2021 World Championships – Men’s Qualification Day 2

Here for the first couple subdivisions of the final day of qualification to check in on Japan and the USA and see how they compare to China’s largely “all the finals please” performance from day 1.

Japan is starting on floor in the first rotation.

Kaya starts with nice form on his double front 1/2 out, good legs together, solid landing on doubel front pike, only a little scoot, which is typical of all his passes, very little movement but not stuck, finishes with a 3/1, crossed legs, small slide.

14.566 and he’s ahead of everyone from yesterday already, but still has to withstand his own team.

The PBars stream is dead, but Souza went 14.800 there for the best non-China score so far.

Hashimoto starts with an easy double double, finished early, has the edge on Kaya in twisting form and is sticking a few more of his passes here. Does have a small slide back on his 3/1 final pass but very well done. Should be ahead of Kaya for sure.

14.733 for Hashimoto.

Minami up now, sticks a 2.5 twisting double tuck, stop it – front 3/1, hop forward – 3.5 to front full, casual – a slide back on his back 1.5 to randi – deep breath before press handstand like “ugh why isn’t this tumbling” – back 2.5 to front 2/1, small hop – 3/1, stuck landing. Give the man the medals.

14.966 and into first place. I feel like you misspelled 16.

Taha Serhani finishes off the Swiss HB rotation with a miss – couldn’t get back up to handstand on a piro and has to hop off.

In rotation 1, Japan takes the top 3 spots on floor.

Rotation 2

Souza starts for Brazil on HB, Kolman with some legggs on catch – layout tkatchev with an arm swim in the air – tkatchev 1/2 – tak 1/1, not bad vertical – yamawaki – tak 1/2 a little late struggles on double double layout, short landing and a large lunge forward. 13.200

Kaya goes 14.933 on PH, which puts him in second place, behind only Weng.

Hashimoto just destroyed that pommel horse. I feel like the theme today will be Kaya doing a good one and Hashimoto being like, or….

Nory – HB – tak 1/2 large leg break – layout tkatchev is nice – tkatchev to tkatchev 1/2, lovely toe point – Winkler (layout jaeger full) is perfection – oooof, tak 1/1 is a problem, goes over the wrong way – covers well though into yamawaki – DLO 1/1, lunge forward. Some great moments but a lot to take in a couple places.

15.075 for Hashimoto on ph, so he’s in second place there.

13.466 for Nory, that won’t do it.

Nory inquired his score on HB and it was accepted, but 13.766 still isn’t going to do it.

Rotation 3

Love Souza’s tumbling, really comfortable landings until the 3/1 final pass with a pretty large lunge back

Tikhnonov sits his second vault.

Kaya goes 13.966 on rings, which is still good enough for 4th place right now. There’s a huge gap between the top 3 (Lan, Zhang, Klimentev) and everyone else there right now.

Rings is Hashimoto’s bad one but he gets through with exactly what he needed to do, just not much difficulty and not as secure or flat in his holds, double double dismount, hop. 13.333

Noe Siefert just fell off the windowsill trying to sneak into the apartment during his pommel horse.

There have been a lot of LONNGGG breaks following the rotations before everyone can get a move on.

Delay for Hashimoto rings inquiry. Pull up some popcorn and eat a chair.


Rotation 4

Japan will be all up in the vaulting for this one, trying to get both Asato and Yonekura into the final

VERY strong Kas 2/1 for Hashimoto, stuck landing with a little lean. Excellent. 15.066. OK now.

Welp Souza got 10.233 on horse.

Asato – VT 1 – esssshhhhh, Tsuk full in tuck is a struggle, gets it to his feet but several large lunges backward and out of the area. Still gets 14.300 for it. OK.

Asato – VT 2 – handspring randi is a bit better, but also lands hunched over and lunges to the side a couple times. 14.166. How vault has been going: He’s in 3rd place with a 14.233 average.

Yonekura – VT 1 – Kas 2.5 is hit pretty well, some clear crossed legs throughout and a medium lunge forward, but has the edge on Asato for sure.


Yonekura – VT 2 – handspring randi is also a bit better than Asato’s, kind of a jarring landing and a lunge back, but just backward and stays in the area. 14.633

Average 14.783, which does just put him second to Chepurnyi, but easily into the final.

Rotation 5

Japan to PBars now. It’s looking very close between Zhang and Hashimoto right now. Hashimoto will have the HB edge.

PBars stream is dead in the media center, but Kaya goes 14.833 for his. Japan will really want Asato to stick around for the vault final because otherwise it will be like…why didn’t you let Kaya get an all-around bronze?

Deep landing on a double front on vault from Mboyo but he does pull it to his feet without a fall.

Souza just 14.033 on rings, 4th for now but…..

Hashimoto’s 15.200 on PBars puts him in 3rd place for that event final.

He’s currently at 73.407. Zhang went 87.897, so Hashimoto needs 14.490 to match him. A big score but very doable for Hashimoto.

Rotation 6

It’s Kohei o’clock.

In the touch, Kohei misses his Bretschneider.

Kaya – HB – Kolman is close but caught – tak 1/1 very nice position – tak 1/2, same – layout tkatchev – tkatchev – tkatchev 1/2 – a little sluggish getting out of the german giants but fine – double double layout dismount, hop back. A good one.

13.966 and into 7th place there. Good thing it looks like he has the PH final, because otherwise it would have sucked to have him do 5 events and miss everything.

Hashimoto – HB – tak 1/2, good – Cassina, solid catch – Kolman, comfortable – layou t tkatchev to tkatchev 1/2 – tak 1/1 pretty crazy – yamawaki – stalder – DLO 2/1 is flung out some, has to pike it with a hop forward. But a strong one. Will be another big score.

14.633 for hashimoto. Which is first place on HB and first place in the AA.

14.083 vault average for Souza.

Kohei – HB – Bretschneider this time caught but close – Cassina is clean – Kolman high and easy – tak 1/1 OK  to yamawaki – tak 1/2 a little late – giant full – DLO 2/1, small hop forward. A hit! Some things, especially the close catch on the Bretschenider, but good things happen when you take out Stalder Rybalkos.

14.300 for Kohei and into 3rd place. That should make it back. But be very worried about actual Bretschneider, who is now 6th on HB.

So: Japan puts Hashimoto into 1st in the AA. Minami and Hashimoto are 1-2 on floor. Hashimoto and Kaya are 2-3 on horse. Kaya is 5th on rings. Yonekura and Asato are 2nd and 4th on vault. Hashimoto and Kaya are 4th and 6th on PBars. Hashimoto and Kohei are 1st and 3rd on high bar.

Baumann gets himself into 5th on PBars. Souza is 4th on rings.


In this one…some people! Featuring the US men. Casimir Schmidt will not be competing due to injury.

US starts on PBars, where Moldauer will be the lone competitor.

Moldauer – PB – front toss, good – tuck 1/2 to arms, solid – diam, peach a little hesitation peach 1/2, fine – Makuts, clean – healy, showing good hs positions – layout 1/2, nice, that’s new yes? – double front 1/2 out, stuck landing. REALLY good one for him.

14.866 puts him in 5th place, 4th when accounting for 2-per. Really strong start.

Tseng of Taiwan goes for two 5.6 vaults but misses both. Sits a Tsuk double pike attempt.

US to high bar in rotation 2, where Moldauer and Malone will go.

Rotation 2

Moldauer – HB – zou li min – tak 1/1 with some knees – yam, lowish but fine – tkatchev – giant full – 1.5, pretty late but normal – tak 1/2, bent knees and late – DLO 1/1, stuck landing. You know, it’s Yul and high bar, but he got through it without major error.

13.233, and breaking 13 on high bar at worlds is a win for him.

Malone – HB – Cassina, good, very high – Kolman, some legs but comfortably caught – alyout tkatchev to tkatchev 1/2, solid – layout tkatchev 1/2 – tak 1/1 late – tak 1/2 same, neither egregious – DLO 2/1, step back. Another strong showing.

Missed whether Sharamkou went for the triple back, but saw his final pass, 3/1 with a pretty significant stumble.

14.366 for Malone, he’s into 3rd place ahead of Kohei. That will make the final.

Rotation 3

Whittenburg will be joining Moldauer on floor for the US, which is interesting. At worlds selection, when Whittenburg did floor before vault on the first day, he botched vault, but when he scratched floor on the second day, his vaults got him on the team.

Moldauer – FX – punch randi, bounce back – dobuel front 1/2 out is short, hop forward – front 2/1 to front full is better, stuck landing – 2.5 to 1/2, stuck – 2/1, small bounce – 3/1, bounce back. Got better as it went but not his usual. He can’t afford landings like that on his double front 1/2 because his D isn’t that high.

Still gets 14.433 for 4th place, which is better than I was expecting.

Whittenbuirg – FX – 1.5 to double front goes crazy but he lands it somehow – front 1/1 to double front pike, hop forward – double double layout, shortish, hop forward – 2.5, hop back – double double tuck, larger bounce back and OOB – double tuck full, hop. Donnell on floor, made some miraculous work to save some landings but the bounces and landings are going to annihilate the E score.

13.866 is not a bad score for that really. 15th place.

Big pommel horse rotation coming up for the US now.

Rotation 4

Moldauer comes off horse on his one-pommel work. He had a good score going through the first three. Annnnnd a second fall after restarting. Gets back up to flare all around the place, but again has trouble getting up to dismount, hips drop. That score is going to be in the basement.

10.633 breaks Yul’s AA score in the face.

Yoder up next and he has no trouble, through his routine with a very solid hit, no major leg breaks or issues.

15.300 puts him into second place, which will definitely make it back. 6.5 D score is an upgrade as well.

Nedoroscik also looks great, a single leg separation on a travel, but another high difficulty, strong hit.

15.366 for his 6.5 D score, goes just ahead of Yoder and into 2nd place. 2 American pommel horse finalists. I don’t know where I am.

