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Whip Back (Floor Exercise)


Floor exercise

Skill type

Known as
Whip back

Named after
Sgt. Penelope F. Whip (TTO)

More like a free back handspring than a layout, the whip back is not a standalone acrobatic element in floor routines but is used in place of back handsprings to gain connection value in passes culminating in a D+ tumbling element.

(D+ as in D or more, not the grade D+. Although also that sometimes.)

Two whips are used in indirect connections for 0.1 (with D elements) or 0.2 (with E elements), while one whip can garner the same bonus when used in a direct connection. So there’s potentially a lot to be gained by whipping, though most gymnasts do not elect to travel in such a manner.

Also it cool looking ‘n such.


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