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Front Layout 1.5


Floor exercise

Skill type

Known as
Front layout 1.5
Front 1.5

The humble rudi. And it typically is quite humble. If you watch enough NCAA (where the rudi is a D), you learn to hate it quite quickly. It’s C value in elite has made it a much rarer choice, and that’s fine.

As for the name rudi, it’s part of the front-tumbling terminology that gymnastics inherited from acrobats. You know it’s from acrobatics or trampoline when it kind of sounds like a word a three-year-old made up. (I kid…fliffus isn’t stupid sounding at all…) The term barani indicates a front salto with 1/2 twist, with rudi indicating 1.5 twists and randi indicating 2.5 twists. The rudi takes its name from Dave Roudolph, a trampoline acrobat in the 20s.


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