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Uneven Bars

Skill type
Same-bar release

Known as
Comaneci salto

Named for
Nadia Comaneci (ROU)

The Comaneci has all but disappeared in modern elite gymnastics, less a result of the risk inherent in the skill and more a function of the supremacy of connection value. By definition, it is impossible to connect for bonus into the Comaneci because it has to come out of front support. Connecting out of it (a transition down to the low bar, for example) is more realistic. There’s also the question of amplitude. Getting very high is more difficult on a Comaneci than on a release coming out of a swing. All that combines to mean that currently, the Comaneci is more of a prestige skill (“I can do a Comaneci!”) than a realistic way to build a world-beating routine on bars.


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