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2021 World Championships — Women’s Qualification Live Blog Day 2


Three more subdivisions today (8-10) will round out the women’s qualification competition. Not much finals qualification is expected out of subdivision 8, save for Tjasa Kysselef who could get herself into this vault final by doing her normal. In subdivision 9, Rebeca Andrade headlines with a shot (more than a shot) to make 3 event finals, and then in subdivision 10, the Russian team will compete with a chance to put people into every event final. The start list confirms that Urazova and Melnikova will both compete the all-around, both as medal contenders there, though I’m interested to see what Urazova’s content looks like because she downgraded in podium training compared to the Olympics. Also watch out for Lee Yunseo in the final subdivision, looking to make the bars final and the all-around.

To answer the question: I’m watching apparatus streams via the virtual media center that was set up for credentialed media who aren’t there in person. I would love to share it with all of you, but the one thing I love more than that is not getting in trouble in any way.

Previously on…

Wong, DiCello, Hatakeda, Martins, Wei, Heduit, Bachynska, Visser, D’Amato, D’Amato, Hubareva, Stacey, and Fenton have already clinched spots in the all-around, and the next several athletes (Serber, Woo, Ceplinschi, Williams, possibly more) are all-but-officially in because not THAT many people are going to pass them today.

And here are the athletes currently in event qualification position:

Asia D’Amato
Budda Reddy


Alice D’Amato




So let’s get to it.


In this one we have Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Slovenia. CZE (i.e. Ponizilova) starts on vault, Azerbaijan on bars, Hong Kong and Vietnam both on beam, and Hribar of Slovenia on floor. Interested to see what Hong Kong and Vietnam do on beam here.

Hribar – FX – split leap full into the corner – double pike, good control – 2/1, bounce back – switch ring, not bad – rudi, a little off kilter on landing with a slide back – good, solid start to her AA day. 11.866

Chan – BB – HKG – front tuck to immediate split jump, good connection – bhs to back tuck very slow and falls. Pretty side aerial, good individual technique but everything is very tentative.

Looks like Ponizilova only just did get her vault to her feet, large lunge to the side and off the mat. 12.400.

Looks like only one of the Azerbaijan athletes did bars instead of two.

10.000 for Chan. Poniziliova Tsuk back layout second vault.

Wong – BB – HKG – front tuck mount to split jump to straddle jump, connects, holds it with a wobble – wolf double was a real adventure, stayed on the beam but overrotates and lots of wobbling – aerial to back tuck, step forward – nice lift on straddle jump 1/2 from side, oversplit on her straddle – switch 1/2, good 180 but loses her feet – side aerial, bend at the hips – punch front full dismount, large bounce forward.

11.166 for Wong.

Do – BB – VIE – candle mount, rolls quickly over out of handstand – bhs loso, short, saves it, a couple lean wobbles – aerial, short, falls, but really pretty form in the air, pays attention to toe point but doesn’t have the lift to complete the elements – side aerial – split and straddle 1/2 from side position – 1.5 dismount, lunge back

10.433 for Do.

Tran – BB – VIE – aerial to split jump to straddle, solid extension – bhs loso series, controls it well – split leap full attempt, gets it pretty well around for being a split leap full on beam – switch ring, not getting credit for that one – side aerial, swims the backstroke twice to save it but does – split leap to side somi, another near disaster but saves it – split 1/2 from side, large lean forward, leg comes up – 2/1 dismount, small movement on landing. Well, multiple large breaks will kill the score there, which is a shame because most of her elements, especially the B and C skills, are very well executed.

11.633 for 32nd place. 11.633 with probably three separate 0.500 wobbles.

Rotation 2

Slovenia to vault, Ponizilova to bars, Azerbaijian to beam, Hong Kong and Vietnam to floor. Kysselef the headliner in this rotation.

Hribar opens with a yfull, good, normal, medium lunge back, chest just a bit down. Another solid score for her AA hopes.

