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Friday Live Blog – March 4, 2022


Strap in! It’s the last mega-day until the conference championships. There will be a point today when 9 of the top 10 teams are competing simultaneously. So that’s sort of where we are in live blog land. I’ll start with Missouri/Georgia in the early session, but not too long after that, we’ll have Florida/Auburn, Arkansas/Alabama, Kentucky/LSU, Minnesota/Utah, and Michigan/Oklahoma all going. Focus will be on Michigan/Oklahoma of course because it’s the battle of 1-2, but I’ll try to keep an eye on as much as I can. It will go terribly.

Schedule and links

With an NQS just .060 behind Michigan, Oklahoma does entertain a shot at unseating Michigan for the #1 ranking today. Oklahoma would have to score more than 197.750 and Michigan less than 198.250 to have any chance at it, but if both those things happen, it will come down to margins. Important scores will also come for Arkansas and Oregon State as they will finally enter the rankings and bump a ton of teams down.

If you’re sick of the top-10 teams and their endless 9.975s, the ones to keep an eye on today are Central Michigan (competing in the Illinois quad meet) and Washington (competed at the BYU tri meet). This meet was a crucial last-minute add for Washington and provides a new chance to drop the low road scores—a 195.100 was guaranteed to count until this meet was added, now it doesn’t necessarily have to. Meanwhile, Central Michigan still has a counting 193 that needs to be gotten rid of today. Both of those teams are sitting in vulnerable positions now but can act as chaos agents in the race for regionals should they put up good hits.

First up, Missouri and Georgia. Georgia is currently still in the bad-news zone with an NQS under 196, but there’s still a 194.5 hanging around, so even a 196 flat today would be enough to move Georgia to a safe portion of the rankings. Missouri is in a good place but just a touch shy of that Minnesota/Cal/Kentucky group, and it would take something comfortably into the 197s today to make those teams nervous.

Expected first rotation lineups for both teams now that Hu is back on bars for Missouri. We’ll see if it’s finally the Y1.5 day for Hawthorne for Georgia.

Oh hey Kevin! Is Sarah Sailors Sarah Persinger? You know we can’t be expected to keep track of these new last names.

Rotation 1

Georgia VT 1 – Cashman – yfull, fairly piked in the air, one tenth step back. 9.775

Missouri UB 1 – Marshall – short first hs – jaeger to overshoot, solid amplitude – FTDT, legs in the air, comes in fairly deep with a bit of movement (we think). 9.750

Georgia VT 2 – Magee – Y1.5 – really deep landing on her 1.5 but saves it, lunge forward and deductions for the deep squat but no fall. 9.725

Missouri UB 2 – Schreiber – maloney to bail, good legs together and toe point – arch in final cast hs – DLO, a little low but finds the stick. Good. 9.850

Georgia VT 3 – Ward – Tsuk full, not the stick we saw last time out, but not large on the step back, a bit of direction. 9.800

Missouri UB 3 – Patrick – blind to jaeger, hit, blind was past vertical – hits vertical on her bail, small leg separation – solid final cast hs – DLO, hop back. 9.850

Georgia VT 4 – Hawthorne – still a yfull, better control today, bounce but not as far back – good amplitude. 9.850

Missouri UB 4 – Sheremeta – arch first hs – blind to jaeger, close catch but connects to overshoot – hit cast – rudi dismount, small hop. 9.825

Georgia VT 5 – Baumann – hits her Y1.5 but a pretty large lunge forward this week – 9.825

Missouri UB 5 – Celestine – good first hs – toe on to maloney to pak, low and legs apart – toe on to van leeuwen, legs together – strong final cast hs – stalder pike 1/2 dismount, holds onto landing on her toes. Very good except for the pak. 9.850

Georgia VT 6 – Roberts – lands slightly locked on her Y1.5 this week with a step back, knees. We’ll see if they get her on the shorter landing. Nope. 9.850

Missouri UB 6 – Hu – church to Pak, good amplitude, legs together on pak – cast 1/2 on low, a bit slow – short final vertical positions – giant full to double tuck, step. Getting there. 9.875

Georgia will be thankful to have gone 49.100 on that rotation because there was quite a bit of 9.750-9.800 gymnastics there. Still not the number they would have wanted, lowest vault score in the last four meets.

Still waiting on the last couple scores for Missouri’s bars. Ends up on 49.250 to establish a lead.

Rotation 2

We didn’t really get to see Marshall’s first vault for Missouri. We saw teammates cheering. So probably 9.825. Actually 9.800.

