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Week 2 Lineup Notes


Injury news
Olivia Trautman has not competed yet this season with a broken heel

Changes from last week
Brooke Weins replaced Ragan Smith on vault
Jordan Draper did not compete bars (lineup competed 5)
Allie Stern replaced Emma LaPinta on floor

Injury news
Jazmyn Foberg did not compete after missing last season with injury

Freshman Payton Richards made her debut on vault, bars, and beam

Event absences
Megan Skaggs competed only bars

Changes from last week
Alexandra Ruiz competed vault (scratched last week)
Alexandra Ruiz replaced Emma Brown on floor

Changes from last week
Maile O’Keefe replaced Alexia Burch in the floor lineup

Injury news
Freshman Jillian Hoffman did not compete again with a foot injury

Madison Kocian did not compete for a second week
Sekai Wright is ineligible to compete

Changes from last week
Norah Flatley return to beam, replacing Kendal Poston
Chloe Lashbrooke replaced Norah Flatley on floor

Event absences
Felicia Hano did not compete floor
Pauline Tratz did not compete vault
Nia Dennis did not compete bars

Maddie Quarles competed first vault after transfer from Denver
Freshman Halle Remlinger competed vault and floor

Casey Betts and Abbie Nylin did not compete

Injury news
Christina Desiderio did not compete with a groin injury

Changes from last week
Freshman Maddie Rau replaced Lexie Nibbs on vault
Freshman Kai Rivers replaced Christina Desiderio on beam

Freshman Reese McClure debuted on vault, beam, and floor
Freshman Emma Silberman debuted on vault and bars
Freshman Aleka Tsiknias debuted on bars and floor
Sophomore Sanya Glauber competed first vault
Sophomore Aleksis Rubio compete first floor

Event returns
Senior Tiara Wright competed first floor since 2017 at WVU
Senior Alecia Farina competed beam for first time since 2018

Junior Collea Burgess did not compete
Senior Emma Johnson did not compete

Event absences
Senior Alecia Farina did not compete floor
Senior Kirsten Peterman did not compete floor

Emily Gaskins did not compete
Freshman Mati Waligora did not compete
Freshman Emma DeSantis is no longer on the team’s roster

Freshman Luisa Blanco competed vault and beam
Freshman Makarri Doggette competed bars, beam, and floor
Freshman Ella Burgess competed vault and beam
Sophomore Griffin James competed first scored routine on floor

Event absences
Wynter Childers did not compete beam

Adnerys De Jesus competed AA after missing the first meet

Changes from last week
Sierra Hassel did not compete vault (replaced by De Jesus)
Kaylee Quinn did not compete bars, beam, or floor (replaced by De Jesus)

Sophomores Kynsee Roby, and Abigail Johnston did not compete

Changes from last week
Raena Worley replaced Raina Albores on bars
Raina Albores replaced Alaina Kwan on floor

Freshman Kaitlin DeGuzman did not compete for second week

Iowa State
New junior Andrea Maldonado debuted on floor
Sophomore Ana Palacios made all-around debut (first VT, FX)
Sophomore Phoebe Turner competed first beam routine
Freshman Maddie Diab debuted on floor
Freshman Makayla Maxwell debuted on vault
Freshman Jade Vella-Wright debuted on bars

Junior Ariana Orrego did not compete

Event returns
Senior Sydney Converse competed first floor since 2017

Event absences
Senior Molly Russ did not compete floor
Senior Laura Burns did not compete floor
Junior Sophia Steinmeyer did not compete floor

No change from first meet

Central Michigan
Freshman Hannah Demers debuted in the all-around
Freshman Brenna Hauser and Savana Kotas debuted on bars
Freshman Christie Tini debuted on beam
Freshman Ashley Veglucci debuted on bars and floor
Junior Kennedy Johnson competed first-ever floor

Senior Hayley Porter did not compete
Junior Nora Fettinger did not compete

Senior Shannon Evans returned on VT, BB after missing first meet

Changes from last week
Evans replaced Pitou on vault and Pearson on beam
Sophomore Gabrielle Hubbard replaced Abby Beeston on bars

Injury news
Junior Anne Maxim did not compete with an elbow injury

Freshman Sierra Brooks debuted in the all-around
Freshman Gabby Wilson debuted on vault, bars, and floor

Senior Maddy Osman did not compete

Event absences
Sophomore Abby Brenner did not compete bars

Sabrina Vega returned to VT,FX after not competing them week one
Marisa Oakley returned to UB after not competing it week one

Changes from last week
Rachel Baumann did not compete vault (replaced by Vega)
Loulie Hattaway did not compete bars (replaced by Oakley)
Megan Roberts did not compete floor (replaced by Vega)

Changes from last week
Natalie Sadighi replaced Maya Bordas on vault
Emi Watterson replaced Grace Quinn on beam
Ashton Woodbury replaced Rachael Mastrangelo on floor

