Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs — Week 9

This week…

We became sportsball!

Georgia tweeted congratulations to Soraya Hawthorne on a 10 she didn’t get

But I mean…

And the beam cap just couldn’t take it anymore

So Kentucky was like

And the crowd was like

Shh! She’s coming! Hide!

Illinois had to pull out of regionals hosting because the school went

So Oklahoma was like, yes we’ll do our regional at our house

Meanwhile, college gymnastics took the code and was like

Yes 9.925 for me also as well

In this house, we don’t have balance checks

Just perfect arm sweepilies

Four of the top eleven scores in history happened on Friday

Four teams tied for the Pac-12 regular season championship

We’re up to 226 routines that have received at least one 10.000 this year

And if you didn’t get 9.9, you are a disappointment

I am unmoored

Really, we’re all only just hanging on through magic