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Live from Worlds – Women’s Subdivision 4


Let’s be honest, we’ve been calling this the boring subdivision. But it does have the Yeo in it.

TEAMS: South Korea, North Korea
INDIVIDUALS: Elisa Hämmerle (AUT), Jasmin Mader (AUT), Marlies Männersdorfer (AUT), Marcia Vidiaux (CUB), Filipa Martins (POR)< Mariana Pitrez (POR), Beatriz Cardoso (POR), Paula Mejias (PUR), Karelys Diaz (PUR), Bianca Leon (PUR)

News is also out about US lineups, where as expected they’ll keep Carey off bars and beam and keep Eaker off vault and floor, while the other three will fight it out for AA. For the first time in the US team selection process, I’ll say: Sounds about right.

Rotation 1

An – PRK – BB – switch to side aerial, good – switch, pause before aerialsplit ring jump , some front leg – bhs loso, small lean – double tuck, large stumble back but hit. I was concerned about the hitting based on PT, and we have one hit down.

11.000 E score of 6.1 for a hit routine without large wobbles.

Some bouncing on Eom’s landings on floor, but her final double pike was solid.

Kim SH – BB – PRK – bhs layout, way off and falls. Second fall on her dismount.

12.566 for Eom on FX

Ham – FX – KOR – double L, leg drops below horizontal too early – double tuck to punch front, nice punch on the front – not at all convinced by the closure of these dance elements – 1.5 to front full, ddep with a hop to the side – double pike, large bounce back but just did stay in.

Kim WY – PRK – BB – bhs bhs layout 2 feet, awesome, small check – – switch to aerial – excellent split position – switch 1/2, almost real – switch ring, lovely – split leap to side aerial, really strong extension here – double pike, deep but landed, step to the side.

Yeo – FX – KOR – good form on her DLO, just a bit short with a hop – 2.5 to layout, also clean – wolf double, overturned – split leap 1.5, probably credit as full – 1.5 to rudi, small hop – double pike, bounce back. Good routine. 13.066.

Mariana Pitrez attempted a 2nd vault but went full Kramarenko and ran into the table. She still has a score for her first vault.

Lee YS – KOR – FX – Y spin 2.5ish into illusion – double pike, bounce back – 3/1, bounce back, some leg crossing – 1.5 to front full, some knees and a hop – switch full attempt, quite short – 2.5, bounce forward.

13.066 for Kim Won Yong for her excellent routine.

Kim SJ – BB – PRK – front tuck, hit with a check – side aerial to loso, wobbles side to side – switch ring and falls. SIGH.

12.600 for Lee YS on floor. 38.232 for KOR

Rotation 2

Yeo warmed up a rudi only. It’s possible she’ll only bring out the Yeo in event finals.

An CO – BB – PRK – 1.5 through to 2/1 a little short, lunge to the side – I missed the rest of this routine because Kensley brought me a sandwich because she’s a perfect human person. Not sorry.

Karelys Diaz has fallen on beam.

Kim SJ – FX – PRK – full in, good chest up position – 3/1 to front tuck -solid routine and maintaining her reputation of being the North Korean who performs.

Yeo goes with the rudi, landed, bounce back, fairly easy for her, good chest position, should be a big score. 14.933.

Yeo second vault is a pretty solid DTY, just a little chest down resulting in a small hop forward – good height and form

Ri Su Ryon did very well to save a 2.5 where her right foot slipped out from under her but she stayed on her feet. Unfortunately, she could not do the same on a double tuck and sits it down.

Vidiaux – BB – bhs layout 2 feet, huge wobble, leg up, but stays on – switch to switch 1/2, check – side aerial – split leap to side somi, just does avoid falling again – front tuck, only a small break – 2.5 dismount, a little under, hops it around –

A fall for Filipa Martins on her bars dismount gives her 12.233

Pretty pak on bars from Elisa Haemmerle – flings out a DLO, straddle, lands it with a step forward.

Bianca Leon can’t save an error on beam and falls.

South Korea’s 42.332 is the second best vault team total so far. Thanks Yeo!