The Moldauer horse routine was the one blemish for the US men so far, who are excelling when asked to only do their good ones.

Rotation 5

Moldauer starts the US off on rings – planche – roll to maltese – cross – a hesitation in handstand – tucks and pikes – to cross, drops a little low into that – straddle planche – double double tuck, hop to the side. Some ragged moments but OK. 13.466

Diab follows – nice flat maltese work to start – inverted cross – small hesitation in handstand – front pikes to planche, loser to iron cross, good horizontal – ayyyyyy did he try a triple double dismount or something? wayyyy short and hands down on his double double, which he usually doesn’t come up that short on.

Sharamkou goes 14.566 for his first vault, second vault is Dragulescu, lands it but a couple stumbles back and out of bounds. 14.316 average puts him in 4th place, ahead of Asato, knocking Huang to 7th.

Tvorogal goes 14.600 on PBars, which puts him in 11th there.

Rotation 6 will bring Whittenburg attempting to make the vault final.

Rotation 6

Moldauer up first – pretty solid Kas 1.5, medium hop to the side. 14.433 to go 81.064 for the AA. Which is with that 10 on horse.

Whittenburg – VT 1 – opens with his Ri Se Gwang (Tsuk full in) and lands it – hop to the side, one foot out of the area, but one of the biggest single vault scores we’ve seen. 15.033. He doesn’t need to do more than the double front for his second vault.

Whittenburg – VT 2 – double front is,……kind of crazy? He hands it but has kind of an awkward hop to the side and a shuffle to pretend it didn’t happen.

Just 13.633 for his second vault. But that 14.333 average still puts him in 4th place, going ahead of Sharamkou.

We shall see, pretty good position but still lots of vaulters to go. Yang HS, Yulo, the Brits, Medvedev, Asil, etc.

Tvorogal has some trouble on his HB dismount, DLO 1/1 that he has to pike way down, hop to the side.

Yoder, Nedoroscik, Malone, and Whittenburg will be happy with their specialist days as they all have at least a good shot if not a guaranteed shot to make their finals. Moldauer will make the AA final, though with a low position because of PH. He’s also still right in the hunt for both the floor and PBars finals. The only one who didn’t bring it was Diab, whose dismount fall will keep him out of the final on rings.


2021 World Championships — Women’s Qualification Live Blog Day 2

Three more subdivisions today (8-10) will round out the women’s qualification competition. Not much finals qualification is expected out of subdivision 8, save for Tjasa Kysselef who could get herself into this vault final by doing her normal. In subdivision 9, Rebeca Andrade headlines with a shot (more than a shot) to make 3 event finals, and then in subdivision 10, the Russian team will compete with a chance to put people into every event final. The start list confirms that Urazova and Melnikova will both compete the all-around, both as medal contenders there, though I’m interested to see what Urazova’s content looks like because she downgraded in podium training compared to the Olympics. Also watch out for Lee Yunseo in the final subdivision, looking to make the bars final and the all-around.

To answer the question: I’m watching apparatus streams via the virtual media center that was set up for credentialed media who aren’t there in person. I would love to share it with all of you, but the one thing I love more than that is not getting in trouble in any way.

Previously on…

Wong, DiCello, Hatakeda, Martins, Wei, Heduit, Bachynska, Visser, D’Amato, D’Amato, Hubareva, Stacey, and Fenton have already clinched spots in the all-around, and the next several athletes (Serber, Woo, Ceplinschi, Williams, possibly more) are all-but-officially in because not THAT many people are going to pass them today.

And here are the athletes currently in event qualification position:

Asia D’Amato
Budda Reddy


Alice D’Amato




So let’s get to it.


In this one we have Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Slovenia. CZE (i.e. Ponizilova) starts on vault, Azerbaijan on bars, Hong Kong and Vietnam both on beam, and Hribar of Slovenia on floor. Interested to see what Hong Kong and Vietnam do on beam here.

Hribar – FX – split leap full into the corner – double pike, good control – 2/1, bounce back – switch ring, not bad – rudi, a little off kilter on landing with a slide back – good, solid start to her AA day. 11.866

Chan – BB – HKG – front tuck to immediate split jump, good connection – bhs to back tuck very slow and falls. Pretty side aerial, good individual technique but everything is very tentative.

Looks like Ponizilova only just did get her vault to her feet, large lunge to the side and off the mat. 12.400.

Looks like only one of the Azerbaijan athletes did bars instead of two.

10.000 for Chan. Poniziliova Tsuk back layout second vault.

Wong – BB – HKG – front tuck mount to split jump to straddle jump, connects, holds it with a wobble – wolf double was a real adventure, stayed on the beam but overrotates and lots of wobbling – aerial to back tuck, step forward – nice lift on straddle jump 1/2 from side, oversplit on her straddle – switch 1/2, good 180 but loses her feet – side aerial, bend at the hips – punch front full dismount, large bounce forward.

11.166 for Wong.

Do – BB – VIE – candle mount, rolls quickly over out of handstand – bhs loso, short, saves it, a couple lean wobbles – aerial, short, falls, but really pretty form in the air, pays attention to toe point but doesn’t have the lift to complete the elements – side aerial – split and straddle 1/2 from side position – 1.5 dismount, lunge back

10.433 for Do.

Tran – BB – VIE – aerial to split jump to straddle, solid extension – bhs loso series, controls it well – split leap full attempt, gets it pretty well around for being a split leap full on beam – switch ring, not getting credit for that one – side aerial, swims the backstroke twice to save it but does – split leap to side somi, another near disaster but saves it – split 1/2 from side, large lean forward, leg comes up – 2/1 dismount, small movement on landing. Well, multiple large breaks will kill the score there, which is a shame because most of her elements, especially the B and C skills, are very well executed.

11.633 for 32nd place. 11.633 with probably three separate 0.500 wobbles.

Rotation 2

Slovenia to vault, Ponizilova to bars, Azerbaijian to beam, Hong Kong and Vietnam to floor. Kysselef the headliner in this rotation.

Hribar opens with a yfull, good, normal, medium lunge back, chest just a bit down. Another solid score for her AA hopes.

Ponizilova – UB – van leeuwen, hit, crossed feet – toe on to blind to jaeger and falls, nice in the air but couldn’t get her grips over.

Chan – FX – HKG – split leap full, around – double tuck, a bit deep but pulled it out – front layout full, secure landing – 2/1, only a small slide. Lower difficulty but comfortable with everything she was doing. 11.366

Kysselef – VT 1 – SLO – greaat landing on her Y1.5, stuck it – some large leg form on her block, but can’t fault the landing.

Kysselef – VT 2 – SLO – Oooof – handspring front tuck full attempt and puts her hands down. Just a 12.466 for her second vault, which will put her in 10th overall with a 13.233 average and out of the final.

Tyra we were rooting for you dot gif

Tran – FX – VIE – split jump full, good – double pike, secure landing, chest down – uh oh, 2.5 to front attempt goes awry, crooked on her 2.5 and couldn’t get anything on the front tuck, sits it down – it gets rougher, double tuck and only just does avoid landing face-first, second fall

Haven’t seen anyone from Azerbaijan on beam. What happened to this delegation?

Not sure what’s going on now. All the other events are done, and no one has gone on beam, but they haven’t called the rotation switch either. So everyone is just standing there.

Still lots of gymnasts standing around with some very…*so WTF is going on here can I move?* body language. Same.

Announcement in the arena. Couldn’t catch all of it except for “The system is down” and that gymnasts are allowed to “go back and warm up” something or other.

A second announcement, I really can’t make out the sound very well on these feeds, but I got “the system is down on BEAM” this time.

We’re back o beam. Minakovskaya is going and just fell on a side somi and then immediately again on a split jump 1/2 from side. THE SYSTEM IS DOWN.

9.033 for her. I blame the system.

Gahramanova – BB – AZE – bhs mount, hit, some soft knees – bhs loso, takes 85 steps backward but somehow keeps them all on the beam – L turn, borderline, did a good job to hold it but there were moments where she was sub horizontal – side aerial and falls, way short – switch to sissone – aerial, check – wolf turn 1.5 ish? – straight jump full from side, second fall – front layout full dismount with a lunge

Finally on to rotation 3. The big news from 2 is the bullet dodged by the gymnasts who are currently in vault qualification position. One fewer person to get through with Kysellef out of the running.

Rotation 3

Hribar – UB – jaeger, very far but makes it – smooth Pak – shaposh to bail, nice toe point, connects to toe shoot – giant full and has to tuck it and hop off

Ponizilova – BB – hits wolf double – bhs to back pike, hit with a wobble – switch – wolf jump to sissone – side somi, lean – punch front layout full, small hop.

Tran hits a handspring front vault, but her second vault (attempt Yurchenko layout?) goes very wrong with a stumble back and sits down.

Hribar and Polizilova both went 11.600 on their routines

Gahramanova – FX – double pike, hit, step back – double tuck, chest down but hit – double L turn is quite nice – desperately tries to pull around a wolf double but not quite – front tuck through to layout full, ragged but hit –

We can hear the judges on vault which is fun. There was a delay on Tran’s second vault score because someone entered the skill number for the vault instead of 3.5 (the D score) in the system.

Chan – VT – HKG – handspring front tuck 1/2 is hit, medium bounce back, 12.933

Chan – VT 2 – HKG – hits her Tsuk back pike second vault for 12.683

Rotation 4

Azerbaijan to vault, Vietnam to bars, Slovenia to beam, Ponizilova to floor

Kysselef – BB – aerial with a check – side aerial, hit – front handspring (ish) to side somi, keeps it on with a large wobble – split jump 1/2 from side, saves it with a large lean. Good stick dismount.

Do has nice height on a Jaeger but catches it very close.

Ponizilova finishes floor with just a back layout. To straight jump full. Gets 11.466 for a 45.966 day.

Hribar – BB – SLO – bhs mount is solid – side aerial to bhs, step forward to svae it – aerial, good – check on a split jump – has to redo a leap series after a pause – split ring leap attempt goes insane, she slips off and ends up having to grab the beam with her ribcage, fall – front lay dismount.

