy Brett almost slips while high-fiving her teammates following a hit floor because gymnast.

Pitt stuck in the 9.7s in these first few floor routines due to some more obvious “we can’t ignore that even though the floor scoring is loose here” type deductions.

All in for the crazy sideways FTDT first pass from Bochenek that she landed to her feet somehow.

More secure tumbling from Petrikis should take advantage of the floor scores here a little more. First one breaking 9.800 barrier.

West Virginia ends up cruising to the win with a 195.500, followed by Pitt with 194.750, Utah State with 194.600, and EMU with 192.700.

Next up, it’s Arkansas’s visit to Arizona, as well as the “if you’re not from Minnesota, you can’t sit with us” quad.

Amanda Elswick is entering the vault lineup for Arkansas today.


Montgomery starts on vault for Minnesota – full, a little low with a step.

Sales – VT – Minn – good pop on her full, nice amplitude, some direction and a bounce back

Nice efficient twisting for the third up for Minnesota on vault, but a pretty large bounce back

Ramler – VT – Minn – gorgeous full, great height, alllllmost held the stick, held it for a while but had to hop back in the end.


Rotation 1

Parks – VT – AZ – Yfull tucked, basically stuck the landing, not a huge SV, some legs apart in the tuck postion. 9.750

Yamzon – UB – Ark – hit tkatchev – bail, legs together – solid final cast – DLO 1/1, just a small hop back and a little pike. Good. 9.750

Williams – VT – Minnesota – big full, bounce back

Loper – VT – Minnesota – another far and lovely full shape, another bounce back – some good vault potential there.

Leung – VT – AZ – yfull, a little flatter off the table but solid, lunge back 9.750

Carter – UB – Ark – hit jaeger, some legs – bail, a bit of angle in the air, legs together – giant full to double tuck, stuck double tuck, pretty late on giant full though – 9.700

Cowles – VT – AZ – full from her, a bit of legs apart in the air – some chest down, bounce back 9.800

Laird – UB – Ark – Ray, solid, a bit of feet – bad angle for hs in case you want me to talk about that – no idea – pretty bail – final hs probably short – DLO, lands deep with a step back 9.700

Leydin – VT – Az – far superior to the previous vaults in her amplitude on her full, fairly large lunge back 9.775

Garner – UB – Ark – giant fiull good position – huge gienger, great legs together – overshoot, really sluggish there and looks like she hit the mat with her feet – giant full to double tuck, a little forward with a step back. 9.450

Swanson – VT – AZ – Yfull, pretty clear pike in the air, and a larger bounce back than the last couple 9.625

Burton – UB – toe shap to pak, enough of a leg break in pak to be a deduction – some feet –  DLO, good secure stick, some piking down

Kane – VT – Ytucked full, step back, fairly ragged in the tucked shape

Shaffer – UB – Ark – toe on to toe shap, lovely – a little too much legs on backswing – bail, very clean, toes maintained, excellent final hs – DLO, short with a step forward – 9.750.

Hambrick does exhibition on bars, nice big piked jaeger – small step on FTDT, very realistic option.

After 1: Arizona 48.800, Arkansas 48.675

Not great so far. Arizona gets away with one to vault at 48.800 (by contrast Minnesota also got 48.800 for its opening vault rotation in a different meet, with a clearly stronger vault performance). Arkansas bit by the handstand bug I believe there. Also needed the Garner score, but she had a foot hit. Also definitely not at home anymore.

Winona State just dismounted beam with a giant front layout 1/1 off the side.

Rotation 2

Yamzon – VT – solid full, legs apart in the air, probably a .1 bounce back. 9.750.

Hendrickson – UB – AZ – 1/2 turn to straddled jaeger to overshoot, good toes in jaeger, well done – DLO, stuck. Pretty routine. Strong start. 9.775.

Pennesse – VT – Ark – yfull, not so much distance, some piking throughout, off to the side with a step to the side. 9.750. Hers and Yamzon’s were not equivalent vaults, y’all.

Kane – UB – AZ – 1/2 turn to jaeger, falls – was super late on her 1/2 turn, which may have messed with the timing – double front finish, step forward. 9.200.

