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Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 7


This week…

The theme was no feet, just vibes

Well maybe one foot, one vibe

Or maybe no vibes, 9 ghosts

I swear she saw one

JaFree checked to see if this was one of those dismounts the judges watched or nah

Lean-anne sold the landings

And there was solid constructive criticism

We switched over to NQS and Oklahoma was like

While Kentucky set a program record and fell in the rankings

Payton, how’s beam?

Payton, how’s floor?

Payton, how’s…rainbows?

Auburn rested Suni on two events

And UCLA said thanks for the ranking

Stanford thrusted toward its first regular-season 197 in 7 years

Arkansas was on track for a program record before a 47.075 on beam

KJ Johnson celebrated beating Florida so hard she broke her foot

And Utah was like, “It’s fine. We’re fine. It’s fine.”


We looked at Pac-12 scoring like

And had to cool down because senior nights are just around the corner

So settle in

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