Tran is off bars on a stalder. She gets 9.000. Waiting for them to deal with Hribar’s score, but that could be the AA killer for her.

Short break until subdivision 9, which will be a short one, which just six athletes. But one of them is Andrade.

Hribar goes 10.433 to end up on 47.199 and in 32nd place.

No one got into the AA final from subdivision 8, which means that Serber, Woo, Ceplinschi, Williams, and Siegenthaler have now locked their spots in the AA final as well.


So in subdivision 9 we have Andrade starting on vault, Slevin on beam, Mexico on floor, and an open rotation that starts on bars and is invisible.

Slevin – BB – nice loso mount – bhs loso loso but a huge break and can’t save it, falls – switch to split – finishes with a tuck 1.5 dismount, which is solid

Andrade opens with a hit Cheng. Really good, she just ended up hopping to the side to get 0.300 off, but lovely in the air.

DTY second vault is fab of course, super high, medium pace backward.

14.800 average and into first place by 80,000. If anything I think her scores were a little tight there.

Slevin went 11.466 on beam, Campos 11.133 on floor

Ruiz – FX – Mexico – double arabian is very short, sits it down – switch to split leap full – front 2/1 is pretty nice, just a crossover step – switch side 1/2 is also good, side split elements much more comfortable than cross splits, which were fairly short – 2/1, bounce back – double pike, lunge back. Also incurs a very avoidable 0.1 artistry deduction for ending her routine with a tumbling pass and no subsequent choreography.


Lopez – FX – single y – double pike, hit, only a small step back – split ring leap to switch half, shows a 180 position on her split ring – double tuck is very short, large stumble forrward – goes for a split leap full but doesn’t get it all the way around – switch ring – front full to stag. 11.400 for her.

So, as expected Andrade into first place on vault, knocking out Budda Reddy from the final.

Rotation 2

Andrade to bars, Slevin to floor, and Mexico to vault. Escalera and Ruiz both scheduled for two vaults.

Andrade – UB – maloney to stalder full to taktchev pike to pak to van leeuwen, lovely – piked jaeger, super high – toe full to FTDT, near stick. Great handstand positions. Wow.

15.100 and into first place. 8.800 E score. We haven’t seen an E score like that in……..

Slevin went 12.466 on floor, so we just have Mexico’s vaulters to go now.

Campos starts with a hit Yfull for 13.200.

Escalera – VT 1 – pretty solid Y1.5, nice position in the air, just lands a bit short with a lunge to the side. 13.700. In contention for the final if she has a competitive second one.

Escalera – VT 2 – Tsuk full is also comfortable, step back. That’s all it takes at this worlds. 13.633 average and into 5th place on vault. Will definitely make the final.

Ruiz – VT 1 – A lot more trouble on her Y1.5 attempt, lands short and sits it down.

Second vault Tsuk full is equivalent to Escalera’s, but she won’t be able to overcome the fall on her first vault, which means Nancy Taman is also safe for the vault final.

It’s Netzer and Rousseau on the bubble now for the vault final. Rousseau unlikely to make it because Melnikova is still to come, but Netzer has a shot.

Rotation 3

Andrade finishes up her day on beam, Slevin to vault, and Mexico on bars.

Slevin is on track despite the beam miss and will be looking to average mid-12s on the remaining events to get herself into position to make the AA final. Should be more than doable for her.

Andrade – BB – bhs loso, check – aerial to split ring jump – split jump 1/2 from side with a large bend at the hops – switch ring, another fairly large check, arm wave – side aerial is nice – doubel pike, nailed the landing. That will be interesting to see the score here because she had a couple major breaks.

Slevin with a solid Yfull, goes 13.533. Now she just needs a mid 11 on bars to get herself into the AA final.

Ruiz is off on bars, went over on a handstand and couldn’t save it.

Andrade goes 13.400 on beam despite the wobbles, putting her in 7th place (6th for EF purposes) tied with Murakami. Could get interesting if two Russians pass. But Andrade and Murakami are tied on E and D score as well. 7.800 E score is extremely high for that routine. They’re obsessed.

10.233 for Ruiz on bars.

Campos – UB – looks like Escalera scratched? I guess? – She was like…I’m in the vault final byeeeee – van leeuwen, hit, just some crossed feet – nice amplitude on piked jaeger – hindorff hit – pak, clean – maloney to clear hip 1/2, verry late – giant full, loses her form and tucks – double tuck, hop forward. Some really strong releases in there, will lose tenths for handstands and leg form

That’s 12.166 for Campos. She’s about a point off Slevin’s pace but could also get herself into solid AA position with a hit beam.

So, Andrade is done with her…almost surely 3 event finals.

Rotation 4

Slevin to bars, Mexico to beam

Campos – BB – leg up check on loso mount – bhs loso series is secure – aerial, smooth, nicely done – did have one major break in this routine but pulled it back onto the beam – 1.5 dismount, large lunge forward

Slevin – UB – toe full to maloney to pak, good combination – can leeuwen – jaeger, feet but caught – 2/1 dismount, jarred landing, lunge back, but that will easily get the score she needs, great day for her.

12.700 for Slevin on beam for a 50.165 total, easily into the AA final.

11.400 for Campos gives her 47.899 for 27th place. Not enough.

Escalera – BB – punch front pike, step forward, keeps it on the beam – identical on the punch front tuck – bhs loso, leg-up wobble – side aerial, held, small lean – split jump to sissone – split jump 1/2 from side, leg up wobble – just a layout dismount.

Lopez – BB – bhs mount with a wobble – saves her bhs loso series, leg-up – switch, good amplitude – but having leg-up checks on a lot of stuff – smoother aerial – split ring jump but probably not getting split credit for the front leg – sheep jump, another large check – side somi, little lean forward – 2/1 is nice and stuck.

11.433 for Lopez.

At 50 minutes, that’s the fastest 4-event subdivision I think I’ve ever seen.

Which means a pretty large break before the final group.

Here’s where we are:

There are 4 AAers slated for the final group, which means the current top 20 have already clinched their spots in the final. That’s Wong, DiCello, Hatakeda, Martins, Wei, Heduit, Bachynska, Visser, D’Amato, D’Amato, Hubareva, Stacey, Fenton, Serber, Woo, Ceplinschi, Slevin, Williams, Siegenthaler, and Maennersdorfer. The next four currently in position are Bacskay, Szekely, Hautala, and Van Pol. Things don’t look good for Hautala and Van Pol what with Melnikova and Urazova to come.

On vault, there are 2 gymnasts slated for 2 vaults in the final group, which means the current top 6 already have their spots in the final: Andrade, Geurts, Asia D’Amato, Bacskay, Escalera, Taman, Netzer, and Rousseau.

The current top 8 on bars are Andrade, Wei, Luo, Kovacs, Iorio, Martins, Downie, and Alice D’Amato. With two Russians and Lee YS to come, things don’t look good for Downie or D’Amato, and maybe Martins, we shall see.

The current top 8 on beam are Luo, Schaefer, Wong, Ashikawa, DiCello, Andrade, Murakami, and Downie. Same comment applies what with Russians still to come, but then again it’s also beam. Andrade and Murakami are tied on both D and E score, so if they end up tied for 8th place, they’ll both make the event final and there will be 9 competitors.

The current top 8 on floor are Murakami, Wong, DiCello, Hiariwa, Ceplinschi, Bachynska, and Geurts. Geurts is in trouble because Melnikova, and Bachynska may be in trouble depending on Urazova’s content.


Russia is on vault, Slovakia on bars, Korea on beam to begin.

Rotation 1

Surmanova – UB – SVK – piked jaeger and jaeger are both hit – bail, crazzzy big arch and can’t save it after all

Shin Solyi gives us what I think is the first Onodi I’ve seen in two days.

Urazova – VT – RUS – ayyyyyyyyyy – she attempts a DTY and lands it literally on her side. She onlygets 1.5 credit and the fall. 12.100.

So maybe she shouldn’t have done the AA after all.

Good double pike beam dismount for Shin as well. Nice work. 12.200

Melnikova – VT 1 – gives us a fine DTY, a bit larger bounce back than she would have wanted, some leg crossing. Perfectly solid. 14.466.

Melnikova – VT 2 – trouble with this one. She goes for a Lopez but gets only pike credit for a 4.8 D, large bound back.

13.100 second vault score, but the 13.783 avergae is still good enough for the final, but only 4th place.

80 million hour wait for Surmanova’s score. What is happening.

Lee Yunseo on beam has a large-ish lean to the side correction on her bhs loso series – finishes 2.5 with a lunge back.

12.200 for Lee YS on beam.

13.566 on bars is a nice result for Mokosova. No final, and she’s not doing the AA today, but still a nice result.

Eom – BB – KOR – bhs mount is wayyyyy off line and she starts with a fall – fhs front tuck, very deep, no chance to save, second fall – split jump to wolf jump is nice? – aerial to splti ring jump, finding her footing now – side aerial – bhs loso series, only a small wobble – switch ring, large leg up check but brings it back – 2/1 dismount, very solid dismount finish, small rebound. 10.233

So, Melnikova into the vault final, but more questions about her medal status after that 4th place. Urazova in trouble after a vault 12.100, at least in so far as I wonder whether we’ll see all the events from her after that. She can honestly still qualify top 12.

Rotation 2

Russia to bars, Slovakia to beam, Korea to floor

Melnikova with the traditional disastrous piked jaeger during her touch.

Usakova – SVK –  falls on aerial to back tuck combo attempt.

Urazova – UB – inbar – inbar shap to pak to van leeuwen, lovely – inbar 1/2 to piked jaeger, a bit close – giant 1/2 turn – toe full to FTDT, hop forward. That’s more like it. Will be a big score.

14.366 and into 5th place, only question is whether she gets 2-per-ed. That knocks D’Amato out of the bars final.