Elswick – VT – Ark – does the full here, big height, bounce back, clearly capable of more. 9.825

Swanson – UB – AZ – ggiant full with some feet – good tkatchev, nice clear over the bar – pak, misses her hand and can’t correct, has to come off, fall – DLO – step back.

Arizona counting a fall on its best event now. So that’s not great.

Shaffer – VT – Ark – super clean Y1/2 in the air, nearrrrllly had a stick on that one, has to hop back in the end. 9.825

Leydin – UB – AZ – toe on to Pak, leg break on Pak – good cast hs – 1/2 turn to khorkina, hit – giant full to stuck double tuck. Nice. 9.825

Hambrick – VT – Ark – excellent amplitude on full, hop up in place. 9.875

Spencer – UB – AZ – good first hs – ay, nice distance from the bar – bail, clean – better verticals in this one – DLO, not the most height but gets the stick. Strong. 9.875

McGlone – VT – Ark – Yfull, good distance, tries to sell the stick with enthusiasm, step back.

Berg – UB – AZ – 1/2 turn to huge piked jaeger to overshoot,excellent amplitude there – FTDT, good distance, leans to hold the stick

Oh yeah, my favorite part of Arizona home meets: “That was anoootttherrr ARIZONNNNNAAAA….[absolute silence].”

Duvernay doing exhibition for Arizona on bars, has the tkatchev, but the cast hs aren’t going to be there to get the scores.

After 2: Arkansas 97.825, Arizona 97.350

Quaglia and then Montgomery starting for Minnesota on bars, both with nice jaegers – “front stuck dismount” = double front dismount with a step back

Betts on bars for Minnesota – hits Ray and bail well – strong final cast – giant full to double tuck, hop

Sales – UB – Minn – bail, hit, small leg break, good vertical – Khorkina, solid – good final cast hs – DLO, stuck. Strong routine. Really good.

Ramler – UB – Minn – good hs – toe Shap, perfect legs to Pak, same – toe Shap 1/2, legs together – hitting hs – toe on – FTDT, stuck landing, a bit of a stagger. This would be 9.950-10.000 at a Pac-12 or SEC meet, so let’s just see.

9.900. One judge went 9.850. Mmm. Mmhmm.

Leydin – BB – AZ – loso series, hit, small lean, some knees – side somi, held – pike jump to back tuck – 1.5, lunge back. 9.700

Yamzon – FX – Ark – double tuck, small slide back – double pike, bounce back and OOB – hit final pass but they’ll need to drop that one now. 9.600

Still 49.125 for Minnesota on bars, but it would legit have been 49.3-49.4 in a different meet

Leung – BB – AZ – bhs loso, nice leg extension – switch switch series, looked a little short from this angle – side aerial with a lean – 1.5, tries to sell the stick, not really, some leg separation. 9.725

Burton – FX – Ark – double pike, secure, not the highest – nice pop on that popa – double tuck, also solid – front full to front lay, some mushy shape in that one. 9.725

Parks – BB – AZ – bhs loso, very tenative, somehow manages to stay on the beam but a major wobble, all over the place – switch to straddle 1/4, pause in between there, nice height on switch – punch front to beat jump, a bit deep but worked out of it – gainer pike, small hop 9.625.

Hambrick – FX – Ark – double tuck, high and clean – front lay to front full, a bit of a lunge out – high straddles – double pike, bounce back.

Freidin – BB – AZ – full turn, pretty – bhs los, secure, flexed feet – switch to beat jump, does lose her feet in these skills to take down the score – side aerial and falls – switch 1/2 to beat – gainer pike, step back

“The goal is not to have any falls.” #analysis

McGlone – FX – Ark – double pike, lunge back, kept it in bounds – front full to front layout, good float on that – double tuck, comes up short with a lunge forward

Really enjoying the gymnastics from “Sinny MaFlone” and “Jenny Yasmin” for Arkansas, apparently.

Cowles – BB – AZ – cat leap to aerial to beat jump, small lean after the aerial, may jeopardize connection to beat – bhs loso series, quite nice, good legs – switch to split jump, kind of tentative in those –  front gainer full dismount, stuck

Shaffer – FX – Ark – double Arabian, pretty in the air, somes up short iwht a step back – double tuck, tiny slide adjustment – good positions on split and straddle – 1.5 to layout. Good.

