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Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 10


It’s been a long year, and we need a little lie-down

Because we’re all hitting a wall

Except Marz, who is more than ever

The rest of us are melting into a soft ooze


So I fully support running away from beam

And also bars

Russia’s like, “That’s adorbs, but let me show you how bars disaster is done”

And NCAA gym’s like, “Akshwually, we invented terror”

And Russia’s like, “Cool, call me when a damn snow leopard gives you the ‘tude”

Our only hope at this is point is a Tabitha Yim energy rejuvenation

Or just cancan yourself back onto the beam

And then turn it over to the children, who have the sense to save us all

I’ve truly never felt more seen

Anyway, you can take the boy out of the Reese’s International Gymnastics Cup, but you can’t take the Reese’s International Gymnastics Cup out of the boy

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