Usakova gets 7.133 on beam. There were more falls.

Melnikova – UB – inbar full to inbar shap to pak to van leeuwen, REALLY tucks the VL – inbar 1/2 to piked jaegher, takes it close but fine this time – toe full to FTDT, hop forward. More issues than Urazova but still a fine one.

14.466 with a 6.3 D compared to Urazova’s 6.1 D. Really shouldn’t have been higher than Urazova’s score.

Melnikova is into 4th on bars, knocking out Downie from the final.

Minaeva – UB – piked hindorff (shang), good – Nabieva to pak, solidly connected – shaposh to clear hip 1/2 to yezhova, great leg position – van leeuwen, strong – toe full, just a little hesitation – FTDT, small hop. Very impressive. Should be the best score for the Russians.

BOOOO. 14.333 for Minaeva and no bars final. Incorrect. Hers should have been the top Russian score.

Lee Yunseo finishes up on floor with a double pike, good position is the air but really has to pull to get it around. Gets 13.016 for 10th place, a huge floor number for her.

Lee DY – FX – KOR – double y spin, falls out of it but wrenches her two twists around – double pike, bounce back – 3/1 to front tuck, hit – switch ring, good closure – split full, doesn’t quite rotate the full twist – 1.5 to front full, has to tuck at the end, slide back – wolf double is smooth – 2.5 hop forward, keeps it in bounds. 12.566

Surmanova – BB – SVK – full turn – split jump to wolf jump, soft back leg – front tuck, large break and falls –

Rotation 3

Korea on vault, Russia on beam, Usakova on floor

Urazova – BB – loso mount, good – bhs to bhs GIRLLLLLLLLL WHY AGAIN – switch to y spin to 1.5 turn is gorgeous – aerial to split jump – onodi to illusion with a check, but lovely elements – no trouble on her triple wolf or double wolf – side aerial, strong – bhs bhs 2.5, crossed legs, hop to teh side

Shin Solyi goes 13.500 with a yfull first vault. We’ll see about her second vault.

Urazova still goes 13.166 on beam and is in 10th on the event.

13.133 second vault is not enough, which means Ofir Netzer will make the vault final.

Melnikova – BB – switch mount to switch to split leap, lovely – bhs loso series, secure – aerial to split to straddle, excelelent form – bhs 1/1, good – wolf double, easy peasy – side somi, no trouble – split ring jump – double pike, small hop forward. Good. One of her happy beam days.

14.033 for Melnikova, and she’s into second on beam, knocking out Downie.

Vorona – BB – switch mount o split leap to stag ring, arm wave correction – aerial to split ring jump, holds it – switch to sheep jump to split jump – bhs bhs loso, hits it, small wobble – switch ring, secure, pause before korbut so probably no connection – wolf double – side aerial, smooth – double tuck, stumble back, a couple lunges.

Vorona still goes 14.633 for 5th place on beam, which will make the final and push Andrade and Murakami into a tie for 8th. Tie not broken because they have the same D and E. 9 finalists.

Bars and floor will be the only active events in the final rotation, so we know the finalists for vault and beam.

Vault: Andrade, Geurts, Asia D’Amato, Melnikova, Bacskay, Escalera, Taman, Netzer
Beam: Luo, Melnikova, Schaefer, Wong, Vorona, Ashikawa, DiCello, Andrade, Murakami

Rotation 4

Urazova – FX – tries triple y, two lovely ones but doesn’t get the third around – double pike, high, slide back – 2.5 to front tuck, little hop – split leap full, fine – wolf triple, easy, wolf double, same – she’s like, seriously I can do nothing and beat all y’all – front 2/1, lunge forward and OOB – 2/1, bounce back. So at least she didn’t do a layout as one of her passes like in PT>

13.433 and 4th place on floor, hardest pass was double pike.

She goes 53.065 in the AA, which currently puts her 4th. Will be 5th after Melnikova.

Lee YS – UB – inbar full to inbar shap to pak to stalsder shap 1/2, legs apart there – inbar 1/2, pikes and paueses but gets it around into piuked jaeger – stalder full to FTDT. Some beautiful pieces but also opened the door

Melnikova – FX – hits DLO 1/1 – 2.35 L turn into a double turn – DLO, awkwardish rebound – front 2/1 – wolf triple, fine – wolf double, same – double pike, bounce back. Not her strongest landings but fine.

14.066 on bars for Lee YS, will just miss out on the final by less than a tenth. Thanks, I hate it.

Lee DY – UB – maloney to pak, short cast – van leeuwen is nice – stalder to stalder 1/2, pauses like Lee YS – jaeger and can’t cast up out of it and has to recast – alas – finishes double tuck, hop back

14.100 for Melnikova on floor, into second behind Murakami.

57.065 in the AA, in first by a mile.

So that will do it for the remaining finals

Bars: Andrade, Wei, Luo, Melnikova, Kovacs, Urazova, Iorio, Martins. Lee YS is 1st alternate, Downie 2nd
Floor: Murakami, Melnikova, Wong, DiCello, Urazova, Hiraiwa, Ceplinschi, Bachynska

That;s all four event finals for Melnikova. Melnikova, Murakami, Andrade, and Luo all made the final on everything they competed. And a number of other one-eventers did that.

AA finalists are:
Vault group: Melnikova, Wong, DiCello, Hatakeda, Urazova, Martins
Bars group: Wei, Heduit, Bachynska, Lee YS, Visser, Asia D’Amato
Beam group: Alice D’Amato, Shin SY, Hubareva, Stacey, Fenton, Serber
Floor group: Woo, Ceplinschi, Slevin, Williams, Siegenthaler, Maennersdorfer

2021 World Championships — Women’s Qualification Live Blog

It’s worlds and whatnot!

Women’s qualification begins today with the first 7 of 10 women’s subdivisions. In the first group, we’ll have the full squad from China, along with two all-arounders each from Turkey and Israel.

To answer the question: I’m watching apparatus streams via the virtual media center that was set up for credentialed media who aren’t there in person. I would love to share it with all of you, but the one thing I love more than that is not getting in trouble in any way. A valid question is why they couldn’t just…do this on YouTube.

So, a live blog it is.

In subdivision 1, Wei Xiaoyuan will be the only all-arounder for China and should lead the standings after this group, pretty much regardless of how her day goes. China will also be looking to put up 2 bars scores and 2 beam scores that can make it back to event finals. All three of China’s athletes on those events (Wei, Li, and Luo) have it in them to make finals, and Qi Qi should at least make it to the vault final with anything resembling a hit.


Rotation 1

Geffen Dor finishes floor with a 15. to front tuck and just does step OOB.

Li Shijia – UB – healy, ling to piked jaeger – pak, clean – toe on to maloney with crazzzy legs, and can’t connect to the gienger and falls. She just barely caught the maloney and there was really no chance to get the combination, went for it anway and was super low – Finishes with FTDT, step back.

Dor went 10.966 on floor. Tarhan 10.833 on beam.

Netzer – FX – piked full in, short, lunge forward

Uctas – BB – switch mount to split to tuck jump 1/2, secure – bhs tuck full attempt and falls.

12.500 for Li Shijia.

Netzer hands down on double tuck.

Wei – UB – inbar fuill to komova II to pak, lovely – van leeuwen, legs together – inbar 1/2 to healy to ling, RIGHT to handstand, top piked jaeger – 1/2 turn – DLO 1/1, gets it, lunge back. Really strong work. Good form throughout. Only a medium step back on dismount. Late 1/2 turn before dismount was the biggest thing. Some handstands they will get her for but should be a strong one.

14.733 for Wei. Nice number.

11.200 for Uctas Sanli on beam, 9.966 for Netzer on floor.

Luo – UB – inbar shap  to pak, nice – maloney to gienger, good height, solid – healy to ling to piked jaeger, best toes of the bunch – short cast – giant 1/2 – FTDT, bounce back. Excellent. Like Wei, the biggest deduction trap is that 1/2 turn before dismount.

Well, not the start China would have wanted with Li’s fall, but really if Wei and Luo hit they were going to get higher scores anyway, and they both hit. I would imagine bot Wei and Luo should make it back to the bars final with those routines.

14.500 for Luo. Higher E than Wei, but three tenths lower on D. Not THE HIGHEST score, but I still like that to get back.

Rotation 2

China goes to beam, Israel to vault, Turkey to floor.

Wei – BB – candle mount, solid – switch ring, wayyyy off line and still tries to connect to korbut, not a chance, both legs side saddle on the beam and she falls. Bhs loso series hit – switch to split ring jump to bhs is gorgeous – side somi, leans to connect to split jump 1/2, another check – aerial to split jump, another hesitation – desperately tryong to avoid another large error but she’s fightit here – 2/1, bounce back

Slide back on double pike final pass for Tarhan.

12.633 for Wei

Uctas Sanli with a lovely split ring leap to start her floor – double pike, secure landing – has to tuck 1.5 to front full and steps OOB – looks like a large bounce back OOB on her final pass.

Li – BB – fhs front tuck, good save! Was short with a slide back abut kept going with a wobble – split ring leap NOOOOOOO, way crooked and scrapes her leg down the side of the beam as she falls. She’s pulled it together now – aerial to split ring to Korbut was lovely – split 1/2 from side – 2/1, step back.

All the sighs.

Tarhan went 11.433 on floor, Uctas Sanli went 11.466.

Netzer, the first to do two vaults, puts up a 13.516 average.

Li Shijia with 12.600 and behind Wei Xiaoyuan’s 12.633

Luo – BB – candle mount, good – round off layout, check with leg up but holds well – switch ring to bhs to double stag, LOVELY – switch to split ring to bhs, risking credit on the split ring – nearly a check on choreography – aerial to split ring jump to korbut, nicely connected – split 1/2 from side – 2/1, super high, hop back. Nice job.

Luo Rui is the only one we trust in a fire.

14.566 for Luo. Definite final with that score.

