Front Pike (Floor Exercise)

Front tuck:pike 1:2 or full

Floor exercise

Skill type

Known as
Front tuck 1/2
Front tuck full
Front pike 1/2

“Uh, you can also do some twisties, and unless it’s laid out, we seriously don’t care about that.”

The code of points sort of shoved all the tucked and piked turning variations into this one box and gave it a B value just to say that these elements are there, but there’s no reason to do them. In fact, many related elements have been recently removed from the code.

The front pike with full twist and 1.5 twists (C element) was removed from the code in 2013 as part of the WTC’s debatable purge of piked twisting elements under the argument that it’s not physically possible to twist that much in piked position. (I mean, you can, it’s just ug-o, which is one of the reasons no one debated that much.)

Later, in the 2017 update, the front tuck with 1.5 twists was removed from the code for still fully unexplained reasons.


Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

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