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2023 Pan Am Games — Women’s Team


After today’s first subdivision, Mexico owns the team lead with 150.595 and the all-around lead with Ahtziri Sandoval on 50.965. Among those who are eligible for this competition’s Olympic spot (i.e., people not from the US, Canada, Brazil, or Mexico), Luisa Blanco currently leads with 49.431, but that spot will be awarded based on the all-around final results, not today.

In subdivision 2, we have the US, Argentina, and the remaining two mixed groups. Lynnzee Brown and Anya Pilgrim both in the mixed groups in this one.

Live scoring

The US will have DiCello, Chiles, and Sumanasekera in the AA, Lincoln on three, and Miller on bars.

Rotation 1

The shot of Miller doing her makeup before this rotation was A plus.

Lincoln – BB – USA – wolf double, hit, slight hesitation at the end – bhs layout 2 feet, good height – aerial, arm check, breaks connection into split straddle, but good positions – switch to switch 1/2, nice high back leg – side aerial – bhs bhs double pike, nice stick. Good opening hit. Probably losing both artistry tenths for rhythm and tempo in there, but such nice elements, and the E score should still be high. 

Brown in with 11.066 on bars. 2nd highest E on bars so far behind Blanco, but a 3.2 D.

13.233 for Lincoln. 7.733 E, which is the highest so far. So I guess that counts as high?

Sumanasekera – BB – USA – candle mount, good – bhs bhs layout 2 feet, also solid, not quite as high as Lincoln but good – aerial to split to bhs, well connected to get the series – switch to switch 1/2, hit – switch ring, arm wave, split ring jump, back foot on both, more on the jump – aerial, wobble before wolf jump sissone – bhs bhs double pike, chest forward with a step, sounded like we heard the overtime bell as well? – Really great start, wobblier in second half.

Now we’re looking back on Brown’s bars – toe on to maloney with some legs, connected to pak, with a straddle – van leeuwen, some legs – giant giant DLO, strong landing there. She doesn’t have the same-bar release, grip change, or full turn requirements, so loses 1.5 here in composition requirements, which is the main reason for the low D.

Betances – UB – DOM – blind to straddle back to toe on to toe shoot, solid – giant full – double pike, hop back. Good. 10.533.

Very long delay for Sumanasekera’s beam score. At a certain point just like, give credit or don’t but do something.

We see Fuentes of DOM on bars, nice height on a pak in there but can’t get up to handstand on high bar before dismount and ends up casting to horizontal. Dismounts with layout.

Tiana Sumanasekera just celebrated her 65th birthday waiting for this beam score.

Pilgrim – UB – BAR – toe full on low to maloney to pak, solid combination – 1/2 turn on low, good vertical focus – double tuck dismount, cowboy, balance check with a step, but some nice stuff in the beginning there.

Zoe Miller with the shades on. She is the star.

It must be a technical problem at this point because an actual score has never taken this long. Cecile’s lips say, “I have some thoughts that I am keeping to myself.”

We’re going! 13.066 for Sumanasekera.

Chiles – BB – USA – bhs loso, leg up wobble – aerial to straddle, small correction before bhs – side somi, little lean back – switch to sissone, hit – side aerial, smoothly done – switch side, lean – double pike, little hop to the side. Checky but a hit.

Live scores haven’t updated with the numbers for Pilgrim or Sumanasekera even though they’re in, which is also making me think we have some technical issues.

13.000 for Chiles now. 7.8 E is the top there so far.

DiCello – BB – USA – candle mount, solid – wolf triple, strong – bhs loso loso, solid landing, some knee form throughout – switch, keeps moving into switch 1/2 but very very low back leg – aerail to split to sissone, smooth – side aerial, feet, secure – double double is really short but saved it with a lunge forward.

13.066 is level with Sumanasekera for 2nd, but DiCello has the E score tiebreak advantage for event final purposes. Lincoln leads the team on beam with 13.233.

Rotation 2

Sumanasekera – FX – USA – double double, pulls it around, chest down – wolf double – DLO is shorter, lunge forward – switch ring to split leap full – back 1.5 to front full, landed a bit short with a slide – switch 1/2, good – double pike, solid, little hop.