Ponizilova – UB – van leeuwen, hit, crossed feet – toe on to blind to jaeger and falls, nice in the air but couldn’t get her grips over.

Chan – FX – HKG – split leap full, around – double tuck, a bit deep but pulled it out – front layout full, secure landing – 2/1, only a small slide. Lower difficulty but comfortable with everything she was doing. 11.366

Kysselef – VT 1 – SLO – greaat landing on her Y1.5, stuck it – some large leg form on her block, but can’t fault the landing.

Kysselef – VT 2 – SLO – Oooof – handspring front tuck full attempt and puts her hands down. Just a 12.466 for her second vault, which will put her in 10th overall with a 13.233 average and out of the final.

Tyra we were rooting for you dot gif

Tran – FX – VIE – split jump full, good – double pike, secure landing, chest down – uh oh, 2.5 to front attempt goes awry, crooked on her 2.5 and couldn’t get anything on the front tuck, sits it down – it gets rougher, double tuck and only just does avoid landing face-first, second fall

Haven’t seen anyone from Azerbaijan on beam. What happened to this delegation?

Not sure what’s going on now. All the other events are done, and no one has gone on beam, but they haven’t called the rotation switch either. So everyone is just standing there.

Still lots of gymnasts standing around with some very…*so WTF is going on here can I move?* body language. Same.

Announcement in the arena. Couldn’t catch all of it except for “The system is down” and that gymnasts are allowed to “go back and warm up” something or other.

A second announcement, I really can’t make out the sound very well on these feeds, but I got “the system is down on BEAM” this time.

We’re back o beam. Minakovskaya is going and just fell on a side somi and then immediately again on a split jump 1/2 from side. THE SYSTEM IS DOWN.

9.033 for her. I blame the system.

Gahramanova – BB – AZE – bhs mount, hit, some soft knees – bhs loso, takes 85 steps backward but somehow keeps them all on the beam – L turn, borderline, did a good job to hold it but there were moments where she was sub horizontal – side aerial and falls, way short – switch to sissone – aerial, check – wolf turn 1.5 ish? – straight jump full from side, second fall – front layout full dismount with a lunge

Finally on to rotation 3. The big news from 2 is the bullet dodged by the gymnasts who are currently in vault qualification position. One fewer person to get through with Kysellef out of the running.

Rotation 3

Hribar – UB – jaeger, very far but makes it – smooth Pak – shaposh to bail, nice toe point, connects to toe shoot – giant full and has to tuck it and hop off

Ponizilova – BB – hits wolf double – bhs to back pike, hit with a wobble – switch – wolf jump to sissone – side somi, lean – punch front layout full, small hop.

Tran hits a handspring front vault, but her second vault (attempt Yurchenko layout?) goes very wrong with a stumble back and sits down.

Hribar and Polizilova both went 11.600 on their routines

Gahramanova – FX – double pike, hit, step back – double tuck, chest down but hit – double L turn is quite nice – desperately tries to pull around a wolf double but not quite – front tuck through to layout full, ragged but hit –

We can hear the judges on vault which is fun. There was a delay on Tran’s second vault score because someone entered the skill number for the vault instead of 3.5 (the D score) in the system.

Chan – VT – HKG – handspring front tuck 1/2 is hit, medium bounce back, 12.933

Chan – VT 2 – HKG – hits her Tsuk back pike second vault for 12.683

Rotation 4

Azerbaijan to vault, Vietnam to bars, Slovenia to beam, Ponizilova to floor

Kysselef – BB – aerial with a check – side aerial, hit – front handspring (ish) to side somi, keeps it on with a large wobble – split jump 1/2 from side, saves it with a large lean. Good stick dismount.

Do has nice height on a Jaeger but catches it very close.

Ponizilova finishes floor with just a back layout. To straight jump full. Gets 11.466 for a 45.966 day.

Hribar – BB – SLO – bhs mount is solid – side aerial to bhs, step forward to svae it – aerial, good – check on a split jump – has to redo a leap series after a pause – split ring leap attempt goes insane, she slips off and ends up having to grab the beam with her ribcage, fall – front lay dismount.