Georgia UB 1 – Ward – hits first hs – shaposh, holds onto it, low, connects to bail, gets there, a little tight – solid final cast hs – DLO, step forward. Not bad. That’s the best we’ve seen from her since the preseason exhibition. 9.800 for that bodes well for this rotation score

Missouri VT 2 – McCrary – hits a yfull with a step back, good amplitude but plenty of piking. 9.800

Georgia UB 2 – De Jong – toe on to Ray, very close catch, lots of elbows – is able to cast out – bail, a bit short of vertical – finishes DLO, holds the stick. Good finish. 9.775

Missouri VT 3 – Davis – pretty solid shape and amplitude on yfull, step back. 9.775. I thought that was better than the 9.800 from McCrary.

Georgia UB 3 – Finnegan – good first hs – Ray, also a little close but not like de jong – toe on to pak, leg separation – 1/2 turn on low, a little late – FTDT, stuck. Good. 9.875

Missourti VT 4 – Schreiber – clean yfull, tries to hold the landing but leans to the side, legs together throughout. 9.850

Georgia UB 4 – Schild – toe on to Ray, solidly done – rushes next cast hs – bail, some leg separation and a little past vertical – possible small arch on final cast hs – DLO, really low and takes it to her knees. 9.125

Missouri VT 5 – Celestine – hits her y1.5, medium shuffle backward, nice distance – 9.900

Georgia UB 5 – Roberts – toe on to maloney to bail, solid vertcial position – tight final cast hs – DLO, small hop in place. Solid. 9.900

Missouri VT 6 – Moore – Y1.5, excellent amplitude, drops into that landing, will definitely go up from Celestine’s 9.900 with a hop back –

9.950 for Moore with a 10.000/9.950 split.

Georgia UB 6 – Nguyen – hits first hs – toe on to toe 1/2 eagle, very late but hits her jaeger – pak, good height, very small leg break – DLO, some legs, lunge back, a usable hit. 9.850

So that’s a 49.300 vault for Missouri.

Hattaway does exhibition bars for Georgia.

Nguyen’s 9.850 on bars gets Georgia to 49.200 there, which is a season best despite the fall from Schild, so they’ll still be on mid-196 pace after the first two events, but not enough buffer here to be able to count a mistake later and still get a useful number. Missouri just over 197 pace through two, so pretty much on the scoring track they will have been looking for. We haven’t seen a road 197 yet this year for Missouri.

After 2: Missouri 98.550, Georgia 98.300.

Rotation 3

Georgia BB 1 – Magee – straight to straddle 1/2, lovely – bhs bhs loso series, check – full turn, slight hesitation to prance – ro 1.5, step forward. 9.750

Missouri FX 1 – Schreiber – rudi to back layout to punch front, layout a bit low – front full to loso dance out – switch full to split leap full, gets them around. 9.850

Georgia BB 2 – Hawthorne – bhs loso series, good height, secure – switch split jump x2 – kickover from knee, small pause before wolf jump – 1.5, hop forward. 9.775

Missouri FX 2 – Schaffer – rudi to loso, secure – switch ring to split leap full, around, not the highest but around – double tuck, chest down, controlled step – straddle shush to end. 9.850

Georgia BB 3 – Schild – aerial, basssically keeps moving to bhs bhs, check – full turn, another small correction – switch to split, hit – cat leap, good height, to side aerial to full, hop back. 9.800

Georgia tentative but surviving so far on beam.

Missouri FX 3 – Sheremeta – front 2/1 with a slide forward – switch side, good split into popa – rudi to loso, under control – back 1.5, mistimed it and can’t punch into her front, falls.

So she gets a 9.450, did they say it was just a deep squat? One just must have because we have a 9.550/9.350 split.

Georgia BB 4 – Nguyen – onodi to bhs, smoothly connected, pretty – long hesitation before y turn to full turn but hit – side aerial to layout full, a bit deep but held, slide back. 9.800

Missouri FX 4 – McCrary – front lay to rudi, secure landing, a bit ragged – double pike, strong – switch side to popa, around – 2.5, controlled step. 9.900.

Georgia BB 5 – De Jong – switch to split, hit solidly – aerial, large break, bend at the hips, step forward after – bhs loso, hit, arm wave – side aerial to layout full, holds landing. 9.550 and not full SV.

Missouri FX 5 – Moore – DLO, but can’t control the landing, multiple steps back, just does keep that in bounds, but a couple step deductions – switch 1/2 to popa to popa, elegant split positions – front tuck through to double tuck, controls front foot.