The first REAL disappointment for China in that rotation as Li Shijia had a chance to win gold on beam but will not be in the final after her ring fall.

Rotation 3

China to floor, Israel to bars, Turkey to vault. China will have just two on floor with Wei and Qi.

Qi Qi really struggling on her Silivas in the touch warmup.

Wei – FX – 3/1 to punch front, jusst pulls it around, landed a bit squatty – double tuck, yikes, rebounds back out of it and can’t control the rebound, ends up putting both her hands and her head down on landing – second fall of the day for her – 2/1 is fine –

12.233 for Wei.

I don’t know how Netzer made is through her bars routine without a leg flying off, but she did!

Qi – FX – opts for just the full in first pass and lands comfortably – 3/1 to front tuck, lunges back to hold the landing – falls out of a triple turn pretty dramatically – switch to split ring – 2.5 to front pike, comfortable – wolf double was tight and in a high position but around – 2/1, step. So a downgrade for Qi but a necessary one.

Qi Qi with a hit, but gets a 7.633 E score for a 12.833 total.

Because of the way this competition is, Wei doesn’t have to worry about making it back to the AA final, but two falls in three routines so far…

Rotation 4

China to vault, Turkey to bars, Israel to beam

Wei opens vault for China weith a clean and successful yfull, medium slide back, good position.

13.266 for Wei. She’ll end the day on just 52.865 in the AA.

Netzer with a fall on a layout on beam.

Annnnd we have a crashed DTY for Qi Qi. Not close, lands on her hands and knees. The rudi attempt does not go better, a lunge to the side and a hand down. UH OH. No vault final for Qi Qi.

Tarhan – UB – maloney is clean to pak, legs apart and feet – stalder shoot to high is quite close – hits piked jaeger – giant full – DLO dismount is pretty solid. Through with a hit.

China’s qualification performance: Luo Rui will now be going to Paris instead of Emily. She had a very strong day and has a good shot at two finals here. Wei will make it back to the bars final and the AA final, but the two falls weren’t great. I don’t anticipate finals for Li Shijia or Qi Qi unless floor stays rooougggghhh.

So, we’ve got a half second before the next subdivision, which will be quite a bit busier with Italy, Great Britain, Netherlands, and Hungary all in action.

For now:

Wei XY- 52.865
Tarhan – 46.666
Uctas Sanli – 46.166
Netzer – 45.458
Dor – 43.298

Netzer leads vault with 13.516, Wei leads bars with 14.733, Luo leads beam with 14.566, and Qi leads floor with 12.833.


Expect lots of finalists to come out of this group, with the most eager eyes on Becky Downie’s bars routine in the final rotation. We have a number of potential vault finalists here as well with Asia D’Amato, Elze Geurts, and Csenge Bacskay. And given the performance from Wei in the first subdivision, the D’Amatos have an even better opening for a high AA qualification position here.

Rotation 1

Netherlands on vault, Italy on bars, GB on beam, and Hungary on floor.

Touch warmup now.

Stacey – BB – GBR – hits candle mount – wolf turn was a struggle but she hit it – loso series, aerial look fine – a couple short split positions – 1.5 dismount, hop.

Asia D’Amato – UB – Church to pak, hit – maloney to tkatchev, solid – Ray – 1/2 turn to giant 1/2 to front giant full to double front, ahhhh sits it down. Great until then.

12.333 for both D’Amato and Stacey.

Alice D’Amato – UB – maloney, great height into tkatchev, good – stalder tkatchev piked to a clean Pak – van leeuwen, some legs – front giant full to double front, hit, hop forward. Strong work overall.

Fenton – BB – loso mount, hit – double turn, nice! – switch to split leap to Y spin, large break there, bend but keeps it on – bhs loso, hit, foot flexing – lots of arm waving on her triple wolf but saved it – leans forward on double wolf but saves that as well – things finally catch up to her on a front aerial, very short and falls.

Geurts hits DTY with a bounce back

13.966 for Alice D’Amato.

Iorio – UB – stalder tkatchev piked to Pak to maloney to stalder 1/2 to yezhova to shaposh 1/2 – YES! – front giant full to double front, lunge forward. Love it.

Geurts also hits her handspring front full, a little jarred on landing and some legs, but through two vaults. She goes into first place easily on vault with a 14.350 average.

Downie – BB – hits candle mount, just a tad over vertical – switch ring, I’d say not for credit, secure landing – side aerial to loso, solid – switch to a balk, does not connect – then does switch 1/2, shortish but solid – aerial to split to bhs, good – side somi, hit, small correction – switch to a full turn – round off 1.5 dismount, hop forward. She minimized the checks in that one very well. Between the balk and some of the positions they’ll get her on E, but through a hit beam routine.

Iorio went 14.183, which puts her in 3rd place on bars currently.

Downie goes 13.333 on beam, which puts her in 2nd currently.

Zoja Szekely’s 11.966 is the strongest floor score for Hungary, also putting her 3rd.

Geurts is our most likely event medalist from that rotation, though I can wish that Iorio’s bars score holds up.

Rotation 2

Hungary to vault, Netherlands to bars, Italy to beam, GB to floor.

Van Pol – UB – blind to jaeger, hit – piked tkatchev, solid – pak, looks like she hit her feet on the mat swinging through, and then can’t get her tow on afterward and has to hop off.

Asia D’Amato – BB – loso series, arm wave check, holds it – bhs loso, very small check – split 1/2 from side, well done – switch to split leap to bhs, smoothly connected – switch 1/2, larger arm wave break – side somi, hit – aerial, bend to the side, fights for it again – wobble on full turn – double pike, hit, hop back. She had to fight many monsters in that routine but she stayed on.

She gets a 13.000 for it. hey not bad!

Looks like Van Pol had a second fall on bars as well.

Visser – Tkatchev 1/2 to yezhova is hit – 1/2 turn on low, can’t get the full turn around, has to go over the wrong way and correct and recast with the other part of the turn – maloney to pak is lovely – van lweuwn, hit – giant full to FTDT, hop forward.

Alice D’Amato falls on a loso on beam. Has another larger break on an aerial. Second fall on a split 1/2 from side position. Dear dear.

13.033 for Visser. 10.966 for Alice D’Amato.

Good control on a 2.5 to finish floor for Fenton. She goes 11.733 though.

Veerman – UB – stalder shap to bhardwaj, crazy legs but catches – toe full to maloney to pak, separates legs a lot again – van leeuwen, hit – piked jaeger, takes it wayyy too far and falls.

Not a bars rotation to remember for Netherlands.

Iorio – BB – loso mount, nice – side aerial, hit – aerial, smooth – bhs loso loso, great height, does well to save it as she was leaning a ton to the right – switch to sissone, nicely done – split ring jump, small check – y spin, solid – 2/1, hop back. Good. Best of the rotation.

13.133 for Iorio is the best Italian score on beam and puts her into 3rd place.

Solid Y1.5 from Bacskay, hop. Tsuk full, large bounce back.

Bacskay averages 13.666 on vault, which puts her ahead of Netzer and into 2nd, still well behind Geurts.

Each D’Amato with one disaster so far. Iorio the strongest of the Italians on both of her events. Nice to see her back and performing confidently.

Rotation 3

GB to vault, Hungary to bars, Netherlands to beam, Italy to floor

Ruby Stacey with a clean Yfull on vault, bounce back, good.

Alice D’Amato – FX – wolf double, good – 3/1, solid, just a tad short, hops it around – double pike, secure landing, chest just a bit down but very solid – doubel y, probably not all the way around – front 2/1, hop forward. Good work overall. Minimized landing deductions.

Visser saves a side somi on beam, stays on. Gets through with a hit.

GMF going with the Yfull on vault, very high and pretty.

12.833 for Alice D’Amato on FX, tying Qi Qi’s score. 12.800 for Visser on beam.

Szekely – UB – high van leeuwen, leg break – piked jaeger, great amplitude – tkatchev to pak, gets toooo high and hits her legs on the mat on the swing through.

Asia D’Amato – FX – hits DLO, bounce back, almost overcooked it a little – double arabian is greatttt, only a small hop – switch to switch side 1/2, a little out of control but OK – double pike, solid – double tuck, a hair short, hop to the side. Like her sister, pretty good job at minimizing landing deductions but opened the door for the E hawks on several dance elements.

Hit beam for Van Pol, bounce forward on 1.5 dismount.

12.216 for Van Pol’s beam

Kovacs – stalder full to stalder shap 1/2 – toe 1/2 to piked jaeger, good – some short hs – Ricna – stalder tkatchev piked toi pak, very nice – van leeuwen, only a small leg break – FTDT, a bit short, lunge forward. I thought it was going to be a rough one in the first half but she pulled it together for really some nice combos in the second half.

14.433 for Kovacs! Wow, a bit higher than I expected. That puts her 3rd.

13.133 for Asia D’Amato on floor and into the lead there.

Sanna Veerman falls on a side somi on beam.

Carofiglio – FX – front lay to double front, oh dear, well short and sits it down. And the double front pike after it is nowhere close, a second fall.

Veerman went 11.566 on beam. Carofiglio 10.833 on floor.

Rotation 4

Italy to vault, GB to bars, Hungary to beam, Netherlands to floor

Asia D’Amato needs a 14.400 on her DTY to move ahead of Wei for the lead in the AA, which is doable but requires a solid one.

Downie will be up 3rd for GB.

Bacskay hits loso mount and bhs loso on beam – some short splits – side somi, hit – side aerial, good – finishes with a 2/1 dismount, chest down and hop but fine.

Visser hits her whip 3/1 to front tuck on floor – doubel L turn around – pretty double y – doubel tuck, step back – switch ring – split leap full, some feet – switch 1/2 – 2/1, clean

Stacey – Ub – toe full to stalder shap to pak, to van lweuen, hit very well – toe 1/2 to piked jaeger, feet – stalder front tuck 1/2 dismount, hop. Nice comfortable hit. Lots of feet deductions but solid.