Hendrickson – BB – AZ – bhs loso series, secure, feet and knees though – switch to split 1/4, back leg – side aerial, precise – gainer full, stuck

Carter – FX – Ark – double tuck, slide back – 1.5 to front full, pretty twisting form – double pike, good control

Ohio State/NC State begins

Huang started with 9.825 on bars for Ohio State.

Hinterberger – UB – OSU – hit jaeger, well extended – bail – has to arch her handstand and can’t save it, falls –

Good distance for Paris Phillips on her full – hop back

Miller – UB – OSU -toe shap, legs right together – connected into bail – giant full on top of the bar, stuck double tuck. Really good routine.

Alexa Phillips – VT – NCST – also strong on her full, good dynamics, bounce in place. That was nice.

Stone – UB – OSU _ clean jaeger to overshoot – hitting vertical position on hs – giant full to double tuck, stuck, fairly late on giant full

Another big full for NC State for Grantham, big bounce on landing but has the power.

Aepli – UB – OSU – godo first hs – toe Shap with a big of legs – bail hs, nice vertical – shortish final cast – FTDT, a bit forward with a hop

NC State’ only problem is having to put two Ylayouts in this vault lineup

Sonier – BB – Minnesota – loso series, good extension, secure, beat jump to split 3/4, a bit tentative there with a check – standing loso with arm-wave correction – hop forwar don dismount –

Lovely final bars routine from Swartzentruber for OSU – clean Shap work, DLO. Strong.

Yamzon for Ark saves her beam series with an arm wave – solid kickover front – gainer full, stuck. 9.750.

Parks – FX – AZ – wolf jump 1.5 – nice pop on her rudi, bounce – front lay front full attempt, did have it and has to bail out of that full with a fall.

Check for Ona Loper on her beam series – kickover front to beat jump, hit –

Hambrick – BB – Ark 0 bhs loso, super solid – stag jump to switch 1/2, not bad in that switch position – side aerial, hit  – straddle 3/4, hit position, small lean – gainer full, small hop

Sales I think? – BB – Minn – good three series to loso – switch hit – hit – full turn, pretty – gainer pike, small hop.

Hendrickson – FX – AZ – double tuck with bounce back – front full to front pike with a bounce, some knees – 1.5 to layout, some legs

Ramler – BB – Apparentely she hit a great series, we did not see it – but her beat jump to split ring jump is excellent – side aerial to stuck 1/1.

Garner – BB – Ark – beat jump to straddle 3/4, love the height in the beat jump – side aerial to loso with a lean – side aerial to full with a bit of a fake stick into salute

Spencer – FX – AZ – double tuck, solid – front 1/2 to back full, which is a combo we don’t see a lot – an odd-looking one for her, like standing tumbling – 1.5 to front pike, hit, not a lot of amplitude but got through

Carter – BB – Ark – split jump to sheep, good split jump, sheep is fine for NCAA – bhs loso with a check and a lean, good extension – aerial, small hesitations on a few of these skills but well done – side aerial to stuck full

Swanson – FX – AZ – front tuck through to 1.5, some legs – double pike, chest a bit down but minimizes the step adjustment – 2/1 to front tuck, how Chinese of you! Coming in on that 2/1 at a 45 degree angle.

Shaffer – BB – Ark – switch to straddle 1/4 – bhs los series, a littel check – side split jump 1/2 (what are you an elite?) with a leg-up check – bhs tuck 1/5 with a hop forward

Leydin – FX – AZ – music problems – now she goes – front tuck through to solid double tuck – switch side to popa, a little short of position on that popa – second straddle jump combination is stronger in the straddle – double pike, a bit deep with a slide back

Fab stuck DLO from Tamburro on bars.

Aepli – VT – OSU – nearly sticks full, good height. Basically stick Y1/2 for Stone

Burton – BB – Ark – aerial, good – bhs (bails out of it and stops) redoes her bhs loso series, secure – split jump with a pause – redoes her dance series – split jump to sheep – weird that she’s had two mid-series pauses in this one, Uncharacteristic – gainer full, stuck.

