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Handspring 1/1 on, 1/1 off



Known as
Handspring 1/1 on, 1/1
Handspring 1/1 on, full off

Named after
Olga Korbut (SOV)

The least famous of the eponymous Korbuts, and yet the only one that actually still exists as written in the code of points (the other Korbuts are either unofficial or banned). The full on and full off is a complicated little monster, partially accounting for its absence in modern gymnasts, along with its lowish value.

That complication, however, saw a rare steadiness in value for this vault in the 2017 code, when most vaults were being downgraded by multiple tenths. This vault remained at 4.00. That is particularly odd because the version with no twisting was bumped up to 3.60 for the 2017 code. An increase of just 0.4 for the addition of a full twist to a vault is extremely low compared to other vaults in other families of the code of points.

4.00 (2009-)

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