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Just the Good Stuff: Women’s Qualification Day 1

What you need to know, in quick, easily digestible bullet points.

  • The Doha Pearl: That’s what Simone nicknamed her kidney stone
  • That’s literally all you need to know
  • About this, or anything
  • Ever
  • Anyway, Simone is fine because she scored 60.965 in the AA
  • For comparison, she won worlds in 2015 with 60.333, under the previous code
  • Morgan Hurd is second all-around with 56.465, so she will advance to the all-around final with Simone after putting up her own fab day
  • Riley McCusker struggled, falling on beam, not getting her full difficulty on bars, going OOB on floor, and landing short on vault, so she will miss out on all individual finals
  • Biles will advance to all four event finals, while Hurd looks likely for floor and is a possibility on bars. Eaker is a lock for beam
  • Grace McCallum currently sits in 5th on vault but with some major vault contenders still to come, so she’s going to need some help to make that final
  • Also the US is in first place as a team by 12 points, but like duh
  • Nina Derwael is the only non-Simone to be leading an event at this point after breaking the 15 mark on bars. She also sits 4th AA after nearly outscoring major medal contender Murakami
  • Speaking of, Japan had a bit of pre-meet drama with Aiko Sugihara’s injury withdrawal so ended up competing just four gymnasts, all doing AA
  • Still, Japan met expectations and is currently 2nd in the team standings
  • Mai Murakami is third AA and likely to make it back to the floor final
  • Germany sits 3rd as a team after a crucial exorcism of the Euros demons, hitting three beam routines and counting three 13s there. A far cry from the 9s this summer
  • Seitz is in fairly good shape for the bars final, but few others in the temporary top 8 on bars are (Adlerteg, Bui, etc) with RUS, GBR, and CHN still to go tomorrow
  • The Netherlands sits in 4th, ahead of Belgium (which had to count falls on bars and beam) but both teams are still in a rough position for TF with so many good teams left to go. There will be some nervous watching tomorrow
  • Wevers will make the beam final, currently in 3rd, and Naomi Visser had an excellent day in the all-around, sitting 6th once you take into account 2-per country. 6th! Visser!
  • Volleman is currently 4th on floor and will have to see how tomorrow goes because of her borderline position
  • As for the performances of Italy and Australia, sitting 6th and 8th, I feel similarly about both. Based on our general, traditional expectations for these countries, these are not strong results as both will finish clearly short of TF, but given the injury situations and the rosters available, both met expectations and live to fight another (better) year
  • A rough day for Hungary and Ukraine has them 10th and 11th respectively as teams, both behind North Korea who competed in the same subdivision. They’re not in danger of missing the top 24, but they would have expected better
  • North Korea looks like it will have Pyon Rye Yong in the vault final, but Kim Su Jong will miss the AA final after throwing in a couple 11s on beam and floor. I thought she would make it
  • South Korea will put Yeo Seojeong in the vault final and is currently a very impressive 7th in the team standings. Yeo is the power option they’ve been missing lo these many years
  • Chusovitina is third on vault and should make that final as well
  • The new skills went well, Biles competing the Biles, Jurkowska-Kowalska getting her beam dismount, Volleman doing her floor (it was floor) hop, Olafsdottir getting her beam dismount, and Tienna Nguyen competing her new turn. Because of the judgment-call nature of turns, we’ll have to see whether she got credit for it
  • Poland finished a whisker ahead of Argentina, both teams hovering around what should be the cutoff point for the top 24 advancing to next year’s worlds

Worlds 2018 – Women’s Qualification Day 1

In first subdivision news, Belgium has recorded the current team score to beat with 158.970. It’s a fine total, but it does include counting a mistake on both bars and beam.

Derwael was the star, going 55.564 in the all-around, hitting all four sets, and breaking 15 on bars for a routine that will surely make the final. We also learned that it’s not 2017 worlds anymore as she got an E score over 8.5 on beam.

A really tight fight among the other two teams in subdivision 1 ended up with Poland ahead of Argentina by less than a tenth, 149.671 to 149.603. They are both in my top 24 but on the lower end, so that difference could be significant. Other teams will be looking at hitting 150 now as the “phew, we’re in the top 24” goal.

And now to Sub 2. Continue reading Worlds 2018 – Women’s Qualification Day 1

Just the Good Stuff: Men’s Qualification Day 2

What you need to know, in quick, easily digestible bullet points.

  • The pommel horse is a butthead
  • The team final qualifiers are Russia, China, Japan, USA, Great Britain, Brazil, Netherlands, and Switzerland
  • China only might be better than Russia after a fantastic first half of the meet (vault, PBars, HBar) and a weakish second half of the meet (floor, horse, rings) saw the Chinese men qualify second, behind the Russian team
  • China was not the only team to suffer multiple falls on pommel horse: so did the US and Japan…and basically all the countries. Mexico counted a 3. Argentina counted a 4.
  • 2017 silver medalist Lin Chaopan has been 2-perred out of the all-around final after a struggle on floor and a miss on horse put him behind Sun Wei. He joins David Belyavskiy, who suffered the same fate yesterday
  • Xiao Ruoteng is now an even stronger favorite to defend his AA title
  • Sam Mikulak had his best-ever day at a major international meet, hitting all six events, qualifying 3rd into the AA final, and advancing to four event finals (FX, PH, PB, HB)

