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Back Layout 1.5 (Floor Exercise)


Floor exercise

Skill type

Known as
Back layout 1.5
Back 1.5
1.5 twist

As the first layout salto that reaches into the C-value territory, the back 1.5 is also the first layout salto that begins to have some real use in floor routine composition.

Some of the lower-level routines will be fine counting a C element as a standalone acro skill, but for the most part the back layout 1.5 appears in connections. It’s a solid option for an indirect combination pass—performed with step-out into an E tumbling element for 0.2 CV. You’ll also see it in direct combinations, performed right into a front layout 1/1 for 0.1 CV. These various connection permutations make it among the most popular tumbling elements on floor.


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