Bounce back for Alice D’Amato on DTY, 14.333

13.200 for Stacey.

Carofiglio sits a Y1.5, well she’s having just the worst day.

Fenton – UB – stalder shap to clear hip to fenton to yezhova, lots of leg form but hit – maloney to pak, cleanly done – van leeuwen, pretty – giant full – FTDT, chest down, step. Good job. The form went crazy on her big combo but otherwise pretty and comfortably hit.

Carofiglio handspring front pike 2nd vault, landed with a lunge forward.

13.658 for Fenton.

Downie – UB – long wait for Fenton’s score – stalder full to stalder shap to clear hip tkatchev, good – tweddle to yezhova, nicely done – maloney to pak, hit – van leeuwen, lets together – FTDT is a struggglllle, but she lands it, pings off, lunge forward. Great on the bars, though some hip angle on cast handstands will get her as well. Let’s wait and see.

Geurts going on floor at the same time – finishes 1.5 to front full, just does save it with a shuffle back.

12.966 for Geurts on floor for 2nd place.

Asia D’Amato went 13.816 average on vault for second place.

Downie got a 6.2 D score and a 14.000 total, which already has her down in 5th place. Ruh roh.

It’s been a DAY so far, and that was two subdivisions.

Somehow, Wei withstood the assault from the second subdivision and remains in the AA lead.

Wei – 52.865
Asia D’Amato – 52.599
Visser – 52.266
Alice D’Amato – 52.098
Stacey – 50.765

On the events, Geurts has taken the lead on vault with a score that will make it back.
On bars, Kovacs is in third place with a very compelling score, and Downie is just in 5th place. Though she is in second on beam.
The floor leaders are now Asia D’Amato, Geurts, and Visser, and…well I have no idea what which way that event is going.


Armine’s tape measure has already arrived at vault for some reason.

Touch warmup now. So, this is going to be a bit of a US-centric session, though I am interest to see if a Canadian can sneak in on beam.

Rotation 1

Canada on vault, USA on bars, Croatia on beam, Norway on floor.

Announcement that the warmup period is over comes as Frazier finishes her touch and Wong and DiCello haven’t started yet. So I think not.

Toessbro hits double pike and double tuck on floor. Zwicker falls on beam on a wolf turn.

Frazier – UB – Falls on her opening Church. She took it way too far in the warmup and corrected to the opposite mistake here, catching way too close with no chance to gets her grips over – pak – toe full to maloney – front toe 1/2 is fine this time, as is DLO, good control on landing.

Rose Woo goes 13.266 on Yfull. 10.766 for Zwicker. 12.033 for Toessbro.

Hit Y1.5 for Rousseau for Canada, lunge forward. 13.866.

12.000 for Frazier.

Wong – UB – toe full is nice into maloney to pak – van leeuwen, clean – stalder 1/2 to jaeger, good – 1/2 turn on high is OK, slight hesitation in stalder – DLO, stuck landing. One of her good ones. Pretty. Looked like she was maybe thinking about connecting the VL out of the Pak and then thought better, but not a big thing.

Handspring pike 1/2 for Rousseau as her second vault, chest forward and a lunge to the side.

Tronrud for Norway stumbles back and falls on a double pike on floor.

DiCello – UB – stalder full to maloney, good, connects to tkatchev – piked jaeger, high – Church, a little close but OK – pak – van leeuwen, small leg break – FTDT, a bit staggered on landing, small hop to the side. Good individual elements. She had 80 cast handstands in that routine, which will be an E score killer.

Wong goes 13.683 and DiCello 13.900. No bars final for the US with those two sitting in 7th and 8th already.

Wong and DiCello did pretty work. Got some of the highest E scores we’ve seen so far on bars. But the content wasn’t event final-y.

Ronbeck – FX – Norway – front full to rudi, chest down but around – switch – split leap 1.5, pretty close to around for credit – double tuck, didn’t get much set at all, either hands down or very close to hands down – switch ring – double Y to illusion, that was a highlight, I’d give double Y credit – front 2/1, legs but around, possible connection into stag.

She goes 11.366 for that.

Rousseau’s vaulting put her 5th there so far, the highest event placement for anyone in the first rotation.

Rotation 2

Wong – BB – switch to straddle jump, good – side aerial to loso, hit, just a bit of knees at the end – L turn, small hesitation before full turn so probably no connection there – switch ring, low back leg – side somi, solid – straddle 1/2 from side, comfortable – aerial to split jump, hit securely – 2.5 dismouint, small hop. One of her best beam routines of the year, really.

Rousseau goes 12.200 on bars for Canada.

13.700 for Wong and she’s in 2nd place on beam. She can make it to the final with that unless she gets 2-per-ed.

DiCello – BB – hits candle mount – wolf triple and wolf double are solid – side aerial, comfortable – switch to sissone – bhs loso loso, knees throughout but again very secure – aerial to straddle with her first check – straddle 1/2 from side – pause deduction here before her dismount, waits for a very long time – bhs bhs double tuck, pulls it around, chest down. Normal DiCello, minimal wobbles, should score well.

12.800 for Rose Woo on bars.

13.500 for DiCello, 4 tenths lower than Wong on E score, so that should ensure Wong is in place to make the beam final.

McClain – BB – she basically almost got stuck just sitting on the beam – tuck full is comfortable – bhs bhs layout is not but an amazing save, large lean over and a dog-pee leg but she held it – swithc to switch 1/2, lean forward – aerial to split to straddle – side aerial, pretty – switch ring, short back leg – bhs bhs double pike, good, step back. Through beam with a hit, which is a victory, but let’s see how much that major break on the layout cost her. She has some wiggle room with her higher D score.

Just missed it. 13.466 for McClain puts her .033 behind DiCello and out of the beam final.

US as a group will be happy about that beam rotation because of the no-one-fell thing. Though not having McClain in that beam final will sting.

DiCello and Wong almost even in the AA after two events, well on their way to going into 1-2 positions in the AA.

Rotation 3

Zwicker to vault, Norway to bars, Canada to beam, USA to floor

Frazier – FX – double double, pulls it around, chest forward with a lunge – DLO, similar, chest fortwar hop – switch ring is good – that ring jump 1/2 – front tuck through to double tuck, bounce back – split jump full – switch 1/2 to split jump 1/2 – double pike, deep but saves it – fights for those landings for a better routine than podium, but lots to take.

Cassie Lee finishes beam with 1.5 dismount, hop. 12.633

13.166 for Frazier and she is somehow into first place on floor. The 7.666 E score tells me this is softer scoring on floor than the Olympics.

DiCello – FX – doubel double, solid, hop back – 1.5 to front full, secure landing, some knees – pulls around wolf triple, wolf double is good – switch ring to split leap full, fine – double pike, stuck landing. Will be the leader easily. 13.800

Rose Woo – BB – candle mount, good – bhs to lay-pike, holds it – pretty good swithc ring – then falls.

Tronrud finishes Norways bars with 11.366, so we’re just waiting on Wong’s floor now.

Wong – FX – double L turn, around but drops toward the end – double double, hits it into the corner, chest but only a small hop back – whip to triple full, good control, just some leg crossing – L hop full to an unfortunate switch ring – 2.5 to front full, nailed the landing, very good – double pike, stuck. DAMN. This is the best day she’s had in the AA in YEARS.

14.000 on floor for Wong and she will be the leader there and in the AA by a smidge over DiCello going to their last event. DiCello probably has the edge on DTY scoring though.

The US will put two people each into the beam and floor finals, which is about what they could have hoped for.

Note the E scores for Wong and DiCello on floor of 8.300 and 8.400.

Rotation 4

USA goes to vault, Zwicker to bars, Norway to beam, Canada to floor

Woo – FX – 2.5 to front tuck is hit – 3/1, lots of leg crossing but controls the landing – tries a double wolf but just SMACKS her leg on the floor after the first turn and then does a little extra FML 1/2 turn – switch ring and swithc 1/2, pretty –  double pike, a bit short, step, some foot flexing.

McClain – VT – really strong DTY, step to the side. No reason for her to vault because she doesn’t have 2 and isn’t doing AA, but why not I guess. 14.400

Wong – VT – DTY, gets it around, chest a bit forward though with a hop, so room for DiCello to pass her. Wong goes 14.366 for that and will finish on 55.749 AA.

DiCello – VT – Strong DTY, chest up, medium-small bounce back. Interestingly, she goes just 14.500 for it, so Wong will be ahead of her by a half tenth in the AA today. DiCello finishes on 55.700.

12.400 for Woo on floor.

Rousseau – FX – split jump full, love how she waits to start the split – double arabian, jarred landing, a little locked, but she’s fine – 1.5 through to double tuck, bounce back, keeps it in bounds – switch ring – split leap full is pretty short – double pike, short, lunge forward, avoids putting her hands down.

So, looks like Wong and DiCello into the AA final, the beam final, and the floor final. No finals for McClain or Frazier.

Juliane Toessebro has been waiting for I think 11 minutes to go on beam, and now they’ve called her back off the pdoium, and then of course the second they do that Tronrud’s score finally comes in. 12.100.

Toessebro – BB – wolf single – switch, hits it with an arm wave – bhs lay-pike, not tooo piked though and really securely landed – side somi, hit – side aerial, also secure – 2/1 dismount, small step back. Really good one!

11.800 for Toessebro. I’m calling for an inquiry.

Ronbeck – BB – switch-ish mount, more like a change leg step up – fhs to front tuck, deep and falls – side somi, solid – switch and split and bhs, probably not getting the combination there – side aerial and aerial are well done – front lay dismount, stuck. Strong finish.

That does it for subdivision 3. The story there was Leanne Wong having such a strong 4-hit day and qualifying first in the all-around. The US women will have six medal chances here, and while I would imagine all the medals on beam is quite a long shot, the rest don’t look it right now.