Berg – FX – AZ – front 2/1, gets it around well – split jump to wolf jump full, a little out of control – 1.5 to front pike, fine – rudi, secure, a bit of legs. Arizona got through floor.

So, Arkansas won’t be thrilled with a 195.800, mostly due to that opening bars rotation where everyone got 9.7s, but it’s a step up from the opening score.

After 2: Ohio State 98.125, NC State 97.425

FINAL: Arkansas 195.800, Arizona 194.725

Arizona almost an identical score to the first meet.

Minnesota went 48.950 on beam, on pace to be slightly sub 196 with floor still to come.

Hit floor for Cutler from Minnesota, good shape on that final double tuck.

Harrison – BB – NC State – bhs loso, hit, small lean – switch to straddle 1/4, short on the straddle 1/4, switch was fine – cat leap to kickover front, deep but held – gainer full, stuck

Huang – FX – OSU – double pike, secure, a bit down – 2.5, gets caught in her own feet a little with a crossover bound – 1.5 to layout, comes up short on that layout with a lunge back to save it.

Sonier – FX – Minn – double pike, small slide back – rudi second pass, bit short – 1.5 to layout, secure

Loper – FX – Minn – front lay to rudi, good power – switch ring to split full to drop split, could be a little higher in those splits – 1.5 to  layout, steps forward, looks like she may have stepped OOB on that – punch rudi, hit

Fillard – BB – NCSt – good loso series – hitch kick to kickover front with a check – gainer full, small adjustment. Fine hit.

Williams – FX – Minn – front 2/1 first pass, good power, just comes up a little short with a step – switch side to popa is fairly real as a series – 1.5 to layout, has to whip around that layout a bit – good rudi

Kent – BB – NC St – bhs loso with a big lean, bend at the hips correction, seemed like she was right on, too – switch to pike jump is good – switch to loso series, and falls –

Ramler – FX – Minnesota – split ring jump full to open, I mean… good split, not much of a ring – good height on double pike – switch ring is great, definite ring – rudi, controlled, solid legs – 1.5 through 2/1, very comfortable with it. Another strong routine.

Ramler goes 9.850 for floor to let Minnesota finish with 195.600

NC State gets a good hit out of Nicole Webb, who gets to compete now that she’s not trying to get into a Florida lineup. One more needed to stay in the meet since OSU will be counting a score in the 9.6s on floor.

OK, it’s going to be break time until Washington/Nebraska begins.

FINAL: Ohio State 196.025, NC State 194.925

After 2: Arizona State 97.750, TWU 96.925

Washington @ Nebraska begins

Main focus will on Washington and Nebraska, because we’ll be able to see it, and then keeping an eye on the various developments we may or may not get from the Anaheim quad.

At least Tumble and Rumble is a better name than Beauty and the Beast. Kind of.

Where did the pairing of gymnastics and wrestling come from?

Is it just because all the gays watching would be annoyed for a second and then see the wrestling guys and be like, “…I’ll allow it”

Are we just not getting to see the gymnastics? Because this is going to be a fun live blog.

Johnston – VT – Neb – full, OK, bit too much of a bounce back, some piking. 9.675

Looks like Washington has had to start with a fall. 9.100.

Vercesles Carr – VT – cleaner on her full, medium-sized step back but under control, just a bit of a pike. Possible deduction for distance as well. 9.750

Geneva Thompson debuted with 9.725 on bars.

Quinn – VT – Nebraska – Yfull, similar to Verceles Carr but less controlled on the hop back, just a pit of piking. 9.750 for her as well. I would have been a touch lower for this one than for MVC.

9.750 for Brenna Brooks for Washington.

De Jesus – VT – Nebraska – with the first 1.5 of the lineup, step to the side, comes in a little short with some knees. Solid work. 9.800

Roberson 9.725 on bars. Washington can’t get out of the 9.7s early.

Crouse – VT – Nebraska – 1.5, good, hop forward, just a touch of knees, clean overall

9.850 for Crouse – 9.750 for Riley

Houcin – VT – attempts her DTY but can’t get it around this time, sits it down. Drag. That means Nebraska is set on 48.825 for vault.

Copiak gets Washington into the good numbers with 9.875.

Curtis exhibition on vault.