9.925 I don’t understand. She had three steps on her first pass landing?

Georgia BB 6 – Baumann – side aerial to loso and falls, you could see her foot hanging off the beam as she was off line on the side aerial. Well, Georgia was fighting but surviving through four, and now it won’t be much of a survive with a 48.675 on beam.

Missouri FX 6 – Celestine – full in, controls step back, chest up – split leap full to split jump full, good positions – 1.5 to layout, just a bit soft in layout position – double tuck, strong landing. Good one. 9.950

Missouri goes 49.475 on floor to Georgia’s 48.675 on beam. Missouri wouldn’t have to do that well on beam to get a 197 here and pressure the teams ranked above.

Georgia under 196 pace now but can still salvage this one for a solid 196 given how floor scoring was looking in that last rotation with the phantom fall and the spectral steps.

After 3: Missouri 148.025, Georgia 146.975

Every other Georgia gymnast: Welp, we fucked up beam
Alyssa Perez Lugones: My life is a unicorn parrttttyyy

Rotation 4

Missouri BB 1 – Marshall – aerial, secure – kickover to bhs, quickly connected – full turn, wobble – split to split jump 1/4, secure landing – bhs gainer full, holds stick, chest down. 9.775. 9.850/9.700 split.

Georgia FX 1 – APL – double pike, solid landing, chest up – back 1/2 to front full, slide forward – switch side, struggles with her footing connecting to popa, gets low and off line – double tuck, hit. Her best tumbling of the year but the leap combo will get her. Or “will.” 9.850 so…

Missouri BB 2 – McCrary – kickover, held it – bhs loso, high, secure landing, feet flexing – beat to stag ring, strong – split jump 1/2 from side, secure – bhs tuck 1.5 hop to the side. 9.800

Georgia FX 2 – Magee – piked full in, somewhat deep and has to hop to the side out of it – switch 1/2 to popa, lovely popa – back 1.5 to layout, off line, step forward and another step and OOB on both the first and second steps – double pike, struggles there as well, large stagger back. 9.650 also very forgiving there.

Missouri BB 3 – Schaffer – full turn, little correction – bhs bhs loso secure – kickover, hit – small lean adjustments working out of every element – switch to split, solid split position – ro 1.5, slide salute. 9.875

Georgia FX 3 – De Jong – 3/1, short landing, hop forward – switch side to wolf full, nicely done – double tuck, secure – 1.5 to layout, hit, just some knees. 9.900 OK here we go strap in.

Missouri BB 4 – Sheremeta – bhs loso, check – split to stag ring, very nice – aerial, clean – full turn, large break, bend at the hips – gainer tuck full off the end, holds stick. 9.800

Georgia FX 4 – Roberts – front tuck through to double tuck, chest down bounce back – switch side to popa to wolf full, ends up in the right place but really overturns that switch side – double pike, nicely controlled.

Ba ha ha. ha. 9.950 with the bounce back on the first pass. Floor today is one of the loosest scored rotations I’ve seen all season.

Missouri BB 5 – Hu – y spin is comfortable – aerial to bhs, nice positions, fast enough to be connected – aerial to scale, smoothly through it – beat to split jump 3/4, hits split position – bhs gainer full, step. Very nice. That will confirm the 197 for Missouri. 9.850

Georgia FX 5 – Baumann – wolf turn 2.375 – 1.5 to front full, dance out, a bit of knees – switch side to straddle jump, even more oversplit and usual, I think her right leg may have flown off – double pike, little slide back. Well, I would have this scored higher than Roberts, so we’ll see…9.950 for her as well. Why not. Everything makes sense.

Missouri BB 6 – Schreiber – good full turn, bhs loso loso, bend at the hips and an arm wave – switch 1/2 to split to beat, solid, gainer full, stuck. Good finish. 9.875

Kevin made it to the final routine before accidentally calling Georgia “Temple.”

Georgia FX 6 – Hawthorne – double pike, very strong, controlled step – split leap full to split jump full, gets a little lower on the jump, but still better amplitude than most – front lay to rudi to split jump. Well, best of the rotation.

9.975 for Hawthorne. They went crazy and then got 10 scared so we ended up with routines that were multiple tenths apart on quality all getting about the same score. Love this sport ever so.

Georgia 49.625 floor score. Sure sure sure sure.

FINAL: Missouri 197.225, Georgia 196.600

Actually both teams got the scores they were looking for?

So Georgia just tweeted that Hawthorne got a 10.000, which is going to be delicious if this actually was a 9.975 like the scores say.

