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Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 9


This week...

We learned you can bounce to Mars on a full-in and still get a 10

All of Illinois straight-up forgot how to walk after vault

Michigan went 198 for the first time and this is what we got to see of it

55 routines went 9.950+ and I was like

Time to disappear!

Because that is some mathematical violence

We heard that Trinity Thomas injured her ankle in warmups

But TFW when you find out she’ll still be able to get 9.975s at nationals

Overshoot to superhero landing is a C dismount

Cal got the highest bars score there’s ever been

Reached 198, and then immediately went all second-semester senior

Spin moves are very in

Everyone was like, “Wasn’t this preseason sooooo hard?”

And Stanford was like, “Our training beam was leaves.”

But did go 49 on floor

But is also considering going back to the leaves

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