Friday Live Blog – March 8, 2019

Friday, March 8 Scores Stream
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – [25] Penn State @ [3] Florida LINK SEC+
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Central Michigan @ [12] Kentucky LINK SEC+
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Bridgeport, Towson, Centenary @ Rutgers LINK FREE
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Maryland, West Chester, So Connecticut @ Temple LINK FREE
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Yale @ New Hampshire LINK FREE
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Elevate the Stage
([8] Georgia, [10] Minnesota, [20] Arkansas, Michigan State)
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – [15] Oregon State @ [4] LSU LINK SEC+
9:00 ET/6:00 PT – Southern Utah @ Utah State LINK FREE
10:00 ET/7:00 PT – [14] Cal @ San Jose State LINK FREE
10:00 ET/7:00 PT – Iowa, Sacramento State @ [19] Washington LINK FREE
10:00 ET/7:00 PT – Air Force, Seattle Pacific @ UC Davis LINK FREE

It’s a little different this Friday without the usual SEC Network meet lineup—but both Florida and LSU have dual meets at the regular times, so not that different. The Georgia and Minnesota performances at Elevate, though, should be the most intriguing of the day, and I’ll put main live blogging focus on that one.

In early action, Central Michigan is looking—at minimum—to score into the 195s against Kentucky to be able to jump into the all-important top 36 come Monday. Kentucky’s big scoring goal here is a 197.125, the score needed to pass Alabama regardless of what Alabama scores tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Penn State’s current ranking of 25th is keeping the team out of the danger-zone mix for regionals qualification, but dropping another of its low 195s would help make sure there’s no chance of getting dragged down into the play-in meets either. Matching the team’s road season high of 195.825 will be a goal here.

In other news, Oklahoma apparently has had travel complications, so tomorrow’s meet against Michigan has been pushed back 2 hours and will no longer be on TV, just streamed.

Rotation 1

Skaggs – VT – Florida – a full, solid landing, good stick, chest a little down and some legs in the air. Interesting to see her in the lineup and a solid showing. 9.875. Oh dear. What’s the 9.9 judge going to do now? EVELYN.

McCracken – UB – Penn State – hits first hs – tkatchev, hit, a little flatter – can’t save an arch on handstand, goes over and adds an extra swing – bail, legs separation – stalder to double tuck dismount, pause in the stalder, stuck double tuck.

Alexander – VT – Florida – also sticks her full, fab amplitude as always but she has the control as well this week. 9.875

Chinnery – UB – Penn State – tkatchev to overshoot, hit with some foot form – short cast hs back to high – giant full with some legs, double tuck with hop in place. 9.850.

Reed – VT – Florida – Y1.5 – lands short on her 1.5 with two large lunges back, not one of her strong ones. 9.725

Over at Kentucky, good landing on fulls for Dukes and Davis – Hyland with a bounce back on hers this week –

Thomas – VT – Florida – Y1.5, that’s her best landing control of the season. Small hop forward still, but only a small one this time. 9.950. You knew.

Bridgens – UB – Penn State – toe shap to bail, good legs together – one short hs on high – giant full to double tuck, stuck. Solid routine, best form of the lineup. 9.925

Stuart hop to the side on her Y1.5 on vault for Kentucky.

Schoenherr – VT – Florida – hop forward on her 1.5, medium size, a little too bouncy on the landing but she has the landing down now in terms of not being worried she’s going to miss.

Korth with a pretty 1.5 on vault for Kentucky, great leg form, just a hop in place. Scores have been pretty loose at both meets so far, so I expect a big number. 9.900

Boren – VT – Florida – Y1.5 – hop to the side on landing, still a little bit of legs early in the air but not as extreme as it was early in the season. 9.925

Garcia – UB – Penn State – arch on first hs, pulls it back – piked jaeger, smooth – nice second cast hs – bail, legs right together throughout – strong final cast hs as well – DLO, small hop back. Pretty, but that first arch will take the score down. Allegedly. We’ll see. This meet. 9.800

After 1: Florida 49.475, Penn State 49.200

Both teams will absolutely take those scores, which have not been subtle in the early going. Evelyn on gave two 9.950s for non-stuck 1.5s, so cool….

Florida will be pleased by the improvement from Thomas on the 1.5 landing, and the fulls did very well in the early spots.

After 1: Kentucky 49.250, Central Michigan 49.025

Pedrick led the CMU bars rotation with a 9.850 after sticking her Tucked Canada (official name). Kentucky had pretty week controlled landings on the 1.5s, just small hops, which helped. Strong landings from Dukes and Davis too.

Rotation 2

Stuart opens on bars for Kentucky with a near stick on her DLO 1/1, semi college salute.

Nixon – UB – Kentucky – toe shap to bail, good legs throughout, very clean – giant full (late) to double tuck with a hop. Well done.

Florida underway in second rotation now.

Boren – UB – Florida – food first hs – hits usual tkatchev – solid hs – clear hip to bail, maybe just the smallest leg break – pretty solid final cast hs – DLO with a hop. 9.900. We’re opening at 9.900

Bonsall – VT – Penn State – lands short on her full with a hop forward, tries to sell it.