13.000 moves just ahead of Heron and into first on floor for the moment.

Chiles – FX – USA – DLO 1/1, great position in the air, stagger on landing with chest forward and leg up – 1.5 through to full in, excellent – leg up full to split leap 1.5 – wolf double – front loso to double tuck, step back looked OOB – switch side 1/2, a little bouncy – double pike, good in the air again, a little soft in the landing.

Martinez – UB – ARG – toe full, pretty late – maloney to pak, some leg separations – 1/2 turn on low – shoot to high – slight arch in hs – blind to jaeger, hit – double tuck, hop to the side. Composed hit overall.

13.200 on floor for Chiles moves ahead of Sumanasekera.

DiCello – FX – USA – double double tuck, solid, small hop – wolf triple, around – split jump full – back 1.5 to front full, little hop – switch ring to split leap full, little hop – double pike, bounce back. Nice one. 13.633

Curti – UB – ARG – Maloney to bail, collapses in bail, lots of form and angle – keeps it going to toe shoot to high – jaeger – toe 1/2, later – giant full – doubel pike, chest forward, lunge

Lincoln – FX – USA – double double, good height, hop to the side – DLO 1/1, bounces back OOB with both feet – switch ring to split full is nice – wolf triple, around – switch leap full, good extension – front full through to double tuck, hop. Nice overall, shame about the OOB.

Estarli – UB – ARG – good first hs – blind with leg break into jaeger, very low but caught – pak, legs – clear hip – extra cast on low bar – cat 1/2, shoot to high – giant full, finishes past horizontal – double pike, hop.

Lincoln goes 13.800 even with the 0.300 OOB to lead the US team on floor. So Lincoln and DiCello look like the EFers for the US on the first two events. DiCello and Chiles with a lead on Sumanasekera for the AA spots.

Rotation 3

DiCello – VT – USA – DTY is very strong, small hop in place. Some soft knees and leg separation. 14.066

Scoring looks like it is on the struggle again after DiCello and before Lincoln. Uh oh, a judge is pointing at a computer screen. Sign of the apocalypse.

Broadcast experimenting with how close a close-up one can possibly get.

Lincoln – VT – USA – DTY is solid, lunge back, some leg separation t the end. 13.933

Beam from Martinez for Argentina joined in progress – and left in progress as Sumanasekera is vaulting. Nice height on her DTY, bit of soft legs but less separation than the first two, hop to the side. 14.100

Chiles – VT – USA – Good work on her DTY, small hop back, best air position of the group by far. 14.366

Second vault for Chiles is the Lopez, less control on the landing with a bounce back/side – good layout shape, possibly went OOB on the hop. 13.833 for the Lopez and easily into first in the vault standings.

DiCello and Chiles with a clear AA lead on Sumanasekera now and will expect to have the higher scores on bars as well.

Rotation 4

Sumanasekera – UB – USA – stalder full, some leg crossing in turn – maloney to pak, solid – van leeuwen, catches, leg separation – stalder – blind, leg break in hs – jaeger, caught, close catch with elbow bending – giant 1/2, short of handstand – FTDT, chest forward, hop. 12.900

DiCello – UB – USA – toe full to stalder shap to clear hip to Church, good – piked jaeger, hit – pak – van leeuwen, good legs together – FTDT, holds onto the landing with a little lean. Good day for her.

13.800 leads bars for now.

Chiles – UB – USA – toe full to tkatchev piked to pak, nice, legs together – maloney, som leg break into gienger, good height and rhythm – blind to piked jaeger, hit, a little low – bail to toe shoot – FTDT, holds the stick. Good one.

14.100 ahead of DiCello on bars and in the AA now by a tenth.

Miller – UB – USA – inbar full to stalder shap 1/2, hit – inbar 1/2 to jaeger, solid – stalder tkatchev piked to pak, some leg separation – shap 1/2, hit – DLO, legs, small step forward. Good.

14.766 for Miller on bars to be top qualifier there.

The US team goes 165.196. The Brazil team went 165.530 when winning team silver at worlds.

Chiles and DiCello lead the AA standings now and will advance to the AA final, and Luisa Blanco remains the top scorer among those still looking for an Olympic spot.