This 196.600 takes Georgia up to 18th in the rankings, right between UCLA and Ohio State. Missouri’s 197.225 moves them into a tie with Minnesota for 9th currently.

A bit of a calm before the storm right now as we have some minutes before the rush.

No Shaffer in the bars lineup today for Arkansas.

Iowa on just 48.725 on bars for a lineup of 9.7s. Again I was surprised by Greenwald’s score.

Start time for Florida/Auburn and Alabama/Arkansas

This dude doing the Florida/Auburn commentary is on the struggle bus to start.

Auburn VT 1 – Groth – starts with a yfull and her usual stick – no cable men walking in front of her – chest forward, some legs apart. Good. 9.850

Florida UB 1 – Blakely – good first hs – maloney to pak, solid pak, a bit of legs in maloney – 1/2 turn on low bar, fine – hits vertical on final cast – toe 1/2 to front giant to double front, cowboyed, stuck. Probably her best of the year. 9.900

Auburn VT 2 – Stevens – welll well, just stuck a Y1.5, so that’s new – good landing, knees in the air. And it’s 9.975. Well here we are.

Florida UB 2 – McCusker – maloney to pak, lovely toe point – toe on, can’t get over and has to hop off the bar – resumes with van leeuwen, solid – short cast hs on high -s talder to double tuck, deep landing, lunge forward. 9.225

Seems more and more like this will be one of those “I figured it out sophomore year” situations for McCusker.

Auburn VT 3 – Hubbard – y1.5 – hop forward so they can’t give it a 10 – knees. 9.900. POnly deducted for landing.

Florida UB 3 – Schoenherr – toe 1/2 to jaeger, nice – small arch in hs – toe on to bail, solid vertical – crisp final cast hs – blind to double front 1/2 out, odd landing, a little crooked with some small steps. 9.825

Olsen opens with a stuck DTY for Alabama.

Auburn VT 4 – Gobourne – hops forward on her Y1.5 as well. 9.900

Florida UB 4 – Skaggs – good first hs – tkatchev to pak, pretty – 1/2 turn on low – short final cast hs on high – DLO, slide back. 9.925

Auburn VT 5 – Watson – short on her Y1.5, lunge backward. 9.825

Florida UB 5 – Thomas – good first hs – maloney to pak, nice – solid cast hs on low – toe on to van leeuwen – a bit shy on final cast hs – DLO, hop back. Great start, gave away a couple smalls in the second half. 9.925

Auburn VT 6 – Lee – goes for the Lopez today, the obvious progression, large bounce back on landing. 9.875.

Florida UB 6 – Wong – maloney to pak, small leg separations – solid cast hs on low – van leeuwen, clean – also rushed final cast hs – DLO, stuckish landing, step-salute. Nice. 9.950

So, it’s Florida 49.525 on bars to Auburn 49.500 on vault.

Scores are drugs. Definitely the 9.975 for Stevens in the second spot started Auburn out with a “only deductions are landings” rotation. Florida had a strong second half of the rotation and got rewarded for it with a big number. Felt like the handstands were all assumed to be perfect there.

Annnd Arkansas is counting a fall on bars again. Someone is going to have to have a word with her bars coachhhhhh….

FYI the score link for Arizona and Oregon State is wrong. Correct one is here.

Blanco landed a little short on her y1.5 for Alabama with a step back for 9.825 in the 5th spot. Hambrick rights things for Arkansas with a hit up 5th.

Graber finishes vault for Alabama with a gigantic bound forward on her y1.5

O’Hara finishes for Arkansas on bars – toe 1/2 to jaeger – a shortish cast – pretty bail, good toes – DLO, two small steps back.

So it’s a 49.300 vault for Alabama and a 48.825 bars for Arkansas, which includes a counting fall. Would have been some score otherwise.

Carey watch, anchoring on bars for Oregon State – good first hs – maloney to bhardwaj – hit, foot position – solid cast – van leeuwen, a little soft body position – some piking in giant swings – FTDT, hit. And 9.950.

Rotation 2

Skaggs opens vault for Florida with a stick on her yfull. And she got a perfect 9.950. Welcome.

Auburn UB 1 – Sabados – Ray, catches a little bent but good amplitude – toe on to bail, some crazy legs in the air, gets to vertical in the end – DLO, good landing. 9.875

Florida VT 2 – Schoenherr – nearly holds the landing on her Y1.5 with a lean, ends up stepping – she’s had some ginger landings today. 9.900.