Gowey – IUB – Florida – back – Ray, solid – a little borderline tight on first couple hs – pak is pretty, smallll amount of legs – back to high – finishes DLO with a hop back. Important to have her back in the lineup. I’d have a few cast handstand deductions this week.  to keep her score a little lower than usual. 9.825

Dukes on bars for Kentucky came in a little close on her shoot to high but cast out of it well – stuck DLO. Nice composure in the second half of that one. Also could have been a little too over the bar on her pak but you wouldn’t know it.

Hundley – UB – FLorida – toe shap to pak, just that bit of legs in the pak – nice cast hs – toe shap 1/2, strong – a bit short on cast hs on high – FTDT, holds the stick with a bit of chest position and direction. 9.925

Hyland – UB – Kentucky – short first hs  – tkatchev, great height as usual – a bit of legs on that bail – small loose back on final cast hs – FTDT, pretty shape and looks like she stuck it.

Schoenherr – UB – Florida – high jaeger as always, a bit of feet – toe on to bail, very clean, small hop on dismount. 9.900

Pedrick – VT – CMU – does her DTY, good, a somewhat uncontrolled bounce back that will get the score but successfully completed. Gets 9.850, some difficulty forgiveness there.

Korth finishes up on bars for Kentucky, pretty piked jaeger – small hop to the side on DLO 1/1

Skaggs – UB – Florida – great first hs – tkatchev to pak, very high, just a bit of legs – cast handstands perfect positions – DLO, nice in the air, hop back. Solid. 9.850

Chinnery – VT – PSU – big full, bounce back, though fairly in control on the bounce – sometimes it can get a little crazy, but this was a normal bounce.

Thomas – Ub – FLorida – a little rush on first hs – shap to clear hit to pak was perfect obviously – toe on to toe shap 1/2, legs right together – final cast hs was better – DLO with a hop back – they all seemed to be over-piking their DLOs at the end and having to take a hop back. Kathy would be saying, “OHHH, didn’t need to do that!” right now.

Still gets 9.900 and I had a tenth on the dismount, so they were willing to go there. Obviously.

After 2: Kentucky 98.550, CMU 98.725

Kentucky right on that 197 pace after 2 events. Overall a lot of solid mid-9.8 work on bars, just bits here and there.

I believe Florida went another 49.475 on bars

Rotation 3

Warren – BB – Kentucky – side aerial to bhs with a larger break bend at the hips – small check on leaps – 1.5, stuck.

Tong – FX – CMU – front tuck through to double tuck, nice amplitude, small lunge back – some leg position deductions on leaps – 1.5 to front pike, ends up sticking, well done as she kind of overflipped the 1.5 – double pike, mostly under control, a little chest down. Nice.

Poland – BB – Kentucky – bhs bhs loso series, perfect, great extension – aerial with a check – switch to split, nicely done – gainer tuck full, lunge forward. 9.825

Hundley – BB – Florida – aerial to sissone, connected – slow rhythm here – bhs loso with an arm wave check and a bit of knees – cat leap to switch side, hit – 1.5 dismount, stuck with a bit of stagger. 9.850

Korth – BB – Kentucky – one-arm bhs loso series, secure, some knees in both elements – cat leap to switch to back tuck, well connected this week – 2/1 with only a little scoot back. One of her nice ones. 9.925. Kentucky getting the home scores today –

Hosek finishes floor with only a small slide on double pike. Good.

Skaggs – BB – Florida – wolf turn double with some windmill arms but hit – switch to split, pretty – bhs loso, secure – cat leap to side aerial to full, stuck. Strong hit. 9.925.

Nice pass amplitude from Williams for CMU.

Stuart – BB – Kentucky – smooth full turn – switch to double stag – bhs loso, also secure with a little bit of knees – cat leap to side aerial to full, nearrrrly sold the stick with a little lean back. 9.900

Boren – BB – Florida – gainer kickover front, excellent, solid – bhs loso series, hit securely – switch to straddle, straddle look eh but we’re also at really high angle which makes the leaps look weaker – cat leap to gainer loso – gainer full, stuck. Very good routine. 9.925

Dukes – BB – Kentucky – pretty loso series – aerial to split, nicely smooth – switch to straddle 1/4, extended as we know – 1.5 and tries to sell the stick but leans into a salute there so not quite under control. Big routine, and the scores have been going high for the previous ones. 9.900

We hear some boos at Florida, so it’s almost like 10s aren’t a reward for yelling the loudest????? Wha?????

Clapper – BB – Florida – bhs loso loso, secure, not the extension that we’ll see from others in the lineup, but solid – side aerial to layout full with a large bend over to hold the stick.

Hyland – BB – Kentucky – switch to split with a pause in between – we’ll see if she needs a leap series – cat leap to aerial, quite nice – bhs loso, strong landing – cat leap to side aerial to full, stuck.

BridgenS nice double back on floor for Penn State, good height and toes

Pedrick – FX – CMU – gorgeous 3/1, great twisting position, only a little short in chest position on landing but presents quickly to cover it well – split leap full to split jump full, well short of split on the jump – 1.5 to layout, solid, dance out – double pike, excellent height, chest up and controlled. You have to take a bit for leaps, but not for tumbling.