Injury news
Mary Nicholson did not compete with a bruised foot

Aspen Tucker did not compete in week 2

Changes from last week
Chelsey Christensen replaced Tucker on vault
Kambrie Brandt replaced Tucker on bars
Hannah McCrary replaced Nicholson on beam
Brandt and Helen Hu replaced Tucker and Nicholson on floor

Changes from last week
Cassie Stevens and Drew Watson replaced Becker and Moss on bars
Cassie Stevens replaced Gobourne on beam
Drew Watson replaced Day on floor

Changes from last week
Zaza Brovedani replaced Malia Hargrove on beam

Boise State
Injury news
Courtney McGregor is out for the season with a torn Achilles

Sophomore Alexis Stokes did not compete on bars

Freshman Erin Elkabchi debuted on beam and floor
Freshman Adriana Popp debuted on beam and floor
Junior Emily Muhlenhaupt made beam debut
Sophomore Samantha Smith made floor debut

Transfer Allie Smith made Washington debut on vault
Sophomore Meaghan Ruttan made floor debut
Sophomore Hannah Vandenkolk made competition debut on beam

Event absences
Junior Geneva Thompson competed only bars
Senior Michaela Nelson competed only bars

West Virginia
Freshman Abbie Pierson debuted on vault, beam, and floor
Freshmen Kayla and Kianna Yancey competed vault and bars
Freshman Maya Kraus debuted on vault
Sophomore Kendra Combs made beam and floor debuts

Sophomore Rachel Hornung did not compete

Event returns
Senior Chloe Cluchey competed first vault, floor since 2018

Event absences
Senior Abby Kaufman did not compete on vault

Changes from last week
Madison Brunette replaced Ashley Tai on vault
Kyla Bryant replaced Ashley Tai on beam
Madison Brunette replaced Kyla Bryant on floor

Southern Utah
Junior Mikaela DeFilippo made competitive debut on beam
Sophomore Rachel Smith made beam debut
Sophomore Stephanie Tervort made floor debut
Freshman Ruby Hernandez debuted on beam

Freshman Kaylee Kho did not compete
Molly Jozwiakowski did not compete
Autumn Jorgensen competed UB, BB, FX on Thursday but not Saturday

Oregon State
Changes from last week
Jenna Domingo replaced Kayla Bird on beam
Kristina Peterson and Destinee Davis replaced Kayla Bird and Niya Mack on floor

Eastern Michigan
Sophomore Karalyn Roberts competed AA after missing first season
Freshmen Arileyah Harris and Hannah Harnung debuted on bars
Freshman Molly Parris debuted on vault and bars
Freshman Mickayla Stuckey debuted on floor

Event absences
Emili Dobronics did not compete bars

Event returns
Junior Briana Price returned to floor for first time since 2018

North Carolina
Injury news
Freshman Hallie Thompson will miss the season with torn ACL

Freshman Elizabeth Culton debuted in all-around
Freshman Sophie Silverstein debuted on bars
Sophomore Leah Gneco made competition debut on beam

Arizona State
Cairo Leonard-Baker returned to bars after missing week one

Changes from last week
Leonard-Baker replaced Hannah Scharf in the bars lineup
Jasmine Gutierrez replaced Maya Williams on beam
Gracie Reeves replaced Alina Miller on floor

Penn State
Kristen Politz returned to floor after missing week one, replacing Tess McCracken

Hailey Garner, Amanda Elswick, and Savannah Pennese did not compete

Event absences
Sarah Shaffer competed only vault

Redshirt Bailey Lovett competed first bars and beam routines
Freshman Kiara Gianfagna debuted on vault, beam, and floor
Freshman Madison Hickey debuted on vault and floor
Freshman Claire Rogers debuted on vault
Sophomore Kailey Gillings made beam debut

Freshman Hannah Joyner debuted in the all-around
Freshman Jordyn Duffield debuted on vault and floor
Freshman Jenna Ferguson debuted on beam

Event Absences
Senior Kaitlyn Hall did not compete beam

Utah State
Freshman Maia Fishwick debuted on bars
Freshman Sofi Sullivan debuted in the all-around
Freshman Hadley Hamar debuted on floor
Freshman Tori Loomis debuted on beam
Freshman Ariel Toomy debuted on floor

Junior Logan Varnadore did not compete

Event absences
Senior Elle Golison competed only floor

Changes from last week
Freshman Ellie Rogers replaced Madison Kampschroeder on bars

Ohio State
Senior Nevin Adamski returned from missing 2019 to compete bars

Event absences
Danica Abanto competed only floor
Claire Gagliardi did not compete bars

Freshmen Alexis Hankins and Ella Hodges debuted on beam and floor
Freshman Zoe Schweitzer debuted on bars and beam
Freshmen Raina Malas and Sarah Rowland debuted on vault

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