Chiles also makes the VT and UB finals. DiCello and Lincoln make the BB and FX finals. Miller makes the UB final.

We have a couple hours until the final subdivision now.


Brazil headlines the final subdivision, with Saraiva and Barbosa in the AA. Andrade is slated for everything except floor.

We’ll also see how a Canadian team without Black compares to that 150 for Mexico from earlier.

Rotation 1

Pedro – FX – BRA – FTDT, pretty solid control, small hop to the side – split jump full, a little short – double arabian, little shuffle forward but again good control overall – switch to split leap full – switch 1/2 – double tuck, cowboys to yank it around but does – double pike, chest down but hit.

Canada has 12.966 for Turner and 13.033 for Sgarbossa on vault. Turner with a clean yfull, solid air position. Sgarbossa more amplitude, hop back.

12.300 for Pedro’s floor.

Barbosa – FX – BRA – whip to FTDT, little bounce back – piked full in, also pretty comfortable – popa – wolf double seemed a little out of control but got it there in the end – back 1.5 to front full, some knees in the full – step – nice switch leaps – double pike, controls well. Nice.

39.533 vault for Canada, led by 13.3 for Stewart’s Y1.5.

13.333 for Barbosa.

Soares – FX – BRA – great form on double arabian, step – FTDT, comes around the side a little but good – step – switch ring and split leap full, solid – gets the wolf triple – double tuck, step back – split jump full – double pike, hop back. Excellent.

13.400 with 8.0 E, in ahead of Barbosa for event finals, which I think is right.

Saraiva – FX – BRA – DLO, good, slide back – switch full, around – double tuck, larger bounce back but keeps it in bounds – split leap 1.5 good split but looked under rotated on the 1.5 – switch ring 1/2 – back 1.5 to front full, step forward OOB – double pike, slide.

13.400, which ties Soares as Saraiva and Soares end up just scraping into the EF ahead of Barbosa.

40.133 floor for Brazil, 0.5 back of the US on floor.

A look back at the pretty yfull for Aurelie Tran that hit 9.0 E score, followed by the 1.5 for Ava Stewart, a bit deep with a step forward.

Rotation 2

Turner – UB – CAN – stalder to maloney, small leg break, into pak, pause but continues, shoot to high – toe full attempt on high, goes over and accidentally does a 1.5, tries to keep it going and improvise but ends up coming off – resumes with blind to jaeger, nice feet, close catch – DLO dismount, step back.

12.766 for Pedro on vault.

Barbosa – VT – BRA – solid DTY, medium step back, good direction, legs crossed. 13.800. Saraiva follows her with a 14.000.

11.000 for Turner on bars.

Sgarbossa – UB – CAN – good first hs on low – maloney with leg break into clear hip to Ray, solid – pak, some legs and feet – van leeuwen, straddles – arches hs on high bar but keeps it going the right way, good save – giant full, a bit late – DLO, hop forward.

Nice height on Saraiva’s DTY, small step back.

12.100 for Sgarbossa.

Stewart – UB – CAN – stalder full, good into maloney to tkatchev, hit – stalder – pak, some arch but legs together – van leeuwen, nice form – front giant to double front pike dismount and crashes it, hands down. Oh, it was going so well.

Replay of Andrade’s 15.100 vault when?

OK now.

No never mind, this is her DTY, which I mean, I would give it a 15.1. Beautiful, small step.

Andrade into first on vault with more than 7 tenths on Chiles in second there.

Stewart goes 12.400 with a fall, so that’s still Canada’s best number so far.

Tran – UB – CAN – maloney to pak, small leg separations – van leeuwen, nice – clear hip to toe full, great finish position on the full – jaeger, pretty – late cast 1/2 turn – DLO, step back. Good.

Brazil goes 42.900 on vault, picking up 0.368 on the US after losing 0.5 on floor.

13.400 for Tran gets Canada to 37.900 on bars, again down a smidge compared to Mexico on the first two events.