Thomas – BB – Florida – switch 1/2 to beat jump, perfection obviously – one-arm bhs to loso, crisp and lovely – aerial, solid as well – full turn, maybe a hair tentative on landing but no check – 2/1 with a hop back. Pretty. Duh. 9.925.

Astarita – FX – Penn State – open double tuck, great presentation in the air, just a little movement – 1.5 to layout, controlled landing, just a bit flat in the layout coming out of the 1.5 – switch side to popa – double pike, large bounce back and a possible OOB.

Baumann – BB – Florida – bhs loso, nailed – switch to switch 1/2, looked short on switch 1/2 with some leg but once again our high beam angle – side aerial, very secure – 1.5 with a step back

Garcia – FX – PSU – hits her double tuck double pike, very secure – switch side to popa, looked solid on her finishing position – 1.5 to layout, a bit arched on layout

Cheney on exhibition on beam as well as on vault. Fall on her loso series.

After 3:
Kentucky 148.000, CMU 146.675 – both teams on track for their goal scores here with hits in the final rotation.

Florida 148.500, PSU 147.150 – Florida we have to expect to get to 198 now given…everything we know. Really strong beam work for 49.550

Oregon State and LSU and Elevate the Stage also about to get started. Neither of the early meets are close, but home floor 10 watch is going to be on for Florida.

Looks like we’re still playing games on the floor at Elevate, so you’ve got some time.

Kentucky and CMU are underway in the final rotatiom, with CMU having to work against a leadoff fall on beam. Kentucky has hits from Poland and Stuart in the first two spots.

Verdeflor is up first on beam for Penn State – aerial to swingdown, good individual elements but I would not give them as connected – side aerial, pretty as well – split to double stag, her split jump is so high – side somi to back full off the side Nush-style, but a little adjustment in between could jeopardize that too.

9.725. They were nice on that one.

Skaggs – FX – Florida – double pike, super solid, floats right down into landing – rudi, controls landing, just a touch of legs at the end – split leap full to jump full, strong positions – 1.5 to front layout, extended position on layout, some legs on 1.5. Great routine. 9.900

Politz – BB – Penn State – larrrge break with a bend at the hips but keeps it one the beam – cat leap to switch side, abbreviated in the switch side position – another cat leap to aerial to bhs – gainer full, stuck

Hundley – FX – Florida – whip to double tuck and sits it down. Weird.

We’re still on spotlight opening ceremonies at Elevate and a standby screen at LSU. Creative relationship with time tonight…

Hosek on beam for Penn State with a check on her series, stays on – split and straddle 1/4, great extension – aerial was nice and she stuck a gainer full

Korth goes 9.950 up 5th for Kentucky. They have the score they need and more.

Reed – FX – Florida – giant DLO, couldn’t see the landing but did see a flag – split leap to wolf, good wolf, split a little short – front lay to rudi, a little short on the rudi there – better control on double pike.

Dukes – FX – Kentucky – solidly high double pike with a little slide – switch ring and switch 1/2 are pretty – front full to front layout, clean – double tuck, a bit out of control with a slide back. Happy senior day you get 9.900.

So it’s a 197.525 for Kentucky and a 195.875 for CMU, which avoided that fall on beam. Not a subtly scored meet and both will be over the moon about those team totals.

Reed still got a 9.800 for Florida with an OOB and two landing deductions on passes. One judge was still 9.950

Thomas – FX – Florida – DLO, gorgeous – 1.5 to layout, lovely in the air, just a little knees on landing as it caught up to her – switch ring and split leap 1/5 right around – double pike,a  bit of a slide back. Nice routine.

Bastardi – BB – PSU – aerial to bhs, hit – kickover front to beat jump with a balance check – switch to straddle, hit – side aerial to full, stuck. A hit routine.

We heard the telltale SCREAM TO BOO that you know is a 9.975 without seeing the score. You can’t give that one a 10 because of the final pass if nothing else.

Baumann – FX – Florida – double tuck, chest up, nailed it, super solid – 1.5 to front full, bouncy on landing – switch 1/2 to popa, great – double pike, short with a step forward. A couple things to take this time.

Bridgens – BB – PSU – hitch kick to kickover front with a check – switch – tuck jump 3/4, a bit of a pause in between – bhs loso series, secure as well – 1.5, stuck. Penn State got strong in the second half of that rotation.

Penn State will break 196.

Boren – FX – Florida – they’ve put her in the anchor spot today because TEENNNNNN – big DLO, secure – 1.5 to layout, nice rise into the layout and straight shape, switch 1/2, a little short of the full turn around on the wolf jump – good control on double tuck. Would be honestly shocked if they don’t go 10 the way this meet has been going.

Elevate has finally started. Snead does her normal leading off beam for Georgia. Good control on landing.

9.975 for Boren. Well, I said I would be legitimately surprised and I am. Because it’s not like they were being subtle tonight. But I also wouldn’t have gone 10 for it.

So it’s 198.025 for Florida. You know, just that. 39.750 in the AA for Thomas 39.725 for Boren.

LSU/Oregon State getting started as well.

Dickson – BB – Georgia – she’s supposed to be back in all four today – aerial with a little lean but connects into straddle 1/4 – bhs loso series, solid, nice legs in bhs – switch to split – bhs 1.5 with a stutter hop. Good.