1. Wong – 55.749
2. DiCello – 55.700
3. Wei – 52.865
4. Asia D’Amato – 52.599
5. Visser – 52.266

I’ve decided I’m going to chill on the routine-by-routine for the epic Switzerland, Portugal, Iceland, Colombia subdivision, but I’m still going to watch and may pop in with thoughts.

Filipa Martins – UB – Hindorff – arches hs on high bar but brings it back – Martins to Yezhova, toe full to maloney to pak – van lwwuen, small leg break – DLO, hop back.

She gets 14.133 and moves into 5th place, knocking Downie down to 6th.

Yiseth Valenzuela of Colombia hits a Yfull and a Tsuk layout both cleanly to move into 6th place on vault.

Juliana Ochoa of Colombia salutes and leaves after her…third I think?…fall on bars. Which might beat the 8.366 that Ferreira of Portugal just got on beam.

Martins – BB – Nice round-loff loso – side somi – y spin – wolf to sissone, pretty – split leap 1/2 – aerial to split to bhs, well connected – L turn, leg below horizontal though – switch 1/2 is hit – 2/1, lunge back. Good hit overall. 12.666 puts her in 9th place there.

Ochoa got a 1.766 E score and a 0.566 total score.

Well now. Martins finishes out the subdivision with a 12.933 on floor, which is 6th place on that event and gives her a 53.032 in the AA, which is third behind the Americans, ahead of Wei Xiaoyuan.


In this one, we have Japan, Taiwan, Ukraine, Denmark, and Celeste Mordenti of Luxembourg.

Hatakeda – UB – inbar full to inbar Shap to pak to stalder to van leeuwenm loses her leg form there but big combo – piked jaeger, solid – 1/2 turn – FTDT, bounce back. Really strong opening combo, a big more ragged at the end, but she also has one of the better rando 1/2 turns in terms of finishing position.

After crashing her DTY in the warmup, Rasmussen of Denmark lands it in competition, just, deep with a large lunge to the side and a stagger off the mat. 13.433.

13.933 for Hatakeda, so she will not pass Downie.

Ting Hua-Tien – BB – candle mount – split leap, pause before aerial to bhs, so a broken series but all elements lovely – switch to split ring jump, check and a little lean forward before bhs – side somi, clean – split jump 1/2 from side, connected to straddle 1/2, connected to straight jump full with a lean, but I’d say legit connected – wobbles on full turn – punch layout full dismount, hop to the side. She stayed on without any huge breaks, though I fear all the hesitations will destroy the score, which is a shame because the elements are so lovely.

Hubareva has been waiting to go on floor for so long that she turned into Radivilova.

12.933 for Ting Hua Tien and 8th place.

Hubareva – FX – double Arabian, very short but saves it with a stumble back – double L turn – 3/1, controlled landing, small step, leg crossing – split leap full – double Y spin, also around, she’s getting value on her D spins – 2.5, crossover step – switch ring, switch 1/2, not quite up there – 2/1, small step. 12.533

Bachynska – FX – full in, solid, chest just a bit down, small movement – double arabian, a bit deep, saves it – double y is close – switch rin to split ring – double pike, nicely done, again only a small slide – switch 1/2 is short – double tuck, another small slide. Really good one. That should get up there.

13.100 for Bachynska, top score besides the Americans on floor so far.

Rotation 2

Murakami – BB – candle mount, hit – front tuck, solid – bhs loso, check and a little bounce but saves it – aerial, pause before sissone to wolf jump – wolf triple and wolf double work out, it’s a miracle – switch ring, bounce – double pike, verrry deep but pulls it out. A hit!

Ting Hua Tien falls on double tuck on floor.

13.400 puts her ahead of Downie and in 5th place (4th in the standings because McClain is 2-per)

Rasmussen hits bars, finishes double pike with a step. 11.666

Fedorova moves ahead of Rasmussen on vault and into 6th place with her Yfull and handspring front.

Hatakeda – BB – second half of routine – switch to switch 1/2, good – bhs loso, arm wave correction – double pike dismount, stumble back, a couple steps. 12.966

Good height on yfull from Bachnsyka, shuffle back, a couple steps. 13.566

Lai Pin Ju almost turned herself right out of bounds on floor.

Mordenti – BB – LUX – switch mount and wobbles and comes off and falls right back to where she came from – bhs loso is solid – split jump 1/2 from side, a bit short – side aerial, pretty solid, just an arm wave – back tuck, hit – full turn, small wobble – bhs back tuck 1.5 dismount, hop forward. 11.100

Ashikawa – BB – bhs mount, nicely done – bhs loso, strong – wolf jump sissone – split ring jump, good extension – switch to sheep, small squeeze to hold it – side somi, hit – split 1/2, no checks at all really – and then I ruined it – switch ring and THE MOST REMARKABLE save, 1800 leans and somehow pulls it back after an hour – double turn, good – 3/1 dismount, a little short, hops it around.

Almost perfect, but the switch ring was a BIG error. Nonetheless she goes 13.533, which puts her ahead of DiCello and into 3rd, great position.

Hiraiwa – FX – falls out of triple turn attempt – bigggg DLO, nice, small hop – switch ring to split leap full, nice split leap full – 2.5 to front layout, low layout, has to arch it around – double y, also leans out of it but have have put 2 around – double wolf – front 2/1, little step forward. Good overall, some of the turns might get her.

13.200 and now she’s into 3rd on floor. If that’s 13.200, Mai’s ready to get a 50.

Just looked over to see Fedorova fall immediately on bars.

Rasmussen – BB – nice front walkover mount but splits the beam on her bhs loso series

Hubareva – UB – inabr full – inbar shap to pak, some feet, good height – maloney to gienger, a bit close – inbar half gets loose in the back but she works through it into jaeger – double tuck, step.13.066

Bachynska – UB – stalder full to maloney, good height into pak – vann leeuwen, nice – toe full to tkatchev, a little low but fine – jaeger – toe 1/2, late – doubel tuck, stuck. She’s having a really nice day so far.

Hatakeda – FX – finishes up a hit floor with a double pike, bounce back. 13.333 for her, and now SHE’s into 3rd place on floor. Everyone just trading that spot.

Hatakeda should move into 3rd place in the AA after vault.

Murakami – FX – triple Y, I’d say she got it – double double, hit, chest down but only a little movement – DLO, pulls it around, got very little height but worked it out, bounce back – 2.5 to front full is solid – double L turn, good – tour jete – switch ring – double pike, solid, just some chest position. That ensures that today will not be the final competition for Mai. She’ll be back for finals.

14.166 and Mai goes into first place.

Rotation 4

Hiraiwa’s floor score got bumped up to 13.400 (????) so now she’s in 4th on floor and 2-pering out Hatakeda from the floor final.

Hatakeda does a Yfull on vault for 13.566, which gives her 53.798 in the AA and moves her into 3rd place.

Rasmussen – FX – DEN – double pike, bounce back, a couple steps – popa, nice and high – doubel tuck, hop back – switch to split leap full, short of split – switch ring – front tuck through to 2/1, bounce up in place. 11.800. She finishes on 47.332

Hubareva – BB – UKR – wolf double, tight but hit – check on loso series, leg up, pulls it back – switch to sissone, good – fhs to front tuck, wobbles side to side but stays togehter – split leap to aerial to split jump, some back leg situation – 2/1, bounce back.

12.633 for Hubareva gives her 51.265, which is in 9th place and looks really good for the AA final right about now.

Bachynska – BB – candle mount, fine – fhs to front tuck is very strong, secure landing – swithc to swotch 1/2, check, pause to break the series – aerial to split ring jump to bhs, again pretty slow for the connection but hit the elements – split leap to side aerial, check – switch ring is a bit crazy, won’t go over well with the judges – double tuck dismount, lunge back.

Her best AA day in a WHILE.

52.665 for Bachynska and she’s into 6th place in the AA, ahead of Visser and the D’Amatos.

So, at some point, Asia D’Amato’s 13.133 on floor got bumped down 5 tenths to a 12.633. Was that just a mistake on the scores? Did someone inquire something and make a terrible mistake? Anyway she’s now behind Visser in the AA standings.

Successful performances for Japan and (GASP) Ukraine. Japan will put Ashikawa (at least) into the beam final, and will put Murakami and (I imagine) Hiraiwa into the floor final. And Hatakeda is in 3rd place AA.

Meanwhile, Ukraine has 2 people in the top 10 in the AA, and Bachynska is currently 5th on floor when you take into account 2-per.


1. Wong – 55.749
2. DiCello – 55.700
3. Hatakeda – 53.798
4. Martins – 53.032
5. Wei – 52.865
6. Bachynska – 52.665
7. Visser – 52.266
8. Asia D’Amato – 52.099
9. Alice D’Amato – 52.098
10. Hubareva – 51.265

So I’m going to give subdivision 6 the same treatment as subdivision 4. I’ll watch it and pop in about Schaefer and whatnot, but not going to talk about all the routines.

Schaefer – BB – switch mount to switch to split leap, excelelnt – kind of a large check on bhs loso series – hits switch ring – doubel turn, small squat squeeze – Schaefer, hits is excellently – aerial with a bit of a problem, arm wave and break connection – split jump wolf jump – side aerial, solid – gainer layout dismount, stuck.

13.733 puts Schaefer ahead of Wong and into 2nd place on beam, definite final.

Good day for Schaefer in total. She also hits floor. After splatting her double front in warmup, she pulled out a good one for the competition. 12.866 has her in 11th there.

Nancy Taman hits both vaults to move into 4th place. The DTY was a struggle, but if you have a DTY…


One more to go today. This one brings us France, Sweden, India, and Ceplinschi of Romania.

Issues to watch will be whether Devillard looks like a medal threat on beam, how Heduit compares in the AA, and whether Ceplinschi can get herself into a final.

Rotation 1

France on vault, India on bars, Sweden on beam, Romania on floor

Devillard with some death defying warmup vaults

Paulsson – BB – Sweden – good wolf double – bhs loso and falls – aerial, another large break but keeps it on – switch 1/2, biggg save, just does stay on.