After 1: Nebraska 48.825, Washington 48.825


Nebraska just OK on vault, missing one of the three essential 10.0 starts. Nice vault from Crouse, but not enough control overall to get in the 49s.

Meanwhile, Arizona State went 49,050 on floor so should be in the high 195s as long as beam is OK.

Leonard- Baker – BB – AZ St –  straddle jump to loso, hit, some legs – full turn, some hesitation – beat jump to straddle 3/4, fairly large check, plus not there on the split position – bhs loso series, lots of knees – 1.5 step back

Hargrove – UB – Neb – Ray to pak attempt, could not do the Pak, drops in between the bars with a fall –

A Szafranski – BB – AZ St – aeiral to swingdown (SPLASHDOWN) – side aerial, pretty – switch to split jump, hit – Rulfova hit, finishes gainer full

MVC – UB – Nebraska – solid piked jaeger to overshoot – arches final cast hs but pulls it back – giant full to double tuck, holds stick on double tuck. 9.825.

De Jesus – Ub – Nebraska – Ray, hit, some piking in her release shape – overshoot, OK – double arabian dismount, nice shape in the air but a large hop. 9.700.

Crouse – UB – Nebraska – weiler 1/2, a bit late – strong gienger, just a bit of legs on catch – overshoot, hit – shortish final hs – FTDT with hop back  9.875.

Callis for ASU on beam, lovely front walkover to knee – side aerial to full, holds the stick

Houchin – UB – Neb – great tkatchev, crisp bail, perfect hs position – lovely final cast hs – DLO, stuck, a bit of legs, can legitimately go 9.9s. And it’s 9.900. Wouldn’t have even minded 9.950 there.

Johnston – UB – Nebraska – Ray, solid – shortish next cast – crazy legs on the bail, clear straddle there – short hs – lone double tuck dismount, lunge back. What happened to Schweihofer?

Udowitch anchoring for ASU, lovely splits in leap series – super high position in kickover front, GREAT – side aerial to full, stuck.

It’s 195.675 for Arizona State to 193.550 for TWU

Once again in the second rotation, both Nebraska and Washington get 48.825. Nebraska probably should have pulled away there, but having to put in Johnston and count her score because of the fall, they fell well back.

After 2: Washington 97.650, Nebraska 97.650

UCLA announces that Frazier will be entering the VT and FX lineups this week. Norah Flatley is in the AA for now.

Curtis – BB – Nebraska – wolf hop to front tuck, hop – bhs loso series, secure, some knees – check on full turn – switch to switch series, solid amplitude – 1.5, some legs, bound forward. 9.725

This wrestling guy really needs to stop saying it “exscape” because I’m going to scream.

Verceles Carr – BB – Nebraska – side aerial, well hit – full turn, comfortable – bhs loso series, feet, secure – split jump to split 3/4, I would say that wasn’t connected, but we’ll see – 1.5, stuck, good dismount. Yeah, 9.650.

Crouse – BB – Nebraska – aeiral to bhs, a little lean to try to keep that combination going – switch to straddle 3/4 – kickover front, hit – gainer pike full off the end, stuck. Good individual skills, but could get SVed to death with a critical panel.

9.775 for Crouse, so she got through with those combos.

Schweihofer – BB – Nebraska – so she is appearing on beam after being out on vt and ub – bhs layout – step back – IF HE CALLS HER SIENNA CRUISE ONE MORE TIME – switch to switch 1/2, fine – strong height on 2/1, small hop

Anaheim quad is on march ins now.


Houchin – BB – Nebraska – bhs loso series, step back and a lean to save it – aerial, smooth – switch to split jump, also good elements, a little slow in combination – 2/1, perfect, stuck

For the quad meet, I’ll be watching the Cal live feed on facebook, Jess is also live tweeting from the GymCastic account.

Hassel – BB – Nebraska – bhs loso, solidly done – aerial, clean – split jump to sheep, secure – 1.5, stuck. Exceptional routine.

