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Keeping Up With the Cool GIFs – Week 3


In week 3, the code of points was like

So Oklahoma and Alabama were like

Maggie Nichols got two vault 10s in a single weekend

But Kyla stayed ahead in the 10s fight

Lexy Ramler finally got her first 10

Emi Watterson almost got a 10

Jade Degouveia in-boundsed herself to scale

A typo gave Sierra Brooks 8.850 for a hit and the Big Ten was like

Kambrie Brandt’s feet betrayed her

Kyla Bryant dismounted onto the beam and made everyone go

Andrea Maldonado did a randi

They had babies race each other at Maryland and I was like

Cassie Stevens checked the beam for spiders but it was fine

Elle Golison just wanted OUT OF HERE

And Chris Brooks couldn’t stop talking about farts during the meet

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