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Things Are Happening – October 8, 2020


A. 2020 European Championships

…are still happening? OK?

On the heels of the actual sane announcement (!) that 2020 Euros would no longer serve as the Olympic qualifier for the European continental places—plus Great Britain’s announcement that it would not be attending and Azerbaijan’s withdrawal as replacement host following Paris’s withdrawal as original host—European Gymnastics decided that the only logical move was to…PUSH ON THROUGH.

One might have thought these would serve as accumulated indicators that the event isn’t logistically possible or necessary right now, but the UEG has instead decided to view them as simply sprinkles of flavoring atop the turd muffin of life.

So, Mersin in Turkey (a city we’ve heard of because of that challenge cup there) will step in to become the third host of this event. Third time’s a charm? No wait, there are no charms, all charms are dead. The dates remain the same as previously rescheduled, with the men’s event running from the 9th to 13th of December, and the women’s event from the 17th to the 20th of December.

And, I mean, let’s be honest I can get on board. It is gymnastics after all.

At least the event is no longer trying to be Europe’s Olympic qualifier. All other continents have moved their continental qualifiers to 2021—which will hopefully allow for a more even playing field in terms of preparation time, as well as allowing the new 2021 seniors to compete. But for some reason, Europe was still planning on having 2020 count as the qualifier despite also planning to hold another European Championship in Basel next April. So that was…really weird. Fortunately, they have reversed course on that and will make Basel the qualifier.

Armenia has also announced it will not be traveling to Turkey for the new-new Euros because of the [gestures at human history].

B. Amy Tinkler

Amy Tinkler has been bringing the receipts in recent weeks about how her complaint against Amanda Reddin was mysteriously closed in March and no one told her about it, as well as the problematic email thread from Colin Still about her weight.

She expresses exactly what happened in those instances, as well as with her retirement from gymnastics in general, in this interview, which I highly recommend.

Plus, “Honestly I have no idea what Jane Allen does.”

Hard same.

C. NCAA rosters

Bringing up the rear, UCLA released its much anticipated 2021 roster this past week, listing four freshmen—Chae Campbell, Frida Esparza, Sara Ulias, and Brooklyn Moors. Brooklyn Moors, however, clarified that while she is starting school, she is not intending to compete in the 2021 season because of…obviously? Because of reasonable decision making? Please stay in Canada. Save yourself.

Potential freshman Emma Malabuyo (who is currently still training with Kim Zmeskal at Super Cuts) is also noticeably absent from UCLA’s roster. Her initial signing announcement did say she was intending to join in 2021, so she could be planning to start in January, or she could be among the crop of deferrals from this year’s class who are taking a year to pursue the Olympics, which already includes Jordan Chiles and Ana Padurariu.

Lilia Waller has also popped back up on UCLA’s team.

tired: disappearing from UCLA’s roster after your freshman year
wired: reappearing on UCLA’s roster for your senior year

Speaking of which, Nicki Shapiro is also still voting present, six years after her freshman season, and we’ve never been happier.

In other developments, you can also check out the GoFundMe for saving Alaska’s gymnastics program.

D. GymCastic

Much is happening in the world of GymCastic. First, we’ve launched my child—Gymnastics International—where we break down the most recent competitions in great detail without any of that news or feelings slop. There are two episodes available so far, the first on Japanese and Chinese Nationals, and the second on Szombathely. You can listen to both here.

Gymnastics International: It's Not Nabs! Gymnastics International

BUT FIRST Updates on the US trials petition drama and the statement from USAG saying Tom Forster "misspoke" which only provoke more questions A palate cleanser of Laurie Hernandez's skill reveals GYMNASTICS INTERNATIONAL A deeper dive into the Becky Downie situation and how she says she was treated at her make-up trial Russian Cup Valentina just went ahead and announced the Olympic teams mid-competition "Likely Gerasimova" and whether that makes sense A deep interpretation of Viktoria Listunova's new floor routine Varvara Zubova is the beam champion The Nabieva 1/2 revolution Is it Nabs? Or is it not Nabs? Only Tatiana Nabieva can tell us Comparing Nina Derwael's version and Sanne Wevers' version The FIG screwed up with the values again Important developments from the first Dutch trial Plus, The German and French Olympic teams have been named, and that time Kohei got mad JOIN CLUB GYM NERD Join Club Gym Nerd or buy a gift membership for access to Behind the Scenes episodes. Behind The Scenes: Post-Championships Debrief Behind The Scenes: Day Two US Women's Championships 2021 Behind The Scenes: Day One US Women's Championships 2021 Behind The Scenes: Gymnastics Time Warp Behind The Scenes: Sr. Session Two US Classic 2021 Behind The Scenes: Sr. Session One US Classic 2021 Buy our awesome clothing and gifts here. We have masks too! And Pride gear! RELATED EPISODES 2021 US Nationals Recap, Starring Petition Drama U.S. Nationals Preview & Kyle Shewfelt on his new book, Make It Happen Don't Sign National Team Agreement Until You Listen Simone Biles' Yurchenko Double Pike Has Landed and US Classic Review US Classic Preview Starring Chellsie and Simone THE FLIGHT SERIES: Shilese Jones  
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We also have some new episodes of the main show, one a commission on the worst commentary moments in gymnastics broadcast history (HI TRAUTWIG), and the other a news round-up, including the latest on the Gymnast Alliance.

Please login to your Club Gym Nerd account to watch this episode. Not a member? Join here Headline News Since we've been gone… Suni Lee announced her impending returning to elite, Sydney Barros registered a nationality switch, and there are big big changes to the US men's resident program in Colorado Springs. Meet News The post-worlds period brought an opportunity for gymnasts to earn some actual money in Switzerland with the Swiss Cup and Arthur Gander Memorial. We discuss the weird-but-kind-of-awesome format of these meets, the US team of Yul Moldauer and Addison Fatta just edging the Italian team of Nicola Bartolini and Martina Maggio for the Swiss Cup title, Spencer's hyper-interest in the strategy of which events everyone should compete when, and the floor routine that earned Jessica's seal of approval. How does the prize money for these meets compare to the…actual world championship? Plus… News on constant vigilance, bribery, NCAA coach movement, being resilient AF, and most importantly…the Paris Olympic mascot. JOIN CLUB GYM NERD Join Club Gym Nerd (or give it as a gift!) for access to weekly Behind the Scenes episodes. Buy our awesome clothing and gifts here. We have a Ukraine Fundraiser design, all proceeds go to the CARE Ukraine Crisis fund. RELATED EPISODES & RESOURCES Interview with Beam World Champion Watanabe Hazuki (JPN) Interview with AA World Champion Rebeca Andrade (BRA)  Wei Xiaoyuan (CHN) – Uneven Bars World Champion 2022 Interview with Team World Champions USA The Flight Series: Shilese Jones  The Gymnast Who Kneeled: UC Davis Alexis Brown Interview Donate grips and tape for Ukrainian gymnasts To follow the effects of the Russian invasion to Ukraine at Gymnovosti Gymnastics History and Code of Points Archive from Uncle Tim Liverpool World Championships Event Finals and Mega Recap 10th Anniversary Reunion Show
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