Seilnacht – UB – Cal – piked jaeger t overshoot, well done – shortish cast on high – 1/2 turn to 1.5 twist dismount, stuck, one of her stronger showings

George – UB – Cal – tkatchev, hit – bail, a little hip angle there – toe on to FTDT, good hit –

Frazier – VT – UCLA – Yfull, hop back. So not the DTY, good power, you know, solid, but still a full with a hop back

Jones – UB – Cal – Toe shap, good legs together – Pak, archy back with some legs – 1/2 turn on low, a bit short – FTDT, stuck, Good one overall, just the Pak as a major deduction.

Tratz – VT – UCLA – good far full as usual, chest a bit forward with a small slide.

Ross – VT – UCLA – good 1.5 again, not stuck this time, hop to the side

Schank – UB – Cal – good piked jaeger to overshoot – clean – borderline cast – DLO, solid landing. Should be a good score.

Dennis anchors vault for UCLA, nearly sits her 1.5, deep squat put pulls it out with a lunge back

Watterson – UB – Cal – goes over on her opening cast handstand, stays on but that will be the equivalent of a fall – the rest was nice of course, pak, shap 1/2, giant full to double tuck.

Will have five to count from before that.

UCLA vaulting was meh. Four fulls with hops, then two 1.5s, one of which with a major squat. Kramer started off well with her nearly stuck full, though.

Looks like Alma Kuc is going exhibition for Cal, and it was lovely.

Poston hits in exhibition for UCLA for 9.850, so she might be getting into that lineup soon.

Wamrups now for the second rotation. Scores? Oh heavens no. What do you think this is? A meet?

UCLA 49.075, Michigan St 49.025, Cal 49.000, Davis 48.950. FUN.

Shu – BB – Cal – aeiral with a leg-up check, will have to redo the series – does the aerial to bhs this time with a lean in between, we’ll see if she gets it – hitch kick to switch side, a bit short of 180 – small hop on dismount

Is that blonde blur we see in UCLA’s bars lineup Kooyman? – Toe shap with some legs, into Pak with leg break – 1/2 turn on low bar is good – FTDT, hit, chest down –

Clausi – BB – Cal – kickover front with a check – bhs loso, very solid, good legs – finishes side aerial to full with a small hop

Glenn – UB – UCLA – good jaeger – pak – 1/2 turn on low bar is pretty late  – otherwise strong – good final cast, full turn to double tuck, small hop

Keelen – Bb – Cal – bhs loso, a bit of a lean but mostly solid – split jump to split ring jump, not quite to 180 on the split ring – aerial, super smooth – 1.5, stuck, one of her good ones 9.775.

Flatley? – UB – UCLA – good jaeger – hesitation in toe on – clean bail – DLO, stuck, nicely done –

FINAL: Nebraska 195.550, Washington 195.250

Seilnacht – BB – Cal – bhs loso, smooth – switch to double stag, hit – side aerial to full dismount, too large of a hop back on that, otherwise strong.

Kocian – UB – UCLA – stalder Shap to Pak, small leg break in pak, otherwise good, super smooth 1/2 turn on low – FTDT, hop

Ross – UB – UCLA – toe Shap, great to bail, perfect – toe shoot – hitting hs – DLO, stuck. Yeah, perfect, her usual with this routine.

Williams – BB – Cal – very solid on front tuck to loso series, we’ll see if she gets credit this week – switch to switch 1/4, tight on positions but secure – gainer pike, stuck. Excellent routine.

Toronjo in exhibition on bars for UCLA – some handstands but otherwise good – small hop on DLO. Should have kept the lineup as it was.

George – BB – Cal – wolf double with a dunking-the-basketball lean – aerial is pretty, into loso, a little slow – switch to split – gainer full, short with a bound forward

And it’s a 10 for Kyla’s routine –

UCLA 49.450 on bars. Cal 48.825 on beam.

Rotation 3

Nguyen – BB – UCLA – good leaps – aerial to loso, a little slow in combo – split jump 3/4, secure – front full dismount with hop

Seilnacht – FX – Cal – front lay to rudi to leap, hit – 1.5 to 1/2 to split, good, a little piked in the 1/2, but nice position on that split – 1.5 layout, a little whipped over, solid routine.

Kocian – BB – UCLA – into the beam lineup this week – bhs loso, very solid – aerial to split, easy – full turn, overturns a little – switch to split jump – 2/1, hop back. Far more composed than when she came into the lineup at the end of last season.

