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Top Scores of Week 4

For the top scores of week 4, I’m looking at the routines that got a 10.000, a 10 from one judge, or a consensus 9.950 from both judges. Have at it.

The 10.000s

Maile O’Keefe – Beam – Utah

Adnerys De Jesus – Vault – Iowa State

The 9.975s

Sydney Soloski – Floor – Utah

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CSI: Your Floor Routine

OK, listen up. Today, I’m CSIing the D scores from the floor routines at US Classic to check out what elements people are performing, what’s actually receiving credit, and what the trends are in that regard.

For each routine, the left column is the composition that the gymnast attempted at Classic and the D score that would have been given had every attempted skill been completed successfully. In the right column, I’ve noted where I believe a different skill was awarded. That’s not based on any knowledge of what the judges actually did, just on watching the routine, seeing the D score that was given, and making some assumptions.

And remember to watch out for that damn domestic stick bonus (JUST GET RID OF IT).

MyKayla Skinner – Floor
Attempted routine
Credited routine
Double double layout – I
Front tuck through to double tuck full – A + E
Leg-up hop full – C
Switch leap full – D Switch leap 1/2 – C
Double double tucked – H
Split leap 1.5 – D
Wolf turn double – D Wolf turn single – A
Back 1.5 through to back tuck – C + A
CR – 2.0 CR – 2.0
Acro – IHEC – 2.5 Acro – IHEC – 2.5
Dance – DDDC – 1.5 Dance – DCCA – 1.1
CV – 0.0 CV – 0.0
Total D – 6.0 Total D – 5.6

Even with the aborted final pass, Skinner was still going for a 6.0 D score at Classic, which would have been among the very highest attempted. She definitely didn’t get credit for the double wolf turn since she went to her knee after the first turn because DONE. That was a D-score destroyer here because the wolf single is only an A, and the situation on the last pass meant she didn’t have the backup “just in case” C element she otherwise would have.

Counting that A skill took her D score down three tenths, the other tenth most likely coming from a downgrade of the switch leap full, which was landed under-rotated, though you could argue it was one of the other dance elements instead.

If Skinner does the 1.5 through to double tuck at nationals, which I assume is the intent, she would be up to 6.2 if receiving credit for everything.

Gabby Perea – Floor
Attempted routine
Credited routine
Full-twisting double tuck – E
Front tuck through to back 2.5 – A + D
Wolf turn triple – E Wolf turn double – D
Wolf turn double – D Repeated skill
Switch leap – B
Switch leap full – D
Double pike – D
Split leap 1.5 – D Split leap full – C
Back 2/1 – C
CR – 2.0 CR – 2.0
Acro – EDDC – 1.6 Acro – EDDC – 1.6
Dance – EDDD – 1.7 Dance – DDCB – 1.3
CV – 0.0 CV – 0.0
Total D – 5.3 Total D – 4.9

The victim of wolf turn destruction in the senior ranks at this meet was Gabby Perea, who was under on her triple wolf attempt, which mean the subsequent double wolf was a repeated skill and received no credit at all. You’ll note in this routine, after the wolf triple attempt, Perea moves her leg to where it would have finished in order to begin her double wolf, which you should never do because it signals to the judges that you were under on the previous skill.

The wolf turns don’t account for all the downgrades Perea received, so I’d say she also didn’t get the split leap 1.5, but you could argue for the switch leap full. There was downgrade potential on both.

Shilese Jones – Floor
Attempted routine
Credited routine
Double double tucked – H
Double Arabian – E
Wolf turn triple – E Wolf turn double – D
Full-twisting double tuck – E
L turn double – D L turn single – B
Leg-up hop full – C
Switch side 1/2 – C Switch side – B
Double tuck – D
CR – 2.0 CR – 2.0
Acro – HEED – 2.2 Acro – HEED – 2.2
Dance – EDCC – 1.5 Dance – DCBB – 1.1
CV – 0.0 CV – 0.0
Total D – 5.7 Total D – 5.3

Jones lost quite a bit of her intended D on floor. That definitely includes the wolf turn triple, which was short of the full three turns, and I’m saying that switch side 1/2 was not around enough for credit as well. That accounts for two of the four tenths that Jones lost, so I’m thinking the L turn double must have been dropped down to a single. The leg stays in position longer than necessary, but that heel drops early. Continue reading CSI: Your Floor Routine