Tran is off bars on a stalder. She gets 9.000. Waiting for them to deal with Hribar’s score, but that could be the AA killer for her.

Short break until subdivision 9, which will be a short one, which just six athletes. But one of them is Andrade.

Hribar goes 10.433 to end up on 47.199 and in 32nd place.

No one got into the AA final from subdivision 8, which means that Serber, Woo, Ceplinschi, Williams, and Siegenthaler have now locked their spots in the AA final as well.


So in subdivision 9 we have Andrade starting on vault, Slevin on beam, Mexico on floor, and an open rotation that starts on bars and is invisible.

Slevin – BB – nice loso mount – bhs loso loso but a huge break and can’t save it, falls – switch to split – finishes with a tuck 1.5 dismount, which is solid

Andrade opens with a hit Cheng. Really good, she just ended up hopping to the side to get 0.300 off, but lovely in the air.

DTY second vault is fab of course, super high, medium pace backward.

14.800 average and into first place by 80,000. If anything I think her scores were a little tight there.

Slevin went 11.466 on beam, Campos 11.133 on floor

Ruiz – FX – Mexico – double arabian is very short, sits it down – switch to split leap full – front 2/1 is pretty nice, just a crossover step – switch side 1/2 is also good, side split elements much more comfortable than cross splits, which were fairly short – 2/1, bounce back – double pike, lunge back. Also incurs a very avoidable 0.1 artistry deduction for ending her routine with a tumbling pass and no subsequent choreography.


Lopez – FX – single y – double pike, hit, only a small step back – split ring leap to switch half, shows a 180 position on her split ring – double tuck is very short, large stumble forrward – goes for a split leap full but doesn’t get it all the way around – switch ring – front full to stag. 11.400 for her.

So, as expected Andrade into first place on vault, knocking out Budda Reddy from the final.

Rotation 2

Andrade to bars, Slevin to floor, and Mexico to vault. Escalera and Ruiz both scheduled for two vaults.

Andrade – UB – maloney to stalder full to taktchev pike to pak to van leeuwen, lovely – piked jaeger, super high – toe full to FTDT, near stick. Great handstand positions. Wow.

15.100 and into first place. 8.800 E score. We haven’t seen an E score like that in……..

Slevin went 12.466 on floor, so we just have Mexico’s vaulters to go now.

Campos starts with a hit Yfull for 13.200.

Escalera – VT 1 – pretty solid Y1.5, nice position in the air, just lands a bit short with a lunge to the side. 13.700. In contention for the final if she has a competitive second one.

Escalera – VT 2 – Tsuk full is also comfortable, step back. That’s all it takes at this worlds. 13.633 average and into 5th place on vault. Will definitely make the final.

Ruiz – VT 1 – A lot more trouble on her Y1.5 attempt, lands short and sits it down.

Second vault Tsuk full is equivalent to Escalera’s, but she won’t be able to overcome the fall on her first vault, which means Nancy Taman is also safe for the vault final.

It’s Netzer and Rousseau on the bubble now for the vault final. Rousseau unlikely to make it because Melnikova is still to come, but Netzer has a shot.

Rotation 3

Andrade finishes up her day on beam, Slevin to vault, and Mexico on bars.

Slevin is on track despite the beam miss and will be looking to average mid-12s on the remaining events to get herself into position to make the AA final. Should be more than doable for her.

Andrade – BB – bhs loso, check – aerial to split ring jump – split jump 1/2 from side with a large bend at the hops – switch ring, another fairly large check, arm wave – side aerial is nice – doubel pike, nailed the landing. That will be interesting to see the score here because she had a couple major breaks.

Slevin with a solid Yfull, goes 13.533. Now she just needs a mid 11 on bars to get herself into the AA final.

Ruiz is off on bars, went over on a handstand and couldn’t save it.