Auburn UB 2 – Groth – good hs – Ray, hit – solid cast – pak, a little low but fine – 1/2 turn on low bar is quite nice – smoother final cast hs – giant full, late into double tuck, slide back. 9.925

Florida VT 3 – Wong – ro 1/2 on pike 1/2 – very very deep landing, lunge forward. So I’m assuming 9.850 for almost landing on her face. Ooooh a 9.700.

Auburn UB 3 – Stevens – toe on to Ray, solid, feet – bail, hits vertical – some handstands – DLO, pikes it around, finds the stick. 9.900

Florida VT 4 – Reed – Y1.5 – hop forward, great distance. 9.925

Auburn UB 4 – Brusch – good first hs – toe on to maloney to bail, some legs in maloney, together on bail – rushes hs – DLO, nice and floaty, bounce back. 9.875

Florida VT 5 – Blakely – Y1.5 – nice, hop forward onto her toes – solid distance though not as far as Reed. And it’s a 9.950.

I hope you’re all drinking.

Auburn UB 5 – Gobourne – tkatchev to pak, leg break on pak, takes it closer to the bar than she wanted but works out of it fairly smoothly – finishes FTDT, stuck landing.  9.900

Florida VT 6 – Thomas – Y1.5 – and she stuck the landing. Well that’s obviously going to get a 10 since coughing is 9.950 today.

And it is. 10.000. Florida 49.725 on vault.

Auburn UB 6 – Lee – Nabs to pak to van leeuwen, great, little leg break in van leeuwen – good final cast hs – FTDT, hop back – I’m sure would have had a 10 if she stuck.

Yep 9.950.

SOOO Florida 49.725 on vault, Auburn 49.550 on bars. After 2: Florida 99.250, Auburn 99.050

Scores continue to be fully wild. Florida’s vault rotation coming along. Auburn barts comfortable but not their very cleanest.

Sedlacek is 5th on vault for Arkansas, hits a y1.5, hop back, some knees. Doggette on bars to Alabama, smooth tkatchev to pak connection – DLO, small hop back. 9.950

Hambrick step forward on anchor Y1.5. 49.150 vault rotation for Arkansas.

Blanco finishes on bars for Alabama – good first hs – maloney to pak, not the highest pak but nice toes to distract you – 1/2 turn on low – perfect final cast hs – FTDT, small slide back.

9.975 without a stick. Cool cool.

Alabama goes 49.650 on bars, 98.950 after two.

Arizona is now counting a fall on bars, which will not help that precarious regionals position.

Rotation 3

Jade Carey Watch – VT – DTY, her usual, small slide back. 9.950

Auburn BB 1 – Hollingsworth – secure bhs loso series – switch, a little slow into switch 1/2 but fine – beat – split jump 1/2 from side, controlled – side aerial to layout full, small step. Solid. 9.900

Florida FX 1 – Skaggs – wolf double, nice – rudi to double stag, good control, rudi not the highest but OK – split leap full to split jump full, good toes – back 1.5 to layout, small amount of legs in 1.5, pretty layout extension . 9.925

Bryant goes 9.950 on vault to get LSU to 49.350. Which will trail Kentucky and Worley’s 9.950.

It’s a mostly female Gymnasties today. So sexism is over. Phew. Glad we fixed it.

Auburn BB 2 – Brusch – aerial to split jump, hit – bhs loso series, smallest squeeze correction – switch to straddle 1/4, a little right on straddle 1/4 position – gainer full, stuck. 9.925

Florida FX 2 – Richards – DLO, much better, a little low at the end but solid – switch side to popa to wolf full, wolf position is short, slightly out of control on landing – 1.5 to front lay, controlled step – definitely her best floor of the year. 9.925

If you didn’t get a 9.9, you must have fallen.

Auburn BB 3 – Stevens – bhs loso, secure, some foot position – split jump to stag ring to beat, again under control – aerial to knee to wolf single, comfortably done – 1.5, holds the landing. Some loose body position things so expect a 50. 9.875. DID SHE FALL?

Florida FX 3 – Baumann – 1.5 to front full, a little long on the dance out but keeps that back foot down – L turn to a semi-full turn – switch full to sissone, hits her 180, clearer full turn on the switch – double pike, bounce back. 9.925

9.925 for everyonessss

Auburn BB 4 – Groth – bhs loso bhs to scream, hit securely – switch to switch 1/2, strong split positions – full turn, smooth – aerial, pretty comfortable – side aerial to full, nearly stuck, step-salute. 9.950. Would it have been a 10?

Someone, among everything that has happened so far today, the biggest surprise is the basketball ending on time before an ESPN gymnastics meet.