Finnegan _ VT – LSU – small slide back on her full this week, otherwise her normal lovely. And they go 9.900 without a stick so watch out for today.

Yamaoka – UB – Oregon St – toe on to toe shap, a little stunted on backswing – cast into bail, bail short of vertical but nice cast hs positions – giant full to double tuck, fairly low there

Magee – BB – Georgia – straddle to straddle 1/2, hit – loso series, secure, pretty good ont he legs – switch to switch side and falls, she was off on that series from the start

Harrold – VT – LSU – one of her larger lunges forward this week, dragged the back foot with it, and some knees. 9.850 is pretty high. That’s what she gets for her good ones with the smaller lunge

Jacobsen – UB – OSU – tkatchev to overshoot, strong – hits cast hs on high – 1/2 turn to double front, out of control on double front landing with a lunge and a stagger, nearly puts her hand down on an arm wave but doesn’t.

Kelley – VT – LSU – handspring pike 1/2 with a little bounce back, tried to lean to minimize the bounce and ended up with a little arm-wave balance check that might take the score lower than otherwise

Oakley – BB – Georgia – wold single, nice – bhs loso, no trouble – aerial, a bit of knees – split to split ring, pretty as always with a balance check coming out – gainer full, stuck. THe hit they needed.

A couple vertical positions for Lowery on bars but otherwise nice, good control on dismount.

Priessman – VT – LSU – full witha  hop back – not her strongest one, a full tenth for the bounce and not a ton of distance, but usable. I’m worried that she might already be crying. Girl, you’ve got more events.

MCP – UB – OSU – hits jaeger, a little close – final cast hs was pretty, first one a little short – DLO, great with a stick

Edwards – VT – LSU – big 1.5, great amplitude there, but does come in shorter with a step back so they’ll take for the shortness and the step. They went 9.900 anyway

Baumann – BB – Georgia – side aerial to loso with a lean check but saves it – switch side with a large lean correction and leg-up wobble – 2/1, some knees, holds the stick. Hit’s a hit and they’ll count it but some major things to take there.

Briscoe with a pretty jaeger on bars for Oregon State – DLO, smallest bounce in place but basically a stick. Well done.

Edney – VT – LSU – her usual bit 1.5, hop forward

Vega – BB – split jump mount lovely as always – hittin gher dance elements – aerial to split, a bit of feet, good position – bhs loso series, no trouble – stuck full dismount. Some knee and foot things. Otherwise great. They needed it. Not like we know the scores because OF COURSE, but they needed it.

Gill pretty on bars for Oregon State, some vertical positions – nearly sticks DLO

49.375 on vault for LSU for a pretty charitably scored rotation. They’ll need to continue honing those landings. 49.100 for Oregon State. Will take that score for that rotation in a heartbeat.

Arkansas finished up on floor at elevate with Carter – FX – double tuck, chest up, well controlled, a little foot flexion – switch 1/2 to popa, nice rise into that popa – double pike, mayybe the smallest of bounces – front lay to front full, a little knees. 9.925

Somehow, Georgia went 49.325 for that beam rotation, with Baumann going 9.775 and I cannot.

Arkansas 49.400 on floor.

Rotation 2 from LSU

Welp this meet sure isn’t on the SEC Network. Several hours between rotations.

Singley – VT – OSU – small hop back, a bit of pike in the air, nice distance, one of her strong ones. 9.800

Durante – UB – LSU – 1/2 turn tinto jaeger, nice an dhigh – solid hs position – pak, clean – 1/2 turn on low bar with some loose back – better hs on high – FTDT stuck with legs a bit apart. Good one. 9.900

M Dagen – VT – OSU – larger lunge back on her full this week – not a ton dof distance or amplitude but efficient

Ferrer – UB – LSU _ a bit shrot on first hs /12 turn in jaeger, some leg form deductions on both – nice bail – arch in final cast hs, pulls it back – DLO, just overdoes it a bit with a hop back. Fine but they’ll want to drop it.

Elevate rotation 2 starting.

Magee leading off for Georgia on FX – hits piked full in, just some body position but good control – switch side and popa, hit positions – 1.5 to layout, comes up a touch short with a little scoot – double pike, a little deep –

GREAT stick for Yanish on her Yfull for Oregon State – 9.925. Well now.

Harrold arches over on her Zuchold this week and can’t save it, has to add an extra cast up – so of course the rest is perfect with a stuck double front

Jacobsen – VT – OSU – Tsuk 1/1 – small hop back and the usual chest position deduction. Good.

Baumann – FX – Georgia – double pike witha  huge bounce back, I think she styaed in bounds but more than a tenth for that landing – back 1.5 to layout, a bit of knees

Edney – UB – LSU – hits her Hindorff – good hs out – clear hip to bail – finishes DLO, small hop. Solid. 9.875

Greene – VT – OSU – handspring pike 1/2, hits it with a sideways/backways step – some legs and chest position deductions there.

Priessman – UB – LSU – tkatchev, good counter – pak, some more crazy legs this week – a little loose back on 1/2 turn on low, slightly late – DLO, small hop back.

Priessman still goes 9.950, so they were really itching for it but just couldn’t.

