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Toe-on Front Layout 1/2 (Moors)


Uneven Bars

Skill type

Known as
Moors (on bars…)
Toe-on layout 1/2
Underswing front layout 1/2

Named after
Victoria Moors (CAN)

This dismount is an odd duck because toe-on dismounts are so 1970s, but this one is fairly brand new, having been entered into the code by Victoria Moors in 2012.

In some respects, this skill is already a remnant of previous codes because it was developed when the code required a dismount to be D value or higher, and the classic tucked/piked version of this skill is a C. Because it fulfilled that requirement, it was adopted by several other toe-on style athletes. Now that gymnasts can perform a C dismount without incurring composition requirement wrath, most have elected to do that instead.


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