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Yurchenko Full



Known as
Yurchenko full
Yurchenko layout full
Yurchenko straight full

THE vault. The Yurchenko layout with a full twist is the most ubiquitous vault in women’s gymnastics, and has been for nearly three decades now. It is everywhere, everyone does it, and you’re sick of it.

The very best Yurchenko fulls will display an open and a flare—opening the body out into a slight arched position in the air and flaring the arms out at the end to slow rotation because the vault is just so damn easy for you. We don’t see that too much in modern elite gymnastics anymore because those capable of doing a full with such beautiful precision already upgraded to the double full 13 years ago.

The layout full is not named after anyone in the code of points, but it was first performed in competition by Natalia Yurchenko at that very first Yurchenko-debut meet—the world cup of 1982. She was so far ahead of her time.

4.20 (2022-)
4.60 (2017-2021)
5.00 (2006-2016)

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