Rotation 3

We’ve seen a rudi in the vault warmup for PRK, as well as a DTY with hands down. So this should be interesting.

Mejias – PUR – FX – straight jump double full to start her routine –

PRK opens with a hit DTY from Kim SH. 14.033 is comparatively low. Kim SJ is the one who fell in the warmup, but she hits the competition one, short with a low knee though. Hers goes 14.200 despite being worse.

Clean piked jaeger from Lee Eun Ju, DLO with just a small slide back. Nice.

Kim SJ does a second vault, attempts a Cheng and lands it deeply, on her knees. 8.000 E score for falling. WHAT IS VAULT. That means she goes ahead of Chuso in the race for the vault final. No.

We have a fall from Eom Dohyun on bars.

Ri Su Ryon hits a rudi, chest well down in triangle position, but hit.

Vidiaux – FX – 3/1, just a bit short – front tuck through to 2.5, small step back – full in, stuck landing, chest down – switch – switch 1/2 – double tuck, step back

Lee YS’s piked jaeger is soooo high – lovely routine, hits FTDT with hop back.

An also showed a DTY but judging by the 13.100, it didn’t go great. So that means PRK went with three DTYs and a rudi. 42.699 just misses out on Germany’s high vault mark.

14.133 for Lee YS on bars is 4th so far.

Yeo – UB – hits piked jaeger – clear hip full to tkatchev to pak, gets it – clear hip 1/2 n low is quite short, shoot to high – DLO, hop back. As long as she hits beam, this is going to be a huge AA score.

Maennersdorfer will finish up the rotation on beam – front tuck, leg-up wobble but saves it – switch to split leap – solid bhs loso –

In the previous rotation, Mariana Pitrez was limping after her bars dismount, and it looks like she scratched beam.

Rotation 4

Lee Eun Ju – BB – aerial, check – side aerial – switch – side somi, solid – 2.5 with a large bound forward.

Kim Son Hyang is doing some real 1982 no grips bars, but nice 2/1 dismount –

Vidiaux – VT 1 – Tsuk 2/1, just a bit short with a hop, but landed, and that’s a win for today

Lee Yun Seo – BB – wolf double – side aerial with a check – loso series clean – aerial to split – switch 1/2 – 2.5, crossed legs but hit well – she had an excellent day

Nice piked jaeger from an chang ok on bars

Martins with two steps back on her full in and OOB – front tuck through to 2.5 is well done – 2/1 witha bounce.

Kim SJ – Shap to gienger – clear hip full to tkatchev – clear hip 1/2 to jaeger – pak, nice – goes total crab legs on the low bar in handstand but keeps doing.

Yeo – BB – wolf triple works – bhs bhs loso, secure – aeiral with a check – split to split 1/2 – side aerial switch to switch 1/2 – front tuck, large break, wobble and bend at the hops but stays on – wolf double, teetering – bhs bhs double pike, hop

Ri SR – PRK – UB – clear hip to layoutish gienger, a bit close – jaeger, hit – stalder full to pak, good – FTDT, lunge back

Interesting: Lee Yunseo defeated Yeo Seojeong in the AA, which is basically the perfect result for South Korea because now they’ll get two Olympians. Great days for both of them.

Haemmerle – FX – split leap full – double tuck, good chest position, small hop back – 1.5 to front full, a bit of an awkward step out –

I thought vault had been done for a while, but then Paula Mejias just went up and threw herself off it and landed sideways.

South Korea got close but just missed out on passing Ukraine and sits 5th, North Korea in 6th.

I don’t know what happened on vault after Vidiaux but they stopped that event for 1500 minutes. and now Bianca Leon has a 0.000 even though she did a Ylayout, and now Karelys Diaz did a Yfull. I am very confused. Anyway it’s over?

Lee Yunseo has her Olympic spot, and also basically guaranteed that Yeo Seojeong will have one for vault, Kim Su Jong, Elisa Haemmerle, and Marcia Vidiaux also all broke 50 and are looking in good shape.

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