Serber hits a Y1.5 but a large lunge

Ceplinschi – FX – ROU – split ring jump 1/2 is a bit awkward – good height on DLO, some legs, bounce back – full in, hop back – swithc ring and switch 1/2, solid switch 1/2 – double tuck to front tuck, fun rebound but kind of maybe surprised herself on landing with a bounce – double pike, small slide. Good.

Heduit hits a DTY, bounce back. 14.300, good start.

13.300 for Ceplisnchi puts her into 6th place on floor.

Devillard – VT 1 – justttt pulls around her handspring rudi, lands very extremely deep in a triangle shape.

A couple falls for Westlund on beam for Sweden.

Talekar has the best swing of the bunch for India on bars. Hits a Tkatchev but falls on a Pak.

Long wait for Devillard’s first vault score. Some conversation we can hear on the feed. “You can judge but don’t add anything, we have to wait for Donna” something like that.

Williams – BB – Sweden – good loso mount – big break on bhs loso but leans to save it – switch 1/2 to korbut – full turn, large break at the hips – I adore her extension and amplitude. Had a fall later in the routine. No hits for Sweden on beam.

Just 13.200 for Devillard’s rudi, which is VERY low.

Devillard does pull out a DTY for her second vault, lands it, two large lunges back.

A 13.450 average for Devillard, which puts her 7th. A bad place with Andrade and Melnikova to come tomorrow.

Apparently I totally blinked and Devillard did in fact fall on her first vault. So that makes more sense. The TV-watching people got a clear replay of feet and hands landing at the same time. So the delay would have been a question of whether she landed feet first.

Rotation 2

Ceplinshi with a clean Yfull, small hop, 13.700.

Serber – UB – van leeuwen, good – toe 1/2 to piked jaeger, great amplitude, smooth – pak, clean – maloney to gienger, a little close but it’s an inbar gienger, so normal – giant full – DLO, pikes it quite a bit but pulls it around, small bounce. Good one, very composed.

13.200 for Serber

Heduit – UB – stalder full to maloney to Ricna, good combo, some legs – piked jaeger, loses feet, catches – Ray, hit – pak, caught – van leeuwen, legs – double front, deep landing, but lands it. Lottts of formies in that routine. Room to take.

Just 13.366 for Heduit. They REALLY got her.

Paulsson a little deep on her full-in on floor, lunge. Double tuck is solid. Finishes with a double pike that doesn’t get the height, hands down. She’s having a day.

Good punch front pike from Pranati Das on beam.

Budda Reddy – BB – front tuck mount, arm wave – front tuck, well off to the side and falls – bhs to layout, second fall – sissone wolf jump – switch side is fine – switch – back tuck secure – straddle 1/2 from side, hit with a lean – full turn, let up check – gainer pike dismount is stuck. 9.366

Rotation 3

Sweden to vault, Ceplinschi to bars, France to beam, India to floor

Serber – BB – nice speed on wolf triple – wolf double – not horrible – side aerial, break at the hips, arm wave – an actual real life cat leap seen in the wild – bhs lay-pike, hit, arm wave – split elap to aerial to split, good – swithc to switch 1/2, just a bit short on switch 1/2 – bhs and yiikkkkkessssssss, foot slipped out into her second bhs and she hit her head on the beam. She tried to get back up and literally couldn’t. Fell over. They’re going to remove her from the area to evaluate, though she seems to at least be walking comfortably of her own volition.

Amidst that, I missed Ceplinschi going 12.333 on bars.

Heduit – BB – nice aerial – side aerial to loso and has to grab the beam to keep herself on – split leap to split leap is nice – lots of arms on a wolf double but stays on – bhs bhs 2/1, bounce back. 12.366.

It has…not been a good day for France.

Devillard – BB – switch to switch 1/2, not close to split. Beam is not really her thing. Full turn, check – side aerial and falls – aeiral is secure – switch side, leg up wobble – bhs loso, hit – double pike is EXCELLENT, stuck landing. 11.300

Rotation 4

OK well they’re having Serber go out there to warm up floor. Which is either a good sign or a terrible mistake.

Serber – FX – double L turn to double turn is good – 3/1, landed, little hop – double y spin, switch 1/2 – double wolf turn to roll out – double pike, bounce back – switch to split leap full, very short of split there – front tuck through to 2/1, lunge. So…no ill effects?

Ceplinschi is off beam on a loso. This is why we can’t have nice Romanian things. Just does survive a punch front because she ejected herself forward, still on the beam. Double tuck, bounce back.

Williams goes 12.666 on bars for Sweden to break 50. She’ll be in just behind Ceplinschi on 50.399, which is just behidn Server on 50.499.

Heduit – FX – full in, hits it, hop to the side – double arabian, around, bounce back, stays in bounds – double tuck, step back – double pike identical.

Paulsson – UB – toe full – maloney is pretty, connected to pak – van leeuwen, good height – piked jaeger, solid – double tuck dismount, stuck. Good routine, nice way to bring back her day. 13.133.

So that does it for today. Heduit goes 12.733 for a 52.765 final.

Because only 11 people are slated for the AA tomorrow, the following people have already clinched their spots in the AA final:
Wong, DiCello, Hatakeda, Martins, Wei, Heduit, Bachynska, Visser, D’Amato, D’Amato, Hubareva, Stacey, Fenton.

But pretty much anyone who scored in the 50s looks safe.

Event top 8

Asia D’Amato
Budda Reddy

Tomorrow brings Andrade and Melnikova, but also Kysselef, so I think the bottom three are in trouble, but Taman and Netzer might make it through.


Alice D’Amato

Four bars threats coming tomorrow with 2 Russians, Andrade, and Lee Yunseo, so I would feel safe in the top 4, but not necessarily in any places after that.


Andrade and 2 Russians again look like the threats still to come to endanger the bottom three here.



Floor may be the hardest to break into now, as I could see Melnikova and maybe Urazova getting in here, but not too many people to challenge this.

Worlds Training News Part 2

The final three subdivisions for women had their podium training sessions on day 2, and because they’re among the sparser groups in this unnecessarily-10-subdivisions-big women’s field, there’s not a ton to deal with.


As previously reported, Rebeca Andrade did not train floor, taking her out of the AA hunt. She did, however, work the other events, including showing two vaults, both the Cheng and the DTY. The Cheng was a bit of a struggle the first couple times but improved as the rotation went on. If she hits both, she’ll be the favorite for the vault title.

The big news coming out of the second day of podium training was Vladislava Urazova’s appearance on all four events. This is a surprise only because Russia’s original team announcement had Melnikova and Minaeva slated for the AA, with Urazova and Vorona on select events. Now, Urazova beeping and bopping around on four events doesn’t necessary mean she will compete all four in qualification, and she did not perform full difficulty (the floor routine she did would have a 4.8 D), but it’s at least worth putting her back in consideration in case she does. And given this field, she would not need her absolute full difficulty to win an all-around medal here.

If we add Urazova back into the pre-meet all-around standings, she would rank first thanks to her higher scoring potential on beam compared to Melnikova, though considering the everything and also the difficulty Urazova put out there, I wouldn’t default Urazova to gold favorite, even if she ends up doing all four.

Updated World Championships All-Around Rankings

VT Peak UB Peak BB Peak FX Peak TOTAL
Vladislava Urazova RUS 14.666 15.100 14.500 14.066 58.332
Angelina Melnikova RUS 14.733 15.066 13.733 14.433 57.965
Leanne Wong USA 14.800 14.150 14.450 14.233 57.633
Kayla DiCello USA 14.833 14.600 14.050 14.050 57.533
Wei Xiaoyuan CHN 13.366 15.166 14.500 13.800 56.832
Alice D'Amato ITA 14.750 14.700 13.300 13.100 55.850
Hatakeda Hitomi JPN 14.100 14.600 13.566 13.566 55.832
Carolann Heduit FRA 14.600 14.100 13.500 13.550 55.750
Naomi Visser NED 13.625 14.533 13.767 13.667 55.592
Maria Minaeva RUS 13.666 14.500 13.466 13.633 55.265
Georgia-Mae Fenton GBR 14.375 14.075 13.450 13.225 55.125
Asia D'Amato ITA 14.550 13.933 13.133 13.166 54.782
Vera Van Pol NED 14.500 13.633 12.900 13.550 54.583
Rose Woo CAN 13.600 13.700 13.400 13.200 53.900
Anastasia Bachynska UKR 13.833 13.433 13.700 12.800 53.766
Celia Serber FRA 13.800 13.450 13.300 13.150 53.700
Maria Ceplinschi ROU 13.650 13.167 13.433 13.300 53.550
Lee Yunseo KOR 13.400 14.333 12.841 12.966 53.540
Filipa Martins POR 13.566 14.300 12.800 12.666 53.332


We have just a couple withdrawals to deal with: The updated entry list has one change on the women’s side from the nominative registrations, with Laurie Denommee of Canada not appearing. That puts Canada’s women’s squad at three people: Cassie Lee, Audrey Rousseau, and Rose Woo. A training injury to Switzerland’s Anina Wildi will also keep her out of the competition. On the men’s side, the only athlete disappearing from the nominative list was Azerbaijan’s Nikita Simonov.

Meanwhile, Brazil’s registered men’s team still includes both Arthur Zanetti and Luis Porto, even though it was reported that neither would be on the actual team. Brazil’s men’s podium training session is yet to come.

The start lists for the first 7 subdivisions of the women’s competition are due at the same time men’s podium training begins today, so we should have some actual concrete information in…not too long.


The FIG has confirmed that there will be no public live stream of qualification. This is not unusual for the FIG, but what is unusual for those of us in the US is that USAG will not be providing a live stream of any of the qualification sessions (they typically do the US and a few of the other key nations). That will make this the first world championship without a live stream of the US qualification session in 10 years—a circumstance we haven’t dealt with since the fabled Lost Qualification Bars Routine of Sabrina Vega.

Training Playlist