L Dagen – VT – large bounce back on full

Snead – FX – Georgia – a little slide back on double pike – rudi to shush is solid –

Finnegan – UB – LSU – good first hs – Ray, strong – good hs – toe on to bail, secure, strong shoot up to high – DLO – stuck – lovely. Once gaain, I’d be surprised if we don’t see the 10 since they just gave Priessman a 9.950 with 2-3 deductions in there.

9.975. I mean, you had justification for the 10 there. I don’t see how you give Priessman and Finnegan the same score for those routines. That’s the issue here. There’s no separation for obvious difference.

Ramler UB – Minnesota – Shap to pak, perfect legs – hit hs on low – toe shap 1/2, legs right together – toe on to FTDT, stuck it, small lean to find the stick. Another excellent one. 9.900 #JusticeforLexy

Lu – UB – Shap to Pak, lovely 1/2 turn on low – DLO, pings a little but pulls out the stick with a lean.

Dickson – FX – Georgia – double arabian, good, a little bounce to the side but hit – 1.5 to layout, clean straight shape on layout – switch side to popa, great extension in straddle positions – double pike, secure. Good one.

Rotation 3 from LSU starting

Desiderio – BB – LSU – aerial to sissone, smoothly done – bhs loso, extended well – switch with a little pause intwo switch 1/2 to beat, short of position on switch 1/2 – gainer full, small step. 9.900. OK.

Vega – FX – Georgia – goes for the full in and controls it well, controlled step, a bit of chest down – 1.5 to layout, comfortable – switch ring to split leap full – gets her split leap 1.5 around definitely – double pike, nailed

A 9.950 for Vega. Georgia goes 49.575 for a fine floor rotation. Baumann got 9.850 for that routine where she flew back 80,000 feet by the way.

Dean – BB – LSU – side aerial to bhs, hit, the usual kenes deduction in bhs – switch to split 1/4, really short of split on the 1/4 – aerial, solid – side aerial to full, stuck. 9.875. All routines are the same.

Singley – FX – OSU – front tuck through to double tuck, good control – double pike – switch ring, low front leg – rudi, secure landing

Durante – BB – LSU – aerial to beat – falls on bhs loso series, looked like she was off line the whole way, tries to flap around to save it but no chance –

Force – FX – OSU – double pike with a bounce back, great position in the air – switch side to popa, a little ragged – front lay to front full, good control on that one – double tuck, short with a lunge forward.

Edney – BB – LSU – aeiral to sissone, smooth – loso series, hit with knees – switch to straddle 1/4, one of her better renditions of that series – kickover front, solid – 1.5, near stick with a little slide. She’s struggled with that routine this year, but that was probably her best of the season. 9.925

Davis – FX – OSU – double pike, nailed landing, good – same on double tuck, not the tightest positions, but very secure – switch ring to split leap full – front lay to front full is a struggle, a step back on landing, some body shape deductions

Baumann – VT – Georgia – full, bounce back, good distance, some knees

Campbell – LSU – BB – bhs loso series, hit – slightly overturns full turn but fine – aerial to sissone, lovely sissone of course, some knee position in aerial – switch to switch 1/2, excellent positions – stuck 2/1. Good. 9.975 again. They’re setting up for Finnegan again this time.

Ward hits Tsuk full for Georgia, bounce back. Vega more out of control on her full this week with a larger bounce.

Lowery – FX – OSU – punch front 2/1 with a little crossover step – 1.5 to layout, stuck – punch rudi final pass, also struck. Great routine.

Dickson – VT – UGA -Omel – lunge forward, more than shoiulder width – but fine vault.

Finnegan – BB – LSU – wolf single – bhs loso, holds it well without a real check but I’d call it a lean – switch to switch 1/2, excellent – side somi, holds that as well – side aerial to full, sticks with a little deep knees. Well, it was better than last week’s 10, but she had a definite deduction on her series.

9.975. One judge still tried.

Lukacs a little deep on her DTY this week but hit.

Good DLO from Yanish on floor. Controlled. Just a little bounce on double tuck. She goes 9.950

Snead – VT – UGA – lovely 1.5 with ajust a little bounce in place. The first one who brought her best to this vault rotation.

So, LSU goes 49.650 on beam because today. Oregon State 49.275 on floor.

Sales – BB – Minnesota – bhs bhs loso series, smoothly done – cat leap to switch side, great amplitude there – full turn, solid – gainer pike, stuck. Strong routine.

Ramler – BB – Minnesota – full turn, hit – bhs loso series, no trouble – aerial with a savvy llittle lean to keep it going into wolf jump, but you need to take for it – beat to split ring jump, step back – side aerial to full, small slide. Pretty as always.

So anyway the score is 50,000,000 for everyone.

Final rotation starting at LSU

Singley – BB – OSU – split to double stag, secure – bhs loso series with a pretty sizable lean correction bend to the side – kickover front, smaller check – gainer full, hop back

Harrold – FX – LSU – front 2/1, mostly controlled step out, some leg position – double pike, nice toes and leg position – switch ring to switch 1/2, well hit leap positions – 1.5 to layout, controlled step – strong one for her. 9.875

MCP – BB – OSU – full turn, a bit tentative – aerial, hit – bhs loso series, secure, some feet – side aerial to full, stuck, some chest position

Desiderio – FX – LSU – DLO, much better this week, controlled landing, a bit of chest position – front tuck through to double tuck, keeps front foot down, some cowboy position – good split positions, I’d like to see a bit more closure in ring position – double pike, small bounce and some knees in the air. She’s there. 9.850

Roberts – UB – Georgia – toe shap to bail, rushes through hs position a little on bail but fine – one short cast on high – DLO, comes up short with a hop forward.