  • After Xiao, the remaining AA medal spots are truly open to be won, with Nagornyy, Mikulak, Dalaloyan, Sun, and Shirai joining him in the lead group
  • Beyond Mikulak, the US team was a mixed bag, struggling on pommel horse (most notably Yoder, who fell and will miss the final), but not falling on any HB routines. Back to normal?
  • Yul Moldauer also advanced to the AA final and the FX final
  • The US qualified in 4th as a team, exactly meeting expectations in the end
  • Rhys McClenaghan fell twice on horse and will miss the final, as will fellow specialists like Ude, Seligman, Bertoncelj, Merdinyan, and a host more.
  • Even Kohei fell on horse
  • Japan qualified in 3rd, and Kenzo advanced to both of his finals—floor and vault. Despite the mistakes, Japan does not look like it will challenge Russia and China at this point even with a clean meet in the final, at least without serious help
  • Marcel Nguyen and Marios Georgiou barely (and I mean barely) squeaked into the AA final. Phew
  • Whitlock was impervious to the pommel devil, hitting his routine and qualifying in first
  • GB was on track to overtake the US, but struggled on HB and finished fifth. It should be a good fight between the two in the team final
  • Ukraine will miss the team final after a strong five-event performance from Brazil (once pommel horse was done) knocked the Ukrainians out
  • Germany had a tough one and finished 10th. That damn pommel horse (and high bar) (and floor kind of)
  • Netherlands and Switzerland held on!
  • Did I mention the pommelling was bad?
  • 47 people scored under 10.000 on horse. Meanwhile, 7 people broke 14.000.
  • Somehow, Eleftherios “my shoulder is missing” Petrounias is still in first place on rings.
  • No finals for Manrique Larduet, as he finishes 9th on HB, which was his best result.
  • Simone is in the ER because of kidney stones but will be fine (??????allthequestionmarks)
  • There were definitely at least 23 people in the stands today

Worlds 2018 – Men’s Qualification Day 2 (USA, JPN, GB, CHN)

And qualification is only halfway done!

We start day 2 with the featured subdivision from all of men’s qualification, subdivision #6, featuring both the US and Japan. The US begins on vault, and Japan starts on the boring one. (The boring one is rings.)

Since both nations are putting up just 2 AAers, we won’t have any Russia-style, 2-per drama in this session regarding the AA final, but Japan being Japan, we might still have some intra-team 2-per drama regarding event finals.

The number to beat is Russia’s 258.402. Expectations aren’t quite as GOLD GOLD GOLD for Japan this year, the limitations to Uchimura only exacerbating that, so the comparison to Russia’s score will be telling. Continue reading Worlds 2018 – Men’s Qualification Day 2 (USA, JPN, GB, CHN)

Just the Good Stuff: Men’s Qualification Day 1

What you need to know, in quick, easily digestible bullet points.

  • 2017’s 4th-place finisher David Belyavskiy will miss the all-around final (save some last minute Galiyevaing) after falling on floor and finishing 3rd among the Russians.
  • Nikita Nagornyy leads the all-around after day 1 with 87.098.
  • Russia is good.
  • Carlos Yulo of the Philippines is 18 years old, destroyed the all-around with 81.230 to sit 5th (4th after 2-per), is a perfect little hummingbird, and should make vault and floor finals
  • Epke Zonderland leads high bar with 14.400
  • Casimir Schmidt and Bart Deurloo each hit all five of their events like princes, with counting scores on each one, to lead the team
  • Switzerland struggled in a few places but still sit in 3rd with a solid shot to make the team final
  • Oliver Hegi fell on his Def and will miss the high bar final
  • Oleg is kind of. He leads PBars with 15.458 and will make that final, but he struggled on horse and high bar for 80.522 in the all-around.
  • Igor Radivilov missed his hand on his Dragulescu, did only a double front, and sat it, opting not to do a second vault because LIFE.
  • Igor needed 15.050 on that vault for Ukraine to pass Switzerland for 3rd place. Alas, Ukraine sits on the bubble in 4th.
  • With China, Japan, the US, and GB still to compete tomorrow, no one currently below 4th will advance to the team final.
  • Kazakhstan is in 7th. Go ahead on, Kazakhstan. Nariman Kurbanov leads pommel horse, so that’s probably a name we should learn.
  • We will likely have no Croatians in the pommel horse final. WHAT?
  • Shatilov will not make the floor final.
  • Marian Dragulescu did not attempt 2 vaults and will make no finals
  • European bronze medalists France counted a 10 on pommel horse and will not make the team final
  • Ri Se Gwang chucked his body into the ether randomly and it worked out, so he’s in 1st place on vault. His body shape on those vaults remains unclear.
  • Manrique Larduet will not compete the all-around tomorrow
  • Akash Modi is no longer in the all-around lineup for the US and will not compete floor tomorrow. Sam Mikulak and Yul Moldauer will do AA.


Worlds 2018 – Men’s Qualification Day 1 (Russia)

It’s starrrrtttttting.


The first subdivision of men’s competition is a strong one, featuring Russia, France, and Romania.

Russia will qualify to the team final comfortably, so we won’t know a ton about what these scores mean until tomorrow when we get the results for all the other top teams and can do some comparing.

Coming off its bronze medal performance at Europeans, France is hoping to sneak into the team final here and will give us a solid baseline standard that other nations will try to beat in the later groups.

On events, vault is the big one in this subdivision because in addition to the Russians (hoping to put two people in the final), Loris Frasca and Marian Dragulescu are also among the compelling contenders for that final.

Russia begins on vault, with Romania on PBars, and France on HB.

Continue reading Worlds 2018 – Men’s Qualification Day 1 (Russia)