Mastrangelo – FX – good double pike, just some feet – hit second pass – switch 1/2 to straddle, looked perhaps a little short on straddle – 2.5 final pass, a little awkward with a crossover step, but held it

Flatley – BB – UCLA – aerial to bhs and side aerial are hit – L turn, held up leg well, connected into full turn – switch ring to beat jump, enough closure there – bhs 1.5, small slide back

George – FX – Cal – front tuck through to rudi, hit – front double full, controlled step forward – double tuck, a little short with a lunge

Dennis – BB – UCLA – full turn – aerial to loso, some knees in loso – 2/1, holds the stick, a little forward

Ross – BB – UCLA – bhs loso, secure – switch to split comfortable – so are all the UCLA gymnasts doing that like R turn now as their full turn? Side aerial to full, stuck.

Clausi – FX – Cal – love her choreography – hits her full in, excellent twisting position –

Ohashi – BB – UCLA – bhs bhs layout, right on, I wonder what they’re doing with that split leg technique? – good switch to split – aerial to bhs loso full, stuck

Williams – FX – Cal – great DLO – switch 1/2 to popa, strong –  front lay to front full with a step to the side – double pike, just the smallest adjustment

Poston doing exhibition on beam for UCLA again – excellent series – 1.5 with a small hop on dismount. Nice routine. Very lineupable

Ross went 9.900. Ohashi 9.975.

Bordas is finishing up on FX for Cal – rudi is secure, some leg crossing – final pass 1.5 to layout, just gets that layout around with some arch

We have the other Seilnacht doing exhibition on FX, double pike, fairly large step back but does keep that front foot down – switch to split full, borderline around – front lay to front full, legs apart in front lay – 1.5 to 1/2, pikes down the 1/2.

UCLA at 148.000 after three, Cal in second with 146.875, MSU 146.125, Davis 146.025

To the 4th rotation, people!

George – Cal – VT – big full, has the power, but too large a lunge back

Flatley hits front 2/1 to open floor –

Seilnacht – VT – Cal – sticks a full, very nice, one of her best vaults, not the biggest, but as well as she can do it, really

Kramer – FX – UCLA – front 2/1 to front pike, hit as normal – crisp second pass – switch side to popa, over turns the switch side a little for some indistinct finishing – rudi is strong –

Jones – VT – Cal – just does get her 1.5 to her feet, large bound forward and then another big hop after that –

Clausi – VT – Cal – pretttty 1.5, just a small hop forward

Ross – Fx – UCLA – whip double tuck, bounce back on it tonight – has to whip over on her middle pass, but fine – double pike, bit of a bounce back

Williams – VT – Cal – big full as sticks it, good job, just a little forward on landing, but so strong she’s like, “I don’t need to move” –

Must have missed Mastrangelo’s vault from Cal like a trash person because now we have Bordas doing a good full in exhibition with a medium bounce back

Frazier – FX – UCLA – music issues, now it’s fine – full in, good, bit of a slide – not quite there on those leap 180s, rushing through – whip through to double tuck, good, bit of a slide there as well – double pike, more secure, best pass for her.

I’m seeing 9.950 and 9.900 from judges for Frazier. I had 9.850.

Tratz – FX – UCLA – really solid full in today – 1.5 to front full is actually there and in the routine this time – switch ring to split leap full, good positions – double tuck, solid, chest a little forward, one of her good ones.

Apparently it was a 9.925 for Ross too. These floor scores are OOC.

Four 9.925s in a row. Kramer, Ross, Frazier, Tratz. Yeah, those routines were all the same…

Ohashi – FX – UCLA – goes for the split-leg DLO as well, love it – very solid on middle pass as well – front 2/1 to 1/2 to drop split. Another very solid showing for her. So what will it get, a 50?

10.000 for Ohashi to end the meet. The NCAA gym writers are getting a little lazy.

49.700 for UCLA on floor.

So it looks like we have UCLA finishing with 197.700. How did that happen? They did pull it back after a weak vault rotation, with some real highlights from Ross on bars and beam. And also it’s good to be the queens I guess?

Cal goes 196.075, which is a solid result, the goal being to get over that 196 mark. MSU 194.900, Davis 193.825

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