Solid hit for Lacy Dagen on beam, stuck gainer pike.

Lukacs – UB – Georgia – tkatchev, flat but hit – clear hip to a nice high pak – short of vertical on cast 1/2 on low – pretty well short on final cast hs – DLO, stuck with an arm wave. Things to take, but solid for Lukacs definitely. 9.825 is way high though.

Campbell came up short on a double back on floor on her second pass with a step, the rest solid –

Snead – UB – Georgia – clear hip to tkatchev – the usual – a short final cast hs – DLO pretty but short with a little bounce forward.

Gill – BB – OSU – lovely leaps – is this routine entirely leaps? Oh ther’s an aerial. Oops maybe it should have been leaps. Falls on aerial –

Al-Hameed – UB – UGA – giant full to her massive tkatchev – bail, looked like she was going to come up short but a solid vertical in the end – giant full to double tuck, staggered stick. Nice. She’s very good at looking like she’s going to struggle to hit vertical and then getting there.

Edney – FX – LSU – double arabian, stuck, excellent. 1.5 to layout, a bit too uncontrolled on the dance out but good. switch ring to split leap 1/1, a bit short of position there. She’s having her best day of the season on beam and floor – double tuck, a little chest down, mostly controlled on step.

Dickson falls on her Ray on bars for Georgia. Was also struggling with that in the warmup.

Um what? It’s a 10 for Edney. I mean, like, absolutely not.

M Dagen – BB – OSU – bhs loso series, a bit tight but hit – check on her switch 1/2

Oakley – UB – UGA – needing a hit one – toe higgins was late – connected into lovely piked jaeger – pak is perfect – good vertical on bast 1/2 on low – just a couple handstands – FTDT, small step.

Finnegan – FX – LSU – 1.5 through to 2.5, I’d say a little out of control on the step out but not much, covered well, like the landing just snuck up on her a bit – double tuck, strong, chest up and great position – switch ring to switch 1/2, loverly – double pike, stuck.

So. I think control on the first pass takes away a 10, but this was a better routine than Edney’s.

9.950. 39.800 for Finnegan, the second-highest AA scorer of the year now behind Ross.

Lazaro finishes off the meet for Oregon State with a side aerial to a very deep full but held the stick. That will erase the fall and get Oregon State comfortably into the 196s.

Kelley – FX – LSU – DLO, good, a little bounce back but some better chest position on landing this week – front lay to front full, did well to control the landing because it looked like she would come up short – split leap full to tuck jump 2/1, always going to be the potential deduction trap, she gets it around to get credit, but I’d take for split. Stuck double tuck.Good.


I CANNOT. 10 for Edney and 10 for Kelley but not going there for Finnegan? If this is the code of points, I don’t want to live in it.

Anyway, LSU goes 198.150 for a season high. Oregon State meanwhile will definitely take a road 196.350.

At Elevate, it was 197.350 for Georgia, 197.025 for Minnesota, a hugely important 197.000 for Arkansas, and a 195.025 for Michigan State, which is into the 195s like they needed but not really close enough to to regionals cutoff.

Now, it’s the late meets getting started, featuring Cal and Washington. Enjoy how nothing matters.

YEOUUUUCHHHHH. If you just turned on the SJSU and Cal meet to see that vault injury like I just did, I’m very sorry.

Also live scores barely work anywhere anymore. Everyone has just given up like me.

Pretty from Watterson for Cal, sticking her double tuck dismount, but a fall from Schank on her piked jaeger means they’ll have to count George’s score, who went a little crazy on her dismount.

Cal finishes up with Bordas, who falls on a Jaeger of her own, so Cal counting a fall on bars in the first rotation. Cal counts an 8.975 to go 48.325

Iowa also has to count a 9.4 on beam at Washington, so not the path to another 196 there.


90 thoughts on “Friday Live Blog – March 8, 2019”

  1. How in the heck did Reed score 9.725 with that squatty landing and multiple steps backward? That looked to me like 9.5 should’ve been the max.

    1. Florida scores are high for sure, I feel like Kentucky is getting some gifted tenths too. First beam had a leg come off the beam in her series and still got a 9.8

  2. I’m completely perplexed by the Penn State leos. That strappy criss-cross in the back… what if you need to wear a bra? Looks like the absolute least comfortable thing to compete in, ever. Whose idea was that?

  3. A little bit of overscoring in the first half. The second half could be a Wild West score out! You know, when a single .10 deduction covers any number of multiple errors in a routine.

  4. Is Kentucky really that good, or do they keep getting cooked scores at home/away meets with opponents like Florida?

    I just can’t decide what I think.

  5. Why on earth does Florida’s live scoring thing never work?! Is it just me?

    1. Nope. It’s the same site as a bunch of schools, but Florida’s is always messed up.

  6. I hope the Elevate the Stage meet has actual working stats this weekend. I don’t understand why these meets struggle with the basic technology. It’s 2019 and they have former gymnasts as organizers — please have live stats.