Andrade goes 13.400 on beam despite the wobbles, putting her in 7th place (6th for EF purposes) tied with Murakami. Could get interesting if two Russians pass. But Andrade and Murakami are tied on E and D score as well. 7.800 E score is extremely high for that routine. They’re obsessed.

10.233 for Ruiz on bars.

Campos – UB – looks like Escalera scratched? I guess? – She was like…I’m in the vault final byeeeee – van leeuwen, hit, just some crossed feet – nice amplitude on piked jaeger – hindorff hit – pak, clean – maloney to clear hip 1/2, verry late – giant full, loses her form and tucks – double tuck, hop forward. Some really strong releases in there, will lose tenths for handstands and leg form

That’s 12.166 for Campos. She’s about a point off Slevin’s pace but could also get herself into solid AA position with a hit beam.

So, Andrade is done with her…almost surely 3 event finals.

Rotation 4

Slevin to bars, Mexico to beam

Campos – BB – leg up check on loso mount – bhs loso series is secure – aerial, smooth, nicely done – did have one major break in this routine but pulled it back onto the beam – 1.5 dismount, large lunge forward

Slevin – UB – toe full to maloney to pak, good combination – can leeuwen – jaeger, feet but caught – 2/1 dismount, jarred landing, lunge back, but that will easily get the score she needs, great day for her.

12.700 for Slevin on beam for a 50.165 total, easily into the AA final.

11.400 for Campos gives her 47.899 for 27th place. Not enough.

Escalera – BB – punch front pike, step forward, keeps it on the beam – identical on the punch front tuck – bhs loso, leg-up wobble – side aerial, held, small lean – split jump to sissone – split jump 1/2 from side, leg up wobble – just a layout dismount.

Lopez – BB – bhs mount with a wobble – saves her bhs loso series, leg-up – switch, good amplitude – but having leg-up checks on a lot of stuff – smoother aerial – split ring jump but probably not getting split credit for the front leg – sheep jump, another large check – side somi, little lean forward – 2/1 is nice and stuck.

11.433 for Lopez.

At 50 minutes, that’s the fastest 4-event subdivision I think I’ve ever seen.

Which means a pretty large break before the final group.

Here’s where we are:

There are 4 AAers slated for the final group, which means the current top 20 have already clinched their spots in the final. That’s Wong, DiCello, Hatakeda, Martins, Wei, Heduit, Bachynska, Visser, D’Amato, D’Amato, Hubareva, Stacey, Fenton, Serber, Woo, Ceplinschi, Slevin, Williams, Siegenthaler, and Maennersdorfer. The next four currently in position are Bacskay, Szekely, Hautala, and Van Pol. Things don’t look good for Hautala and Van Pol what with Melnikova and Urazova to come.

On vault, there are 2 gymnasts slated for 2 vaults in the final group, which means the current top 6 already have their spots in the final: Andrade, Geurts, Asia D’Amato, Bacskay, Escalera, Taman, Netzer, and Rousseau.

The current top 8 on bars are Andrade, Wei, Luo, Kovacs, Iorio, Martins, Downie, and Alice D’Amato. With two Russians and Lee YS to come, things don’t look good for Downie or D’Amato, and maybe Martins, we shall see.

The current top 8 on beam are Luo, Schaefer, Wong, Ashikawa, DiCello, Andrade, Murakami, and Downie. Same comment applies what with Russians still to come, but then again it’s also beam. Andrade and Murakami are tied on both D and E score, so if they end up tied for 8th place, they’ll both make the event final and there will be 9 competitors.

The current top 8 on floor are Murakami, Wong, DiCello, Hiariwa, Ceplinschi, Bachynska, and Geurts. Geurts is in trouble because Melnikova, and Bachynska may be in trouble depending on Urazova’s content.


Russia is on vault, Slovakia on bars, Korea on beam to begin.

Rotation 1

Surmanova – UB – SVK – piked jaeger and jaeger are both hit – bail, crazzzy big arch and can’t save it after all

Shin Solyi gives us what I think is the first Onodi I’ve seen in two days.

