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Jaeger Piked


Uneven Bars

Skill type
Same-bar release

Known as
Piked Jaeger
Forward salto piked

Named for
Bernd Jaeger (GDR) (Man)

Let’s all just make up our mind, shall we? In 2017, the piked Jaeger—which had been a D element at the same value as the straddled version—was bumped up to an E, presumably in an effort to reward the more difficult piked shape and promote a slightly different option to the ever-present straddle. And it worked. The age of the piked Jaeger began, with gymnasts reveling in both the E difficulty value and the more bountiful connection bonus possibilities that allowed.

And then in 2022, the WTC said, “oh actually jkjkjk” and returned the piked Jaeger to its original D value, the same as the straddle. So what was the point of that adventure exactly?

D (2022-)
E (2017–2021)
D (–2016)

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