  7. What is up with the weird camera angles with the Florida meet? Do they normally show beam from space like this?

    1. Floor is weird too. Some of the tumbling and dance passes have been difficult to watch because the camera angle changes abruptly in the middle of the pass.

  8. Is anyone getting anything on the LSU feed? It’s 20 minutes after the start time and it says the event is about to begin.

    1. LSU always starts 30 minutes after the time it says…they’ll start at 8:30. No idea why they do that

  9. The LSU meet starts at 8:30 eastern time for anyone wondering why it still on the standby screen.

  10. I can’t believe it’s sarah finnegans senior night. I’m not okay

  11. Credit to LSU for getting Sarah Finnegan and Lexie Priessman to Senior Night without ever needing a Redshirt season.

  12. I wonder if this is it with McKenna because it was definitely said that she would take the redshirt, but she participated tonight, so I guess she is wrapping it up.

      1. What link are you using? The only scores I’m seeing are the school twitter feeds.

      2. I’m using the link Spencer has in his links, and I’m currently able to see each team’s scores through 2 rotations. I don’t have Flo, so I don’t know if we’re behind on the live scores, but we’ve at least got some.

  13. I can’t believe one of the judges gave Priessman and Finnegan the same score.

    1. I can’t watch tonight; just checking in between studying for a sucky GE Bio midterm and writing ~10 to 20 pages for my senior thesis. I was hoping to see a 10 for Sarah! Spencer’s description makes it sound like it was deserved. Or, at least, that Lexie’s score and Sarah’s score should not be identical (even from one judge). I just want a 10 for Sarah tonight, hopefully for a routine that deserves it.

      1. I personally thought they should’ve gone 10 for Finnegan, even if they didn’t overscore Priessman. Finnegan was very clean, and I didn’t see any NCAA deductions. Priessman was definitely overscored. I’d say it was realistically a 9.85, and you absolutely can’t defend going higher than 9.90.

      2. Ugh, no! She just went 9.975 on beam. Again, I think she should’ve been 10 if Campbell was 9.975 because Finnegan was cleaner.

      3. And then she somehow gets a 9.95 after Edney gets a 10. This would be hilarious if I didn’t feel so bad for Finnegan.

  14. Anyone would think that Georgia were competing at home with the kind of generous scoring they’re getting at ETS…

    1. The scores are high, but it’s not just Georgia. Beam and floor judges at Elevate are going high. If that Ark floor rotation went 49.400, you know Georgia was going 49.500+ with a hit.

    2. Not on vault! They may not even break 49, and it’s their highest ranked event.

      1. I will also say it does sound like they didn’t have a great day on vault. Snead was the first vaulter all night to break 9.9.

    3. GO SEC!!!! Carols everywhere – LSU wAAAAAAAAAAy over scored again. The gods that be are determining the final 4 – keep the gods happy. This is unbelievable – no more sec deductions for foot slides, hops, jumps, bounces etc. No more sec deductions for BB waist bends and bobbles. The Judging this season has been the worst in a decade. All thats needed now is to grant UCLA a new zip code and they fit right in. I think my sport of choice is going to switch to NCAA swimming. At least teams relegated to the lower serfdom cannot be cheated in that competition.

  15. Is Julianna Cannamela hurt? If not, it’s pretty crappy that DD didn’t put her in one of the lineups on Senior Night.

  16. The male announcer for LSU/Oregon State just said judging has been “stricter and more consistent” across the NCAA this year. No. Just no.

  17. I am a huge LSU fan and I usually eye roll the recap of scores on here about LSU, but Edney was a 9.9-9.925 max and I think the judges knew with McKenna coming up last there was no way they could give 3 10.0’s, so they hit Finney.

    1. It’s a bummer for Finnegan (I guess? …does she care?) but it’s nice to see the silly scores spread around a bit more. Not like LSU is majorly suffering – they’re a top 5 team and are judged way more loosely than lower-ranked teams, but I know LSU fans have been hurting for 10s this year and at least you got a couple?
      I’d rather Kelley have none, but pleased for Kennedi even if it wasn’t really deserved. She’s a great gymnast and gets overshadowed by others on her team.

      1. Maybe they’ll stop pretending they’re hard done by now… I guess they just prayed hard enough and so the 10s came

      2. This is the type of comment that kills me. “I would rather Kelley have none”. I know scoring is ridiculous, but what the hell has the gymnast done to you? Grow up.

      3. Kelley has posted lots of homophobic comments on social media, and I don’t like, respect, or support people who think gay people don’t deserve human rights. I also don’t think she does 10 quality gymnastics – too many built in form deductions. Don’t tell me who I can or can’t support and why. You get to decide that for yourself and so do I. 🙄

      4. Leaps alone should keep Kelly out of the 10 range. I have the same thoughts on Sidney Snead on Beam and FX. Kelley’s layout in the DLO is often not held throughout- that’s the same reason a lot of people gripe about Thomas and Preissman going 10 on bars. As for social media- it’s to be expected. Jay Clark’s thoughts on politics are not what I would consider evolved but I still enjoy his bars lineup on a hot night.