Urazova – VT – RUS – ayyyyyyyyyy – she attempts a DTY and lands it literally on her side. She onlygets 1.5 credit and the fall. 12.100.

So maybe she shouldn’t have done the AA after all.

Good double pike beam dismount for Shin as well. Nice work. 12.200

Melnikova – VT 1 – gives us a fine DTY, a bit larger bounce back than she would have wanted, some leg crossing. Perfectly solid. 14.466.

Melnikova – VT 2 – trouble with this one. She goes for a Lopez but gets only pike credit for a 4.8 D, large bound back.

13.100 second vault score, but the 13.783 avergae is still good enough for the final, but only 4th place.

80 million hour wait for Surmanova’s score. What is happening.

Lee Yunseo on beam has a large-ish lean to the side correction on her bhs loso series – finishes 2.5 with a lunge back.

12.200 for Lee YS on beam.

13.566 on bars is a nice result for Mokosova. No final, and she’s not doing the AA today, but still a nice result.

Eom – BB – KOR – bhs mount is wayyyyy off line and she starts with a fall – fhs front tuck, very deep, no chance to save, second fall – split jump to wolf jump is nice? – aerial to splti ring jump, finding her footing now – side aerial – bhs loso series, only a small wobble – switch ring, large leg up check but brings it back – 2/1 dismount, very solid dismount finish, small rebound. 10.233

So, Melnikova into the vault final, but more questions about her medal status after that 4th place. Urazova in trouble after a vault 12.100, at least in so far as I wonder whether we’ll see all the events from her after that. She can honestly still qualify top 12.

Rotation 2

Russia to bars, Slovakia to beam, Korea to floor

Melnikova with the traditional disastrous piked jaeger during her touch.

Usakova – SVK –  falls on aerial to back tuck combo attempt.

Urazova – UB – inbar – inbar shap to pak to van leeuwen, lovely – inbar 1/2 to piked jaeger, a bit close – giant 1/2 turn – toe full to FTDT, hop forward. That’s more like it. Will be a big score.

14.366 and into 5th place, only question is whether she gets 2-per-ed. That knocks D’Amato out of the bars final.

Usakova gets 7.133 on beam. There were more falls.

Melnikova – UB – inbar full to inbar shap to pak to van leeuwen, REALLY tucks the VL – inbar 1/2 to piked jaegher, takes it close but fine this time – toe full to FTDT, hop forward. More issues than Urazova but still a fine one.

14.466 with a 6.3 D compared to Urazova’s 6.1 D. Really shouldn’t have been higher than Urazova’s score.

Melnikova is into 4th on bars, knocking out Downie from the final.

Minaeva – UB – piked hindorff (shang), good – Nabieva to pak, solidly connected – shaposh to clear hip 1/2 to yezhova, great leg position – van leeuwen, strong – toe full, just a little hesitation – FTDT, small hop. Very impressive. Should be the best score for the Russians.

BOOOO. 14.333 for Minaeva and no bars final. Incorrect. Hers should have been the top Russian score.

Lee Yunseo finishes up on floor with a double pike, good position is the air but really has to pull to get it around. Gets 13.016 for 10th place, a huge floor number for her.

Lee DY – FX – KOR – double y spin, falls out of it but wrenches her two twists around – double pike, bounce back – 3/1 to front tuck, hit – switch ring, good closure – split full, doesn’t quite rotate the full twist – 1.5 to front full, has to tuck at the end, slide back – wolf double is smooth – 2.5 hop forward, keeps it in bounds. 12.566

Surmanova – BB – SVK – full turn – split jump to wolf jump, soft back leg – front tuck, large break and falls –

Rotation 3

Korea on vault, Russia on beam, Usakova on floor

Urazova – BB – loso mount, good – bhs to bhs GIRLLLLLLLLL WHY AGAIN – switch to y spin to 1.5 turn is gorgeous – aerial to split jump – onodi to illusion with a check, but lovely elements – no trouble on her triple wolf or double wolf – side aerial, strong – bhs bhs 2.5, crossed legs, hop to teh side

Shin Solyi goes 13.500 with a yfull first vault. We’ll see about her second vault.

