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Stalder Forward


Uneven Bars

Skill type

Known as
Stalder forward
Forward Stalder

Named after
Yukio Endo (JPN) (Man)

Pretty much an unused skill in modern gymnastics, the forward Stalder’s only use is as a C element for a gymnast who has really lovely Stalder positions yet also has not managed to add much difficulty on bars (a rare combination) and needs to rack up some C elements somewhere to get a competitive total. In general, there are easier C elements out there.

You’ll mostly hear the forward Stalder referred to as an Endo, after Yukio Endo, the three-time Olympian for Japan in the 1960s. Because that’s a lot quicker to say than forward Stalder. But note that the Endo refers only to a forward version, not a backward Stalder.


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