      5. No, I cannot – it is up to you to figure out how you feel about various competitors. I am not out here crusading for other people to join me in disliking Kelley – I didn’t even bring it up until some other commentator derided me for disliking her (because she couldn’t ~possibly~ have done anything to me personally! 🙄🙄🙄).

        I generally don’t follow people on social media because I’m not out looking for reasons to dislike people (or be upset about how many people suck), so I’m sure there’s many other people I currently support who are also terrible.

  18. Sarah Finnegan should’ve had 3 10s tonight based on the way they scored everyone else. Total BS to give Kennedi a 10 for that crappy leg and foot form but take away from Sarah’s perfection.

    1. I don’t think that Sarah was perfect though-that one landing was off.

      1. I never said she was. Kennedi and McKenna certainly weren’t, but they got 10s. I’m tired of seeing Sarah get hosed by the judges and DD’s lineup placement. At least she won’t have to worry about crappy scoring much longer.

  19. lol all these tens and none of them are Finnegans. What are these judges doing?

  20. I wonder if LSU will be the only SEC team with a 10 this year? 4 for you LSU, none for you Gretchen Weiners.

  21. I guess they’re making up for the lack of gifted scores to the SEC this weekend!

  22. I genuinely think Carol (plural) was just too drunk and got her lineups confused when they gave Edney a 10 and not Finnegan

    1. I think sometimes they don’t have sound for some of the school produced livestreams. Idk, silence is better than irritating commentators, but is sucks for floor.

      1. I am not being rude; I am being real. I love this sport and NCAA gymnastics and I am tired of not being able to talk about the obvious missteps and weird cults that occur in the sport, i.e. promoting a fake spray tan in the sport is one of them, and LSU is one of the worst culprits and teams using open religious prayer group sessions when Jesus is not giving you your 10, it’s Carol. I did not even bring up the homophobia in gymnastics yet, but if you want to, I will.

        And do not even with me about International Women’s Day… I volunteer at a women’s shelter in Brooklyn and spend my time for good.


        – Josh from Brooklyn

    1. Carli Orcutt from SJSU? (I saw the fall/injury on vault but I’m taking a guess from the lower score. Looked uber painful)

  23. I hope Sarah Finnegan is aware of the depth of love, appreciation, and awe gym fans have for the beauty and perfection of her gymnastics. Her scores simply do not reflect on how perfect she is down to every detail relative to anyone else in college gym. That is what makes me mad. I want her to have the acknowledgement she deserves.

    I liked the female commentator tonight “I’d like to know what deduction the judges took.” (on both bars and beam).

    Scores should not be some mind game of what scores you should throw to whom and when. Scores should be based on deductions and proper ranking. This should easily have Finnegan with top bars and floor scores. Beam I”m ok with her tied tonight with Campbell, there was that micro adjustment after her series. Vault was fair, as she was perfect until the little slide on the landing.

    The thing about Finnegan is that perfect means literally perfect. For other gymnasts, 10s are gifted when routines are free of moments of lack of control. So many 10s overlook the built in deductions.

  24. Can we talk about how ORANGE LSU is? Why are their legs so spray tan-y but not as orange on top? Aren’t their colors purple and yellow?

    And why is Kelly getting a 10? Because Jesus told them at their pre-prayer breakfast at Chik-Fil-A?

    I literally cannot with the scores tonight at LSU.

    1. I hear you Josh! Cannamella is especially orangey. These scores tonight were CRAP!

    2. No, let’s not talk about gymnasts’ appearances. The gymternet is already plenty caddy. No need to speculate about the athletes’ use of self-tanner. If you want to complain about scoring, fine, but please keep snarky remarks about gymnasts’ beauty product choices to yourself.

    3. I am not religious and nor do I have an affinity for fake tan but your comments are rude and obnoxious and focus on appearance of gymnasts (on international women’s day) and also there religious affiliations which is just messed up. Focus on the gymnastics and stop being a keyboard warrior and trolling the gymnasts.

    1. I saw a video of what appeared to be a team meeting and she had a big knee brace on? Hopefully not the same injury that kept her out most of last year.

  25. I know that it’s not an apples to apples comparison to compare scores from different meets/different judges but that said, if a floor routine should have earned a 10 last night, it was absolutely Boren!! (And this is coming from a UCLA fan)

  26. Josh from Brooklyn, I get it you have opinions, but commenting on a gymnast appearance and/or faith is not something that should be broadcast on website forums where gymnasts may read it. Criticizing crack scoring, deductions, underscoring, I am here for it but personal comments about personal things about the gymnasts doesn’t seem right. Yes you have a right to comment on gymnasts appearances and faith but do you really have to?

    I think its nice that you “spend time for good” and “volunteer at a women’s shelter” but I am not sure that making rude comments about the gymnasts appearance and their faith is you spending your “time for good.” You are welcome to criticize scores but appearance comments are uncalled for and unnecessary.

    Of course you can continue to do it but its not “real”, i agree that its rude – looks like I am the third person in this forum to mention it is an issue to you. Most gymnasts wear spray tan to help them feel better about themselves and how they look in a leotard in front of 10,000 people – I don’t think they are doing it to “promote spray tan”.

    I get that gymnastics has some crazy stuff happening in it but I think theirs enough crazy to focus on without making it personal. I see you like caps and full stops at the end of your message so



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