Florida FX 4 – Wong – nice work on 3/1, around, controls step – split leap full to jump full, hits her positions – whip 1/2 to front full to stag LOLLL that control arm wave as she got all low on the stag – she really is the comedy queen of NCAA this season – double pike, chest forward, sells it. Please 9.925.

YESSSS 9.925.

Auburn BB 5 – McLaughlin – switch to bhs loso, small lean adjustment on landing – beat to side aerial, secure – switch to straddle 1/4, good extension – gainer pike, stuck. Lovely. And another 9.950.

Florida FX 5 – Reed – DLO, controls her front foot, solid open position – front lay to rudi, also well controlled – dance combo is comfortable, good switch 1/2 – doubel pike, secure landing. I would say please 9.925 but that will obviously be higher.

9.975 for Reed.

Christ on a butter knife Florida is going to be in contention for the all-time NCAA score record today.

Auburn BB 6 – Lee – wolf single, good – aerial to bhs loso, perfect – switch to switch 1/2, hit – bhs gainer full, basically stuck? Obvious 10.

And it is. 10.000 for lee on beam.

Auburn goes 49.725 on beam, obviously a team record. They’re going to obliterate their old record.

Florida FX 6 – Blakely – so no Thomas on floor – double arabian, finds the landing, a little deep – switch ring and switch 1/2 are well completed – double tuck, controlled step, pulled it around – 1.5 to layout, slide forward.

And that’s a 10.000? I mean, Reed’s was better. That’s just lineup order scoring.

Oh god and Oklahoma/Michigan is starting.

Florida is at 149.000 after three events. 149.

Michigan UB 1 – Brenner – jaeger to overshoot, hit, some feet – solid final cast hs – DLO, small hop back

Oklahoma VT 2 – Stern – step forward on y1.5, some knees

Michigan UB 2 – Morrison – good gienger, legs together – nice hs – clear hip, small hesitation to bail – rushing a bit here – DLO, slight whippy, finds stick.

Oklahoma VT 3 – Bowers – lovely Y1.5 – finds the stick very well, some knees

And we have ourselves another 10.000.

Michigan UB 3 – Heiskell – good jaeger, very high pak, legs together – strong final cast hs – giant full, solid finish position into double tuck, stuck. Pretty. 9.900

Oklahoma VT 4 – Levasseur – Y1.5 – lunge forward

Michigan Ub 4 – Brooks – blind to piked jaeger, solid – great cast hs on high – bail, right to vertical well – solid final cast as well – DLO 1/1 but short, hop forward. 9.850

Oklahoma Vt 5 – Sievers – Y1.5, step forward, not quite the distance of Levasseur

Michigan UB 5 – Wojcik – toe to deltchev to overshoot, massive – strong cast hs on high – DLO, flung but found the stick. Nice. 9.950

Oklahoma Vt 6 – Fletcher – she added the 1.5 and she stuck it. Like Stevens. What’s up, great landing. Some knees on block. Maybe small movement lean at the end. 9.950

Michigna UB 6 – Vore – good first hs – maloney, didn’t get much backwing and had to add an empty swing in here, so this will be the drop score.

Tie at 49.450 after 1.

Rotation 4, Florida and Auburn

Florida BB 1 – Skaggs – hits wolf turn, a little tigher than her usual but fine – switch to split, lovely split positions – bhs loso – aerial, comfortable – cat leap to switch side, good horizontal position – side aerial to full, stuck. Good. 9.925

Auburn FX 1 – Hubbard – full in, chest up, little bounce – switch side to wolf full, tight position in those dance elements – 1.5 to front tuck, got low and soft in the knee position there and had to tuck it around. Won’t want to count that, so probably gasp in the 9.8s. 9.725. Well, what a shock.

Florida BB 2 – Blakely – aerial to bhs, hit – switch to switch 1/2, just a tad shy on switch 1/2 but OK – side somi, arm wave lean to save it – side aerial, good extension into layout full, hop forward. 9.825

Auburn FX 2 – Watson – doubel arabian, takes it around the side door but hits it, little hop – 1.5 to layout, dance out – switch side to popa, good split positions – doubel tuck, bounce back for 9.925. Of course it is. It’s like they’re playing our song.

Rotation 2 starting at Michigan/Oklahoma – Guggino starts with a near stick on her y1.5, little lean to the side.

Florida BB 3 – Baumann – bhs loso, nice – switch to split, hits split positions – aerial, check – side aerial, small squeeze, keeps arms moving to split jump – 1.5, stuck. 9.900

Wojcik 2nd vaulter for Michigan, small hop forward.