Rotation 3

Lee – BB – CAN – hits loso mount – side aerial loso, large break, lots of arm waving, almost saves it but can’t – popa, secure, a bit under rotated – side somi is solid – wolf jump to straddle – wolf triple is good – 1.5 dismount, stuck. Good second half of that one. 12.033

Turner – BB – CAN – small check on loso mount – bhs loso, large break, bend at the hips – switch to switch 1/2 small pause before korbut, a little off line but corrects – aerial to split to straddle, hit series – side aerial, secure – full turn, slight check – gainer bhs bhs 1.5 dismount, small slide. 12.633

10.400 for Pedro starting Brazil on bars. And we’ll see the replay, took the jaeger 93 million miles and fell.

Stewart – BB – CAN – switch to wolf jump, pretty – bhs tuck full series and hits it, just a small rebound – aerial, pause before split ring and before korbut bit hit elements – wolf double – switch ring, solid back leg, wobble – bhs bhs double pike, chest way down but gets it with step back. Good one.

Barbosa goes 10.933 now for Brazil, which will have to count.

Stewart 13.666 is now first on beam.

Saraiva – UB – BRA – toe full to tkatchev piked to pak, hit – toe on to maloney to gienger – blind to front giant to double front, step forward. Flavia saves the day on bars again. 13.633

Tran – BB – CAN – switch mount, hit – aerial, small pause before split to straddle – full turn – side aerial, nice – bhs loso, secure landing – split jump 1/2 from side, low back leg but hit – switch to switch 1/2, check, feet – back 1/1 dismount, step.

Canada’s big beam total means they’ll move well ahead of Mexico’s pace in the race for bronze, while Brazil’s counting 10 on bars means they’ll fall well off the US pace in the race for gold.

12.866 will get Tran into the beam final.

Andrade – UB – BRA – maloney to stalder full to tkatchev piked to pak, good – van leeuwen, nice position – great hs – blind to piked jaeger, so high – toe full to FTDT, chest forward, hop. 14.300 and she’s into second on bars.

Rotation 4

Stewart – FX – CAN – split jump full – back 1.5 through to double pike, chest down, hit – switch leap full, maybe not all the way on the full – switch to switch ring, good back leg – front pike to full, hop – double tuck, deep, step back. 12.466

Turner – FX – CAN – double y spin and a little – double pike, deep, hop – split jump full – back 2.5, hit, a little coal-walk-steppy on landing but mostly controls – wolf double, hit – front full, under, steps to the side.

Soares opens beam with 12.666 for Brazil.

We have a crashed yfull attempt from Marihuan of Chile, no block, looks like hands slipped landed knee first for a 0.000

Nice leaps from Tran on floor for Canada, finishes double pike with step back.

Barbosa goes 12.600 on beam.

12.666 for Tran which will make it back to the floor final.

Lee – FX – CAN – double tuck, hop back – wolf hop to switch 1/2 – wolf triple, good – back 1.5 to front full, controls it – some knees – popa, around – doubel pike, chest down, big rebound back OOB.

13.433 beam for Saraiva is 2nd there. This broadcast said, the CBC paid for rights so BYE BRAZIL.

12.333 for Lee won’t make it back to the final but will see Canada finish on 154.230 for bronze. It’s 3 points back of their worlds performance with Black in the AA.

Loveee replays of Chiles’s vaulting instead of Brazil’s beam rotation. We will see both Pinto and Santi in the vault final for Chile.

Flavia comes up 2 tenths shy of Chiles in the AA, so Chiles will be top qualifier into the AA final, followed by DiCello and then Saraiva.

Still waiting on the score for Andrade’s beam. Won’t hold out hope that we’ll actually see it.

And it’s 13.566, which is 2nd on the event.

Blanco in 10th remains the top AA finisher who is eligible for the Olympic spot, ahead of Iribarne and Curti of Argentina, then Lynnzee Brown.

1) USA – 165.196
2) BRAZIL – 161.564
3) CANADA – 154.230

Event finalists:
VT – Andrade, Chiles, Sandoval, Escalera, Pinto, Estarli, Betances, Santi
UB – Miller, Andrade, Chiles, Saraiva, Tran, Sandoval, Campos, Stewart
BB – Stewart, Andrade, Saraiva, Lincoln, DiCello, Tran, Loustalot, Blanco
FX – Lincoln, DiCello, Saraiva, Soares, Heron, Tran, Achondo, Turner

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