Urazova still goes 13.166 on beam and is in 10th on the event.

13.133 second vault is not enough, which means Ofir Netzer will make the vault final.

Melnikova – BB – switch mount to switch to split leap, lovely – bhs loso series, secure – aerial to split to straddle, excelelent form – bhs 1/1, good – wolf double, easy peasy – side somi, no trouble – split ring jump – double pike, small hop forward. Good. One of her happy beam days.

14.033 for Melnikova, and she’s into second on beam, knocking out Downie.

Vorona – BB – switch mount o split leap to stag ring, arm wave correction – aerial to split ring jump, holds it – switch to sheep jump to split jump – bhs bhs loso, hits it, small wobble – switch ring, secure, pause before korbut so probably no connection – wolf double – side aerial, smooth – double tuck, stumble back, a couple lunges.

Vorona still goes 14.633 for 5th place on beam, which will make the final and push Andrade and Murakami into a tie for 8th. Tie not broken because they have the same D and E. 9 finalists.

Bars and floor will be the only active events in the final rotation, so we know the finalists for vault and beam.

Vault: Andrade, Geurts, Asia D’Amato, Melnikova, Bacskay, Escalera, Taman, Netzer
Beam: Luo, Melnikova, Schaefer, Wong, Vorona, Ashikawa, DiCello, Andrade, Murakami

Rotation 4

Urazova – FX – tries triple y, two lovely ones but doesn’t get the third around – double pike, high, slide back – 2.5 to front tuck, little hop – split leap full, fine – wolf triple, easy, wolf double, same – she’s like, seriously I can do nothing and beat all y’all – front 2/1, lunge forward and OOB – 2/1, bounce back. So at least she didn’t do a layout as one of her passes like in PT>

13.433 and 4th place on floor, hardest pass was double pike.

She goes 53.065 in the AA, which currently puts her 4th. Will be 5th after Melnikova.

Lee YS – UB – inbar full to inbar shap to pak to stalsder shap 1/2, legs apart there – inbar 1/2, pikes and paueses but gets it around into piuked jaeger – stalder full to FTDT. Some beautiful pieces but also opened the door

Melnikova – FX – hits DLO 1/1 – 2.35 L turn into a double turn – DLO, awkwardish rebound – front 2/1 – wolf triple, fine – wolf double, same – double pike, bounce back. Not her strongest landings but fine.

14.066 on bars for Lee YS, will just miss out on the final by less than a tenth. Thanks, I hate it.

Lee DY – UB – maloney to pak, short cast – van leeuwen is nice – stalder to stalder 1/2, pauses like Lee YS – jaeger and can’t cast up out of it and has to recast – alas – finishes double tuck, hop back

14.100 for Melnikova on floor, into second behind Murakami.

57.065 in the AA, in first by a mile.

So that will do it for the remaining finals

Bars: Andrade, Wei, Luo, Melnikova, Kovacs, Urazova, Iorio, Martins. Lee YS is 1st alternate, Downie 2nd
Floor: Murakami, Melnikova, Wong, DiCello, Urazova, Hiraiwa, Ceplinschi, Bachynska

That;s all four event finals for Melnikova. Melnikova, Murakami, Andrade, and Luo all made the final on everything they competed. And a number of other one-eventers did that.

AA finalists are:
Vault group: Melnikova, Wong, DiCello, Hatakeda, Urazova, Martins
Bars group: Wei, Heduit, Bachynska, Lee YS, Visser, Asia D’Amato
Beam group: Alice D’Amato, Shin SY, Hubareva, Stacey, Fenton, Serber
Floor group: Woo, Ceplinschi, Slevin, Williams, Siegenthaler, Maennersdorfer

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