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Front Layout 2/1


Floor exercise

Skill type

Known as
Front 2/1
Front double full

Named after
Svetlana Tarasevich (BLR)

Valued at D, the front 2/1 doesn’t get a ton of attention when it comes to routine composition since, for most gymnasts, it’s a much more painful ask than the equally valued double tuck and double pike. It is, however, still favored by gymnasts who (though physical necessity or preference) opt for front-tumbling heavy routines, as well as by those attempting to hoard major connection bonus through a complex combination-twisting pass. Or several.

For most gymnasts, front tumbling starts to look reeee-ough around the double twist mark, as the corkscrew legs get exponentially more extreme, so the likelihood for leg-position deductions on this skill also render it a riskier composition choice.

FUN WITH THE CODE: This skill is supposed to be named after Svetlana Tarasevich, who got it named for herself in the mid-90s, but the code has mistakenly awarded her the front 2.5, which is not correct. Because there always has to be a mistake with the front 2.5.


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