Levassuer UB – Oklahoma – hit tkatchev, not the highest – pretty bail, good toe point – solid final cast hs – DLO, stuck. Lovely 2nd half of that routine.

Which means 9.975.

Heiskell third vault for Michigan – drops into her y1.5 but overdoes it a little with a larger lunge forward

Smith – UB – Oklahoma – hits her ray to pak, always an adventure with that Ray but she always seems to hit it – DLO, bounce back and. 9.925

Stevens also went 9.925 on floor for Auburn. Obviously.

Morrison – VT – Michigan – gigantic bound forward out of her Y1.5 and another step

Florida BB 4 – Wong – switch to split lovely – hits bhs loso series – full turn, smooth – switch ring, not quite there and acheck – aerial, good – ro 2/1, small movement. And 9.950.

Thomas – Ub – OU – good first hs – blind, right on top to jaeger, some leg form on catch – bail, hit – DLO, holds the stick with a little lean. So 9.975 sure thing.

Brooks with a little hop forward on her Y1.5. So much power for Michigan on their Y1.5s but not the landings today.

Auburn FX 4 – Groth – front 2/1, shows control – switch 1/2 to wolf full, shows clear positions – finishes with a comfortable rudi.

And it’s 9.975. The number of 9.975s today…

Bowers – UB – OU – Ray, clean – good cast hs – toe on to pak, lovely – good 1/2 turn on low bar – FTDT, finds the stick. Uh oh.

9.975. OBVI.

Wilson nearly finds the stick on her Y1.5 for Michigan, little shuddle to the side.

Florida BB 5 – Thomas – lovely mount sequence as usual – bhs loso with a check and turn to the side to cover – the rest was excellent – aerial to beat to korbut, perfect, and a stuck landing.


Davis – Ub – OU – higgins to piked jaeger, excellent – pak, clean – 1/2 turn on low, good vertical – higgins to front giant to double front 1/2 out, stuck with a little stagger.

Anddddd 9.975 for Davis.


Oklahoma 49.825 on bars with four 9.975s to tie the NCAA record.

Auburn FX 5 – Lee – DLO, whips it down at the end, finds control – switch ring and split full are lovely – 1.5 to front full, exellent landing –


Clapper fell on her bhs loso series to end things for Florida on a paltry 198.575, a program record and the 4th-highest score in college gym history. 9.975 probably!

Auburn FX 6 – Gobourne – music delay…but how is she going to get her 9.975 when the music isn’t even righttttttt – open double tuck, solid landing – switch side and wolf full, very good – 1.5 to front lay, controls the step out – double pike, strong. She knew this was going to be a 10 if she didn’t have any errors and she delivered.


Auburn goes 49.800 on floor (HI!) to tie Florida on 198.575, the 4th-highest score in NCAA history.

Also I’m a dead person who is dead.

Also Alabama went 49.700 on floor to go 198.075 today.

Grace McCallum (UB) and Mya Hooten (VT) just got 9.975s at the Utah/Minnesota meet.

Rotation 3, Michigan/Oklahoma

Dunn hit in the first spot for Oklahoma on beam, Brenner follows on floor for Michigan with a hit full in, chest down, 1.5 to layout is comfortable – slightly tight on switch side to popa combination – double pike, solid.

Both go 9.875. Which is such a low and terrible score I don’t know what to do with it.

Oklahoma BB 2 – Trautman – bhs loso, secure, her attention to toe point has improved over her colleged career – switch side, hit – kickover, smallest adjustment – 1.5 dismount with a step-salute. 9.825

And Sage Thompson just went 10.000 on bars for Utah.

Michigan FX 2 – Heiskell – double arabian, holds the back foot down, looked like her momentum was going to carry her – 1.5 to layout, comfortable – switch 1/2 to wolf full, hits positions – double pike and all we can see is Bev.

And O’Keefe has followed Thompson with another 10. I saw her stick the double arabian dismount. Maybe I should check in on Isa’s routine since they have two 10.0s and a 9.975.

Isa UB – Utah – good Ray – bail, a little crooked and a hand adjustment – giant full to DLO, stuck.

Just a 9.950 for Isa. Utah goes 49.800 on bars, which is a UTAH record. Utah.

Meanwhile Levasseur went 9.875 on beam for Oklahoma.

Michigan FX 3 – Morrison – FTDT, very strong, chest up, shows control on landing – front lay to front full, has the amplitude, controlled step – switch 1/2 to wolf full, very high – double tuck, controls step. Good. 9.925

This is how horribly today has ruined us. I say a score of 9.925 (!!!!) and was like, that seems low. A 9.925.

