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Double Tuck 2/1 (Silivas)


Floor exercise

Skill type

Known as
Tucked double double
Double double
Double-twisting double tuck

Named after
Daniela Silivas (ROU)

Until recently, the double double in tucked position was the most sought after and unimaginable of the WOW-difficulty elements on floor, reserved for only the most powerful of daredevils. When those crazies started performing it in the 1980s—culminating with Silivas at the 1988 Olympics—they were truly ahead of their time.

Now, it is evolving into a near-requisite compositional element for event-final level floor routines, most of which will now include at least one H element like this one or an equivalently valued combination. Otherwise, get off this medal stand.

The new popularity of the double double has exposed its over-valuing in the code of points and a somewhat unjustifiable H rating, especially when compared to a back 3.5 or the Dos Santos, which are given F values.


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