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Clear-Hip Tkatchev (Hindorff)


Uneven Bars

Skill type
Same-bar release

Known as
Clear-hip Tkatchev
Clear-hip reverse hecht

Named for
Silvia Hindorff (GDR)

A skill ahead of its time, the Hindorff was technically the first of any of the Tkatchev variations to be introduced in women’s gymnastics, and Hindorff and Tkatchev were contemporaries in their modernizing of bars work through release elements. That said, the Hindorff is another skill mired in controversy as there’s no historical record of Hindorff, you know, doing the Hindorff. So, um, err…?

There is also a generational gap in naming of Tkatchev elements because—before Elise Ray came along and got the Ray named after herself—the term Hindorff was sort of used as a catch-all to refer to both elements…and sort of generally any of the harder Tkatchevs. That’s why you’ll sometimes hear old-timers call a Ray a Hindorff, and the gymternet will go “IT’S A RAY YOU IDIOT.”

There are many Tkatchev-style skills, so for handy reference, refer to the Shaposhatchev Dictionary with naming differentiation for all Shaposhnikova and Tkatchev variants.


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