Oklahoma BB 4 – Davis – bhs loso series, a bit of knees, good control – cat to aerial, very comfortable – beat to split ring jump, position looked solid – 2/1, very high, small step. 9.900

Michigan FX 4 – Brooks – full in, controls front foot, same on her front tuck through to double tuck – comfortably shows her 180s on jumps – double pike, very good and real controlled step on that one. 9.950

Oklahoma BB 5 – Woodard – side aerial to bhs, secure, a bit of knee in bhs – kickover to beat, solidly connected – switch to split, not her highest split jump but can still get to 180s better than most – side aerial to full, good. 9.950

Michigan FX 5 – Wilson – open FTDT, nailed landing – front lay to front full to front tuck, short, slide back – switch side to popa, high – double tuck, a little deep, controlled step. 9.900


Oklahoma BB 6 – Smith – bhs loso series, check, – aerial, squeeze to hold it – straddle 1/2 to korbut, lovely – gaienr full, nice stick. 9.925

Meanwhile Kentucky defeated LSU by 197.500 to 197.450. But there weren’t even any 10s. Did they not get the memo????

Michigan FX 6 – Wojcik – front 2/1 to front pike, solid – split leap full to popa, good feet – double pike, also solid – rudi to straddle jump, nice control. There she is. 9.950

Oklahoma 49.525 on beam, Michigan 49.600 on floor.

After 3: Oklahoma 148.800, Michigan 148.500

Utah is on beam now with a 9.900 and 9.950 already. Paulson has a check on her series so probably only 9.975 for her.

Lexy Ramler’s switch ring is my only therapy.

9.975 for Isa’s beam. This week’s “10 from one judge” post might have to be a four-book series.

Rotation 4

Michigan BB 1 – Morrison – candle mount, hit, just a big over vertical – bhs loso series, secure landing – cat to switch 1/2, tries to connect into beat jump, a little late and a check on it – 1.5 dismount, locked landing, hop to the side. 9.825

Oh Eaker is back in Utah’s beam lineup – side aerial to loso, secure, a touch of knees – switch to korbut, smoothly connected – side aerial to tuck full, nearly holds the stick. 9.900

Johnson with a comfortable hit in the first spot on floor for Oklahoma.

Michigan BB 2 – Wilson -bhs loso series, high, secure, some knees – switch split jump x 2, small check in between but probably won’t jeopardize the connection – double tuck dismount, small hop. 9.900

O’Keefe finishes for Utah on beam – side aerial to loso, holds it – switch to split leap, no trouble – full turn, holds it forever to show control – cat leap to die aerial to full, stuck.

And it’s 10.00 for O’Keefe, going full Peng with 10s on bars and beam.

Now Hooten finishes on floor for Minnesota – FTDT, controls her step – switch side to popa, looks good – front full to front pike, excellent, stuck – double tuck. 9.925

Guggino falls on beam for Michigan.

Utah went 49.800 on bars and 49.725 on beam.

Oklahoma FX 3 – Fletcher – whip to double tuck, good work – front lay to front full, nice attention to legs together, controls her step – switch 1/2 to popa, good popa, a little under on switch 1/2 – 2.5, solid.

And 9.975.

Michigan BB 4 – Brooks – bhs loso loso, small check – switch to switch, shows her split positions, connected well – kickover, another lean correction – double tuck, hop back. 9.825

Oklahoma FX 4 – Sievers – front tuck through to double tuck, step back, a little low – double pike, short, chest down – switch side to wolf full to popa, yes – 9.925

Michigan BB 5 – Heiskell – cat leap to side aerial, strong – switch to switch with a check, leg up, arm wave – bhs loso, secure, pretty position – 1.5, small scoot back. 9.925. Career high with a check.

Oklahoma FX 5 – Bowers – excellent double pike, good height and feet – front 2/1 to front tuck, also well done and controlled – switch to switch 1/2 to wolf full, around clearly. Pretty. 9.950

Michigan BB 6 – Wojcik – switch to split, lovely – bhs bhs loso, perfect – full turn, hit – 1.5 dismount, hop forward. 9.925

Tell me you’re Ragan Smith’s mom without telling me you’re Ragan Smith’s mom.

Oklahoma – FX 6 – Smith – double tuck, good control – 1.5 to front…fall. Mistimed it. So that will end on 198.475 for Oklahoma.

FINAL: Oklahoma 198.475, Michigan 197.900

So that will allow Oklahoma to move into first place.

Time to GymCastic. Can’t imagine what we’ll talk about.

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